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 Oh God Cloud Wrote a Clopfic

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PostSubject: Oh God Cloud Wrote a Clopfic   Oh God Cloud Wrote a Clopfic I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 16, 2013 7:36 pm

It is here, the mythical, magical, massivial, me-ial!


The following fan fiction is a Clop Fiction. Please read at your on discretion.

TAGS!: [Shipping] [Me]

Here be clop side-chapters of Tenacious Dash! Bring your popsicles.


Applejack’s motions grew progressively bolder. Her hooves trailed a path down Rainbow’s sides to rest on her flanks. Rainbow responded in kind, grasping at Applejack’s toned plot and rubbing it vigorously.

Applejack broke their kiss to moan. “Ah know ya’ve been pent up a while now. Probably longer ‘n me.” Applejack licked Rainbow’s lips. “So Ah’d like ya ta get the first go of it. Ah’m just as clueless as you, so just… tell me what ya like, alright?”

Rainbow nodded, blushing as Applejack pulled away. She was spread out on her back, limbs of no help. Her tail still covered her nethers modestly, though it had become noticeably matted. Slowly, she moved it aside to lay herself bare to her marefriend. Applejack eyed Rainbow’s marehood hungrily, and went with her first instincts. She lowered her head to Rainbow’s stomach, placing a trail of kisses down to her aching flower.

Rainbow opened her mouth to protest the slowness with which Applejack was proceeding, but it died as a gasp as Applejack gave a surreptitious lick along the folds of her labia. She moaned as Applejack gained confidence, licking with more purpose and vigor. One particularly strong lick parted Rainbow’s folds and kissed the hyper-sensitive flesh within. “Applejack!” Rainbow gasped, moving her hooves to Applejack’s shoulders.

Applejack changed tact with a smirk, licking deeper and deeper into Rainbow’s marehood. Rainbow cried out as Applejack’s nose brushed against her clit, devolving further into incomprehensible moans of passion. Her hooves fell from Applejack’s shoulders as she lost the strength to hold them up, completely lost to Applejack’s efforts.

Applejack shuddered as she felt herself wink, desperately needing Rainbow’s own attentions. She soldiered on, determined to give Rainbow her well-deserved satisfaction. But after a few more licks, it was getting hard to ignore. Applejack gave one final lick, dragging it all across Rainbow’s outer lips and unintentionally along the length of her clit. Rainbow cried out as that last touch sent her over the edge, spraying Applejack’s muzzle with her liquid joy.

Rainbow panted, teetering on the edge of consciousness. “Applejack,” she managed, determined not to give in to the welcoming arms of sleep. She shook off her fatigue and tackled Applejack over, nipping softly on her ear. Applejack groaned in desire, pushing Rainbow off of her and spreading her legs. The sight of Applejack’s dripping marehood was instruction enough as she set about pleasing her mare before Applejack could get out more than a syllable.

“Rainbow!” Applejack cried as Rainbow licked her clit. She gave it a kiss before moving on to her true prize. She gave Applejack’s lips a couple of testing licks before spreading her open with a hoof. Applejack threw her head back as Rainbow dove right in, giving no warning. She felt her head spin as her peak steadily built up.

Once Rainbow no longer needed her hoof to assist her in spreading Applejack’s folds, she let it wander elsewhere. In an unexpected move, she let it brush against Applejack’s dock before dragging it across her plot hole. Applejack gasped, shifting her hips upward. Satisfied with the reaction she had gotten, she left that hoof to play with Applejack’s plot, while she reached the other up to rub against Applejack’s lower belly. With each lick, Rainbow made sure to bump her nose against Applejack’s clit.

Applejack’s climax built at a feverish pace, unable to do more than grasp at air for something to bring her back to reality. That fight was quickly lost as she lost all control, her limbs seizing up as her nethers exploded in a surge of pleasure. Rainbow withdrew her tongue as she felt Applejack’s walls clench, holding it out to catch Applejack’s juices. The taste reminded her of hard cider, prompting her to lick against Applejack’s marehood for more. She was rewarded with another small spurt before Applejack’s muscles relaxed more than any massage could ever hope to achieve.

