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 Oh God Cloud Wrote a Fanfic

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PostSubject: Oh God Cloud Wrote a Fanfic   Oh God Cloud Wrote a Fanfic I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 23, 2013 4:20 am

So, as some people (Rivest) know, I posted a random derpwriting in why u no post moar after like, 6 straight hours of cloud-drunkenly listening to Tenacious D. And suddenly, now I want to write more of it. So, I've worked on it for the equivalent of like, an hour or seven, and this is what I gots so far.


Here some tags: [Shipping] [Me] (In case you couldn't guess, yes, one of the ships is AppleDash. The other is Vinyl/Octavia. Because yes. Also, Vinyl's eyes are red because shut up.)

That's all I can think of. Derped! The rest is up to inerepatations.

Also, there are some risque parts and hints at sex, but nothing 'on screen' I guess. So, I guess that's a kinda tag thing that isn't. So...

Rainbadurr TENACIOUS DASH Rainbadurr

Rainbow Dash stood before a crowd of screaming ponies. Looking down, she saw not a Wonderbolts uniform, but an electric guitar. Looking across from her, she saw something that made everything fall into place. A smile came to her face as she realized that it didn’t matter what she did, but who she did it with…

Rainbow Dash shot up in bed, looking around apprehensively… hopefully… fearfully… She held a hoof to her head, trying to organize the rush of questions suddenly surfacing. It was a losing fight, as she signified by slamming her face into her headboard with a resounding pomf.

Oh, right, clouds, Rainbow mused. It did result in disrupting her thoughts, at least. She sighed as she regarded the sky outside her window and found it tinted orange. She trotted over to her window to better inspect the anomaly and found that it was sunrise. I never wake up this early.

Rainbow returned to her bed and flopped down on it, but try as she might, sleep would not come. Resigned to an early morning, she gave her pillow a half-hearted punch as she made her way to her bathroom.

Stupid dream…

The sun beat down on Sweet Apple Acres, the heat torturous reminder of how even Princess Celestia herself could be a bitch at times. Or at least, that was the gist of the thoughts harbored by a certain orange farmpony toiling away on an unusually blistering autumn morning.

“Fer Celestia’s sake, Ah’m burnin’ up faster n’ a pig over a bonfire.” Applejack muttered. Before she had time to consider everything wrong with such a statement, she was unceremoniously bowled over by some unknown force. Though, if she had to guess, she was entirely sure who-

“AJ!” Came the scratchy voice of the pegasus responsible. “Hey, AJ, you’re cool right?”

As Applejack shifted to a sitting position, she recalled the last conversation she’d had with Rainbow
Dash that had started along these lines. With a frown, she sighed and grumbled, “What’d ya break this time, Dash?”

“What? No, I didn’t do anything, I swear! This is something completely different!” Rainbow said in a rush.

Applejack was not convinced, and hardened her glare. “Dash…”

“Anyway, you’re cool, right? Of course I’m right, I’m always right. So, I just had the coolest idea and you’re the only pony I trust not to screw it up!”

Applejack tilted her head. “If this is another one a’ yer distractions-“

“Come on, AJ, would you just drop it already? I Pinkie promise I didn’t break anything. Unless we’re talking about records, cuz I break those all the time. So, how would you like to start a band with me?”

The question was met with a long silence as Applejack considered this latest potentially disastrous idea the pegasus had come up with. But those previous ones had usually been some kind of stunt that left Rainbow in the hospital with a broken bone of some sort. This… this was new. She knew Rainbow was rather fond of music in her own right, but this had come entirely out of left field. It still held its risks, but Applejack couldn’t think of any that might lead to physical injury this time, though you could never put anything past the brash Dash.


Applejack sighed in defeat. No matter how stupid the idea, she could never say no to Rainbow. “Alright, Ah’ll do it. But ya gotta promise me ya won’t run the whole thing.”

“What, me? No, I already got all this figured out. I figured you wouldn’t want to do something awesome, so I’ll let you do what you want with the vocals and I’ll do my thing with the guitars and stuff.

“And just where are ya gonna get a guitar?”

“Way ahead of you!” Rainbow opened a case strapped to her side that had been hidden behind her wings and pulled out a state-of-the-art electric guitar.

Applejack looked the guitar up and down, prodding it a few times to make sure it wasn’t made of paper or some such. But despite her scrutiny, it appeared to be just that, a state-of-the-art electric guitar. “Where exactly did you get-“


“…Okay, where exactly did Pinkie-“

“AJ, she gathered enough instruments for a one-mare band during a parasprite invasion. What makes this so different?”

“Ah suppose so…” Applejack trailed off. “But even Pinkie can’t make things outta nothin, so she musta gotten it somewheres…”

Meanwhile, in Ponyville.

Vinyl Scratch yawned and stretched her limbs, still sore after a night of shenanigans. She regarded the mare sleeping beside her who assisted in said shenanigans with a smile on her face. Not one to wait, Vinyl nuzzled her bedmate incessantly until she began to stir.

“Bwuh… Vinyl-“

“Morning, Tavi!” Vinyl cut her marefriend off.

Octavia had come to expect such antics from the DJ she had become so attached to, rubbing her eyes and accepting her fate of an early rise. She was still exhausted from the previous night and could have admittedly used a couple more hours. “Good morning, Vinyl.”

“Have fun last night?” Vinyl asked, entirely too energetic for having just woken up.

“Yes, I-“ Octavia cut herself off as she noticed something amiss.

“Tavi? Why are you looking at me like that? Is there something on my face?”

“Yes,” Octavia answered simply.

Vinyl furrowed her brow, certain Octavia was teasing her. Or at least she was before the movement made her aware of something papery stuck to her forehead. She ripped off the offending object and was about to discard it when she saw that it was in fact a sticky note.

“Hey, Scratchie! I hope you don’t mind, but I borrowed your guitar for a bit. I promise I’ll get it back to you soon! Hugs!


Vinyl tossed the note away unceremoniously and rushed over to where she kept her prized Coltson guitar, only to find it conspicuously missing.

“Vinyl?” Octavia’s voice followed the perturbed mare.

“Dammit, Pinkie!”

Rainbow shrugged. “Who knows? Anyway, the thing is I have it and now we can get started!”

Applejack frowned. “In case ya hadn’t noticed, Ah’m still workin, Dash. We can do this later.”

Rainbow sagged, crossing her forelegs and adopting a pout. “You’re no fun,” she groused, flying away slowly.

Applejack sighed, catching the pegasus’ tail before she flew out of reach. Rainbow responded with an exclamation of pain at the tug, followed by a hopeful glance behind her.


Applejack sighed again. “Ah guess Ah can come back ta this tomorrow.”

“Yes! This is gonna be so awesome! Come on, let’s get to the barn, it’s way too hot out here.”

For the first time this morning, Applejack had to agree with Rainbow. She shook her head, wondering not for the first time why she put up with the pegasus. Rainbow giddily led Applejack to the barn, imagining the look on her face when she laid down a sick riff.

“Alright, let’s do this!” Rainbow shouted once she had gotten set up, having somehow deposited amps in the barn without Applejack noticing. Before she could question this development, her ears were assaulted by an awkward, screeching riff.

Once her ears had stopped ringing, Applejack accosted her would-be bandmate. “What in tarnation was that?”

Rainbow responded with a nervous smile. “I have no idea how to play the guitar.”

Applejack brought her hoof to her face, unable to dignify any other response. This was going to be a long day. But even with that thought, she couldn’t help the smile that came to her muzzle.

“Well, unless ya learn right quick, this ain’t gonna work,” Applejack stated.

“No, wait, I got this!” Rainbow carefully plucked the strings one at a time, working from the bottom up. The result was akin to a foal attempting a glissando on a piano, minus the falling flat on her face. “Ha, see? Easy peasy!”

“Yeah,” Applejack joked, “that’s a beat Ah can sing to. Ah’m sure everypony in Equestria would pay to see that.”

“Geez, you don’t have to rub it in,” Rainbow mumbled. “Just gimme a sec, I’ll figure it out.”

“Unless ya mean that literally, Ah got a better idea.” With that, Applejack took Rainbow’s guitar, put it back in its case, turned around and walked out of the barn.

Rainbow was quick to follow. “What? Hey, get back here! You can’t just give up!”

Applejack smirked, but kept walking.

“I know you’ve got stuff to do, but this won’t take long. I promise!”

Applejack made no effort to shoo the pegasus away, merely continuing on her path toward town. Rainbow huffed and followed along for a distance. If Applejack was anything, she was stubborn, and Rainbow knew that better than anypony. She began to wonder where exactly Applejack was going without actually paying attention to her surroundings.

Maybe she’s going to Twilight to ask for help. But what does that egghead know about music? I guess Fluttershy knows a little about leading a choir of birds, but that’s not really the same. Oh, maybe she’s going to Rarity to get us some cool band gear! Wait, does Rarity actually make that stuff? Ugh, she’d probably just put us in dresses. That’d really fit the scene. She could also be going to Pinkie to… Rainbow looked again at the guitar case on Applejack’s back. Oh crap, she’s probably going to give the guitar back to Pinkie!

“Come on, AJ, I can do this! Just give me some more time!” Rainbow protested.

Applejack smirked. “No can do, sugarcube. Everypony has her limits.”

“But… but… this was gonna be so awesome,” Rainbow deflated, falling to the ground with a soft thud.

Applejack’s smirk became a genuine smile. “Ah never said Ah was givin’ up.”

At that remark, Rainbow noticed for the first time where they were heading. Sugarcube Corner was on the other side of town. She also noticed whose house they stood before. “What are we doing at Scratch’s place?”

“Ah figure she knows so much about these kinda fancy instruments that she’d be able ta give ya some lessons.” Applejack shifted the guitar case on her back for emphasis. She confidently knocked on the door and packed up a pace.

Inside, they could hear a muffled commotion in response, though neither could make out any words. As the door opened, they could hear the voice of Vinyl cry out, “Tavi, no!”

Before the pair of bemused visitors stood not the expected resident, but the world-renowned cellist, Octavia Philharmonica. While not alien to them, Octavia’s presence at such an hour…

“No way,” Rainbow squeaked. “Way to go, Scratch!”

A very red Vinyl Scratch appeared at the door, shoving her marefriend out of the way. She lacked her trademark glasses, which added a bit more red to her face by way of her eyes. In all, not a very familiar expression adorned the cocky DJ’s face.

“Of all the ponies…” Vinyl mumbled. She shook her head. “Well, at least you won’t hold it over my head as much as Lyra would, Dash.” Vinyl finally took notice of the other pony at her door, and the object on her back. “My Coltson!” Vinyl wrested her guitar off the farmer’s back and cradled it. From off to the side, they could hear Octavia snicker as Vinyl cooed softly to her instrument.

“So it was yours. I thought it looked familiar,” Dash chortled.

“Why did you have it? I thought Pinkie took it.”

“How did y-“

“She left a note on my forehead,” Vinyl her off.

Dash suppressed another giggle. “I bet that was quite a surprise for Octavia.”

Looking back and forth at Rainbow’s mirth and Vinyl’s embarrassment, Applejack spoke up. “I feel like I’m missing something here.”

“Good, I don’t need more ponies to-“

“Don’t you know? Scratch and Octavia finally started going out a few months ago, and now Scratch got her to roll in the hay!”

“-know,” Vinyl finished sheepishly, her blush darkening.

Applejack gained a similar redness to her cheeks as she finally understood the situation. “Oh,” was Applejack’s simple reply.

Vinyl looked over their heads to make sure nopony else was watching before ushering the pair of them inside. “So, what else are you doing here?”

“Well, AJ and I…”

Vinyl and Rainbow were soon lost in a conversation of epic proportions, judging by their wild gesticulations and raucous laughter, but Applejack could only see Rainbow’s half as she found she could look at nothing else. Seeing Rainbow enjoying herself so much always gave Applejack a surge of some emotion she had yet to identify.

“It’s hard to understand those two sometimes,” Octavia mused, finally breaking Applejack’s fixation on Rainbow as she noticed Octavia had been standing beside her for some time.

“Whaddya mean by that?” Applejack asked, flicking her gaze briefly to Octavia before resettling on the conversation before her.

“Have you told her yet?” Octavia answered with her own question.

“Told her what?”

Octavia smiled sadly. “So you still haven’t even figured it out yet? Such a shame.”

Applejack pondered what Octavia was going on about while she fell back into observing Dash’s face and movements. Rainbow’s gaze broke off from Vinyl’s as she offered Applejack a quick smile and wave before returning to her exchange of tales. Applejack felt heat rise to her face at the sentiment, but quickly shook the feeling off. Octavia giggled beside her, shaking her head slowly.

After Rainbow and Vinyl ran out of things to talk about, the four of them went to have breakfast at Sugarcube Corner. Rainbow was quick to relay the goings-on in Vinyl’s bedroom to Pinkie, much to Vinyl’s chagrin. Pinkie thankfully merely offered a wink in lieu of a flood of teasing remarks. They found themselves a booth while Pinkie fetched them breakfast, Vinyl and Octavia on one side and Rainbow and Applejack on the other. Vinyl gave Octavia a subtle squeeze and raised an eyebrow at Rainbow in question. Rainbow merely blushed and shook her head in response.

“Mind if I join you guys?” Pinkie asked after she had returned with food, pulling up a chair. They all naturally acquiesced, and soon more tales were being told from all parties. Applejack caught a few glances of Rainbow through the conversation, though managed to avoid the gazes she was unwittingly receiving in return.

What was it that Octavia was goin’ on about? Does she know somethin’ Ah don’t? Applejack pondered, flicking her gaze between Octavia and Rainbow. She said something about me tellin’ somethin’ ta Rainbow; somethin’ that I don’t even know yet. But she does? Applejack shook her head. No, Ah’m a simple pony, and Ah don’t keep secrets. ‘Specially from mahself.

“So, AJ,” Rainbow started, “you said we weren’t quite through yet, right?”

“Ah’m willing to keep at it as long as you are, sugarcube.”

“Still thinking we can get Vinyl in on this?”

“Ah’m sure she won’t wind.”

“Woah woah woah woah,” Vinyl cut in suddenly. “I never remember agreeing to any of this.”

“Aw, c’mon, Scratch. Who else am I gonna learn guitar from?” Rainbow raised an eyebrow teasingly.

“Wait, what?” Vinyl repeated the exchange in her head. “Oh, right, yeah, sure.” Vinyl offered in response, fighting to keep down her rising blush. Maybe later, Vinyl reminded herself, glancing in Octavia’s direction. Octavia raised a brow at her, a smirk and a playful shove given when she took in Vinyl’s blush.

“Maybe later,” Octavia repeated Vinyl’s thought in a whisper to Vinyl’s perked ear.

I have the greatest marefriend ever, Vinyl thought with a giggle. “So, you wanna learn to play guitar, huh?”

“Yeah, I had this awesome idea for me and AJ to start a band!” Rainbow gushed. “Because, you know, I’m awesome, she’s awesome, and music’s awesome; so that’s like, three awesomes!”

“I never knew you could count that high,” Vinyl teased.

“You’re one to talk, dear,” Octavia cut in before Rainbow could protest. “Though, I must agree with Vinyl. None of Ponyville is unfamiliar with your ‘awesome ideas’ by this point, but this seems… odd.”

“Ah said the same thing,” Applejack mused. “If Ah didn’t know any better, Ah’d say she’s goin’ soft.”

“Hey! This is plenty dangerous! What if I electrocute myself with some wires, or something?”

Vinyl raised an eyebrow. “Then you’ll get a little tingly feeling in your hoof.”

“Who asked you?” Rainbow accused.

“I thought you were asking her for guitar lessons!”

“Shut up, Pinkie!” Rainbow and Vinyl chorused.

In spite of their demands, Pinkie rebelliously erupted into a fit of gigglesnorts, which soon grew infectious. Octavia was left to shake her head at the typical breakfast antics, though unable to keep from chuckling, herself.

“Alright, you got a deal,” Vinyl said, “but no touching my Coltson. That thing’s too damn special to me, okay?”

Pinkie laughed nervously, rubbing the back of her head with a hoof, mostly to hide the redness that had appeared from nowhere at the roundabout accusations.

“Yes! This is gonna be so awesome, AJ!” Rainbow threw a hoof around a bemused Applejack. “We’re gonna be famous for sure! The Wonderbolts will have to notice me!”

“What does music have to do with flying?” Vinyl asked.

“Plenty of stuff. Like awesomeness. And me!”

“Wow, they’re sure to be begging you to join them, then. Ow! Tavi!”

“Behave, Vinyl,” Octavia admonished, lowering her hoof.

Rainbow and Applejack laughed at Vinyl’s expense. Pinkie seemed to have vanished at some point, along with their empty plates and the chair she had pulled up. Vinyl rubbed her cheek, muttering something under her breath, undoubtedly plotting her revenge.

“So, when do I start?”

“I have some free time tomorrow around noon.” Vinyl leaned back in her seat with a cocky smirk. Octavia shook her head, wondering what she was in for this time.

“Sounds good.” Rainbow looked to Applejack. “You free today?”

“Ah can be if ya let me get some work done tomorrow.”

“Awesome!” Applejack narrowed her eyes at Rainbow’s outburst. “I mean, yeah, no problem.” Rainbow smiled hopefully. Applejack met it with a playful shove before climbing out of the booth.

“We’ll see y’all gals later. Ah think Rainbow has somethin’ planned fer me.”

“Later!” Vinyl called, lazing around until Octavia pulled her out of the confectionery shop. “Hey!”

“I have something planned for you, too, dear,” Octavia said in a dangerous whisper that Vinyl met with fearful eyes.

“Be gentle,” Vinyl squeaked.

Edit: Oh god I posted this at 4:20. Brilliant.

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PostSubject: Re: Oh God Cloud Wrote a Fanfic   Oh God Cloud Wrote a Fanfic I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 23, 2013 7:54 am

Just reading the title, I knew I was in for something special. Where you lack quality in all around description and transition, you excel in characterization and conversation, and it was enough to make me really want to keep reading. I look forward to the next chapter.

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PostSubject: Re: Oh God Cloud Wrote a Fanfic   Oh God Cloud Wrote a Fanfic I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 23, 2013 9:58 am

Lyra wrote:
Just reading the title, I knew I was in for something special. Where you lack quality in all around description and transition, you excel in characterization and conversation, and it was enough to make me really want to keep reading. I look forward to the next chapter.

Yeah, it's kinda rough right now, but I intend to add more to smooth out transitions and such. Besides, it's not like I'm much of a writer anyway, lol. Just doing this for shits n giggles.
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PostSubject: Re: Oh God Cloud Wrote a Fanfic   Oh God Cloud Wrote a Fanfic I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 23, 2013 12:49 pm

Soooooo, where is the NSFW version?

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PostSubject: Re: Oh God Cloud Wrote a Fanfic   Oh God Cloud Wrote a Fanfic I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 23, 2013 5:47 pm

Derpy wrote:
Soooooo, where is the NSFW version?

Um, nowhere? Unless I get some inspiration to write some clop, but like... Idk
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PostSubject: Re: Oh God Cloud Wrote a Fanfic   Oh God Cloud Wrote a Fanfic I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 23, 2013 6:11 pm

Oh boy, Cloud wrote a fanfic, this oughta be.......

Oh God Cloud Wrote a Fanfic Mlfw8055-Beautiful

Wait, what the hell? It's surprisingly good!
It needs some very minor editing for spelling and grammar, and it has a bit of a pacing issue, but overall I'm unexpectedly impressed. As someone who usually finds shipping obnoxious, the fact that I'd be willing to read more of this says something.

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PostSubject: Re: Oh God Cloud Wrote a Fanfic   Oh God Cloud Wrote a Fanfic I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 29, 2013 10:44 am



Rainbadurr CHAPTER (I guess) 2 Rainbadurr

“I’ll be right back, gotta get something real quick,” Rainbow said after she and Applejack had walked about three feet, rocketing off into the sky without giving Applejack a chance to protest.

Applejack sighed and sat down. “Okay, Ah’ll wait.” Applejack was at least thankful she wouldn’t have to wait long, because if Rainbow was one thing, she was fast. And mild-mannered, cocky, brash, awesome, cute, loyal, softer than she let on, infuriating at times, highly competitive, a very sore loser… Okay, it was a trick question. She was a lot of things, including being presently sneaking up on Applejack after quickly retrieving the bag of bits she went to fetch. She was waiting for just the right…

“Rainbow, what are ya doin’ on the roof there?”

“Remembering how hard it is to get the jump on you,” Rainbow pouted, flying down next to Applejack. “Stupid earth pony hearing. Anyway, let’s go! I figure we can head over to the music store and stock up on awesome band stuff. And a guitar, since Scratch won’t let me use hers.”

“You sure you brought enough bits?” Applejack asked, regarding the rather large bag Rainbow had slung across her side.

“Yeah, I brought plenty. I was planning on using it on food and stuff, but I figured I could always just head on over to the acres and nab a few free apples, right?”

Applejack shook her head in bemusement. “Ah worry ‘bout ya sometimes, sugarcube.”

“Well quit your worrying and let’s go already!” Rainbow pranced around, eager to be off.

Applejack chuckled and let Rainbow lead her to the local music shop. Being as it was in the same direction as Octavia’s house, Rainbow caught a glimpse of an intimidating-looking Octavia marching a terrified Vinyl back to her house for apparent punishment.

“Heh, looks like Octavia’s ready for round two already,” Rainbow snickered.

“What makes ya say that?” Applejack asked obliviously.

Rainbow turned Applejack’s head to look at the small parade. While Applejack had different thoughts on the matter, she couldn’t help but laugh at the sight.

“Making up for lost time, I guess,” Rainbow said with a waggle of her brow.

Applejack smirked. “Yer terrible, Dash.”

“I know, isn’t it great?” Rainbow reached out a wing to give Applejack a little nudge for emphasis.

Applejack just shook her head, at a loss for words. Thankfully, none needed to be said as Rainbow caught sight of their destination and rocketed ahead, immediately disappearing through the door. Applejack approached and entered at a saner pace, to find Rainbow already darting around the back room, inspecting various electric guitars.

