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 Brace for Excellence

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PostSubject: Brace for Excellence   Fri Aug 16, 2013 11:21 pm

So I just completed the build of my new system. Still to do a lot of tweaking but have gone from average 14-15 FPS on flashpoints, was getting down to 8 on first boss in S&V, almost unplayable, all on lowest settings, to getting around 70FPS on highest settings.

The difference is unbelievable, like seeing the game for the first time, I feel like Neo in the Matrix, no more lag between pressing buttons and seeing action, everything draws immediately.

Can't wait to parse and see where I am, should be a big improvement.


Asus H87-Pro board
Haswell I5 3.6 ghz
8 gig cas 9 Hyperx ram
Samsung 840 pro series SSD
Still using old video card, GTX 550ti, will replace soon w/ likely w/ a 760
Corsair 650w ps
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Brace for Excellence

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