“Rainbow, Ah…” Applejack panted, trying to wrap her hooves around Rainbow as she lay beside her. “That was…”

“Awesome?” Rainbow suggested. “You were, too.”

Applejack giggled weakly. “What happened ta keepin’ it vanilla, though?”

“Hey, I was curious. And you seemed to like it so I figured, why stop?” Rainbow shrugged. “I guess that means that might be a possible avenue of exploration?”

“One o’ the ones Ah’m sure we’re both curious about,” Applejack agreed.

“It can be really awesome if you do it right,” Rainbow relayed. “I’ve tried out a few things myself. The theme seems to be that you need a lot of lube.”

“Ah’m sure we’ll find somethin’,” Applejack said, finally managing to bring a forehoof around Rainbow’s shoulders. “Fer now, though, Ah kinda wanna-“

Applejack was interrupted by a snore from Rainbow. She laughed, shaking her head as she snuggled up to her marefriend and let sleep take over.
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PostSubject: Re: Oh God Cloud Wrote a Clopfic   Oh God Cloud Wrote a Clopfic I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 16, 2013 7:37 pm

RariMac time bishes!


Rarity joined Mac on the bed, looming over him for a kiss on the nose before she worked her head down his neck, across his chest and down to his belly. But what both now understood she was after lay further still. After a pause, he found Rarity looking up at him questioningly. It took him a few moments to register that she was asking for permission.

“Ah’m all yours, Rare,” Big Mac said, nodding.

Rarity grinned. “Excellent.” Snaking her head down further, she gave Mac’s stiffening stallionhood a kiss. Mac shuddered in response as Rarity set about coaxing it further with a few licks to the sensitive head.

“Oh Celestia, Rare,” Mac moaned, unable to stop the seminal fluid that dribbled out of the tip. Rarity licked it up appreciatively before moving further down his rapidly-hardening member. She stopped halfway down to play with his median ring, taking it between her lips and applying all sorts of different pressures to it.

Once Rarity felt it could stand on its own, she took a step back to size up what she had to work with in the future. “My, aren’t you quite well-endowed, Mac. Perhaps that Big really does have more than one meaning.” She spared a glance between her own legs before returning her attention to Mac’s. If her eyes were to be trusted, Mac had a good three inches on her in length, and about half an inch in thickness. Just thinking about all she could do with such a fine specimen had her heart pumping.

“But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?” Rarity said, continuing to lavish kisses and licks to Mac’s massive member. Unsurprisingly, Rarity detected the faint taste of apples on Mac’s flesh, as well as a hint of the scent in the musk it emanated. I suppose it really is true that you are what you eat, Rarity mused, licking Mac’s stallionhood all the way from the base to the tip. She noticed that the head was starting to expand slightly, meaning that her playtime was coming to an end.

On one last whim, Rarity sized up the thickness Mac’s head had achieved. It was a little intimidating, but she felt she could do it. She wrapped her lips around it like an open-mouth kiss, flicking her tongue against the tip as she did so. But before she could get more than the head in her mouth, it flared out, making her wince in pain as a hot, sticky liquid flooded her mouth. She tried to swallow as much as she could, but with Mac’s flare holding her mouth wider than her jaw was comfortable with, most of it dribbled out onto Mac’s thigh.

Rarity gasped once Mac’s member softened enough to fall from her mouth. She rubbed her jaw, wincing. “That will definitely take some getting used to,” she mused.

“Ah didn’t hurt ya, did Ah?” Mac panted.

Rarity shook her head. “I’ll be fine. But it does make me wonder just how much lube we’ll need. I’ll have to ask Lotus for some tips.”