Suddenly, she heard Rainbow gasp dramatically. “This is the one!” Rainbow proclaimed, practically salivating at the sight of a Coltson painted blue with yellow lightning bolts. While it wasn’t necessarily a Wonderbolts pattern, it was close enough for Rainbow. Applejack walked up to inspect the guitar, and the first thing she noticed was the price tag.

“Rainbow, this thing costs over a thousand bits. How’re ya gonna afford this?”

“I can live on apples for a month,” Rainbow shrugged

Applejack raised a brow. “Y’all know Ah can only afford ta give ya so many fer free.”

“Then I’ll pay it off, whatever. I need this guitar!” Rainbow pleaded.

“Wait, yer offerin’ labor now?”

“Yes, I’ll have your babies or whatever, so please let me get this!”

Applejack blinked. “Not that kinda labor, Dash.”

“Well what do you want from me, then?” Rainbow was frantic.

Applejack pondered the possibilities for a few moments before deciding against anything particularly degrading. “Well, ya could spend that month helpin’ out ‘round the farm, for starters.”

“You want me to work two jobs?”

“You want that guitar?”

“Fine!” Rainbow relented. “I’ll do it, just…” Rainbow grabbed the guitar and case from the display and ran over to the counter. She counted out the bits and secured the guitar in the case before slinging it over her back and running out of the store cheering.

Applejack shook her head for the eleventeenth time that day and followed Rainbow outside. No sooner than she had done so was she rammed into and hugged violently by a Rainbow colored blur that promptly began a mantra of thank yous.

“Okay, okay, Rainbow. Yer welcome,” Applejack chuckled, patting Rainbow on the back in an attempt to calm her down. “Now, don’t we have more ta buy?”

Rainbow breathed in to speak, then took in her deflated sack of bits. “I’m gonna need to get more money.”

Applejack laughed at Rainbow’s antics, settling herself down to wait for the pegasus to make another trip home. She thought of the day’s developments and found that she was actually excited about all of it. Rainbow had all sorts of musical shenanigans planned out for them, and in between she’d have her best friend helping out on the farm for a month. They could get so much done around there. She’d finally be able to have an excess of free time, and even when she was working, she could still be hanging out with Rainbow! Things were really looking up for the apple farmer.

Rainbow returned with another bag of bits to find Applejack looking up at the sky away from her. Applejack seemed to have not noticed her approach for once. With a devious grin, Rainbow tensed up and pounced, knocking a very surprised Applejack off her hooves and into a tumble for a few feet, the end of which saw Rainbow pinning Applejack down triumphantly.

“Ha! Can’t let your guard down around me, AJ!” Rainbow boasted.

Applejack suddenly burst out laughing, much to Rainbow’s confusion. Usually this sort of approach was met with resistance in the form of a wrestling match that left only one standing. Rainbow felt herself starting to laugh as well, marveling at the novelty of the moment.

As their laughter died down, Rainbow regarded Applejack and found that she looked happier than when she’d left her. Happier than she’d seen her in a while, actually. Seeing Applejack smiling just made Rainbow want to smile. Rainbow began to giggle again. “Cut that out, AJ.”

“Cut what out, sugarcube?”

“Being cute,” Rainbow giggled. “It’s making me act funny.”

Applejack opened her mouth to respond, only to close it again. Did she just say I’m…? “Pardon?”

“Huh?” Rainbow snapped out of her mirth upon seeing Applejack’s look of bewildered embarrassment. She repeated the exchange in her head, trying to figure out what had prompted the response. Her face began to heat up as she recalled her previous choice of words. “Uh… N-never mind that.”

Despite Rainbow’s commands, Applejack could not dislodge the thought. It just seemed to stick out as something… different. Something she’d never seen from Rainbow before. She knew that Rainbow did have a gentler side, but… This was…

“Um, so… Weren’t we gonna do some uh, shopping?”

“Y-yeah, right,” Applejack muttered, “shoppin’.”

The rest of said shopping was completed mostly in awkward silence with few words exchanged. Many items Rainbow intended to purchase were left untouched; instead they mostly bought some new farming equipment for Rainbow’s stint on the Acres. This was met with yet more awkwardness as they had to ask for each other’s input.

“Does this look alright?” Applejack asked, pulling down a bit for Rainbow to inspect.

“Well, it’s colorful,” Rainbow commented.

“Thought it would go well with yer mane. Since, y’know, it’ll be in yer teeth.”

“I have to put this in my mouth?” Rainbow asked incredulously, inspecting the bit closer. “Wait, this thing’s called a bit? And it costs more than a bit? Isn’t that a rip-off?”

“No, Dash this is… It’s a different kinda bit,” Applejack explained.

“I know that, but you’d think you’d buy a bit for a bit. You know, fair trade and all that.”

“And Ah’m sure that’d be a great sales pitch, but that’s what it costs. Do you like it or not?” Applejack shifted uncomfortably.

“Yeah, it’s fine, just overpriced.”

Applejack rolled her eyes and continued on, registering all their items while Rainbow paid the tab. Once they were outside again, Applejack let out a deep breath. “Now all we need ta get ya is a hat. Applebloom’s too young and Mac’s too stubborn, but that don’t mean you gotta go hatless.”

“Oh! I know the perfect hat!” With that, Rainbow shot off into the sky, towards her house. Again. Applejack sighed. At least it would give her time to sort out her thoughts. Or so she thought.

“Back!” Rainbow declared, coming to a stop before Applejack. On her head was a familiar-looking pith helmet. “See? Now I can be Daring, and you can be Blondie! Except we’ll be bucking apples instead of looking for treasure, but that’s cool too.”

Applejack inspected Rainbow. Even without the jacket, Applejack could clearly see the resemblance between Rainbow and her fictional hero, and she was already told repeatedly by Rainbow that she looked like Daring Do’s rival/love interest. Applejack resolved to humor Rainbow’s future shenanigans.

Applejack smirked. “Well, that’s taken care of, Ah guess. Now, while we’re out here, how’s about we grab some lunch?”

Rainbow perked up at the mention of food. “Sounds good to me!”

Applejack chuckled, marveling again how much power food had over the pegasus. Thinking about it more, she wondered if she could get Rainbow to room on the farm for the month. Rainbow always loved Apple family meals when she could have them, and it’d give Applejack more control over Rainbow’s schedule, not to mention a little extra time together. Their guest room was largely unused, and Applejack decided that this was as good a use as any.

Rainbow quickened her pace as they neared their destination, but didn’t quite run off this time. Café du Mane was moderately populated, so she found no reason to rush overly much. Applejack made no move to keep up as Rainbow claimed a table and sat eagerly. Just as Applejack sat down at the table, a waiter came by to take their orders. Hay fries for Rainbow and an apple salad for Applejack.

As the waiter departed, silence fell over the pair. Applejack looked for a way to strike up a conversation without seeming to awkward or forward. Getting Rainbow to commit a month’s service to the farm was a feat itself. Surely she wouldn’t want to be tied down to the farm, right?

“So, about this whole farm thing… When do I start?” Rainbow asked unexpectedly.

Applejack blinked. “Uh, tomorrow, Ah guess. We could getcha started in the mornin’ ‘fore ya gotta get ta Vinyl’s.” Applejack shifted nervously. “But um, it’d be a might easier if ya could get used ta the schedule…”

“As long as it doesn’t get in the way of my weather duties I’m sure it’ll be fine,” Rainbow said nonchalantly.

“That’s the thing, though. We get started right about the crack o’ dawn, an’ Ah’m not sure how Ah can hold ya to that when ya live up in the clouds,” Applejack tried to hint.

“I’ll be there, don’t worry about it. Never leave my friends hangin’, right?”

Applejack looked away. “If’n yer really gonna help out, Ah’m gonna need more’n yer word, sugarcube.”

Rainbow frowned. “Then what do you want from me?”

“Well, Ah um… Fer this ta work Ah’d need ya to, well, stay at the farm, so’s you can get used ta the uh… schedule. “Applejack finished unconvincingly, blushing sheepishly. She sighed, mentally preparing herself for Rainbow’s protests, which she knew she’d be incapable of dealing with.

“Oh. Yeah, I guess I could do that,” Rainbow said without a hint of fuss in her tone. “I get free meals with this, right?”

Applejack blinked again. “Uh, yeah. ‘S long as ya do the work…. Yer really okay with this?”

“Yeah, why not, I mean it’s only a month, right? Might be kinda fun, and we could hang out some more.” Rainbow tilted her head. “Why?”

“Oh, uh… no reason, no reason whatsoever, heh,” Applejack smiled hopefully. Rainbow eyed her strangely but didn’t comment further as their food was brought out.

“Finally, I’m starving!” Rainbow exclaimed, digging into her meal before the waiter had even set Applejack’s down, earning a raised eyebrow from the waiter and a chuckle from Applejack.

Applejack shook her head once the waiter had departed a second time. What’s goin’ on today? Octavia says somethin’ funny, then Rainbow starts actin’ weird, an’ now Ah’m actin’ all funny too. An’ what was it that Rainbow said? Cute? Does she really think that?

“AJ? You gonna eat or what?”

“Huh?” Applejack shook her head again.

“Yeah, you’re doing that a lot today, huh?” Rainbow observed between bites. I am, too, Rainbow’s subconscious reminded her. “More than usual,” she mumbled.


“Nothing, just… Never mind,” Rainbow returned to her meal.

Applejack eyed Rainbow for a moment before her stomach reminded her of her hunger. She hesitantly began to eat, a troubled look on her face. The day kept getting weirder and weirder.

“Ah know it’s just a month, but Ah’m expectin’ yer best, y’hear?” Applejack walked with Rainbow over to the farm to get Rainbow situated. Applejack felt a bit better after eating and found it easier to concentrate on the task at hand.

Rainbow scoffed. “It’s just farm work. How hard could it be?”

“Famous last words, sugarcube,” Applejack admonished.

“Yeah, yeah.” Rainbow took a look around, examining the vast expanses of apple trees she’d be working with for the next month. Weather duties, guitar lessons, and farm work. This is gonna be one crazy month. “You know, we have all this figured out between us, but we haven’t even run it past your family yet. What if they don’t want me around?”

“Yer not getting’ outta this one, Dash; we really could use the help this season,” Applejack warned. “This year’s crop’s lookin’ ta be one a’ the biggest we’ve had since Ah started buckin’.”

“And that’s supposed to reassure me how?”

“It’s not,” Applejack said simply, opening the door to the farmhouse as they stepped up onto the porch. Rainbow couldn’t help but feel a sense of dread despite the usually welcoming air of the quaint abode. This time, she really didn’t know just what she was getting into. She could only wonder at how the month would unfold. But with that dread came some excitement. This was something totally new, just like her band idea. Also just like her band idea, she’d be doing it with her best friend. That thought brought a smile to her face as she entered the house.

“So, do I get a room or something? Or do I have to sleep on the couch?” Rainbow asked as Applejack followed her inside. “And where is everypony?”

Applejack smiled. “We got a guest room we don’t normally use, so that can be yours fer the month. Big Mac’s out in the fields, Applebloom’s still at school, and Granny Smith… Ah don’t know where she is. She’s usually asleep on her rocker this time a’ day.”

“So… do I have to wait for them to come back, or…?”

“Nah, you’ll be fine. C’mon, Ah’ll show ya to the guest room.” Applejack started up the stairs, leaving Rainbow to follow along sheepishly. The room itself, being a guest room, was sparsely furnished, affording Rainbow plenty of room for her stuff. The bed, while not as plush as the clouds she was used to, was comfortable in its own right. Applejack left Rainbow to get settled, sitting down on her own bed and trying to gather her thoughts. This proved fruitless, as she heard a loud thump from the guest room, followed by Rainbow’s voice.

“Stupid clouds!” Rainbow had attempted to set down something made of said clouds only to have it fall through the wood floor, causing her to lose her balance and crash down onto said floor. She stomped downstairs to retrieve the fallen item and compact it to a wood-friendly density. The second time, it cooperated, coming to rest on the floor instead of falling through it. She gave it a kick for good measure, causing the cloud to slip slightly through the floor. This time she caught it, though, and avoided having to make a second trip downstairs. She refrained from kicking it a second time.

Rainbow continued to set up without further outbursts, finally giving Applejack some time to think. For about a minute before Applebloom burst loudly through the front door with another two boisterous fillies in tow. Applejack sighed. She had forgotten that the acres were hosting this week’s Cutie Mark Crusaders sleepover. That explained why Granny Smith was in her room catching up on sleep, because with those three fillies around, the night was sure to be restless. Sweet Celestia, does it ever end?


Note: For those who don't know (read "everyone but Rivest"), Blondie is a character from another Appledash fanfic called "What Would Daring Do?" And I just had to put it here because... shit, even Tchernobog, the Appledash overlord himself, had a reference to that fic in his latest fic. Which also happened to be in the form of a mention of Blondie. Srsly, that was a good read. Also, hey, I got an update out in less than a week. Cools. And I added a little bit to the first chapter to smooth out a clunky transition after Rainbow's attempt at guitar riff.
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Here we gooooooo! I'm thinking of making Tuesday my update day. It just seems to happen that way anyway. But anyway. everyway. ALL THE WAYS. TO THE MOON. IS COLD. PACK SCARF. BECAUSE IS TENACIOUS DASH!

Rainbadurr VARIABLE INTEGER 3 Rainbadurr

“Alright, gals, what are we gonna try first?” Applebloom asked.

“How about cooking? I’m hungry,” Sweetie Belle suggested.

“Haven’t we already tried that before?” Scootaloo shot back.

“We tried bakin’, but that’s different.”

“Yeah! Totally different!” Sweetie Belle pressed, her stomach growling its agreement.

“Yer not thinkin’ a’ doin’ anythin’ destructive down there, are ya?” Applejack asked from the staircase as she descended.

“Sis? Why aren’t you out in the fields?”

“’Cus Ah gotta help Rainbow get settled,” Applejack explained.


“Rainbow Dash? She’s here?” Scootaloo cut off Applebloom, darting forward to come nose to nose with Applejack.

Applejack blinked. “Uh, yeah; she should be up-“

Scootaloo was off the second she was given a direction, up the stairs before Applejack could finish.

“In the guest room,” Applejack completed a little sheepishly.

“Why’s Rainbow Dash stayin’ in the guest room?” Applebloom inquired. “She decide not to fly off after dinner this time?”

“It’s a might more complicated n’ that, AB. The short of it is Rainbow’s gonna be around fer the next month,” Applejack said distractedly as she searched for something or other in the closet.

“Doin’ what?”

“Helpin’ out, an’ hopefully not complainin’ too much,” Applejack said after pulling out a hat rack for Rainbow. “Where’d Sweetie Belle get off to?”

“Prolly went ta look fer Scoot, so Ah guess that’s where Ah’m goin, too,” Applebloom said, turning to walk up the stairs, muttering. “Ah swear, ya’d think that filly was tryin’a get a rainbow chasin’ cutie mark.”

Applejack chuckled, following her sister up to their impromptu gathering site. Upon entering said site, the atmosphere was decidedly chaotic. Scootaloo was alternating between darting around to look at Rainbow’s stuff and sitting beside Rainbow with a big grin on her face. Sweetie Belle was attempting to help out in setting up and promptly knocking everything over. And Rainbow sat in the middle of her bed with a panicked look on her face as she curled up into a fetal position.

At the sound of the door opening again, Rainbow cast a fearful eye at the intruders and immediately brightened. “Applejack! You’ve gotta help me!” Rainbow pleaded, rushing over to grab Applejack’s hooves. Applejack found herself flung into the fray with a prayer, successfully disrupting both Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle’s antics by knocking them over in her flight before coming to rest on the guest bed.

That was less painful than Ah expected, Applejack mused as she sat up to examine the damage done to the room. Apart from a few pieces of wayward furniture, however, the room seemed remarkably intact.

Applebloom quickly moved to right the offending structures and march her fellow crusaders out of the guest room, apologizing for their behavior. In her wake, she left a bewildered pair of mares both wondering when Applebloom had begun taking responsibility.

“Every day gonna be this exciting?” Rainbow asked at length.

Applejack looked up at Rainbow with a critical eye. “Ah sure hope not.”

Rainbow chuckled nervously, rubbing a hoof against the back of her head. “Sorry, I guess I kinda panicked.”

“So yer first thought was to throw me at them,” Applejack stated flatly.

“Uh… Earth ponies make good weapons?” Rainbow offered. “Besides, it worked, didn’t it?”

Applejack shook her head in disapproval, though she couldn’t stop the traitorous smile coming to her lips. “Stop makin’ it so hard to be mad at ya.”

“Uh, no thanks, I like my wings where they are.”

Applejack chuckled, moving to give Rainbow a playful shove which was answered with what Rainbow deemed to be appropriate response; tackling Applejack onto the bed and instigating a wrestling match.

Applejack managed to pin Rainbow Dash, declaring, “Ha! Ah’ve got you right where Ah want ya!”

“You’ll never take me alive!” Rainbow said, using her wings to tickle Applejack.

“Ya dirty little cheater!” Applejack giggled as she lost her grip and found herself pinned in turn.

“Only for you, AJ,” Rainbow said, flashing a grin.

“Well two can play at that game! C’mere you!”

Outside the room, the Cutie Mark Crusaders sat uneasily at the door, privy to Rainbow’s squeaks of terror between giggles, accompanied by the same from Applejack. The door remained closed, and none of the fillies could muster the courage to open it.

“You think they’re alright?” Scootaloo asked.

“Ah think so. Whaddya think they’re doin’?”

“Well, whatever it is sounds fun!” Sweetie Belle piped up, confidently sitting up to enter the room.

“Sweetie Belle, no!” Applebloom and Scootaloo chorused, but the door swung open to reveal Applejack pinning Rainbow’s wings to the headboard with her forelegs, nose inches from Rainbow’s. Both wore an expression similar to that of a deer caught in the headlights. Without moving her head, Applejack looked to see who had intruded on their compromising position. She didn’t know whether to be relieved or panicked when she saw the curious gazes of Applebloom and her friends on them.

Okay, at least it’s not Big Mac or Granny Smith. Ah can explain this one away, Applejack thought, before the rough squeak that Rainbow’s voice had become broke her contemplation.

“It’s not what it looks like!” Rainbow blurted out, face flushed.

Applejack nearly facehoofed as Rainbow succeeded in planting the thought in her sister’s young mind.

Applebloom’s brain worked infuriatingly quickly as she spoke. “But Ah thought that stuff was just fer a filly and a colt.”

“No way, Rainbow Dash told me about this stuff!” Scootaloo began to explain, to the combined horror of the two mares. Rainbow very much regretted this conversation. “She called it fillyfooling, and she said it’s perfectly normal and awesome, and that it had to be awesome because she does it herself!”

Applejack froze, looking down at the pegasus she had pinned to the bed. Rainbow offered a nervous smile, chuckling weakly. “Girls,” Applejack said calmly, “Ah’d like to speak with Rainbow Dash alone.”

Applebloom’s eyes widened at Applejack’s tone, quickly ushering her friends all the way downstairs, leaving the two mares alone.

Once the door had closed, Applejack lifted herself off of Rainbow Dash and sat with an odd look on her face Rainbow could not decipher. “Why didn’t ya tell me?” Applejack asked.

Rainbow tucked her hooves in modestly and hung her head. “You hate me now, don’t you?”

Applejack studied Rainbow for a second before responding. “Ah’m a little hurt ya would keep somethin’ like that a secret… but Ah don’t hate ya, Dash.”

“What?” was all Rainbow could muster in response for a long while.

Applejack gave Rainbow time to process the situation, using the time to sort out her own thoughts.

Rainbow spoke up after a few minutes, “I thought you farmponies didn’t like that kind of stuff.”

“Where’d ya get a silly idea like that?” Applejack asked.

“Well, you’re all about work and family. And, well, two mares can’t exactly… you know.”

“Rainbow,” Applejack said, turning the pegasus’ head to face her, “Ah’ve never been one to judge a pony if Ah can see she has a good heart. And Ah’m not usually wrong about that sorta stuff. Ah know you’ve got a good heart, Rainbow, and there’s no way Ah’d let somethin’ like this change how Ah look at ya, or anythin’ between us. Ah’m still yer friend, and Ah always will be, and that’s the honest truth, sugarcube.”

“Really?” Rainbow asked tentatively.

“Mhmm. And while Ah can’t say mah barn door swings that way,” Applejack blushed, “Ah can’t say Ah have a problem with it.”

Rainbow smiled, looking at Applejack with a certain degree of reverence. “You’re too damn good to me, Applejack.”

“Only as good as ya deserve, Rainbow.” Applejack smiled back.

Rainbow donned a blush and drew circles in the quilt with a hoof. “You know, you’re the first pony I’ve told… sorta.”

“Quite a way to come out,” Applejack chuckled in response, before becoming more serious. “There isn’t anythin’ else yer not tellin’ me, is there?”

“What? No, of course not, AJ.” Rainbow averted her gaze briefly. “And the only reason I didn’t tell you this was because I thought you’d think less of me.”

“Well we can’t have that, now. Then ya wouldn’ be the coolest mare in Ponyville,” Applejack said.

Rainbow blushed more heavily. “You really think that?”

“Always,” Applejack assured. “Though Ah am curious where all this humility’s comin’ from.”

Rainbow smiled. “Only for you, AJ.”

Applejack chuckled and pulled Rainbow into a brief hug before slipping off of the bed. “Now, we ain’t quite done settin’ you up yet, are we?”

“I guess not.” Rainbow got up off the bed after a few more seconds, reaching into her box of stuff to sort through what was left. Most were just small knickknacks that she put on her dresser, but there was one more treasure that she had yet to unpack.

Applejack watched in awe as Rainbow pulled out a framed photograph and set it on her nightstand. It was of the two of them after their second Running of the Leaves, where they had inevitably tied for first. The two of them were surrounded by falling leaves; Rainbow had a hoof over Applejack’s withers as they stood proudly with their matching first place medals.

“It’s the only award that I’ve won with somepony I really care about,” Rainbow said, pulling the medal itself out of her box to hold reverently in her hooves.

Deeply touched by the unexpected sentiment from the normally rowdy pegasus, Applejack had to excuse herself while she retrieved her own medal from the occasion from where it rested below a matching photograph on the wall over her bed. Rainbow smiled as Applejack returned with it around her neck, donning her own in response.

“Ya haven’t even been here a whole day an’ yer already goin’ soft on me,” Applejack joked. “What am Ah gonna do with a sap of a pegasus like you?”

Rainbow thought of a few things that she decided to keep to herself, answering instead with, “Hey, I’m still the fastest pegasus alive, and don’t you forget it.”

“Never plan to, sugarcube,” Applejack said, coming to sit next to Rainbow as she sorted the last few items she had brought.

Unknown to them, Granny Smith had risen during the commotion and saw Applejack’s transit between her room and the guest room. She had followed behind to witness the scene of closeness between the two friends, a smile on her face. Before she could be noticed, she slipped downstairs to get dinner started.

Ah think she’s finally startin’ ta get it.

“Soup’s on, y’all! Come n’ get it!” Granny Smith called from the kitchen. The Cutie Mark Crusaders were the first to the table, followed closely by Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Big Macintosh came in moments later, mildly surprised to see the flighty pegasus at the table.

“Howdy, Miss Rainbow Dash,” Big Mac said as he sat down. “Y’all joinin’ us fer supper?”

“She’s doin’ a bit more n’ that, Mac,” Applejack responded. “Rainbow’s gonna be stayin’ over ta help ‘round the farm fer the next month.”

“Really?” Big Mac asked skeptically. “Well, Celestia knows we need the help this year.”

“Yeah, I guess I picked a bad time to be in debt,” Rainbow joked, earning a good-natured eye roll from Applejack.

“Any particular reason yer wearin’ yer medals from the Runnin’ o’ the Leaves?” Big Mac inquired.

Applejack shared a glance with Rainbow. “There is, but Ah’d like ta keep that between us.”

“Oh, that reminds me! You guys won’t believe me, but Applejack and Rainbow Dash are totally-“

Applebloom barely managed to stick a hoof in Scootaloo’s mouth before she could drop the ball.

Big Mac raised a brow. “Totally what?”

“Totally awesome?” Rainbow suggested.

That seemed to be enough for Big Mac as he didn’t comment further, though Applejack fretted that her brother had gotten the wrong idea. Rainbow merely offered a shrug in response to Applejack’s worried gaze.

Food came to the table as a welcome distraction, and the meal went over without any further outbursts from the crusaders. Or at least not any about the scene they had stumbled upon in the guest room.

“You’re lucky, Applebloom. You get to have Rainbow Dash staying at your house for a whole month!” Scootaloo said with a mixture of adoration and jealousy.

“Ah’m not gonna have to raise the fence ‘round the farm, am Ah?” Applebloom asked in between bites as though it was a regular occurrence.

“You know that’ll only work for so long, Applebloom,” Scootaloo grumbled. “Rainbow Dash promised she’d help me learn how to fly!”

“I did?” Rainbow asked.

“Yeah, after that camping trip, remember?” Scootaloo prodded.

Rainbow furrowed her brow. “I guess. I’ve kinda got a lot to do right now, though, Scoot. I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to find the time between weather duties, farm work and guitar lessons.”

“Guitar lessons?” Scootaloo asked.

“It’s a long story,” Rainbow said.

“No it’s not,” Applejack asserted. “Ya came up to me with the idea to start a band, then remembered ya couldn’ play the guitar, so now yer takin’ lessons from Vinyl.”

“You’re making a band?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“Yep! And it’s gonna be the most awesome, metal band ever!” Rainbow gushed.

Applejack quirked a brow. “Ah thought y’all said Ah could do what Ah wanted with the vocals.”

“Okay, well, like… country metal or something like that then. But it’s still metal!” Rainbow whipped her hair back dramatically and played the air guitar for emphasis.

“If you say so, sugarcube,” Applejack said.

“It’s gonna be awesome and you know it!” Rainbow pointed an accusing hoof at Applejack.

Applejack chuckled. “Ah never said it wasn’t.”

“Well, then, stop messing with my head!” Rainbow ordered.

“No promises, sugarcube.”

Applejack and Rainbow Dash were cleaning up after dinner at Applejack’s insistence. The work was done mostly in silence, but near the end Applejack spoke up. “Ya think yer gonna be alright teachin’ Scoot how ta fly?”

“I think so,” Rainbow said. “She’s made a lot of progress on her own, so it shouldn’t take too long. And I can’t count on Vinyl having time for lessons every day, so that should give me some time then.”

“Speakin’ a’ yer schedule, how’re we gonna do this?” Applejack asked as she finished washing the last plate.

“Well, it usually doesn’t matter too much when I get my weather stuff done so long as it gets done, so I have a bit of flexibility there. Probably hold off on that ‘till we’re done with most of the farm stuff.”

“Sure you’ll have enough left in ya? Farm work can get pretty exhausting,” Applejack advised.

“Yeah, cloud busting’s no problem and that’s the most demanding thing I’d have to do. We’ll just have to work around noon for my guitar lessons. I guess I could teach Scoot around that time just to keep it consistent.”

“That’d be fer the best,” Applejack agreed. She looked out the window to regard the position of the sun. “We still got a couple hours ‘fore we gotta hit the hay. Anythin’ ya wanna do?”

“Aside from sleep? Not much I can think of. Tomorrow’s gonna be pretty busy, so we should probably rest up, right?”

“Ah hear ya,” Applejack breathed. “Well, g’night then. Ah’ll be ‘round ta wake ya ‘bout six.”

“Alright,” Rainbow said as they walked upstairs. Coming to the door to her room, Rainbow noticed something different. On the door rested a plate with her name on it. It matched the ones hanging from the rooms of the Apple Family, all of which were crafted by Applebloom. Rainbow smiled at the sentiment. “You think Scoot put her up to this?”

“Ah don’t think she’d a’ needed ta. Applebloom looks up to ya, too, Rainbow,” Applejack said. “And Ah always did think of ya like family, Dash. It’s just a bit more official for a month.”

“Thanks, AJ. That means a lot, especially from you.”

Applejack smiled, pulling Rainbow into a hug. “Welcome to the family, Rainbow.”

Rainbow Dash released her at length, whispering, “Good night, Applejack.”

“G’night, Rainbow,” Applejack returned, walking to her room across the hall. Rainbow entered hers to fall heavily onto the mattress and just look up at the ceiling for a time. Applejack did the same a room away. The day had been busy and filled with many emotions, and the next promised more. Neither mare knew what lay ahead of them, but both were excited to find out. They each tucked themselves under their covers and fell asleep.

It's... so... FLUFFY! There will be much action next chapter, don't worry Derped! I GETTIN THAR.
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Okay, so while the second chapter kind of went downhill in terms of outright entertainment compared to the first, this one jacked it back up again, and I couldn't take my eyes off of the screen until I read the final "thar". Your writing seems to be improving slightly with each iteration, and while there are still some minor issues I can't help but see, it is great to see you improving. I am glad, and somewhat impressed, to see that you have managed to carry a cohesive and well paced narration across three chapters so far.

Keep it up! Have you thought of putting this on FiM Fiction?

Also, I don't think fillyfooling means what you think it means, but if that was intentional, and with Scoots saying it....then.....

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Lyra wrote:
Also, I don't think fillyfooling means what you think it means,

Fillyfooling = lesbian ponies
Foalfiddling = pedo
Get it rite, nub.
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I WRITED AGAIN IM SORRY. Also a bit shorter this time, but eh. This is what I gots.


“Up n’ at em, Rainbow!”

Applejack’s sudden proclamation prompted a thrashing of limbs from the startled pegasus. “Bwuh? Applejack?” Rainbow fumbled around as her vision cleared, setting her eyes on the clock on her nightstand. “It’s five thirty! You said you’d wake me up at six!”

“Ah said Ah’d wake ya up around six,” Applejack asserted. “Granny’s started on breakfast, should be ready soon. Don’ bother washin’ up; ya’ll jes’ get dirty again when we start workin’. Harvest season’s not quite here yet, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a heap o’ stuff to do ‘round here.”

“Why do I feel like I’m being forced into slavery?” Rainbow complained.

Applejack smirked. “’S called labor, sugarcube, get used ta it.”

“Yes, master,” Rainbow said with a roll of her eyes.

Applejack chuckled and left Rainbow to get her bearings and find her way downstairs. Rainbow sighed and walked over to the washroom to splash some water on her face to hopefully wake up faster. Alright, Rainbow, you’ve got six hours to prove you can handle this. Gotta make Applejack want me around, not be a liability. She really needs me this year. Haven’t let her down before, and I don’t wanna start now. Rainbow’s thoughts were interrupted by her stomach announcing its emptiness. But that can wait till after breakfast.

Rainbow left the washroom feeling slightly more alert, and much hungrier. A trip downstairs revealed Big Mac browsing a newspaper, Granny Smith working on breakfast, and Applejack… suspiciously absent.

Before she could open her mouth to question this development, a force knocked into her from her side, sending her tumbling across the floor to end up staring up into the face of a deviously grinning Applejack. Rainbow tried to wiggle out of Applejack’s grasp, but she was pinned.

After a few moments more, Applejack let the pegasus up. “That was payback fer yesterday,” Applejack explained. “Can’t let yer guard down ‘round me, either.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Rainbow said, a bit disgruntled but still smiling.

“Now come on, breakfast’s almost done,” Applejack led Rainbow into the kitchen proudly, grinning in response to Big Mac’s raised eyebrow.

“Soup’s on, y’all,” Granny Smith said, producing a stack of apple cinnamon pancakes. “Eat up ya silly fillies.” She rustled Applejack’s hair and offered a smile to Rainbow Dash, who returned it a little sheepishly.

“Crusaders ‘re still asleep,” Mac answered before the question could formulate. “Tired ‘emselves out somethin’ fierce, seems.”

Returning her attention to the table, Rainbow Dash regarded the feast before her. Perhaps ‘stack’ was understating it; it was a tower. Apple cinnamon pancakes were a rare delicacy for Rainbow, where it was standard fare for the Apples. As such, they all watched in amusement as Rainbow helped herself to an oversized portion and promptly began to devour them. The remainder of un-plundered cakes were distributed evenly to the rest assembled, who ate at a more normal pace, except for Applejack, who ate with a good deal more gusto in response to her friend’s unspoken and entirely unintentional challenge.

Applejack slowly caught up to the unsuspecting pegasus’ progress, but despite Applejack’s smaller portion, Rainbow’s lead proved to be too much to overcome, as Rainbow finished while Applejack still had about a quarter of her meal left. Rainbow drank the last of her apple juice before sitting back in her chair to wait for Applejack to finish, only finding that Applejack was already done.

“Oh,” Rainbow observed.

“Ready ta get started?” Applejack asked.

“Yeah, of course,” Rainbow answered half-heartedly, disappointed that she didn’t get a bit more time to laze around. It turned out her subconscious plan had backfired on her, though, and she had to start work earlier than hoped.

Applejack smirked. “Ah’m gonna need a bit more enthusiasm ‘n that, Rainbow.”

“Maybe later,” Rainbow replied, getting up to stretch out her limbs before following Applejack out back.

“Alright, first things first, we still gotta lotta barrels ta take outta storage. They’re a might heavy, so don’ hurt yerself.” Applejack led Rainbow down to the storage cellar.

“Yeah, yeah, watch out for splinters, right? They’re barrels, AJ, they’re as harmless as… well, something else made out of wood. Like a table. I never heard of anypony getting hurt from a table.”

“You’d be surprised, sugarcube,” Applejack chuckled. “Now, we gotta get these over ta the barn. ‘S not a long walk, hardest part’s gettin’ em up the stairs.”

“But isn’t the barn literally just up the stairs?”

“Exactly, piece a’ cake! Now get to it.” With that, Applejack departed up the stairs.

“You’re not even gonna help me?” Rainbow called out.

“They’re barrels, Rainbow, they’re harmless,” Applejack retorted.

Rainbow adopted a frown. “Stupid words.” With a sigh, she heaved a barrel up onto her back. Applejack was right, even empty they were rather heavy, and made the trek up the stairs a bit laborious. Especially considering that the barrel kept slipping off her back.

“Oh come on! Stupid barrel!” Frustrated, Rainbow seized the barrel in her forehooves and attempted to fly out with it, only to bump her head on the low ceiling and lose her grip on the barrel. “Why would you even do this?!”

Rainbow tried a different approach, setting the barrel on its side to attempt to roll it up the stairs. It was working great, until she got to the first step, which the barrel would refuse to roll over. With a snarl, Rainbow worked her hooves under the barrel and lifted it up that first step. “Ha! Nothing to it!”

At her words, gravity worked to spite her, as the barrel rolled back down the single step cleared, of which there were twenty. “Dammit!” Rainbow bent down to repeat her earlier triumph, making sure not to stop after the first step. It was long, taxing, and filled with curses as she on numerous occasions missed the next step and had the barrel punish her by rolling back two, but she made it to the top. She made sure to push it well away from the staircase before gingerly hoisting it up onto her back.

Without gravity pulling it off of her, she was able to keep the barrel in place as she hobbled over to the barn door to drop the barrel heavily and collapse. “Here’s your stupid barrel!” Rainbow shouted.

Applejack looked back from her task of counting the assembled barrels. She cocked a brow upon seeing Rainbow completely spent from getting a single barrel up the stairs. “Took ya long enough. You got that bent outta shape from just one? We’re still missin’ ‘bout fifty more and we gotta get ‘em all up ‘fore noon.”

“What the hell, AJ? I bust my flank for this thing and you tell me it’s not good enough? I don’t know what the hell you’re taking, but this is impossible!”

Applejack looked at Rainbow critically and found something missing. “Where’d ya put the rope?”

Rainbow broke out of her rage at the seemingly random question. “Rope?”

“The one on the wall ta the right of the stairs; yer supposed ta use it ta secure the barrel,” Applejack said slowly.

Rainbow’s eye began to twitch. “Why didn’t you tell me that before I did all that shit?!”

“Ah figured ya knew! Ya’ve helped us out plenty ‘round here before!”

“Yeah, but I’ve never done this!” Rainbow shot back. “It’s always just been bucking apples! I don’t think I’ve even been in your cellar before! That’s kinda why I was expecting some help!”

Applejack sighed. “Ah’m sorry, sugarcube. Ah’m used ta workin’ with the family, n’ they know the farm backwards n’ upside-down. An’ yer around so much, Ah guess Ah plum forgot y’all didn’t.” Applejack looked to her hooves.

Rainbow just sat there, torn between wanting to yell at her friend some more and wanting to comfort her.

“Heh, ain’t even been an hour an’ Ah’ve already screwed somethin’ up,” Applejack mused absently. “Ah figured you mighta, but look at you, gettin’ a barrel all the way up here without even usin’ the rope. Never even known Mac ta do that much. Ah don’ know whether ta be sorry er impressed.”

Rainbow knew this was really getting to her; Applejack wasn’t one to ramble unless she was really upset. She walked over to offer Applejack a one-hoofed hug. “Hey, it’s alright. Honest mistake, right? I’m sorry for blowing up at you; I should have come to you before wearing myself to pieces anyway.”

Applejack cracked a small smile. “Ah shouldn’a expected that of ya. Yer stubborn as an Apple yerself. Tell ya what, Ah’ll give y’all a breather n’ get the rest of the barrels up mahself. Celestia knows ya’ve proven yerself way more n’ capable.”

Rainbow knew better than to decline the help outright, so she did the next best thing. “AJ, I can’t let you do that all by yourself, I’m supposed to be the one helping you. Just… give me a minute to catch my breath and I’ll help you out.”

Applejack smiled a bit wider. “Thanks, sugarcube. Ah owe ya one.”

“I thought the whole point of this was that I owed you,” Rainbow chuckled.

“Heh, guess that makes us even, then?” Applejack supposed.

Loyalty made Rainbow shake her head. “Not even close; I promised you a month of help and damn if I’m not gonna give you the best help you’ve ever gotten.”

Applejack’s smile became sheepish. “Thanks fer stickin’ with me. Means a lot from you.”

“It’s gonna take a lot more than that to drive me away, AJ,” Rainbow said with a squeeze. “Now, we’ve still got some barrels to take care of, right?”

“Right, barrels.”

With the rope Applejack had pointed out, the going was a whole lot easier. Rainbow could practically prance up the stairs without shaking the barrels from her back. Working together, they cut though the barrels in a fraction of the time it would have taken otherwise, finishing hours ahead of schedule. In fact…

“It’s only seven thirty? You said we had to be done by noon!” Rainbow marveled.

Applejack just shrugged. “What can Ah say? Ah guess yer jes that big a help.”

Rainbow grinned at the praise, walking with a bit more of a spring to her step as they moved on to the next task. “So what’s next? Herding stampeding cows? Expanding the acres? Building a new barn?”

“Simmer down there, sally,” Applejack laughed. “’S just maintenance; the barn needs a bit a’ TLC.”

Rainbow eyed the barn in question. “Looks fine to me.”

“You kiddin’? The paint’s startin’ ta peel, nails ‘re comin’ loose, the hay loft’s a mess…”

“Isn’t the hay loft supposed to be a mess anyway?” Rainbow questioned.

“Not like this it ain’t,” Applejack said, indicating the area above them. “The wood’s gotta be replaced er we’re gonna have hay an’ dead wood everywhere.”

“Sounds like a lot of work,” Rainbow observed. “Were you gonna do this all by yourself?”

Applejack shook her head. “Applebloom usually does a lot of this stuff, but Ah figured since we’re ahead of schedule anyway we might as well give her some extra help.”

“And she’s cool with that?”

“’Course; she always is. She’s way too young ta do it all by herself, n’ Ah’m sure she wouldn’t mind a bit more help this year. Definitely in worse shape ‘n it was last year. But Applebloom should have it fixed up in a jiffy. She’s got a gift, Ah tell ya.”

“Maybe you should try telling her that; might be nice to not have her running around looking for her cutie mark in all the wrong places. I tried telling Scoot to work on her scooter skills, but she just got all defensive. And now she’s all hooked up on flying, I’m worried she’ll forget about it.”

Applejack smiled. “We just gotta give ‘em time. They’re bound ta get it eventually.”

“Yeah, hopefully before they get outta school, at least. Can’t imagine getting to that age without a cutie mark. Just think; she gets her first heat thinking it’s some kind of pre-cutie mark sickness.”

“Ah would not wanna be the one ta explain that one.” Applejack shivered. “Even if she does have ‘er cutie mark ‘fore then.”

“Well, I kinda did explain the whole orientation thing to them already, in some weird way. So at least you won’t have to cover that.”

“You don’t think any of ‘em go fer that, do ya?”

Rainbow shrugged. “I dunno, Scoot might be thinking about it. She does take after me a lot.”

Applejack paused. “Ya don’ think she’ll lie ta herself, do ya?”

“Nah, she’s a smart kid. I don’t think I have that much influence over her. And if it does come to that, I’m sure I’d be able to spot it pretty quick. But hey, maybe she turns out to be a legit fillyfooler and she wouldn’t have known about the option if I didn’t tell her?”

Applejack frowned. “That reminds me a’ somethin’ Ah wanted ta ask ya. Why did ya think Ah wouldn’ be okay with you bein’ that way? Ah didn’ have anythin’ wrong with Octavia and Vinyl.”

“Well, yeah, but you don’t see them often so it wouldn’t be up in your face. It’s a bit different when it’s a kinda friend than a best friend.” Rainbow pointed out.

“Ah guess so. Ya also said Ah was the first ya told, but Scootaloo didn’t seem ya buy that.”

“I said kinda the first. The thing with Scoot, well… I kinda got my hoof forced.”

Applejack cocked her head. “By what?”

Rainbow sighed. “There were some… rumors going around town. Stupid rumors, totally not true. And Scoot caught wind of them, so she came to me, of course.”

“Rumors ‘bout you?” Applejack prodded, unsure if she wanted an answer.

“Yeah, about me…” Rainbow blushed, “and… well, about you, too.”


“Yeah, it seems ponies were getting the wrong idea about us and, well…” Rainbow searched for the right words. “It escalated pretty quickly.”

Applejack blushed violently. “T-they thought…”

“Yeah, stupid, right?” Rainbow grinned, though her eyes showed uncertainty. “It’s… totally not like that.”

A very awkward silence stretched between the two, neither knowing what to say, or even think. Things were really starting to pile up on them, and they were getting harder to ignore. Rainbow liked mares; she knew that, but Applejack? Applejack, on the other hoof wasn’t even sure which way her barn door swung; she’d never really given much thought to romance. That was always more Rarity’s territory. And what was more…

“Rainbow?” Applejack tentatively broke the silence.


“We’re outta paint.” Applejack declared.

Rainbow blinked. “So, we gotta go shopping again?”

“Unless y’all can make paint with that pretty mane a’ yours,” Applejack said without really thinking.

Rainbow blushed, but didn’t make to point out Applejack’s advance. Celestia, why can’t this just be easy?

Applejack and Rainbow made their way over to the market in silence, neither daring to make eye contact. In fact, they would have been quite content to have some time to think without any distractions. But, as life was prone to do, it had other ideas. And this time, it was purple.

“Oh, hey you two, what’s up?” The voice of Twilight startled the two in question. Twilight got her first look at the equal parts dejected, embarrassed, and surprised expressions on her friends’ faces. “Is… everything alright?”

“Everything’s fine,” Rainbow squeaked.

“Yep, jes dandy,” Applejack added in a small voice.

“Why are you whispering? Is it some kind of secret?” Twilight pondered.

“No, no, just… tired,” Rainbow offered.

“Long day,” Applejack agreed.

Twilight glanced upwards to take in the position of the sun. “It’s not even noon yet.”

“Lucky us,” Rainbow joked weakly.

Applejack remained silent.

Twilight frowned. “Are you sure there’s nothing bothering you? I don’t think I’ve ever seen either of you like this.”

Rainbow shrugged. “See something new every day, right?”

“Would be borin’ otherwise.”

Twilight could tell she wasn’t going to be getting any straight answers, but she knew something was up. She decided to ask around, try to find any hints. It was like a mystery! She was getting excited just thinking about it as she ran off without another word.

No words were left spoken by the two mares in search of paint, either, as they collected their plunder in silence.

Twilight, meanwhile, found herself crashing into the biggest information monger in Ponyville. “Oh, hi Twilight!” Pinkie chirped.

“Pinkie! I need your help with a mystery!” Twilight commanded.