“So she is all sexy!” Big Mac gasped. “Ah knew Ah saw it in ‘er eyes, Ah…”

Rarity giggled as Mac’s head fell back to the pillow, unable to be supported. “Just relax, Mac. Sex talk is just something mares do. It’s nothing out of the ordinary. And speaking of Lotus, I’m afraid I may have ruined a bit of her work.” Rarity lowered her head to Mac’s thigh and set about licking it clean.

Mac moaned lightly at the touch, straining to sit up. “Ah feel like Ah’ve gotta…”

“Return the favor?” Rarity suggested. “Don’t worry about it. Like I said, you’ve done more than enough for tonight. But if you’re really so eager, I’m sure I could make some time tomorrow.”

“But ya didn’t… ya know,” Mac blushed.

Rarity smiled. “I’m more than happy to work for free for my coltfriend. It is a mare’s duty to please her stallion, is it not?”

“Ah love you so much,” Mac mumbled before his eyes flitted closed and sleep overtook him.

Rarity giggled, finishing up her work. This was certainly a taste she could get used to. Retracting her head to inspect her work, she found the fur still matted, but more by saliva now than anything else. She decided it was the best she could do for now. Besides, she could always tempt Mac into another trip to the spa tomorrow. With another giggle, Rarity curled up with her sleeping coltfriend under the covers, giving him a kiss on the cheek before drifting off to sleep.
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Posts : 130
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Location : The Magical Land of New Jersey

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PostSubject: Re: Oh God Cloud Wrote a Clopfic   Oh God Cloud Wrote a Clopfic I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 05, 2013 1:15 pm

Another clop thingy? Let's see what's inside...


For the kind of fun Rainbow had in mind today, there was some preliminary cleaning to be done. And seeing as how they were going to be taking a shower anyway, what better way to enjoy the wash?

Applejack made sure to add a sway to her hips as she led Rainbow into the shower, grinning as she heard the telling sound of Rainbow’s wings unfolding. Partly out of a desire to tease her, Applejack started off innocently enough washing Rainbow’s face and neck area. While Applejack was busying herself washing behind Rainbow’s ears, Rainbow took the opportunity to lick Applejack on the nose. Applejack stifled a sneeze, taking the soap to her nose absently.

Rainbow frowned. “Well, if you’re gonna be like that, I’ll make it so you get my tongue on you anyway!” Rainbow snatched the soap from Applejack’s confused hooves and stuck out her tongue to give the soap a long lick. Or what would have been a long lick had she not made a gagging noise and dropped the soap the second her tongue touched it. “Okay, maybe not the best idea.”

Applejack laughed, reaching down to grab the dropped soap. Sensing another opportunity, Rainbow stepped to the side and hooked a wing around Applejack’s plot and gave it a squeeze. Applejack jumped slightly at the touch, accidentally head-butting Rainbow’s other wing in the process.

“Ow, Applejack,” Rainbow complained, retracting her wing and realigning the ruffled feathers.

“Serves ya right fer pullin’ somethin’ like that,” Applejack sneered jokingly.

“Hey, I can’t help it! Your plot is just way too damn sexy!” Rainbow defended.

Applejack smirked. “Well Ah reckon yer gonna get well acquainted with it soon.”

“Just as planned,” Rainbow said, rubbing her hooves together dramatically before a touch from behind made her jump. “H-hey!”

“Now we’re even,” Applejack chirped in response.

“No we’re not! I just touched your flank, I didn’t go straight for the hole!” Rainbow shot back.

“Nope, Ah reckon ya did that yesterday,” Applejack answered smoothly.

Rainbow frowned. “Okay, good point.”

“Don’t worry, Ah’m sure we’ll lose track of the score ‘fore too long,” Applejack said, setting about cleaning Rainbow’s plot thoroughly.

Rainbow bit back a gasp each time Applejack’s hoof brushed one of her sensitive bits, which was quite often considering they were her main focus. “I’m gonna get you back so hard for this.”

“Lookin’ forward to it.” Applejack signaled the end of her cleaning by giving Rainbow’s plot hole a little lick. “Tastes like apples,” she jested.

“Oh it’s on now,” Rainbow said, soaping up the tips of her wings. Applejack squeaked as Rainbow used her dexterous feathers to tease at Applejack’s rear with short, quick strokes. Soaped as they were, her wings also proved to be quite effective cleaning tools. They also were slicked quite well, as Rainbow found out in the best possible way.

“Rainbow!” Applejack gasped, surprised, as one of Rainbow’s primaries darted inside her briefly. “Ya dirty little filly.”

“Says the mare who used her tongue,” Rainbow shot back, sticking her tongue out.

Applejack licked Rainbow’s extended tongue.

“Hey, no fair!” Rainbow protested.

“You’re the one who stuck her tongue out,” Applejack pointed out. “Now are we gonna wash up some more er get right to it?”

Rainbow shrugged. “I don’t know, I’m pretty excited. And we’re gonna just get all sweaty and stuff anyways, so…”

Applejack smirked, turning off the water. “Ya know, the only other pony in the house is Granny, and she’s pretty hard ta wake up from her nap.”

“So you’re saying we can be as loud as we want?” Rainbow asked hopefully.

Applejack nodded, giggling.


Applejack led Rainbow back to her room, tail lifted provocatively. Rainbow nipped at the hair tie and pulled it loose, noting the way Applejack’s tail cascaded down her backside. She also noted how it took away her nice view. Applejack noticed Rainbow’s shenanigans as she tried to move her free-flowing tail out of the way.

Applejack chuckled as Rainbow struggled with her unruly tail. “Now maybe ya understand how hard it is ta get like that. Or maybe ya will when ya help me when we’re done.”

Rainbow frowned. “Killjoy.”

“Ah don’t see yer wings sharin’ the sentiment,” Applejack teased, hopping up onto her bed.

Rainbow shut the door behind them with her tail as Applejack freed her mane from its tie. “Sexy.”

“Only fer you,” Applejack returned, tossing the hair-tie onto her nightstand.

Rainbow joined Applejack on the bed as something struck her. “You know, we’ve gotten this far and we haven’t even thought of how we’re gonna do this.”

“What do ya mean?”

“I mean, unless you’ve been hiding a dildo from me or something…”

Applejack blushed. “N-no, Ah don’t think so. Mac might have one, but…”

“But he’d probably yell at us for using it,” Rainbow finished. “Oh, I know! We were talking about this earlier!”

Applejack blinked as Rainbow stuck her head into her closet and started to rummage around. When she poked her head back out triumphantly with Applejack’s new drumsticks in her mouth, Applejack face-hoofed. “Rainbow, Ah’m not sure that’s a good idea. Ah mean, they’re wood. We could get splinters.”

“Not from this kinda stuff,” Rainbow said, depositing the sticks on the bed. “They make ‘em real smooth.”

Applejack eyed the things warily. “You sure?”

In answer, Rainbow hopped onto the bed, picked up one of the sticks, gave it a quick lick, and promptly slid the tip inside her plot hole with a little moan of pleasure.

Applejack blushed at the spectacle, watching as Rainbow pushed it deeper, stopping only to leave enough room to grasp it and pull it out. Rainbow looked up to Applejack expectantly.

“That ain’t fair, you got way more practice than Ah do,” Applejack complained.

Rainbow shrugged with her wings. “Not really. I mean, without the proper toys, all I really had to work with were my wings.”

“Better than what Ah could do with just mah hooves,” Applejack insisted.

“What, you scared you won’t be able to get it as deep as me?” Rainbow teased.

Applejack shook her head defiantly, copying Rainbow’s motions of licking the thing before easing it into her plot hole. She bit her lip as it slid inside, unused to the sensation. When she found she could go no further, she compared her progress with Rainbow’s to find them almost exactly equal. “Heh, how do ya like them apples?”