“Ooh! Is this like that time on the Friendship Express?”

“Yes, but there’s no cake this time,” Twilight said, much to Pinkie’s disappointment.

“Oh, okay…”

“We need somewhere safe to talk,” Twilight went on. “Somewhere nopony goes.”

“The library?” Pinkie offered.

Twilight’s eye twitched. “Gee, thanks.”

“Don’t mention it!” Pinkie said, bouncing away in the direction of Twilight’s home.

Upon arrival, Twilight shut the door with a little more force than necessary. “Okay, Pinkie, I need to know. Something’s up with Applejack and Rainbow Dash and-“

“Oh! Haven’t you heard? Rumor has it that AJ and Dashie are dating!” Pinkie cheered.

Twilight’s mouth opened, only to close again. She blinked, twice. “I… What?”


“Wh-where did they get an idea like that?” Twilight stammered.

“You know ponies. Or maybe you don’t. You are still kinda new to this whole ponies thing. But they’re not like books, no siree. They’re much more fun and exciting!”

“I came here for answers, Pinkie, not a life lecture!” Twilight shouted.

“I thought you came here because Princess Celestia wanted you to make friends!”

Twilight grunted, shoving Pinkie out the door unceremoniously. “I swear,” Twilight muttered, “three years later and the ponies in this town are still crazy.”

Contrary to Rainbow's opinion on them, words are not stupid. They are a source of never-ending entertainment. Until you die.
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Bit more beef to this one. Also a bit of stuff to add, but I can't really find the inspiration to write it just yet, and I figured this was enough to warrant a post. So...

Rainbadurr Fuck I Don't Even Remember What Number This Is Rainbadurr

Rainbow crashed down onto a hay bale, sighing heavily. “Can today be over yet?”

Applejack chuckled weakly. “Ah reckon not, sugarcube. Even if we leave the barn ta Applebloom we still got fields ta tend to. An’ don’ forget ‘bout yer guitar lessons er yer weather jobs.”

Rainbow covered her face in her hooves. “Maybe I did take on a bit too much,” she mumbled.

Applejack saw through the ruse immediately. “You know that’s not what’s gettin’ to ya. Ah know ‘cus it’s gettin’ ta me, too. Ah’m sure it’ll blow over soon, sugarcube. This is new ta both a’ us.”

Rainbow wasn’t too sure; if she was honest she’d say it’s been there a while, and that it wasn’t about to leave either of them alone. But she was loyal; honesty was Applejack’s thing, though it seemed it was getting hard to come by. All Rainbow could hope was that it would work itself out and leave them with their sanity at the end.

“Rainbow?” Applejack’s voice snapped her out of her thoughts.


“Thought Ah lost you fer a minute there,” Applejack joked nervously before pausing uncertainly. “Well, Ah was thinkin’… Ah know it’s only been a day an’ all, but…”

Rainbow felt her own nerves strangle her, face reddening in semi-comprehension.

“Maybe we could take a bit of a break – just ‘til lunch!” Applejack blurted out.

Rainbow’s blood quickly diverted itself from her face as her mouth hung open slightly in confusion of this new development. Even if her brief half-understood suspicions held no merit, this was still something new from Applejack. She was never one to shirk her duties, even in light of emotional confusion. Given this was a new kind of emotional confusion, but that didn’t make this new any less new. No, this… this was super-new.

“My gosh,” Rainbow said under her breath before clearing her throat. “Uh, yeah, that sounds like… cool.” …You know what else sounds like cool? Fillyfool... Wait, I mean just fool. Get it together, Rainbow! She slapped herself across the face, forgetting that Applejack could see her.

“Are… you okay, sugarcube?” Applejack asked, her concern outweighing her own inner turmoil.

“Yeah, I’m… I’m great.” Rainbow said, suddenly reminded of her earlier fatigue. All she wanted to do was roll around in this hay and fall asleep. Wait, not like that!

Applejack regarded Rainbow strangely for a few moments before asking, “Not like what?”

Rainbow paused. She had said that out loud? Urgh, stupid. Stop it. “I…” Rainbow sat up, shaking hay loose from her coat. “I need a nap.”

Applejack smiled, “Good thing we got a bed for ya, then; must be more comfy than sleepin’ in the trees.”

“Hey, your trees are like, awesome, alright?” Rainbow said, barely registering that she had offered a sorta-compliment. Her balance failed her and almost had her toppling back into the hay, but Applejack showed her great reflexes even when unusually exhausted and caught her pegasus friend and managed not to fall onto the hay herself.

“Maybe… maybe we should get ta bed,” Applejack said breathily.

“But the hay, it’s so… rollable,” Rainbow mumbled.

Applejack walked her friend back to the farmhouse, showing great fortitude despite her own desires to sleep where she stood. But even Applejack had her limits. Leading Rainbow up the stairs to her temporary room, Applejack began to wobble, but she soldiered on, coming all the way to Rainbow’s door. She reached out a hoof to weakly push at it, nearly toppling herself in the process. Righting herself, she resolved to head-butt the door open, the action leaving her with precious little energy. So little, that she barely had enough left to help Rainbow up onto her bed. In a massive tangle of weakly flailing limbs, she found herself lying next to Rainbow on her bed.

“Nice of you to stop by,” Rainbow mumbled, subconsciously throwing a hoof around Applejack’s shoulders.

Applejack groaned in response, accepting the barely-registered touch gratefully. “Mind if I sleep here?”

“Knock yourself ou-“

Neither mare stayed awake long enough to hear whether or not the last letter made it out of Rainbow’s mouth, not that either would have remembered anyway. Shortly after passing out, Applejack’s hoof found its way around Rainbow’s shoulders, mirroring Rainbow’s own in a sort of sleep-hug. Rainbow smiled through her sleep at the touch, mouthing some sentiment or other.

So blissful and pseudo-ignorant were the dreams each mare had that they failed to register each other in their frequent appearances, merely regarding them as cute orange pony and cuddly blue pegasus, though those roles were interchangeable. A number of other adjectives would have come to mind had they been more conscious, though they were very much reflected in their dreams.

Such was the scene Big Macintosh stumbled across; the door to Rainbow’s room carelessly left wide open, with two familiar mares locked in an epic cuddle asleep on the bed. Mac blinked once before smiling. If there was one thing being a big brother taught him, it was that when catching his little sister in an awkward situation, there were two options. One would be to walk away like a good brother and not mention it. The other would be to hold it over her head for eternity and beyond. Needless to say, he chose the more interesting option in light of this particularly embarrassing development. Fer science, as Miss Twilight would say.

Big Mac re-entered the kitchen with that same smile still present on his face. Granny Smith didn’t need to ask to know that the mares he was sent to fetch were occupied. “Think she gets it, yet?”

“Maybe,” Big Mac chuckled, “but Ah doubt it.”

Rainbow slowly woke up, a smile stretching wide across her face. She cracked her eyes open to regard the orange face she held so close. “Mm, morning, AJ.”

Applejack stirred awake, herself, returning Rainbow’s smile. “Mornin’, Rainbow.” Applejack giggled sleepily. This moment was perfect; her muzzle was practically brushing against her bed-mate’s. All she had to do was instigate. She looked into Rainbow’s eyes and-

Both mares cried out in unison, flinging themselves away from the awkward cuddle, looking anywhere but at each other.

“I didn’t do it, I swear!” Rainbow panicked.

“Well Ah sure as hay didn’t!” Applejack’s eyes were the size of dinner plates.

“Well one of us had to have!” Rainbow accused.

“Well it wasn’t me! Ah would never even think a…” Applejack raised her head slowly to find Rainbow staring back at her.

Slowly, through the thoughts racing in each mare’s recently-awoken minds, a pair of smiles won out on their faces, accompanied by heavy blushes.

“It was a nice cuddle,” Rainbow said in a small voice.

Applejack wanted to agree, but something seemed out of place. It wasn’t the fact that they were best friends with no romantic history, or the fact that they were both mares, or even the implications of what might have happened before said cuddle. No, the thing that stuck out in Applejack’s mind-

“You… you like to cuddle, Rainbow?” Applejack questioned, fearful, curious and touched all at once.

Rainbow’s eyes widened again, running her comment by herself again. “N-no! I mean, uh- I meant that it was a nice… huddle!”

Applejack looked at Rainbow with hurt, accusation and disbelief.

Rainbow sighed, seeing no other options than to come clean. “Okay, yeah, I guess. I mean, it’s not like I have before, or anything. But that… with you,” Rainbow blushed, “it was nice.”

Applejack donned a blush of her own, meeting Rainbow’s uncertain eyes with a warmth she didn’t fully understand.

Rainbow smiled at Applejack’s apparent contentment, feeling a little bold. “I don’t suppose… you’d want to do it again sometime?”

Applejack’s blush darkened as she mumbled out, “Ah’d like that.”

As the two looked at each other, their blushes began to fade, but the warmth in their cheeks did not. Neither did the sense of contentment they got from sharing a moment such as this with the pony that mattered most to them. What did happen, however, was an interruption by their stomachs.

With the new motive in mind, an air of awkwardness descended upon the room. Neither mare wanted the moment to end, yet at the same time felt afraid of acknowledging it. At length, Rainbow spoke. “I’m kinda hungry,” she said simply.

Applejack spared a glance at the clock. “We did miss lunch,” she agreed. “’S also past noon; maybe we should head out inta town fer lunch an’ hope we didn’ miss yer lesson, too.”

Despite the innocent request, Rainbow couldn’t shake the sense that she was being asked out. What surprised her, though, was that she didn’t see any problem with the concept, but merely what Applejack would think of it. But if Applejack was the one who asked her… “It’s a date,” Rainbow said, immediately regretting her poor choice of words. “I mean-“

Applejack chuckled. “It’s alright, sugarcube; Ah don’ mind.”

Rainbow looked at Applejack with a sense of awe, which was plainly visible on her face. So visible, that Applejack devolved into stammers herself, trying to explain it away.

“It’s alright, Applejack,” Rainbow said, smiling, “I don’t mind.”

Applejack and Rainbow Dash walked into Ponyville in a companionable silence. Their blushes were still evident, though were paid less mind. Rainbow noted that Applejack was walking closer to her than usual, though refrained from commenting lest Applejack distance herself. The implications were apparently not lost on the ponies of Ponyville; specifically those who knew the two personally. Rainbow caught a few giggles and gestures sent their way, some less decent than others. There was one in particular that Rainbow prayed to Celestia that Applejack missed. If she had caught it, Applejack’s demeanor gave no indication.

“Rainbow,” Applejack started in a hushed tone, catching the pegasus’ attention, “back at the farm, ya said that ya never… Does that mean…?”

“That I’ve never been with anypony before?” Rainbow whispered back. Applejack nodded nervously. “Nope. You?”

“Really? Never? But yer so…” Applejack blinked. “Ah mean… No, Ah haven’t.” Applejack finished with a blush.

Rainbow offered Applejack a small smile before indicating the space before them. They had arrived at their lunchery of choice, Café du Mane. Had Twilight been there, she would have insisted to Rainbow that, for the eleventeeth time, that was not a word. But she wasn’t, so Rainbow was left to bask in her word alone. Or rather, with a pony that wouldn’t judge her based on her vocabulary, not to mention being a good deal more attractive to Rainbow. But then, Applejack was-

“The cutest thing ever!”

Rainbow whipped her head around, but the pink mare to whom the voice belonged to was nowhere to be found. Applejack looked similarly baffled by the random outburst, though recovered far more quickly to lead Rainbow to a table.

Down an alley on a side road, Pinkie Pie was bouncing off to Carousel Boutique to relay her discovery, feeling in an unusually gossipy mood, failing to realize she was making two of her best friends’ lives that much more complicated.

Okay, since when can Pinkie read my thoughts? That’s just creepy. And more than a little bit of a problem. Rainbow glanced around again, hoping to catch a glimpse of the now-dreaded pink mare.

“You alright, sugarcube? Yer lookin’ jumpier than a bean.”

“Jumpier than a what?” Rainbow raised an eyebrow.

“A bean. You know, like those ones down in Mexicolt.”

“I wonder about you sometimes, AJ,” Rainbow said, picking up her largely-unneeded menu as more of a distraction than anything. Both mares had the menu memorized by now, along with the other four in their group, so often did they come here for lunch. It almost left Rainbow craving for something different, more romexotic. Also not a word, Rainbow, reminded a voice in the back of her head. Shut up, egghead, Rainbow shot back.

Applejack swore she heard snickers around her, and not from Rainbow, but every time she looked around, everypony was conspicuously aloof. Applejack sighed. This is what I’d have to deal with, huh? Well, at least they’re not getting’ at our throats about it. If ya ask me, what Ah do with Rainbow is ‘tween me n’ her. Another con to add to her list, she supposed. The concept was far from being considered, though she had to admit it made her feel funny. She could only wonder what Rainbow was thinking of it, having one less hurdle to deal with.

“We’re not usually this quiet over lunch, you know,” Rainbow pointed out idly, nibbling on the meal that Applejack could barely remember being delivered. Her own sat untouched, so at Rainbow’s questioning glance she began to eat. It didn’t do much to ease her stress or fatigue, but it was at least enough to curb her hunger.

“Sorry, sugarcube,” Applejack said between bites, “Ah guess Ah just got a lot ta think on.”

“Yeah. Past couple days haven’t exactly been uneventful,” Rainbow said, running a hoof through her mane. “And this one isn’t even over yet.” Rainbow paused. “But hey, I’ve got my guitar lessons soon, so that should give you some time to think, right? Not much need for a head start, if you ask me.”

“You kiddin’? If Ah asked you Ah’d be shocked ta hear ya wouldn’t take a head start.”

“Well, in racing, yeah. But thinking’s different, you know? Like, it doesn’t matter when or how fast you do it, or even if you do it at all! I can do plenty of awesome things without thinking! Who needs thoughts when you can take actions, right?”

Applejack frowned in puzzlement. “But if ya don’ think about them actions first, an’ ya end up hurtin’ somepony close ta ya…”

Applejack felt a hoof on her wither. “Hey, I’d never do anything to hurt you, Applejack. You know that. I’m loyal to a fault, remember? Besides, you mean way too much to me.”

Applejack sighed. “Ah know that, Rainbow. It’s me Ah’m worried about.”

A second hoof joined the first. “AJ, you’re being too hard on yourself again. I know it seems like a lot right now, but I know you can figure it out. And I’ll be there with you one way or the other.” Rainbow cracked a smirk. “You got me for a whole month, remember?”

That earned a grin from Applejack as she weakly pushed at Rainbow’s hold before abruptly hugging her closer. Elements be damned, if there was one thing Rainbow never failed to get from Applejack it was a smile. They knew each other better than most; sporting a closer bond than most couples, even. And they always had each other’s backs, no matter what life threw at them; even a failed relationship that ended with broken hearts. Not to say that would ever happen, though. Rainbow could never do something so cruel as to break her best friend’s heart, and knew the sentiment was mutual. Just how much else was mutual she had yet to find out.

“And maybe a bit more if you can put up with me,” Rainbow said through their embrace.

“You know me, Dash. Ah can take anythin’ ya throw at me. Even yerself… especially yerself.” Applejack pulled away to wink at Rainbow. She made to resume the hug, but stopped short at the uneasy feeling of a hundred unwelcome eyes on their scene. She whipped her head around, catching the eyes of a few ponies who could not react quickly enough to avert their gazes. Among those were ponies both knew, like Lyra, Bon Bon, even the dentist, Colgate. Were their private lives really so easily intruded upon? Taking another look around, she amended herself. Ain’t really private in a public diner.

Rainbow offered a shrug when Applejack’s gaze returned to her. She looked to the clock tower shortly afterward, noting that it was a bit past noon. “I should probably be over at Vinyl’s soon,” Rainbow said to break the silence.

Applejack smiled. “C’mon then, Ah’ll walk ya over.”

“Don’t want that head start on thinking after all?”

“Guess not. Ya musta convinced me.”

“How’d I do that?”

Applejack chuckled. “By bein’ you.”

“Hey, Scratch, I’m ready for my lessons!” Rainbow called after bursting through the door.

Vinyl blinked from her seat on the couch. “I said I was free, not raidable.”

“Yeah, whatever, same thing,” Rainbow agreed absently, unstrapping her guitar case from her back. “You’ll never guess what kind of sweet guitar I’ve got.”

“The Coltson from the shop that looks like a Wonderbolts guitar?” Vinyl answered easily.

Rainbow blinked. “Lucky guess,” she pouted, showing off her new guitar in a more subdued manner than intended.

“That thing cost quite a lot, I’ve checked. How’d you get the money for it?”

“I subjected myself to a month of labor on Sweet Apple Acres,” Rainbow explained smoothly.

Vinyl quirked a brow. “Anything to spend more time with Applejack, eh?”

“Shut up,” Rainbow mumbled.

“You know you like her, Dash. Why not go for it?”

“Because it’s complicated, alright? I don’t have to explain myself to you,” Rainbow said harshly. “Now are we gonna do this or not?”

Vinyl frowned at Rainbow’s words, but started the lesson regardless. “Alright, show me a hoof-slide,” Vinyl ordered.

Rainbow complied with a sound akin to hooves on a chalkboard.

“That was terrible,” Vinyl scoffed. “Try again.”

The second attempt was, if anything, worse.

“Okay, stop; stop, please for the love of Celestia stop.” Vinyl narrowed her eyes at a sheepish Rainbow. “You’re a piece of work, Rainbow. You know that?”

“So are you gonna help me or ridicule me all day?” Rainbow challenged.

“When we’re through today, you’ll learn that there’s not much of a difference between the two,” Vinyl threatened.

Rainbow braced herself for a long afternoon.

Applejack made her way back to the farm alone, grateful for the respite if nothing else. While Rainbow was great company, she didn’t really leave much time for thought, which was her greatest need right now. So great, in fact, that Big Macintosh deemed it necessary to accost her in her trek through the orchards.

“Hey, AJ. Have a nice nap?” Big Mac asked with a brow quirked deviously.

What he received in return was the greatest death glare Applejack had ever mustered. Big Mac winced visibly; he only ever got that look when he really needed to back off, which usually meant something was really bothering her. And to consider this as the most distraught he had seen her in years really said a lot. In fact, he hadn’t seen her so torn up since…

Big Macintosh dislodged the thought with a vigorous shake of his head. No, that was silly; Applejack would never change because of something as simple as romance. Not to mention she would have changed a lot more had it not been for the very pegasus now plaguing her thoughts. If Rainbow hadn’t come along when she did, Big Mac wasn’t sure Applejack would have ever been the same filly again.

Life has its ways o’ offsettin’ the bad with the good. Big Mac philosophized. An’ this can be one heck of a good if ya let it, AJ. Ah can see how happy she makes ya. Why can’t you?

Applejack crashed heavily on her bed, looking for answers in the smooth painted wood of her ceiling. She sighed, knowing the venture was fruitless as she rolled over to regard the two pictures she kept on her nightstand. One of which was that picture of her and Rainbow with their Running of the Leaves medals. The other brought her sadness at times, hope at others, and longing always. It was a picture of her family taken back when her parents were still alive. Applebloom wasn’t more than a month old, Big Mac wasn’t more than twelve, and she was at the start of her adventurous phase. What better way to push you out the door than something like that, right?

Applejack felt tears come to her eyes as she thought back on those days. If it weren’t for Rainbow, she might never have left Manehattan. And as if that weren’t enough, she herself came into her life just as she started to relapse back into depression in her painfully empty surroundings. It was like Rainbow somehow knew there was something missing in her life after all that the family had been through. What she got was the best friend she’s ever had.

An’ is that really worth riskin’? Applejack asked herself. Element of Loyalty or not, Applejack knew that a failed relationship would leave their friendship a mere shadow of what it was now. And she wasn’t even sure if a relationship was what she wanted. What do I want? The answer was no clearer than it had ever been. That list of pros and cons her subconscious had mustered was little help. What would she really get from a relationship with Rainbow that she didn’t have already? It admittedly wasn’t much, but the thought of it never ceased to drive her crazy.

Ah could never find a better friend, but at the same time Ah might never get another shot like this with anypony who means so much ta me. Applejack sighed. She means more ta me n’ anything. She looked again at the picture of her parents. Whaddya think Ah should do, Ma n’ Pa? This is too much for me ta deal with alone.

But you’re never alone, her subconscious reminded her. Rainbow will be right there with you.

An’ Ah can always count on the family, Applejack agreed. But can they really help with this? She had no reason to believe so other than her own pessimism. But what if they don’ understand? What if they hate me fer it? Ah ain’t ever heard of fillyfoolin’ in the Apple Family. Ah still don’ even know if Ah am one!

Applejack’s sobs were interrupted by a gentle knock on the door. She knew who it was before the door opened to reveal the concerned face of her older brother. “You alright, AJ? Ah heard ya cryin’ all the way outside.”

“Ah’m not cryin’!” Applejack stubbornly shouted, rubbing her eyes. “Ah just…”

Big Mac walked over to offer Applejack his support. Applejack barely hesitated to bawl her eyes out into the crook of his neck as Big Mac stroked her mane and offered quiet reassurance. After a few minutes, Applejack started to calm down. “Feel any better?”

“A little bit,” Applejack sniffed. “What do Ah do, Mac?”

“’Bout Rainbow?”

Applejack just nodded, too upset to question how he knew.

“Ya don’ have ta do anythin’ just yet,” Big Mac saged. “She’s gonna be ‘round fer a whole month, isn’t she? That gives ya plenty o’ time ta figure it out.”

“Ah don’t know if Ah can face her without an answer.”

Big Mac raised an eyebrow. “Did she ask you already?” Applejack shook her head. “Then what’s there ta worry ‘bout?”

“What if she says no? What if Ah change mah mind? How’re y’all gonna react?”

Big Mac hugged her closer. “Ah know Ah speak fer the family when Ah say we’ll support ya no matter what, AJ. And yer a smart mare; Ah think ya know what ya want.” Big Mac paused. “Is there any reason ta think she wouldn’t say yes?”

“Only reasons ta think she would,” Applejack muttered. “That’s the hard part.”

“Well what kinda reasons are those?”

Applejack hesitated. “Well, Ah don’ know if its mah place ta say…”

“Ah won’ tell a soul,” Big Mac promised.

Applejack sighed. “She’s a fillyfooler, Mac. She already done n’ told me that much.”

Big Mac raised an eyebrow. “Can’t say that’s too surprisin’, ta be honest. How’d she get around ta bringin’ it up?”

“She didn’t,” Applejack explained, driving Mac’s brow higher, “Ah’m not even sure she wanted ta. Scootaloo’s the one who outed ‘er. ‘Parently got forced inta that one, too.”

“How?” Big Mac prodded.

Applejack frowned, blood making its way to her cheeks. “It’s just… stupid rumors.”

“Bout you n’ her?”

Applejack nodded sheepishly. “Tha’s what got me thinkin’ about it.” Applejack sighed. “She also told me Ah was the first one she really opened up to ‘bout her uh, orientation.”

“Really now? That’s a good sign, AJ.”


“That she’s comfortable talkin’ bout that with ya,” Big Mac clarified.

“Well, it weren’t exactly… comfortable, ta be honest,” Applejack said, a blush coming to her cheeks.

Big Mac grinned. “Kinda felt like she was talkin’ bout you, huh?”

Applejack nodded weakly.

“Well Ah think that’s plenty ta go on, AJ,” Big Mac chuckled. “An’ if ya ask me, Ah think ya should go fer it. Y’all could make a mighty fine couple.”

“Even though she’s a mare?” Applejack asked in a small voice.

Big Mac looked behind him unexpectedly. “AJ, Ah’m gonna tell ya somethin’ Ah ain’t never said before-“

Applejack didn’t need him to finish. “You, Mac? You’re a… a coltcuddler?”

“Well, not strictly,” Big Mac clarified, rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. “Ah figure mah barn door swings both ways.”

“An’ ya don’ think that’s…?”

“Not at all, AJ,” Big Mac said. “’S normal as any other kinda relationship.”

Applejack chuckled. “Alright, now ya got me curious, so Ah gotta ask; top er bottom?”

Big Mac’s face practically exploded in well-camouflaged blush. “Ah-Ah don’ think that’s appropriate ta-“

“Never woulda guessed, Mac,” Applejack said with a knowing wink.

Big Mac gulped nervously; he needed to get back on top of this conversation.

“So, have you two thought of a name yet?” Vinyl asked as they were finishing up the lesson for the day.

“Not really, no,” Rainbow answered.

“Well, you could just do what me and Tavi did.”

“Maybe, but our names don’t flow together as well as yours do. I mean, Octavinyl is just… perfect.”

“I dunno, I think Appledash sounds pretty good,” Vinyl offered.

Rainbow blushed at the name. “And we’re not even…”

Vinyl raised a brow and smirked, but didn’t comment. “Well, you’ve gotta have a name. Nopony ever heard of the super awesome nameless band. Unless that was your name, but that’s not what I meant.”

“Yeah, I’ll think about it. And hey, maybe we’ll find ourselves collabing one day, huh?”

“As it stands now, you’d have trouble collaborating with a pointed stick,” Vinyl stated plainly.

“Yeah, whatever; I’m gonna be awesome and you know it,” Rainbow bragged despite her minimal progress.

“Whatever you say, Dash,” Vinyl remarked, showing Rainbow out the door once she had gotten her Coltson packed away. It was getting close to dinner time, as evidenced by the sun. Rainbow estimated she had about an hour to deal with her weather shenanigans, which left her plenty of time to be early for dinner. The day was an easy one, anyway; the only work requiring her attention being a stray patch of fog in Carrot Top’s fields and a few clouds buzzing Town Square.

Rainbow Dash completed her tasks swiftly, trotting back to the acres with a good forty-five minutes to spare. Awesome Apple Family dinner, here I come.

If all went well, she and Applejack would be taking over Equestria with their awesomeness by the end of the month. The Wonderbolts couldn’t ignore that, right? Now if I could just talk to Applejack without all the awkwardness.

Sighing, Rainbow made her way through the orchard to the farmhouse at the center. Along the way, Big Mac, who was putting some equipment away, caught her eye and gave her a wink. Confused by the random gesture, Rainbow paused for a second before continuing onward. Mac’s not gonna get all weird on me, too, is he?

Rainbow just wanted a nice, quiet dinner without any drama or awkward moments. Mere days ago, she would have scoffed at the prospect of an Apple Family dinner without jovial conversation and laughter, but now it was the best she could hope for. She really wanted to believe Applejack when she said this would all blow over soon, but something told her this was far too complicated to go away quietly.

I just wish I could know what’s bugging her. Then we could work this all out and go back to how it used to be, Rainbow lamented. Is it really so hard to ask the Element of Honesty to be honest?

Rainbow entered the farmhouse with slumped shoulders, feeling no better than she had this morning. If anything, it was worse now. Looking up upon reaching the dinner table, she found Applejack sitting there looking blankly out the window. Normally in this situation, Rainbow’s first instinct would be to get the jump on her, but now she just wanted to comfort her and make everything better.

But I can’t. I’ve never been good with words. That’s Twilight’s thing. Rainbow mused, perking up shortly afterward. Hey, that’s an idea! Twilight’s smart; she should be able to figure it out! She’s been in super-egghead mode ever since she got those wings.

Applejack finally noticed Rainbow when she sat down triumphantly at the table. “Yer lookin’ better, sugarcube.”

Rainbow diverted her gaze to the table. “Not really. I did get an idea, though!”

“Ain’t that what got us inta this mess in the first place?” Applejack challenged.

“What? No, I…” Rainbow looked up at Applejack sadly. “You don’t trust me anymore, do you?”

“What? No, sugarcube, Ah didn’ mean it like that. Ah just…” Applejack trailed off.

“Don’t want it to get any worse?” Rainbow suggested.

Applejack nodded, remaining silent.

Rainbow sighed. “Me too. But if anyone can help us through this, it’s Twilight. She knows everything.”

“Ya sure it’s worth riskin’ all the tests she might put us through?”

“If it would help.” Rainbow raised her eyes to the window. “You see how she’s getting more responsible with her royal duties, though. And I’m not even sure she has time for all that anymore.”

“But she’s gotten a heap more powerful since becomin’ an Alicorn an’ all,” Applejack stated. “And she’s been spendin’ more n’ more time in Canterlot. “

“Exactly! She doesn’t have the time for us anymore! She-“ Rainbow’s eyes widened. “She’s leaving us behind.”

Applejack rounded the table to rest a hoof on Rainbow’s shoulder. “Don’ say that, sugarcube. Princess er not, she’s still our friend. What Ah meant was, she’s been gettin’ advice from the Princesses. Like you said, she’s a smart pony. She’ll figure out a way ta still have time fer us.”

“Then why don’t you wanna go to her for help?” Rainbow prodded.

“Because Ah… She’s already got so many responsibilities, Rainbow. Ah don’ wanna trouble her with somethin’ silly like-“

“Applejack,” Rainbow cut in, “we’re on the verge of cuddling and you’re telling me this is silly.”

“Ah, what…” Applejack noticed for the first time just how close she had gotten to Rainbow and quickly sat up and backed away. “Ah’m sorry, Ah-“

“Don’t worry about it,” Rainbow said with a smile. “I… actually kinda liked it…” She blushed. “But you can’t tell me that something isn’t happening between us. Don’t you want to figure it out so we can go back to the way things used to be?”

“Ah don’t know, Rainbow,” Applejack said, taking a seat across the table from the pegasus. “Ah’m not even sure Ah want it ta stop.”

Rainbow blinked, face growing redder. “Then don’t you wanna uh… figure it out so we can…”

Applejack donned a furious blush. “Ah didn’ mean it like that! Ah meant that… Ah…” Applejack sighed. “Ah just don’t know anymore, Dash.”

Rainbow felt the need to return the comfort Applejack had given her, but couldn’t work up the courage to make a conscious advance. So she just smiled sheepishly and said, “That’s why we need Twilight, AJ. She knows everything.”

“Ah… Okay.” Applejack relented. “Tomorrow, after we finish our chores, we can go see Twilight.”

Rainbow’s smile became a little less sheepish. “Thanks, AJ. Twilight can help, trust me.”

“Ah really hope yer right, Dash,” Applejack said.

“Am I ever wrong?” Rainbow asked, hoping to lighten the mood.

Applejack rewarded her efforts with a small chuckle and a shake of her head. “We should probably wash up before dinner.”

“You mean you haven’t yet?” Rainbow asked.

“Uh, no, Ah was gonna wait for you,” Applejack explained.

Rainbow looked at Applejack strangely. “So we could… shower together?”

“What? Ah- no! Ah don’…” Applejack looked to the clock over the oven that Granny Smith worked before. With all their shenanigans, they had wasted a good half hour. And if they were late to dinner, Granny Smith would… Applejack gulped, thinking quickly. They only had enough time for one shower. So she could let Rainbow shower and take Granny Smith’s berating, or they could…

Rainbow took in Applejack’s fearfully embarrassed expression with a sigh of resignation. “We have to shower together, don’t we?”

Applejack offered a weak nod in response, cursing her subconscious for its questionable goals. It wasn’t like they hadn’t showered together as foals, but they were mares now, so there was a little more to worry about. Applejack prayed to Celestia for a peaceful shower. This is not what Ah need right now.

Wings, please, please behave, Rainbow pleaded in her own mind, unable to stop a feeling of impending doom. Of all the things about being a pegasus…

Walking into the washroom sporting matching blushes, Rainbow and Applejack quietly prepared the shower. Before long, the water heated up, and steam began to fill the air, causing sweat to bead on their coats. They made sure to not look at each other, lest indecent thoughts surface. Rainbow took extra caution on that regard, willing her wings to stay down and thinking unsexy thoughts. Each mare washed themselves in tense silence, spaced out to the greatest extent the shower could offer. Things were progressing without too much awkwardness, and both were beginning to look optimistically on their chances of escaping the washroom with their sanity. At least until Applejack encountered a multi-faceted problem.

“Uh… Rainbow,” Applejack began sheepishly, “could you get mah back?”

Rainbow turned around, and despite her best efforts, she felt her wings slowly expand. Dammit, wings! Rainbow put on a weak smile in an attempt to ward away any awkwardness, but it was of no use.

Applejack stared at the pegasus before her, trying to think of something, anything to say. If she was having such a hard time keeping calm herself, she could only imagine what Rainbow was thinking right now. All she knew was that Rainbow was looking at her with a mildly creepy smile and her wings in a compromising angle that betrayed her arousal.

“Ah… Ah know y’all have yer wings ta get yer back,” Applejack said after finding her voice, “but Ah’m… Ah…”

Applejack didn’t even need to begin for Rainbow to complete the thought in her head. Unicorns had their magic to help them in the shower, while pegasi had their wings. Both were unassuming, perfectly innocent options. Earth ponies, however… Their prehensile helper in tasks was their tail, and in their current space… Rainbow swore she could feel her cheeks melting.

Applejack fared no better, backed into the corner with her hooves straining feebly to reach her back, her blush looking more like sunburn at this point. Both mares desperately needed reprieve from this explosion of compromising emotions, though their only recourse promised none.

After realizing that putting it off only made it worse, Applejack sighed and detached herself from the wall, presenting her back to Rainbow for her to gingerly begin to wash. Applejack bit her lip as Rainbow’s delicate touch seemed amplified a thousand fold. She didn’t know how long she could last before-

“I’m done!” Rainbow proclaimed, launching herself out of the shower and wrapping herself in a cocoon of towels, no hair or feather left uncovered.

Applejack let out the breath she had been holding, walking over to the faucet to turn off the water. A single towel was left unclaimed by the ball that concealed Rainbow. She began to dry herself off, but paused. “Ah’m sorry, Rainbow. This was mah fault. If Ah had just…”

Rainbow’s still-red face poked out between two towels. “It’s… Let’s just forget this happened. I don’t think I can live much longer at this rate.”

“Not if ya strangle yerself,” Applejack pointed out. “Or suffocate.”

Rainbow sighed, disentangling herself from the towels. She was miraculously dried, but her wings still stuck out to her sides. The two mares shared a mutually apologetic glance before Rainbow grabbed a hairbrush.

Applejack began to dry herself off again, before she caught sight of what Rainbow was doing. “Are you… brushing yer mane?”

“No!” Rainbow responded all too quickly. “I was… Okay, yes, fine. How do you think I get it to look the way it does every day?”

“Ya wake up?” Applejack guessed.

“Well, yeah, but if I don’t brush it properly before that I wake up and my mane looks like… well, Pinkie’s.”

Applejack inspected Rainbow, imagining it. She couldn’t hold back the laugh that came in response to the ridiculous image. Rainbow laughed, too, grateful as she felt a lot of the embarrassment drain away. After the humor died down, Applejack finally dried herself off. Rainbow hoofed her the hairbrush with a teasing wink. Applejack sheepishly began to brush her own mane for much the same reasons Rainbow had just supplied.

Exiting the washroom of horror, Applejack and Rainbow managed to barely make it to the table in time for dinner. They made sure to sit at opposite sides of the table as they began to eat with perhaps a little too much gusto. Applebloom looked on in puzzlement while Granny Smith and Big Macintosh shared a knowing glance.

“Nice shower?”

Applejack nearly choked on her food, coughing and spluttering. “Dammit, Mac!”

Big Mac burst out laughing at his sister’s reaction. Oh yes, it had been a very nice shower.

Rainbow collapsed onto her bed with a groan. The day had been… strange to say the least. All she wanted to do was fall asleep and forget it ever happened, but her whirling thoughts wouldn’t let her.

Rainbow let out a heavy sigh, rolling onto her other side, looking for an impossible degree of comfort to override her restless mind. After several minutes of floundering around, she gave up, rolling off her bed and going to her window. She looked out over the vast expanse of green-topped apple trees. The first apples were beginning to ripen, adding a splash of red to the scene. Above, Luna’s moon was a beacon amongst a gleaming sky of stars. If she tried, Rainbow was confident she could put a question to each. But the most important question was posed to the moon itself:

“What’s been going on these past two days?”

“Ah’m still tryin’a figure that out mahself.” Applejack’s voice came from behind Rainbow.

Rainbow turned to regard the mare she couldn’t get her mind off of. “I have a few ideas, but I don’t know how many I’m comfortable with.”

Applejack walked to sit beside Rainbow. “Any ya are comfortable with?”

“Maybe,” Rainbow said, averting her gaze. “Maybe just one.”

Applejack smiled. “Which one’s that?”

Rainbow sighed. “I wish I could say. I really do.”

“Ya thinkin’ there might be somethin’ to all this?” Applejack prodded.

Rainbow glanced at Applejack briefly. “I think that’s a given at this point.”

Applejack wouldn’t let the subject drop easily. “If there is somethin’ big goin’ on… would that be okay?”

“I don’t know. I’m not sure I can even speak for myself.”

“Ah’m not sure, either,” Applejack said, feeling bold. “But if ya had to go with yer gut?”

Rainbow shifted uncomfortably. “This is too important for that, Applejack,” she murmured.

“Ya sure? Ya said yerself yer not even sure what this is,” Applejack pointed out.

“I said I have ideas. And even the best of those isn’t enough to risk messing this up,” Rainbow said. “I know you want this to all fall neatly into place. I do, too. But if it’s going to do that, we’re both gonna need time to figure things out. And maybe a little outside help. That’s why we’re going to see Twilight tomorrow.”

Applejack sighed. “Okay, Rainbow.”

“I know it hurts to keep in, but it’ll hurt us both a lot more to let it out at the wrong time,” Rainbow continued. “And that kind of hurt won’t go away.”

“Ah know, it’s just…”

“We’ll get through this.” Rainbow placed a hoof on Applejack’s shoulder, “I promise.”

Applejack took a deep breath and nodded. “Try ta get some sleep, okay?”

Rainbow cracked a small smile. “I will if you do.”

Applejack returned the smile. “Apple’s honor.” She got up to depart, casting one last glance to Rainbow before closing the door.

Rainbow sighed, feeling far more tired than before. She stumbled over to her bed and tucked herself in. She looked to her nightstand, where that special picture sat proudly. With a smile, Rainbow finally managed to fall asleep.

*Note, romexotic is not intended to be a word. Also not about rome, obv. It's Rainbow about to think romantic, then throwing exotic on top of it in an effort to ''correct'' herself. Thus, a new word was born. Sorta. ROMEXOTIC. Also fluff. Also, it's five, I think. Also, not even done with the second day and it's looking to be longer than the first. Will this keep up? Nopony knows! Huh?

EDIT: Didn't know where else to tack this extra stuff on, so have a expanded chapter that's like 6k words in total or something. 8k first day, 10k second. Will the third be 12k? Mebbe.
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I made an account and posted a tidied-up day one on FimFiction. I hate you all. <3

Also I borked the heart thing.

Edit: Derp, I now have submitted it. Maybe I should have done that before.

Edit Edit: They're watching me Huh?

Edit 3: Oh god, I.... *dead* Tcherno called my fic "FUN AS HELL". I just.... *dead*
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MAKE IT STOP. Or actually, mebbe not. Why all the attention? /hide

Edit: Look out, I gots a editor now.
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You know, I've kinda got half a day written. Mebbe I should post it.


Rainbadurr OH GOD IT'S SIX Rainbadurr

“Come on, Blondie! We’re on a mission!” Rainbow shouted, pouncing on the sleeping form of Applejack and violently awakening her. “There’s treasure out there in that orchard! They say it hides in the trees, and only the most powerful buck can claim it.”

Applejack’s vision focused at last on the strangely eager pegasus. She wore her pith helmet and a cocky grin. Applejack could only wonder where this determination had come from. She turned her head to read her clock. It was 5:30. Applejack was impressed. “Ya seem a might more chipper ‘n last night.”

“Yeah, I mean, why not?” Rainbow explained. “Like, we have all this time alone to think with my job and guitar lessons, so why should we let it bother us while we’re together? I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather enjoy hanging out than pussyhoof around.”

“Ah guess so,” Applejack said with a smile. “We still goin’ ta see Twilight, though?”

Rainbow grinned. “Who better to ask about the secret treasures of the apple trees than Ponyville’s biggest egghead?”

Applejack chuckled. “Maybe the pony with the treasure in her name.”

“Applebloom?” Rainbow teased.

Applejack shoved Rainbow off of her and got to her feet, retrieving her own hat. “Alright, Daring, if’n we’re gonna do this, we’re gonna do it my way, ya hear?”

“Heh, you know that’s what I love about ya, Blondie.” Rainbow began to walk out of Applejack’s room before pausing as something occurred to her. “Uh, I don’t think that came out right.”

“Quit yer worryin’, sugarcube. Ah know what ya meant,” Applejack said, unable to keep a smile off her face. Rainbow returned the smile a bit sheepishly before shaking the thought away.

“We should eat up before we head out,” Rainbow advised. “It’s a long journey from here to that orchard.”

“Ah’m sure ya can handle it,” Applejack chuckled.

“With the awesome food they make around here? I’m sure I’ll manage.”

Applejack followed Rainbow with a new bounce to her step. She was right; they could worry about this at Twilight’s. For now, they could simply enjoy their time together.

“Mornin’ AJ, Rainbow. Yer lookin’ happier today,” Big Mac said from his usual spot on the table behind a newspaper.

“Any leads on the treasure, Mac?” Rainbow asked, sidling up beside him.

Big Mac eyed Rainbow strangely until Applejack caught his eye from behind her. She offered a shrug and a smile. Mac let out a chuckle, resigned to play along. “Ah hear they’re poppin’ up right quick. If’n ya don’ claim em soon, some a’ yer competitors might grab ‘em.”

“What? No way I’m gonna let that happen!” Rainbow turned to Applejack. “Let’s get this breakfast eaten fast; there’s no time to lose!”

“Whatever ya say, Daring,” Applejack giggled.

Over breakfast, Rainbow collected reconnaissance data from the other members of the family. Applebloom provided the most interesting lead. “Ah hear that when the time’s right, there’s some special treasure that pops up outta nowhere. And then zap! Before anypony can claim it, it disappears!”

Rainbow’s eyes widened dramatically. “Blondie, we gotta get our hooves on that stuff!”

Applejack nodded. “Ah reckon with that kinda treasure, ya could start up a whole town.”

“Well what are we waiting for, then? Let’s go get that loot!”

Rainbow burst out of the farmhouse with a determined air about her, Applejack following along happily, pausing to grab her saddle baskets.

“There! Do you see it?” Rainbow indicated a tree with fully-ripened apples. “And it’s all ours!”

At that assertion, a pink blur passed by the tree in question and the apples…

“Where’d they go?” Rainbow shot into the air, scanning her surroundings. That’s when she spotted her arch nemesis making away with her apples. She narrowed her eyes. “Candymane.”

Rainbow was off in pursuit, closing in rapidly. She couldn’t let her get away! Not this time.

Pinkie was bouncing along blissfully unaware of the impending danger headed her way. She had done it; taken treasure right from under Daring’s nose like she always wanted. And now she wasn’t even-

Rainbow bowled Pinkie over, snatching the apples before the pink mare could even hit the ground, and she was off. “Hehe, this is fun!” Pinkie bounced along to the next tree.

“I got her, Blondie! But I don’t think she’s gonna give up that easy. We’ve gotta teach her another lesson about messing with us!”

Applejack deposited their plunder in her saddle baskets, nodding in agreement. “Not even Candymane can stand up against both of us.”

Rainbow managed to intercept Pinkie before she could loot another tree, opening a window for Applejack to harvest the fruit. Pinkie watched in horror as all her hard work amounted to nothing after all.

“This isn’t over, Daring!” Pinkie declared, bouncing away in the direction of Ponyville.

“Yeah, we showed her!” Rainbow cheered.

“Did y’all set that up?” Applejack asked.

“Huh? No, I just kinda rolled with it. To be honest, I didn’t even know Pinkie read any Daring Do books.” Rainbow contemplated.

“Ah don’ suppose ya know how she found out, do ya?”

Rainbow looked at Applejack. “It’s Pinkie; I never know how she does anything.”

Applejack chuckled. “Ah hear ya.”

“We’ve still got a lot of treasure to claim, Blondie,” Rainbow stated. “Let’s get to work!”

The work day proceeded in much the same way, minus the appearance of Pinkie.

“Look over there!”

“Ah’m on it, Daring!”