Rainbow raised her brows appreciatively. “Very much.” She leaned down to lick at the rim of Applejack’s stretched plot hole.

“Hey, no cheatin’!” Applejack said, prying Rainbow’s face from her crotch.

“Oh, so it’s a race you want?” Rainbow purred.

Applejack chuckled. “We ain’t even started yet, sugarcube. Ya said we needed a bit o’ work on our foreplay, and ya’ve been teasin’ me nonstop with them wings o’ yers.”

Rainbow flared her wings dramatically. “Oh, so you think you can tame these babies?”

“Is that a challenge?” Applejack grinned.

“Always,” Rainbow returned.

Applejack made to pounce on Rainbow, who dodged into the air. “Ha, gonna have to try harder than that, AJ!”

“Oh, Ah’m plenty prepared ta do just that, Rainbow.” Applejack ducked her head under her bed, resurfacing with her lasso in her mouth. Before Rainbow could protest, Applejack had her reeled in by the torso.

“Hey, that’s not fair! I never said ropes were allowed!” Rainbow said, squirming under Applejack.

“Ya never said they weren’t,” Applejack laughed. “Maybe ya should start expectin’ that. This lasso’s turnin’ out ta be yer nemesis.”

Rainbow managed to squirm her way free of Applejack’s grip, adopting a fighting stance at the foot of Applejack’s bed. “Then let’s have a showdown, you and me. Right here, right now.”

“Would this be a bad time ta make a joke about havin’ a stick up yer ass?” Applejack asked.

Rainbow snorted in amusement, trying to fight back giggles. “Okay, I admit that was a good one.”

“Ah do aim ta please,” Applejack quipped, brandishing her lasso.

Rainbow grinned, “Time to finish this.”

Applejack tossed her rope out to try to bind Rainbow, but she dodged to the right. Seizing the opportunity, Applejack advanced on Rainbow, attempting to tackle her. Rainbow lashed out a wing to parry Applejack’s advance. Applejack caught the wing in her teeth, grinning. Rainbow gasped, trying her hardest not to give in as Applejack played with the tip of the feather in her mouth.

“Okay, maybe that wasn’t the smartest idea,” Rainbow groaned.

Applejack chuckled. “Give up yet?”

“Never!” Rainbow declared in defiance, using her free feathers to tickle Applejack’s nose, pulling her wing free at the slackening of Applejack’s grip.

“Yer a tricky one, Dash,” Applejack observed,

Rainbow grinned. “It’s gonna take way more than that to beat me.”

Rainbow gasped as she suddenly found herself bound by Applejack’s lasso. “Ya mean like this?”

“How did you…?”

“Ah didn’t have ta do much. Ya sat right down on top o’ it,” Applejack said.

Rainbow frowned. “I did?”

“Might be a good idea ta watch yer step around me, Dashie,” Applejack cooed, advancing upon Rainbow’s bound form and licking the length of one of her primaries.

Rainbow moaned in appreciation. “You know, if you treat your prisoners this nice, I might just have to get caught more often.”

“Ah did get trained in the art o’ wing massages, remember,” Applejack said, placing a kiss on one of Rainbow’s wingtips. “Ah know all the spots on yer wings.”

As Applejack played with Rainbow’s wings, she curled her tail around to grasp the drumstick still invading Rainbow’s plot hole. Rainbow gasped at the touch, moaning as Applejack began to thrust it in and out.

As fun as Rainbow’s wings were, Applejack found herself craving something else. With a parting kiss to Rainbow’s wings, she moved her head down lower, trailing kisses down her belly to Rainbow’s dripping marehood. She kissed Rainbow’s clit in greeting before parting her folds with her muzzle and lapping at the sensitive flesh inside.

Rainbow moaned in delight. Between her soft tongue and the makeshift dildo, she felt her peak building rapidly. “Don’t stop,” she gasped.