With Rainbow’s shenanigans to add to the experience, Applejack found herself enjoying herself more than she could ever remember while bucking. Rainbow’s sharp eye was also useful in spotting ripe trees from a distance, and her flying abilities let her scout ahead.

“There’s one! A hundred hooves east!”

While Applejack knew every inch of the orchard by heart, having an airborne apple spotter definitely cut down the time. Before long, Applejack had to make a trip to the barn to empty her baskets. Normally on the first day of harvest, she wouldn’t find more than a dozen or so suitable trees, but Rainbow had already led her to at least twice that number, and the day wasn’t even over yet.

“I think that’s the last of them!” Rainbow called from above, flying down to join Applejack in the barn. The two had managed six bucket loads of apples, far surpassing any first day of Applebuck Season Applejack had ever been a part of.

“Ya sure do work, Rainbow,” Applejack praised. “With yer help, we might even have Applebuck Season done before the month’s through!”

“You know what else? I could probably get the higher ups to let me be assigned to be the full-time weatherpony for Sweet Apple Acres! How’s that for a full package?”

Applejack grinned. “Whatever weather we want on-demand? We just might have ta keep you ‘round, sugarcube.”

“Yeah, this could be awesome! I should stop by the weather station while we’re out. I’m sure they’ll let Equestria’s greatest weatherpony take a special assignment,” Rainbow gushed.

Applejack shook her head in bewilderment. She never could have hoped she’d get this level of commitment from the labor-phobic pegasus. This could mean great things for the farm if she could convince Rainbow to stay on board after the month was over.

“Ah don’t suppose ya’d consider makin’ this here arrangement a bit longer?” Applejack ventured.

Rainbow smiled. “Applejack, if working on the farm can be this much fun, I might have to consider making this permanent.”

Applejack’s breath caught at that. She started to breathe heavily. The implications were just too much; for Rainbow to want to make her stay here long-term…


Unable to take it anymore, Applejack collapsed to the ground.

“Applejack!” Rainbow knelt down at her side. “Take it easy! You didn’t overwork yourself, did you?”

Applejack sat up, unable to look Rainbow in the eye. “Ah’m sorry, Rainbow. Ah promised Ah wouldn’t think about it, but…”

Rainbow’s face softened and gained a light blush. “AJ…”

“Ah know, save it for Twilight’s… It’s just so hard ta ignore, Dash.”

Rainbow placed a hoof on Applejack’s shoulder. “Applejack, relax. I’m not going to do anything that would make you uncomfortable.”

“Ah know ya won’t, Rainbow. It’s just-”

“Hey,” Rainbow interrupted, “I promised we’d get through this, didn’t I?”

Applejack opened her mouth to say something, but thought better of it and nodded.

“Now, we still have a couple hours before lunch,” Rainbow reminded. “Do you want to go see Twilight now or later?”

“Ah think Ah’d like a bit more time ta calm mahself down,” Applejack said.

Rainbow smiled. “Of course.” She opened her arms in an offer of a hug, which Applejack accepted.

“Thanks again for all this, Rainbow. Ya really didn’t have ta.”

Rainbow squeezed her tighter. “What are best buds for, right?”

Applejack smiled, nuzzling into Rainbow’s neck contentedly. Rainbow closed her eyes and sighed. Everything seemed to be looking up.

Next on their list of things to accomplish today was…

“Honestly, Ah thought buckin’ would take us all day. Ah… don’ really know what else ta do.” Applejack grinned sheepishly.

“Has Applebloom gotten started on the barn yet?”

Applejack snorted. “Yeah, and she’s refusin’ help. So unless ya wanna deal with a stubborn filly…”

“Eh, maybe not. Anything else need doing around here?”

Applejack thought. “Well, Mac’s out workin’ in the fields, but there’s not much ta do there right now. Ground’s tilled, seeds’re sown…”

“So… nothing, then?”

“Not ‘round the farm, at least,” Applejack confirmed.

Rainbow sat down in the shade of a nearby tree and thought. What now? We’ve got about… Rainbow double-checked the position of the sun, two hours before lunch. And then we’re going to Twilight’s. Actually, we could just cut out the middle mare and have lunch with Twilight. But that doesn’t help me now. Scratch is busy today, so guitar lessons are a no go. Rainbow looked up as Applejack sat next to her. I can’t help but feel I’m forgetting something… And for some reason she started to remember upon seeing her friend.

I’m not forgetting something about Applejack, am I? Rainbow tapped her temple. It’s not her birthday, is it? No, that’s not for another couple months. Rainbow observed that Applejack’s fur had a certain sheen to it despite their earlier activities. It looked… fluffy… and orange… and…


Applejack jumped at Rainbow’s sudden outburst. “Pardon?”

“Scootaloo; I totally forgot about her flight lessons. I have something to do after all!” Rainbow looked proud of herself.

“Just can’t sit still ta enjoy a nice day, can ya?” Applejack shook her head. To be honest, she was a little disappointed Rainbow had found a reason to not relax with her. She hoped it didn’t show.

“Nope!” Rainbow, on the other hoof, was thankful for the distraction. Sitting around with Applejack all day, while a strangely appealing option, would probably be way too awkward if past experiences were any judge.

But Applejack had an idea. “Ah don’t suppose ya’d mind if Ah tagged along, would ya?”

Rainbow looked at Applejack suspiciously. “Why?”

Applejack shrugged. “Ah don’t got much else ta do, and Ah don’t get ta see ya bond with Scootaloo as much as Ah’d like.”

Rainbow was given pause. She didn’t know how to take that comment, or whether it was creepy, flattering, or just… weird. What? Why would she… Is there something I’m missing?

“Ya’ve been mellowin’ out a bit since ya took ‘er in. Ah figure Ah could learn a couple things from her.”

That… Rainbow sat down again. I don’t… Rainbow blinked as a possibility hit her. Is she coming on to me?

Applejack, of course, had no idea Rainbow was trying to dissect her whim. So when a questioning prod elicited a sudden movement from the brooding pegasus, both mares jumped back in surprise.

“I…” Rainbow stopped herself. “You know what? Let’s just go find Scootaloo.”

Applejack nodded slowly, following Rainbow silently.

Does this qualify as awkward? Rainbow wondered. I don’t even know what this is. I just… Scootaloo. Let’s go with that.

The filly to blame had many haunts Rainbow was familiar with, the closest of which being the Crusaders’ clubhouse, though it was unlikely given that the other Crusaders were occupied. She could be hanging out with Sweetie Belle if Applebloom’s off on her own. It suddenly occurred to Rainbow that she had no idea where Scootaloo’s house was. I should probably ask her some time.

Rainbow approached the clubhouse, intending to just poke her head in the window and be on her way when she spotted the lone figure of Scootaloo lounging around. Cocking her head, Rainbow entered to question the filly’s presence. “Scoot? What are you doing here all alone?”

“Huh?” Scootaloo stirred, rubbing her eyes after an apparent nap. “Oh, hi Rainbow Dash. Sweetie Belle’s grounded for… something about fillyfooling and too many questions. And Applebloom’s not really approachable right now.”

Applejack raised a brow. “Sounds like a good day to stay home.”

Scootaloo shifted slightly, offering no comment.

“Well, how would you like to have your first flight lesson, then?” Rainbow offered.

Scootaloo was nose to nose with Rainbow instantly. “Really?”

“Not such a bad day after all, huh?” Rainbow happily led her minion outside.

Scootaloo followed, giggling all the way.

Applejack watched on with a smile. It never ceased to amaze her how Rainbow could always get Scootaloo worked up so easily. It really spoke to just how much Scootaloo looked up to her. With a chuckle of her own, she followed the two pegasi out to their designated training area in the west fields.

She really is somethin’ else.

Applejack watched in contentment as Rainbow started the lesson.

“Alright, Scoot. I know you’ve probably worked yourself up over this, so show me some of that enthusiasm and show me what you’ve got!” Rainbow commanded.

“Okay!” Scootaloo’s wings started to buzz excitedly, though she didn’t manage to lift more than a hoof off the ground before running out of energy. She collapsed, panting. “That’s as far as I’ve ever gotten,” she said between gasps.

Rainbow studied her critically. “Okay, excitement’s good and all, but maybe you should try toning it down just a bit. You’re just trying to get off the ground here, no need to go all out. We’re pegasi, not hummingbirds.”

Huffing, Scootaloo got to her hooves and listened intently.

“Let’s just start off with the motions. I can see you’ve got the wing part down, but it’s more than just that. Right now your wings aren’t strong enough to provide all the lift you need to get into the air. So this time, try jumping into your first flap and see how long you can stay off the ground.”

Catching her breath, Scootaloo nodded obediently and jumped up as high as she could, timing a wing flap at its peak. Heeding Rainbow’s words, Scootaloo tried to slow down her wing beats, but when she felt herself wobble in the air, she fell back on old habits, falling to the ground shortly after with aching wings.

Rainbow offered a hoof, which Scootaloo used to right herself into a sitting position. “That was a bit better. But don’t be afraid of falling. You’re not gonna be going very high yet, and I’ll be there to catch you when you will. Alright?”

Scootaloo nodded. “Thanks, Rainbow.”

“Give it another shot when you’re up to it. Don’t worry if you can’t stay up very long. I’m just trying to see where you’re at.”

Scootaloo nodded again, shifting her wings into a more comfortable position and waiting for the soreness to subside. She replayed Rainbow’s words in her head, committing them to memory. These were some of the most important things she’d ever been told, and she wasn’t about to forget them. Flying was too important; if she wanted to be anything like Rainbow, she at least needed to be able to fly.

With a deep breath, Scootaloo stood again, coiling her body for another jump. Come on. You can do this. She sprang up into the air, matching her earlier jump in height, but she mistimed her first flap, losing a few inches. Trying not to panic, Scootaloo steadied herself with another measured flap of her wings. Looking down, she noticed that she was still about two hooves off the ground, though that distance was slowly shrinking. Despite her best efforts to develop a steady rhythm of wing beats, Scootaloo found herself on the ground once again, with energy to spare for once.

“That was great, Scoot! Nice job keeping calm there. You managed about five seconds of hovering!” Rainbow gushed; making it seem like a much bigger deal than Scootaloo thought was warranted.

“Five seconds? But you can fly around for like, five hours, at least!” Scootaloo grumbled.

Scootaloo was snapped out of her state by a comforting touch on her shoulder. “Scoot, I don’t know if you quite understand this, but that was a legit five seconds of real hovering. That was the first time I’ve ever seen anything close to hovering from you. This is a huge step, even if you don’t realize it now. Trust me.”

Scootaloo regarded Rainbow with big eyes, not entirely believing, but relishing the praise she was getting from her idol.

“In fact, I think you might be ready for the next step,” Rainbow went on. “You up for it?”
Scootaloo jumped up eagerly. “Of course, Rainbow Dash!”

“Good.” Rainbow turned to lead her protégé up a nearby hill. “Now, this might be a little scary at first, but remember I’m gonna be right here to catch you.”

Scootaloo’s eyes widened a bit in fear. “What do you want me to do?”

Rainbow reached the top of the hill, pausing for a moment before spinning around with a flourish. “Scoot, it’s time to try your first glide.”

Scootaloo gasped. “You mean like what you tried to get Applebloom to do before we met?”

Rainbow frowned, thinking. “Kinda, except without the silly glider.”

Scootaloo gulped. “Are you sure about this?”

Rainbow was quick to her side. “Scoot, I’d never let you do anything I didn’t think you were ready for. But you don’t have to if you’re not up to it.”

At that, Scootaloo took a deep breath. “Okay, I’ll do it.”

“You sure?”

Scootaloo nodded.

“Alright, then get up there. You’re gonna need to take a running start, and then jump off as high as you can, like before, and just hold your wings steady. Give it a few flaps if you feel comfortable, but don’t worry about it too much. I’ll be right below you.”

Scootaloo nodded, taking another steadying breath. Okay, you can do this. Rainbow believes in you. Don’t let her down now. Pushing away her fears and shutting her eyes, Scootaloo took a leap of faith. She flared her wings out as she felt gravity start to pull her down, calming slightly as her descent slowed. She dared to open her eyes, looking out across the treeless fields that stretched before her. Below, Rainbow Dash was ready to react at any second to a sudden decline.

Scootaloo felt a smile come to her face as she felt the air breeze past her. She gave a flap of her wings, cheering silently as she rose ever so slightly. Making sure not to get ahead of herself, she focused on enjoying the remainder of her glide, keeping her wings steady. Before long, she felt a pair of strong hooves catch her as she came to a stop. Looking up, she saw the joy and pride in Rainbow’s eyes.

“That was awesome, Scoot,” Rainbow praised. “You’re really learning quick.”

Scootaloo merely nuzzled into Rainbow’s embrace in response.

Nearby, Applejack’s heart melted at the tender moment. Ya’d think they really are sisters, she mused.

“Thanks, Rainbow. For all of this,” Scootaloo said at length.

Rainbow smirked. “Hey, it’s far from over, Scoot. But with me teaching you, we’ll be sure to have you flying by the end of the month.”

Scootaloo nuzzled closer, marveling again at just how lucky she was to have such an amazing… sister. She smiled at the thought. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Rainbow pulled away from the embrace after a few more moments. “It’s about time we head out for lunch,” she said, more to Scootaloo than to Applejack. “Wanna come along?”

“Of course!” Scootaloo chirped happily.

“Great! Now we just need Twilight.”

“Ya sure ya want Scootaloo ta be around fer our chat with Twilight?” Applejack asked.

Rainbow frowned. “Maybe not, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have lunch with us.” Rainbow turned back to Scootaloo. “You wouldn’t mind giving us a few minutes to talk to Twilight after lunch, would you?”

“No problem… But why do you need to talk to Twilight?”

Rainbow averted her gaze briefly. “It’s complicated. You wouldn’t understand. And I’d like to keep it between me and Applejack for now.” Rainbow ruffled Scootaloo’s mane. “If everything goes well, you’ll be hearing about it soon enough.”

Scootaloo nodded slowly, knowing better than to argue. She was already getting to eat lunch with her hero after her first ever flight lesson. That was enough for one day.

“Now come on, I’m getting hungry.” Rainbow set Scootaloo down and motioned to Applejack. The three of them headed into town for lunch.

“Whaddya think, AJ, you wanna ask Twilight to come with us to lunch? Kinda ease into it?” Rainbow asked, noticing Applejack’s apprehension.

“Ah guess. Might be fer the best.”

“You alright? You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to.”

Applejack shook her head. “No, Ah’m fine. Ya said it yerself, Rainbow; we can’t figure this out alone.”

Rainbow chuckled. “Well, we probably could, but it’ll be a lot less stressful this way.”

“Ah hope so, Rainbow.”

Scootaloo looked on in confusion. Something was definitely going on here. Is it about that… thing we walked into? What was that anyway? She knew what it looked like, but… I’ll have to call a Crusader meeting later.

Golden Oaks Library slowly came into view, looking very much…

“Applejack! Rainbow Dash! You have to help me!”

A young purple dragon suddenly popped up before them, barely giving them enough time to not knock into him.

“Spike, what?” Rainbow looked curiously at their accoster. Behind them, Golden Oaks Library seemed to be...

“Twilight locked herself inside! I don’t know what’s going on! After she came back from the market yesterday she started acting all crazy. She made all these weird charts and graphs and spreadsheets. Then she asked me to get all sorts of books on psychology and relationships and stuff. And now she’s put the library in total lockdown and I can’t get in!”

Spike’s tale was met with a long, contemplative silence. While not unheard of, Twilight didn’t get this crazy very often. “What’s got her all worked up now?” Applejack asked at length.

“I don’t know!” Spike repeated. “All I know is she’s locked in there and I can’t get in.”

“So… I take it she doesn’t want to come to lunch, then?”

“You kidding, AJ? She’s not getting out of this one that easy.” Rainbow took to the air, grabbing a surprised Applejack by the waist and flying up to Twilight’s balcony. “She never remembers to lock her windows.”

Applejack regarded Rainbow dubiously before looking back down to the normal entrance. Scootaloo and Spike seemed to have devolved into some sort of debate, marked with flailing limbs and comical expressions. Before Applejack could open her mouth, Rainbow was already halfway through the window. Applejack let out a sigh, following her friend inside.

“Rainbow Dash!” Twilight’s sudden exclamation made the intruders jump. “You’re here! Is Applejack here, too?”

Applejack walked forward to peer over the ledge that marked Twilight’s upper floor. “Uh, yeah?”

“Great! Maybe you girls could clear up a few things for me!” Twilight ran upstairs to meet them, leaving her independent research behind. “First things first; are you two really dating?”

“Woah woah woah woah,” Rainbow immediately responded. “Woah. Back the buck up.”

“I take that as a no?”

“No, we’re not dating!” Rainbow fervently replied.

Applejack, meanwhile, was backing away slowly, flushed and stuttering.

“Then why is Applejack-“

“Twilight, we can talk about this later, okay?” Rainbow cut her off, taking Twilight’s shoulder and leading her a good distance away before continuing in a hushed voice. “Look, me and Applejack have been going through Tartarus recently, and the last thing we need right now is somepony on our case. Or, maybe that’s the first thing, but not like that.” Rainbow shook her head. “Anyway, we were coming here to ask if you’d like to join us for lunch. And then we wanted to talk to you.”

“What about?” Twilight asked, calming down a bit.

Rainbow blushed. “I think you can guess.”

Twilight beamed, making sure to keep her voice down. “Don’t worry, you can tell me all about your problems.”

“Good, just… Don’t put them in some sort of research paper, alright?”

Twilight’s face scrunched up as she nodded. It wasn’t the most convincing display Rainbow had seen, but she’d take it for now.

“And no weird questions over lunch, alright? Scootaloo’s joining us,” Rainbow pressed.

Twilight smiled, giggling lightly and offering a much more convincing nod. “I wouldn’t want an impressionable filly getting too many questions, either.”

Rainbow frowned. “Actually, it’s more like damage control at this point.”

Twilight laughed at that, marveling at her friends’ misfortune. If there was really so much going on, she’d have to make sure to pay extra attention to detail. Well, more than usual, anyway.

Applejack rejoined the group noticeably less flustered, though still with some color on her cheeks.
Rainbow offered Applejack a quick one-hoofed hug before Twilight unlocked the front door.

“And then Sweetie Belle walked in and Applejack was-“

Rainbow rushed over to clamp a hoof over Scootaloo’s mouth just in time. Perhaps leaving a hyperactive filly with too much information unattended wasn’t the best idea. As she drew looks from everypony present, she could only hope Scootaloo hadn’t said much more.

Sanity, don’t give up on me now.

The group of five made their way over to one of Ponyville’s smaller eateries at insistence of Rainbow and Applejack. Paranoia made them want to avoid Café du Mane and its crowds for a while.

“So you managed to get Rainbow to commit a whole month to the farm?” Twilight asked in disbelief.

“Ah was a bit skeptical at first, too. But she’s been a great help so far.” Applejack shot Rainbow a grin. “She was even thinking we could get her assigned ta be the Acres’ full-time weatherpony.”

Twilight’s eyebrows shot up. “When did you suddenly get Rainbow wrapped around your hoof?”

“Hey!” Rainbow cut in. “I’m not wrapped around her hoof! I’m just… committed!”

Twilight giggled. “You sure that’s the word you’re looking for?”

Rainbow covered her rising blush with a hoof. “Dammit, Twilight.”

“Yeah, I think I can see it,” Spike said, rubbing his chin with a claw.

“See what?” Twilight asked.

“Them together,” Spike clarified.

“I told you we’re not-!” Applejack and Rainbow chorused, before donning matching blushes and averting their gazes.

“Definitely see it,” Spike concluded.

“Dammit,” Rainbow muttered under her breath.

“I saw it, too! All the Crusaders did!” Scootaloo piped up.

“I told you it wasn’t what it looked like,” Rainbow insisted.

Scootaloo looked at Rainbow disbelievingly. “But it looked like you were about to kiss. What else could it have been?”

Rainbow sighed. “We were just getting rowdy. You know, having a bit of a wrestling match. And you just happened to catch us in a bad spot.”

“It wasn’t all bad, sugarcube,” Applejack put in. “If they hadn’t come in when they did, Ah might not a’ found out a little bit about ya.”

Rainbow frowned. “Yeah, and it wouldn’t be half as awkward as it is now.”

“So you’re saying that you’re not dating?” Scootaloo inquired.

“No, we’re not dating,” Rainbow sighed.

“Not yet anyway,” Spike added.

Rainbow shot Spike a death glare. Spike gulped, offering an apologetic smile. Rainbow grunted. “We’re not dating.”

Scootaloo frowned. “I don’t buy it. You’re just saying that because I’m too young to understand, aren’t you?”

Rainbow’s hoof met her face. “There’s no way to get you to believe me, is there?”

Scootaloo and Spike shook their heads in unison.

Rainbow sighed, looking at Applejack for help. Applejack, however, had her face buried in her meal, doing her best to distance herself from the uncomfortable conversation.

“You know we can’t ignore this forever,” Rainbow prodded.

Applejack grunted. “Don’ mean Ah gotta stop now.”

Rainbow sighed again. “Sorry, guys. It’s kinda been getting to us.”

“I noticed,” Twilight giggled. “And she’s right, Applejack. Ignoring it isn’t the best way to deal.”

Applejack answered with a non-committal grunt, not taking her eyes off her food.

“It’s not going anywhere, you know,” Twilight pointed out. “I really can’t see what’s so riveting about a salad.”

“That’s the point.”

“I don’t think we’re gonna be getting much out of her, Twilight,” Rainbow said. “And we’re gonna be talking about this soon, so maybe we should just leave her alone for now.”

Twilight frowned, but nodded nonetheless.

At Rainbow’s insistence, the rest of their meal was eaten in relative silence. Applejack seemed to appreciate the ceasefire as she relaxed visibly. Rainbow shot occasional glances Applejack’s way, mostly to make sure she didn’t wander off. Twilight merely observed the small exchange between the two, taking note of Applejack’s despondent attitude.

Hopefully she’ll be a bit more open than this, Twilight mused before returning her full attention to her meal.

Twilight, Applejack and Rainbow Dash walked through the door of Golden Oaks Library with varying levels of confidence. Twilight practically exuded it as she sat on a rug in the main room. Applejack and Rainbow followed in a far more subdued manner.

“So,” Twilight began, “what can I help you girls with today?”

Rainbow coughed. “Well, me and AJ have been going through some weird stuff lately and we were hoping you could give us some advice on how to deal with it.”

Twilight cocked her head inquisitively. “This wouldn’t happen to be related to those rumors going around about the two of you?”

Applejack averted her gaze quickly, leaving Rainbow to nod sheepishly.

“Alright, then, we’ll do it like this; I’ll speak to each of you alone, then we’ll join back up for a closing statement.”

Applejack looked at Rainbow Dash, who shrugged. “Works for me,” Rainbow said.

“Okay then. Applejack, I’ll start with you. Follow me upstairs for a moment.”

Applejack gulped, looking to Rainbow Dash. Rainbow smiled and waved a hoof in encouragement. Sighing, Applejack followed Twilight upstairs, uncertainty slowing her steps.

Twilight entered her bedroom to pull up a chair next to her bed, offering the latter to Applejack. Applejack accepted the reprieve gratefully, laying herself out on her back and staring up at the ceiling.

“So, Applejack, what are some of the problems you’re dealing with? Any that you’d like to talk about?”

“Ah just don’t know, Twilight. What am Ah supposed to do? It seems everypony’s convinced that Rainbow and Ah are dating, and Ah’m not sure how I feel about it.”

“How you feel about the fact that everypony came to that conclusion? Or how you feel about the concept and its implications?”

Applejack sighed. “More o’ the second lately; Ah figure it’s gettin’ me nowheres tryina guess what other ponies‘re thinkin’ if Ah can’t even get mahself thinkin’ straight.”

Twilight paused, thinking. “Is there anything in particular that stands out as a problem point?”

“Ah talked ta Mac about it a bit. He helped a bit with dealin’ with, well, her bein’ a mare n’ all.” Applejack snorted. “But it’s not all simple as that, Twi. ‘Round the farm, there’s a way things gotta be. It don’ matter how Ah feel if we can’t keep the family line goin’, an’ Ah can do that with nopony but a stallion. Even if Ah don’ feel nothin’ fer any of ‘em. Ah can’t trust Mac n’ Applebloom ta do it for me, and Ah can’t say Ah’ve never thought about raisin’ a foal o’ mah own someday.”

Applejack sighed wistfully. “Ah remember helpin’ raisin’ Applebloom, after, well, the accident. An’ it was somethin’ special ta be sure. But she’s mah sister, an’ Ah knew there was somethin’ missin’ in it all.” Applejack shook away a stray tear. “Ah just can’t let the Apple Family end with me, Twilight. An’ Ah need ta face it.”

Twilight let out a long sigh, folding her hooves and setting her eyes firmly upon Applejack’s quivering form. “You’ve put a lot of thought into this, I see.”

Applejack answered with a meek nod.

Twilight sighed again. “Applejack… what if I told you… there was another way to bear foals?”

Applejack blinked. “Ya mean like adoption?” Applejack shook her head. “It’s not as simple as that, Twilight. It’s more n’ just havin’ ponies carry on the farm. It’s about heritage, an’ blood.”

“Are your traditions really so important to you, Applejack?” Twilight asked heavily.

Applejack opened her mouth, shutting it soon afterwards and averting her gaze. “It’s one a’ the only things ya can count on, bein’ farm folk. We ain’t got your fancy magic, er pretty wings. All we got is the earth an’ what we make ourselves.”

Twilight leaned back in her chair, studying the ceiling. Applejack held her tongue, fearing she had upset her friend in some way. Just as she was about to apologize, however, Twilight cut her off.

“I didn’t want to do this, but it seems there’s not much other choice,” Twilight grunted. “You’re nothing if not stubborn, AJ.” Twilight took a steadying breath. “A long time ago, before the time of Nightmare Moon, Princess Luna was more than just Princess of the Night. She also held dominion over all that transpired in her night, and all their intricacies. So it came that consecutive generations produced a major imbalance of the sexes, and it seemed that population had reached an impasse. There simply weren’t enough stallions to ensure the normal quota for conception.

“So Princess Luna had an idea. What if she could create another way to ensure her little ponies lived on in the face of such an anomaly? There were plenty of mares to carry the foals, and what few stallions there were couldn’t hope to mate with them all, nor would that ensure the diversity that makes us a people. If only there was a way for two mares to conceive a foal, without the need for a stallion.” Twilight smiled.

Applejack stared ahead, focused on nothing and everything at once. There’s another way? “Twilight, are you sayin’-“

“Yes. Princess Luna, after years of scientific study, crafted a spell to suit the needs of the populace. It could combine the essences of the two mares and implant a foal in each.” Twilight paused. “Naturally, this wasn’t an optimal solution, as it added to the already significant imbalance of the sexes, as two mares cannot conceive a colt, but the stallions of Equestria endured. There was certainly no shortage of potential mates, and hardly a stallion left unpaired. And as chance would have it, following generations would see a resurgence of colts from the minority pairs, and the scales slowly began to level.

“Some came to brand the era as a dark time, prime for scorn and unfair judgment, for as time passed, the need for such a spell was lessened, until it abruptly ceased in application.” Twilight smiled sadly. “Not long after, Nightmare Moon made her first appearance in Equestria. And as Princess Celestia was forced to banish her sister to the moon, the spell was lost for a thousand years, and all but the oldest history books forgot its existence.”

Twilight quickly ducked out of the room, leaving behind a blank-faced Applejack. She returned shortly after with a tome she laid on the bed before the farmer. The book was encased in a pitch black cover, with shadowy purple patterns spread across the front. In golden letters, it read, “The Dark Ages.”

Applejack reached a hoof out to touch the book gingerly for some fear of backlash. “Ah… Ah don’t understand.”

“This is one of the few remaining documentations of the so-called Dark Ages.” Twilight explained, regarding the book fondly. “It was one that Princess Celestia had hidden away when ponies decided it would be best to erase all evidence of it ever happening.” Twilight chuckled. “Of course, she could have relayed the tale to me personally, but it’s always nice to have a reference at hoof. As the book says, it wasn’t such a dark time as ponies came to view it as. It was actually the greatest time of acceptance for what we now call fillyfoolers. Even now, we have not yet made strides to match the level we once had, but with Princess Luna’s return, we have made progress. She’s even managed to bring coltcuddling into acceptance where it never in recorded history was considered socially acceptable.

Applejack made to reach out for the book again, but hesitated.

Twilight giggled. “You can borrow it if you’d like. It might do you some good to consider your possibilities.”

“Y-yeah…” Applejack still seemed dazed.

“I can see it’s a lot to take in. So if you’d like to end here-“

“No, no, Ah just… thank you.”

Twilight smiled. “You’re my friend, Applejack. I’m always here to help if you need me.”

Applejack smiled, running a hoof across the book’s surface, pondering how she’d transport the sizable tome without prompting unwanted questions. She wished she’d thought to bring her saddlebags with her.

“You can use mine,” Twilight offered. “Just make sure to return them once you’ve got the book in a good hiding spot.”

“Thanks, Twi,” Applejack repeated.

Twilight grinned. “Hey, what’d I just say?”

“Sorry,” Applejack laughed nervously.

“Now, is there anything else you’d like to talk about?”

“Ah… Y’know, Ah never thought Ah’d ever be considerin’ Rainbow’s offer o’ that other kinda labor ta pay fer her guitar.”

Twilight’s eyebrows shot up. “Whoa, slow down. I did not need that image.”

Applejack burst out laughing at Twilight’s face. She had never seen her friend so flustered before, and she had to admit it was kind of adorable.

“Remind me why I brought this up?” Twilight groaned, hiding her face in her hooves.

Applejack made an effort to calm her giggle fits, slowly devolving into spaced out chuckles before becoming silent once more with a sigh. “Sorry, Twi. Ah just… yer face.” Applejack let out another chuckle.

“Yeah, it’s fine.” Twilight giggled a bit. “Just… try to avoid giving me too much information in the future.”

“Alright.” Applejack sat up. “Well, thanks fer the chat, Twi. Ya’ve given me a lot ta think on.”

“No problem.” Twilight smiled. “Tell Rainbow to come in when she’s ready.”

“Will do.” Applejack made her way out the door and down the stairs to a fidgety Rainbow. “You alright, sugarcube?”

Rainbow jumped. “Oh, uh, yeah. I’m fine. Just… kinda nervous.”

Applejack chuckled, a sound soothing to Rainbow’s ears. “Ah am, too, Rainbow. But ya said it yerself, we’re gonna get through this.”

Rainbow gulped, shaking herself. “You’re right. We can do this.”

“Twilight’s ready fer ya whenever,” Applejack relayed.

“Okay.” Rainbow took a steadying breath before making her way up the stairs.

Twilight’s eyes widened when Rainbow came through the door. “Wow, Rainbow, you look worse than Applejack did. Everything alright?”

Rainbow scoffed. “Thanks for the vote of confidence.” She continued before Twilight could apologize. “I’ve just got a lot on my mind.”

“Like what?” Twilight prodded.

Rainbow sighed. “Well, this whole thing with Applejack for starters. I’m not really sure how far it can go, or if I even want it to go anywhere.”

Twilight smirked, jotting down some witty comment or other.

“I mean, I like her and everything. But I’m just… not how far it goes yet.”

“Well, what’s stopping you from finding out?” Twilight asked.

“You kidding? Everything! Applejack said herself she doesn’t even know if she’s into mares, she’s kinda got a whole farm to take care of, and I’ve got responsibilities, too.”

“Well you have been helping Applejack with that farm work the past couple days, haven’t you?”

“I… yeah, I guess so.”

“And how has that been going?”

Rainbow lowered her head bashfully. “It’s been… fun. A whole lot of fun. Applejack’s been telling me how good a help I am. And I might have put some thought into extending it past the month.”

Twilight smiled. “What’s been the fun part? The work or spending time with Applejack?”

Rainbow blushed. “Do you really have to ask?”

Twilight giggled. “Just making sure. Anything else you might be thinking about it?”

“Yeah, kinda. I was thinking that, well, the Acres is a good chunk of Ponyville on its own, and it takes some of the most work to maintain weather-wise. But if I could have some better access to inside information, I could, you know, probably do it all myself.”

“Are you sure you’re up to that?” Twilight asked.

“Well, yeah! It’d make balancing everything a whole lot easier. I’d never have to go far for my weather duties, so I’d always be around and-“

“Have more time to spend with Applejack,” Twilight finished.

“Not everything’s about Applejack!” Rainbow shot back stubbornly.

Twilight smirked and raised a brow. “Oh? Name one thing.”

“Clouds!” Rainbow quickly responded.

“Actually, from what you just told me, you’d be handling the clouds over Applejack’s farm…”

“Rainbows then!”

“Need I remind you of how Applejack got her cutie mark, or the resemblance between you and a Zap Apple?”

“Luna dammit! Uh… crap.”

Twilight grinned victoriously.

“It doesn’t matter! Even if I can’t name anything, there’s bound to be something.”

“But the fact that none of those things come to mind…”

“I know, I’ve been thinking about her a lot recently, okay? It’s kinda hard not to when you can’t even say hello to her without it being awkward.”

“It’s only as awkward as you make it,” Twilight pointed out.

“What are you trying to tell me?” Rainbow demanded, face flushed from equal parts frustration and embarrassment.

“I’m not trying to tell you anything. I’m trying to understand why you’re so averse to the idea of dating Applejack.”

“I just gave you a list! What more do you want?”

“For you to answer the one thing you haven’t given a solution to yet.”

“I…“ Rainbow paused. “I did just solve like half my problems, didn’t I?”

“Which leaves you with just one; Applejack’s uncertain orientation.”

“Smaller words, please.”

“Whether Applejack goes for mares or not,” Twilight giggled. “I assume that you do?”

Rainbow averted her gaze. “Yeah.”

“Any interest in stallions?”

Rainbow shook her head slowly. “What does that have to do with anything we’re talking about?”

“Just curious,” Twilight teased. “You’ve known Applejack longer than I have; have you ever seen her show romantic interest in anypony before?”

“Never. She’s always too busy with work and family. Which is kinda why I’m not sure she’d be that way. Can’t really be family oriented with another mare.”

Twilight smiled, but said nothing. Rainbow looked at her critically.

“Is there something you know that I don’t?”


Rainbow bowled Twilight over. “If there’s a way to do this, you have to tell me!”

“You really think it would help your chances with Applejack?”

Rainbow nodded fervently.

“Well, then I’ll tell you as much as there is a way. I won’t get into specifics just yet,” Twilight said, carefully sidestepping the issue.

“I should tell Applejack! She-“ Rainbow paused. “Wait, how do I bring that up without sounding really creepy?”

“You let her bring it up instead,” Twilight answered easily.

Rainbow rolled her eyes. “And how am I supposed to do that?”

Twilight grinned. “You’ll figure it out.”

“Tease,” Rainbow grouched.

Twilight giggled. “Well I can see this is clearly getting you worked up. So I’m pretty sure I know how you feel.”

“What about Applejack?”

Twilight frowned. “I can’t answer that, Rainbow.”

“Why not?”

“Because I can only give you advice. What you do with this is your decision, and if I take out or add a variable, you might take too much time or rush into it. And that can only end badly.”

“So you’re telling me I’m on my own?”

Twilight shook her head. “You’re forgetting Applejack. She’ll be there with you the whole way.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Rainbow groaned.

“So, assuming that’s all your problems answered…”

Rainbow fidgeted. “Actually, there is one more thing.”

Twilight listened quietly.

“I’m not really sure what it is, but it feels like something big that I’m missing. Like something’s gonna come along and change things between me and AJ.”

“So something in the future?” Twilight asked.

Rainbow nodded. “And I feel really stupid for not knowing what.”

“Well, then answer me this; where do you see yourself five years from now?”

“Captain of the Wonderbolts,” Rainbow answered without missing a beat.

Twilight smiled sadly. “And where does that leave Applejack?”

“She…” Rainbow’s ears splayed back. “Alone back at the Acres. You guys, too.”

“That doesn’t mean you can’t come back and visit,” Twilight pointed out.

“Yeah, on the holidays maybe. Do you know how much time you have to put in to be a Wonderbolt? How far you have to travel?”

“Only what I’ve heard from my time in Canterlot.”

Rainbow sighed. “I’d have a month off every year at best. I… I can’t do that to her.”

Twilight closed her eyes. “Well, you’re going to have to figure it out. What’s more important to you, Applejack or the Wonderbolts?”

“I don’t know.” Rainbow sighed. “I’ll have to think about it.”

“You can do that,” Twilight said. “Just don’t take too long.”

Rainbow nodded. “Right.”

“Now come on. We’ll go get Applejack and wrap things up.”

Rainbow followed Twilight back down the stairs, taking care to measure her wing beats lest her thoughts derail her. Applejack was waiting patiently in the main room, flipping idly through a book.

Twilight prodded Applejack gently to get her attention. “As a closing statement, I’d like to say that this clearly means a lot to both of you. Don’t be afraid of things you can’t control, and don’t get down on yourselves. You can work this out and take it wherever you want.”

Applejack and Rainbow Dash’s eyes met. The contact was quickly broken as their faces betrayed their thoughts. Slowly, though, their eyes met again, and they shared a smile. Everything was going to work out if they let it. They just had to figure out how to initiate. And they had plenty of time to do so.

“Why are you wearing Twilight’s saddlebags?” Rainbow asked after shooting periodic looks at Applejack over a minute’s span.

“She gave me somethin’, an Ah wanted it ta be a secret,” Applejack answered.

Rainbow frowned. “Even from me?”

Applejack chuckled. “’Specially from you.”

Rainbow’s frown deepened, though she couldn’t sustain it for long as the nondescript happiness she had been feeling bubbled to the surface again. Rainbow laughed, taking to the air and attempting to wrest Twilight’s saddlebags from Applejack’s back while cartwheeling over her. Applejack responded by whipping her tail around and whapping Rainbow in the face, disrupting her vision and causing her to crash ineffectually to the ground. Applejack was quick to jump at Rainbow in an attempt to pin her down, but Rainbow was quicker to dart out of the way.

“Get back here, ya thievin’ varmint!” Applejack called out playfully.

“No!” Rainbow shot back, punctuating the single syllable with giggles.

Rainbow made for another run to steal Applejack’s secret treasure; evading Applejack’s tail, but unable to grasp the tightly-drawn straps. Rainbow decided it was time for a change of tactics. If she couldn’t get the saddlebags, she’d just have to get the treasure directly. Rainbow made adjustments to her flying before diving in again. But in her excitement, she failed to notice that they had made it back to the orchards, and impacted a branch, throwing her wobbling off-course. She tried desperately to correct her path, but she crashed headlong into Applejack, throwing them both off balance and tumbling forward a good few yards before coming to rest in a tangle of limbs.

Through her aching everything, Rainbow was vaguely aware of something soft against her lips. It tasted vaguely of apples, though it was far more delicate. Curious, she shifted her position, opening her eyes to get a better view of-

Rainbow shot up from where she lay entangled in the limbs of her best friend. No, I did not just…

“What the hay was that?!” Applejack shouted in an abnormally high-pitched voice.

Rainbow’s eyes widened in fear, offering a squeak in apology as she rocketed off to her cloud home in search of sanctuary.

Applejack panted heavily, raising a hoof to gingerly touch her lips. She could still taste, still feel, Rainbow’s unexpected contact. She developed a heavy blush as she considered whether or not she enjoyed it. Looking up, she saw that she had chased Rainbow away in her shock, eliminating any possibility for reconciliation. Applejack sighed. Smooth, AJ. She got to her feet, gathered Twilight’s saddlebags and the book contained within, and continued on her path home alone.

Just as it was getting’ good, too.

Rainbow locked her front door with quivering hooves, shaking all over as she ran to her room to throw herself on her bed and create a den of sheets.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. Rainbow berated herself. How could you kiss Applejack? She shook her head as her mind began to rattle off reasons that were becoming painfully obvious. I blew it, she thought sadly. She’ll never look at me the same now. How could I not have noticed the damn trees?

Rainbow proceeded to bash her head unsatisfyingly against her plush cloud pillow. Frustrated, Rainbow couldn’t help but wish for a more solid bedroom to beat herself in. Her whole house was made of clouds, and what few solid items she had were much too soft to work.

What the buck is wrong with me? Rainbow ranted internally. Am I in love with her house now, too? Am I-

Rainbow paused, processing her question again. She cried out in frustration, burying her head under her pillow and falling into a fitful sleep.

Applejack entered her house tiredly, feeling some immense depression in light of her most recent encounter and subsequent rejection of Rainbow Dash.

“Hey, sis, everythin’ alright?” Applebloom’s voice carried from the living room.

“Jes’ dandy,” Applejack responded, barely able to project her voice five feet.

Before she could make it to the stairs, Applejack was met with her little sister blocking her path. “AJ, Ah know somethin’s been goin’ on. An’ now yer comin’ home all mopey an’ that just ain’t like you.”

Applejack averted her gaze. “It’s complicated, AB. And yer-“

“Too young ta understand, right?” Applebloom cut her off irritably. “Ah’m growin’ up, AJ. Ah know Ah don’t have mah cutie mark yet, but that don’ mean Ah’m not worried about ya.”

Applejack sighed, hanging her head. “Tell ya what. Let me just put this in mah room an’ we’ll talk, alright?”

Applebloom eyed her sister suspiciously, stepping aside and following closely. Applejack, however, managed to slip inside her room and lock her door before Applebloom could enter. Applebloom banged on the door. “Dammit, sis! Open the door!”

“Words ain’t gonna make this okay!” Applejack shot back, slipping off Twilight’s saddlebags and collapsing onto her bed, feeling her eyes start to tear up.

At her words, Applejack was relieved to hear the banging cease, and small hoofsteps move down the stairs. Applejack tucked herself under her covers and tried to fall asleep, but was interrupted by more powerful knocks on her door.

“AJ, Applebloom says her shuttin’ yerself away again,” Big Macintosh’s voice came through her door.

“Leave me alone,” Applejack said with barely enough force to be heard.

Applejack heard Big Mac sigh from the other side of the door. “Ya can’t keep doin’ this ta yerself, AJ. We can talk about this.”

“Ah already done talked enough today. Just leave me alone, Ah just wanna go to sleep and ferget today ever happened.”

Big Mac turned to Applebloom with a frown. He placed a hoof on her shoulder. “We’ll get her outta this, AB. She just needs some time right now.”

Applebloom sighed. “Ah hate bein’ left outta things all the time.”

Big Mac smiled. “Ah’ll make sure she talks to ya ‘bout this. She’ll talk ta all’a us.”

“Ah really hope yer right, Mac.”

Big Mac, Granny Smith and Applebloom sat around the dinner table, eyeing the two conspicuously unoccupied seats.

“Ya think AJ’ll be alright, Mac?” Applebloom piped up.

Big Mac shifted. “Ah think that’ll depend on Rainbow Dash.”

“Rainbow Dash? Is she the one makin’ AJ act all funny?” Applebloom frowned. “She ain’t pullin’ one o’ her pranks again, is she?”

“Were it only that simple, child,” Granny Smith mused.

“Then what is goin’ on?” Applebloom demanded.

“Ain’t our place ta say, Applebloom,” Big Mac answered sadly. “AJ’s gotta handle this herself.”

“So we can’t help her?”

Big Mac sighed. “No, not this time, AB.”

Applejack lay on her back, staring up at the ceiling, unable to sleep. How am I supposed to talk ta her now? Applejack was wondering how it all fell apart. Everything seemed to be going great; she almost had everything figured out. But that one kiss…

She did like it, she had decided. And going on a date with Rainbow seemed to get more appealing each time she thought about it. But she chased Rainbow away at the first sign of affection, however accidental it may have been. She had hurt Rainbow. And now she was supposed to be able to walk up to her and ask her out and have everything be okay?

Applejack sighed. She’d have to sit down and talk to her, and definitely apologize for overreacting. She could only hope Rainbow would hear her out.

Why did Ah have ta be so stupid? Ah coulda just been honest with mahself an’ kept on kissin’ her. Applejack groaned. And now Ah understand, it might already be too late.