Applejack responded by nosing Rainbow’s clit and increasing the speed of her tail-thrusts. Before long, Rainbow cried out as her plot clenched, locking the drumstick in place while her marehood shot leaked its nectar into Applejack’s waiting mouth. Applejack licked up the treat appreciatively before moving her attention south. She licked against Rainbow’s clenched rim, loosening it enough to slip the drumstick out and close shortly after.

“Wow, Applejack,” Rainbow panted. “When did you get so good at that?”

“Yesterday,” Applejack replied, giving Rainbow a kiss on the lips.

Rainbow moaned into the kiss before weakly pushing Applejack to the bed. “It’s my turn, now.”

“Don’t keep me waiting,” Applejack giggled, spreading her legs apart.

Rainbow’s first target was the obvious one, the drumstick in Applejack’s plot hole. Her first action, however, earned a whine from Applejack as it was slid out of her. Before she could protest, Rainbow spoke. “I’m not gonna need this one anymore,” Rainbow said, holding up the other drumstick. “So how’s about we put it to good use, hm?”

Applejack gasped as she felt Rainbow’s tongue teasing the rim of her plot hole. It slowly loosened enough to accept Rainbow’s tongue inside. She set about licking every inch of it she could reach before retracting her tongue, a strand of saliva briefly connecting it to Applejack’s prepped anus.

In answer to Applejack’s unformed question, Rainbow slipped both drumsticks into Applejack, who gasped at the new thickness. Rainbow noted that the drumsticks settled into a north-south orientation within Applejack’s unattended plot. She gripped one in each wing and experimentally tried to turn them to an east-west formation.

“Rainbow!” Applejack gasped, nearly at the threshold of pain.

Rainbow noted Applejack’s tone and re-oriented them to their previous alignment. This inevitably led to an idea. Rainbow took the two drumsticks and began to spin them around, stretching Applejack’s walls every which way. Applejack moaned in response, to Rainbow’s delight.

But Rainbow soon grew bored of this repetitive motion, and on another whim pulled one of the drumsticks free of Applejack’s ass and moved it northwards to Applejack’s marehood. With a little push, Applejack was penetrated two-fold, a fact punctuated with Applejack’s loudest moan yet.

Rainbow wasn’t done yet, however. Tilting the two drumsticks together like chopsticks, Rainbow began to assault Applejack’s g-spot with a pincer move. Applejack cried out as the action quickly brought her to an electrifying release, which Rainbow was all too eager to lap up. With a little tug, she pulled the drumsticks free and set them on the bed beside a panting Applejack.

“R-rainbow, what…?”

Rainbow giggled as she lay beside Applejack. “Come on, don’t tell me you’ve never heard of your g-spot.”

“Mah what?”

Rainbow rolled her eyes humoredly. “It’s this little spot between your vag and your plot that feels really good when you touch it. It takes a bit to find it, but when you do… well, you tell me.”

“A little fast, but… amazin’,” Applejack relayed.

“You’ll have to show me sometime,” Rainbow said, nuzzling into Applejack’s heaving chest. “Hopefully when we get some proper toys.” Rainbow lifted the drumsticks to inspect the sticky mess they were now coated in. “We’re probably gonna have to wash these before you use them.”

“Ya think?” Applejack laughed.

Rainbow shrugged, dropping her head back down to Applejack’s chest. “So, quick shower before dinner?”

Applejack nodded. “Just gimme a second ta catch mah breath first.”

Rainbow giggled, shifting into a comfortable position to wait.

I don't know anymore. I think I blame Kaizu, but at the same time... drumsticks. So maybe I blame Scootaloo, too. Could also make a pun about plot points, but I think I've exhausted even myself. Zzz.
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PostSubject: Re: Oh God Cloud Wrote a Clopfic   Oh God Cloud Wrote a Clopfic I_icon_minitime

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Oh God Cloud Wrote a Clopfic

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