Applejack buried her face in her pillow, lamenting her potentially missed opportunity with the mare she cared about like family. If she was going to fix this, she had to pour her heart out, and leave nothing unsaid. That shouldn’t be so hard, being the Element of Honesty, right?

Applejack fell asleep at last with a glimmer of hope.

Rainbow Dash stood before a crowd of screaming ponies. Looking down, she saw not a Wonderbolts uniform, but an electric guitar. Looking across from her, she saw herself, looking at her with disappointment. When she reached out to touch the phantom, everything faded to black, and she was alone. Somewhere in the blackness, she saw a vague green blur leaking some kind of liquid before-

Rainbow woke up from her sleep with a start. She rubbed her temples gingerly, painfully aware of a throbbing in her skull. It’s that dream again. But it was different this time. What is it supposed to mean?

Looking out the window, Rainbow determined it was around midnight. She felt an emptiness in her stomach, but couldn’t bring herself to consider eating anything. With a sigh, Rainbow rose to open her closet, where a mannequine stood bearing her uniform from the Wonderbolts Academy.

Twilight’s words echoed in Rainbow’s mind. Who’s more important to you, Applejack or the Wonderbolts? Rainbow felt a tear come to her eye, which she was quick to wipe away. She posed herself another question. Which is the more reachable goal now?

Another tear came to Rainbow’s eyes, and another. They came faster than she could wipe them away. She barely managed to make it back to her bed before she devolved into a fit of sobbing. Sleep seemed so close, but it wouldn’t come. She felt like her mind was punishing her. None of this would have happened if you had been more careful.

“Shut up. Just shut up!” Rainbow shouted.

After a few more minutes of self-deprecation, sleep finally saved her sanity at the last possible second. Suddenly, things weren’t turning out so great.

Also, have what I posted on fimfiction as a blog post:

Edit: The Dark Ages. Yes. I don't even know anymore.

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Rest of the day is up. Have a third of the next day, too. Because shipping.

Edit: Also, #9 on EQD's Drawfriend. Squee! The AppleDash!

Oh God Cloud Wrote a Fanfic 2535372796 SEVEN AND SHIPPING START WITH THE SAME LETTER Oh God Cloud Wrote a Fanfic 2535372796
(so do same and start. and so.)

Rainbow Dash woke the next morning feeling miserable. A brief reflection reminded her of why. She’d upset her friend, over-stepped her boundaries, and made a foal of herself. On top of that, she was hungry, and unable to bring herself to brave Applejack’s home just yet.

She sighed heavily, getting up to scrounge around for what food still remained at her house. Her efforts were rewarded by a bowl of cereal, which was just as well, as she doubted she could stomach much else.

Rainbow looked around her empty home as she nibbled on her cereal. Normally at this time she would be feeding Tank and, more recently, sitting down at the Apple family table for a hearty breakfast. But both lay amongst a vast orchard of apple trees on the outskirts of Ponyville. One, she remembered, she had pledged a month’s service to.

Rainbow groaned as she considered her options. She couldn’t hope to assist Applejack today, and she couldn’t just sit today out. Maybe Big Mac needed some help.

Swallowing her last bite of cereal, Rainbow resolved to do whatever she could to help out at the orchard that didn’t involve direct contact with Applejack. Why did this have to happen?

Applejack was awoken by an object colliding with her stomach. Rainbow Dash? But upon sitting up, she determined that the yelp of surprise and small body rolling off of her did not belong to the pegasus.

“Sorry, Winona.” Applejack reached out to give her canine companion a chin scratch. Winona barked excitedly in response, wagging her tail and darting out of her room.

What’s gotten her all worked up today? Applejack thought back on recent events, soon wishing she hadn’t. Oh, right.

Significantly less cheerful than when she had woken up, Applejack made her way downstairs to an empty-feeling kitchen table where breakfast sat, extravagant as ever.

“Ya feelin’ alright, sis?” Big Mac asked once Applejack had taken her seat.

“Ah’ll manage,” Applejack mumbled in response, taking only a single pancake from the stack. Forgoing syrup, Applejack immediately began her incredibly slow consumption of the normally-tasty treat.

Before she could make more than a visible mark on the pancake, she felt her throat clench as her stomach refused further nourishment. Applejack released her meal with a sigh, rising from her seat and heading outside without a word.

Big Mac shared glances with Applebloom and Granny Smith before excusing himself from the table to follow his remarkably depressed sister. Ah gotta know what’s makin’ her this way.

Mac found Applejack sitting at the base of a tree, trying to work up the strength to give it a proper buck. “AJ, this is gettin’ silly. Why don’t ya tell me what’s wrong?”

“Don’ wanna,” Applejack replied curtly, walking off to find another suitable tree.

Big Mac followed. “Sometimes ya gotta do things ya don’ wanna do.”

Applejack snorted. “Don’ care.”

“C’mon, AJ, yer startin’ ta worry me here. This ain’t like you. Whatever it is, Ah promise Ah won’ judge; Apple’s honor.”

Applejack turned to face her brother, exasperated. “Yer not gonna leave me alone, are ya?”

Big Mac shook his head stubbornly, a wry smile gracing his lips.

Applejack sighed heavily, plopping down into a sitting position. “Alright, if ya gotta know, things got outta hoof with Rainbow an’ me.”

Big Mac urged her on with a hoof, unsatisfied.

Applejack scowled. “She kissed me.”

Big Mac’s eyes widened. “Yer kiddin’? That’s great!”

“No it’s not great! It was awkward, an’ weird, an’…” Applejack sighed, losing her will to argue. “An’ Ah liked it.”

Big Mac advanced on Applejack, offering a hoof in support, placed soothingly across her shoulders. “So why’s that got ya down? Sounds like things are goin’ great.”

“They were,” Applejack insisted, “but Ah messed it up.”

Big Mac squeezed Applejack tighter when her voice faltered.

“Ah… Ah yelled at her, an’ chased her away. Ah’m not even sure it was on purpose. It was just so…”

“Unexpected?” Big Mac suggested.

“Yeah.” Applejack leaned against Mac’s side. “An’ now she probably don’ want anything ta do with me.”

“Sounds ta me like yer makin’ this bigger ‘n it is, AJ. Ya said ya weren’t sure she kissed ya on purpose?”

“Probably not,” Applejack admitted.

“Then she’s probably just as shaken up ‘bout it as you.” Big Mac focused on some distant spot in the sky. Applejack tried to follow his gaze, but whatever he had seen was no longer in sight. “Ah won’ make ya do anythin’ ya don’ wanna. But ya really should talk to her.”

“Ah’ll try,” Applejack promised.

With nothing left to say, Big Mac gave Applejack a hug, which she returned gratefully. He offered his sister a reassuring smile before heading back inside to finish his meal. Applejack merely sat where she was, collecting her thoughts for another attempt to buck the tree before her.

After a few more minutes offered no more conviction, Applejack righted herself, taking a deep breath. She spun in place to deliver a buck to the tree only to scuff it with a single hoof before collapsing in a heap. While such a failure usually frustrated her and emboldened her to try again, she found it now only made her feel worse.

“What chance do Ah got with Rainbow if Ah can’t even buck a tree right?”

Rainbow Dash circled high above Sweet Apple Acres, searching for a big red stallion amongst trees that had developed a frustrating number of red fruit. “How am I gonna do this if I can’t even find him?” Rainbow didn’t dare fly any lower for risk of being spotted, but she was getting impatient.

Just as she was about ready to fly off, she caught sight of a red shape emerging from the tree-line, headed for the fields. Rainbow didn’t need more of a lead than that to rush down to investigate.

Big Macintosh turned as Rainbow landed behind him. “Thought Ah saw ya up there.”

“Hey, Mac. I was wondering if you needed any help today, since…” Rainbow struggled to come up with a convincing lie.

Big Macintosh smiled sadly. “Ah heard what happened with you an’ AJ. She’s pretty broken up ‘bout it herself.”

Rainbow sighed. “I just don’t know how it all went so wrong.”

“It might not be as bad as ya think,” Big Mac pointed out.

“Are you kidding? I kissed her, totally by accident, and she yelled at me! I don’t know how you’re supposed to send a clearer message.”

“Way Ah heard it she was just surprised.”

“I would be, too, if Applejack suddenly decided to kiss me. But I wouldn’t have yelled at her for that.”

“Applejack handles things different than you do,” Big Mac insisted.

“Yeah, and she only ever yells when I screw something up.”

“Ah ain’t debatin’ that. But yer missin’ the point here.”

Rainbow rolled her eyes. “Oh, so there’s a point to being yelled at by your best friend.”

“Are y’all gonna listen or not?” Big Mac demanded.

“Are we gonna do anything else but lecture me all day?”

“Ah ain’t tryin’a lecture ya!”

“And I’m not listening.” Rainbow shot back before Mac could continue. “So if you don’t need my help, and I don’t need this, then I’m out.”

With that, she was gone, and Big Mac sagged. If he could barely get his sister to listen, why did he think he could convince her flighty friend? He could only hope that they’d work this out on their own.

Rainbow touched down at Ponyville’s weather headquarters in a huff. A quick glance at the bulletin board told her her assignment, and for once she was glad it wasn’t Sweet Apple Acres. Ignoring the curious glances from her co-workers, she set off towards Ponyville’s park, thankfully one of the more quiet areas the town offered.

Upon her arrival, Rainbow was baffled to see that the park was almost completely overcast. It seemed that she was the one to pick up the slack today. With a cocky grin, Rainbow set about clearing the skies, grateful for the outlet for her frustrations. Fueled by a need for distraction, she pushed herself harder, losing herself completely in her conquest. While not as entertaining as her previous days on the farm, it was certainly satisfying.

So caught up was she in her destruction of all things white, it didn’t strike her as odd when she spotted a cloud near the ground. With a battle cry, she hurtled after the stray cloud, preparing to give it a firm kick in the-

“Ah!” the cloud cried out in pain. “What in Equestria- Rainbow Dash! Would you care to explain why you are assaulting me?”

That wasn’t right. Clouds couldn’t talk. And they certainly didn’t know her name, or speak in such a high-class accent. In fact, Rainbow could only think of two ponies who fit both of those specifications. And only one of them was white.

“Rainbow Dash, I don’t have time for your games. Now are you going to apologize or not?”

“I…” Rainbow shook her head. “Sorry, Rarity.” She took off without another word, leaving behind a very confused, and slightly bruised, fashionista.

“Well, that was certainly… different,” Rarity said, rubbing the sensitive part of her flank where she had been kicked. “I wonder if Twilight would know what’s gotten into her.” Rarity changed her course to the Golden Oaks Library. Breakfast could wait.

“C’mon you damned apples. Fall already!” Applejack was trying everything in her power, but no matter what she did, she still couldn’t get a single apple for her efforts.

Applejack collapsed after another failed attempt to connect a buck to a trunk. Panting, she wondered, not for the first time, why she had been so stupid. Her stomach gurgled as if to taunt her, as every attempt to fill it ended in pain. Why can’t Ah do nothin’ right?

As Applejack scanned the trees for another suitable tree to attempt to harvest, something yellow caught her eye. Curious, she got up on shaky legs to investigate. The figure was in the direction of the farmhouse, sparking some vague worry in Applejack that made her quicken her pace.

Applejack burst out into the clearing to find Fluttershy waiting patiently by the barn. Intrigued, Applejack approached her. “Fluttershy?”

Fluttershy turned to face her. “Oh, hello Applejack.”

“What are you doin’ here?”

“Well, Big Macintosh told me that one of your animals had come down with a fever, so I’m here to take him over to my cottage to treat him.” Fluttershy inspected Applejack closer. “You don’t look so good either. Is something wrong?”

Applejack sighed. “It’s a long story. Ah wouldn’t want ta trouble ya.”

“Oh, it’s no trouble at all. If you want to talk about it, you can come with me back to my cottage. I’ll just have to get him settled first.”

“Ah think Ah will,” Applejack said, falling onto her haunches.

Fluttershy smiled. “Oh, good. I’ll make tea, and we can have a nice chat.”

“Ah hope so,” Applejack muttered.

Rarity composed herself before knocking on Twilight’s door. It was answered promptly by Spike.

“Oh, hi, Rarity.” Spike greeted her nervously. “It’s not time to go hunting for gems again already is it?”

Rarity smiled. “Not yet, Spike. I’m simply here to talk to Twilight about a… troubling encounter with Rainbow Dash.”

“She’s not hitting on you, too, is she?” Spike demanded.

Rarity blinked. “What? Heavens, no. Not unless you mean physically.” Rarity paused. “Why? Is she getting into relationship troubles, now? With whom?”

Spike stepped back to let her inside. “Twilight knows more than I do. She’s up on the balcony.”

Rarity halted to place a gentle kiss on Spike’s forehead. “Thank you, Spike.”

“Any time,” Spike said, wobbling in place before inevitably crashing to the floor.

Rarity shook her head and giggled, continuing on to where Twilight was said to be. She was indeed found where Spike had told her to look, gazing up into the sky absently.

“Good morning, Twilight,” Rarity began, gaining Twilight’s attention. “Apologies if I’m interrupting anything. But I just had an odd run-in with Rainbow Dash at the park, and Spike told me that she’d been having problems you would know about.”

“Why, what did she do?” Twilight asked, hoping her first suspicion was invalid.

“Well, I was merely walking along to my favorite breakfast location, when Rainbow Dash flew down and… well, kicked my flank,” Rarity turned to show Twilight the bruise, just below her cutie mark.

“I… I don’t understand. Why would Rainbow just suddenly decide to kick you?”

Rarity turned her gaze to the sky. “I thought about it, and it seemed that she was on one of her weather jobs early. Clearing clouds, I believe.”

Twilight frowned. “So… she thought you were a cloud?”

“It’s the only possibility I dare consider, though she must be terribly disconcerted to make such an error.”

“Well, I talked to her yesterday.” Twilight thought. “I didn’t think I’d given her that much to think about.”

“What about? Spike seemed to think it was something to do with a relationship.”

Twilight sighed. “Well, if he’s already said that much, I guess it can’t hurt to tell you she’s been having an awkward time with Applejack.”

Rarity gasped. “So the rumors are true, then?”

“Not quite, though they may be soon.” Twilight frowned. “You said she was out at the park?”

Rarity nodded.

“She’s supposed to be helping Applejack at the farm. Something must have happened. Do you have any idea where she might have gone?”

“Not in the slightest. Did she mention anything else she’d gotten herself involved with?”

Twilight shook her head. “She wouldn’t talk about anything except Applejack.”

“Then if something bad happened between them…” Rarity paused.

“I just hope she doesn’t do anything stupid.” Twilight hung her head.

“If our only lead on Rainbow Dash is Applejack, do you think it would be a good idea to look for her instead?” Rarity inquired.

“Possibly. She’d probably still be at the acres somewhere.” Twilight flinched. “But are we sure we should be meddling in their relationship? It might just be something small that was blown out of proportion, and we’d only be making it worse. Neither of them have any prior experience, and you know how stubborn they can be.”

Rarity sighed. “Perhaps you’re right, Twilight. But if something happens…”

Twilight stepped forward. “Then we’ll be there to support them.” Twilight offered Rarity a hug, which was accepted. “They might be stubborn, but they’re also very close. I’m sure they can work out whatever it is that’s happened. I know it’s hard to stand by and do nothing, but we have to give them their space.”

Rarity sighed again. “Why do you always have to be right, Twilight?”

Twilight smiled. “Because in this town, somepony has to be.”

Fluttershy brought tea to her guest as soon as she had her patient settled. It smelled of apples, and Applejack was able to drink a few invigorating gulps.

“Now, tell me what’s wrong,” Fluttershy commanded.

Applejack smiled weakly. “Yes, ma’am.” She took a deep breath. “It’s about Rainbow. Me n’ her have been goin’ through a time together. It’s been all kinds o’ awkward, fun, n’ more ‘n a little confusin’. Rainbow went an’ got it in her head ta start a band together, an’ that’s been a bit of a hoot. She done bought some fancy expensive guitar. Damn well left her broke. So we agreed she would spend a month workin’ the farm in exchange fer food.”

“And how’s that been going?” Fluttershy prodded.

Applejack smiled. “It’s been a great time. She’s a real big help ‘round the acres, an’ she helps make it fun in her own way. She even got the idea ta ask ta be assigned as the orchard’s sole weatherpony. Never exactly got around to it.

“She’d come up with the idea ta go see Twilight fer advice after a… an incident in the shower.” Applejack blushed. “She was a great help. Let me in on some long lost spell that let mares have foals together. Gave me a book on it an’ all. Everythin’ was goin’ great. But then Ah did somethin’ stupid.

“We were headin’ home from talkin’ ta Twilight. She was gettin’ all rowdy tryin’a figure out what Twilight gave me. And then somethin’ happened an’ she crashed inta me. ‘Fore Ah knew what was goin’ on, our lips were touchin’ an’ she was leanin’ in all sexy like.”

“Oh my,” Fluttershy murmured.

“Ah didn’ know what ta do, so Ah panicked. Chased her right away like a damn fool.” Applejack sighed. “Stupidest judgment call Ah ever done made.”

“You didn’t say anything hurtful, did you?” Fluttershy fretted.

Applejack thought. “No, ah just asked her what she was doin’ all frantic-like.”

Fluttershy sighed. “Oh, good.”


“Applejack, you didn’t do anything wrong. You were just confused and needed more time to think.” Fluttershy took a deep breath. “This is easy to fix. All you need to do is talk to her, apologize for overreacting, and tell her how you really feel.”

Applejack frowned. “Is it really that easy?”

Fluttershy nodded. “It seems like more than it is because you care about her so much. But you’re forgetting how much she cares about you. She’s not going to give up on you so easily. That’s not the Rainbow Dash I grew up with. Just give her time and she’ll come to you, probably to tell you it was her fault. But don’t let her take the blame. She can be just as hard on herself as you.”

“Don’ Ah know it,” Applejack sighed. “Ya sure ‘bout this now? Ah don’ wanna make this worse ‘n it is.”

“Positive,” Fluttershy insisted. “Now you should get on back to the farm. Rainbow Dash could show up any minute.”

“Thanks fer the help, Fluttershy. Ah really appreciate it.” Applejack smiled.

Fluttershy wrapped her in a hug. “Don’t mention it. Get out there and win her back.”

“Yes ma’am.”

Rainbow Dash was wandering around the city, looking for nothing in particular when she found herself in front of Vinyl Scratch’s residence. That’s right. I have guitar lessons today. Rainbow groaned, letting herself in. “I’m here for my lessons, Scratch!”

Just inside the room, Octavia and Vinyl froze mid-make out session on the living room couch. They quickly moved to compose themselves for their sudden guest. “Oh, uh, hey Rainbow. You’re here early.”

Rainbow looked for a clock dubiously. It read… “It’s only 10?”

“Yeah. Long day?” Vinyl asked.

“You could say that.” Rainbow sighed.

Vinyl shifted on the couch. “Where’s your guitar?”

Rainbow opened her mouth before closing it again, feeling along her back. She sighed again. “It’s back at Applejack’s.”

“Is everything alright?” Octavia asked.

“I…” Rainbow stopped herself short. “No, I can’t do this. Go back to what you were doing. I’m sorry for disturbing you.”

Before Rainbow could more than turn around, Vinyl had locked the door with her magic. “The hell is wrong with you, mare? You’re never polite.”

Octavia glared at her marefriend. “That’s Vinyl’s way of expressing concern. We can both tell something’s bothering you.”

Rainbow sighed, turning back around and seating herself on a chair. “I screwed up with Applejack. She hates me now.”

Vinyl cocked an eyebrow. “What’d you do, kill her sister?”

“Vinyl!” Octavia scolded. “I’m sure it’s nothing so bad, Rainbow.”

“But I kissed her!” Rainbow blurted.

“So? I kiss Tavi all the time, and we’re still going strong.”

“But she doesn’t yell at you!”

Vinyl laughed. “Are you kidding? She yells at me every day.”

“Only because I love you, Vinyl,” Octavia assured.

“So, let’s get this straight. You kissed her, so she yelled at you, and now you think your life is over?” Vinyl summarized.

Rainbow’s face became contemplative. That… didn’t sound quite right stated so plainly.

Vinyl laughed again. “You really are new at this, aren’t you?”

Rainbow averted her gaze, face reddening in embarrassment.

“Tell ya what; all you need to do is go talk to her. She’ll understand, I’m sure.” Vinyl smirked.

Rainbow nodded, feeling very sheepish and more than a little stupid. “I…”

“Don’t mention it,” Vinyl cut her off. “Just let me know when you’ve got your awesome new marefriend.”

Rainbow smiled. “Sure thing. Thanks, Scratch.” She stood up and saw herself out. “Be sure to use protection!”

Vinyl rolled her eyes. “Now, where were we?”

“Kissing, I believe,” Octavia said before re-instigating.


Alright. I just have to get to Sweet Apple Acres and apologize to Applejack. I can do this. Rainbow Dash strode confidently out Vinyl’s front door, closing it behind her. She took to the sky, angling for Applejack’s farm, and rocketed off. The wind in her face offered her comforting familiarity. If all went well, she’d be-

“Hey, Rainbow Dash! What’s up?” A pink mare burst out of a nearby cloud.

“Not now, Pinkie. I’m on a mission.”

“Ooh, what kind of mission?” Pinkie put a hoof to her chin. “Is it some kind of super-secret spy mission from Princess Celestia?”

“No, it’s a mission to…” Rainbow shook her head. “No, it’s not that. And it’s not something you would guess, so don’t.”

“Not something I would guess, huh?” Pinkie thought harder. “Does it have to do with flying pigs?”


“Evil bananas?”



“No-“ Rainbow stopped.

“Aha! I knew it! You’re going to go ask Applejack on a date, aren’t you?”

“No, and I’d like to do it on my own if you wouldn’t mind.” Rainbow narrowed her eyes at Pinkie.

“Oh, I get it.” Pinkie winked. “Good luck getting Applejack to not go on a date with you!”

“Pinkie!” Rainbow tried to explain, but she was already gone. “I swear it’s always at the worst times.”

With no other recourse, she continued on to Sweet Apple Acres, slightly more flustered than before.

Applejack sat out on the porch of the farmhouse, waiting patiently for Rainbow to make her appearance. It only took a few minutes before she saw that rainbow trail she knew so well dart into her view. She stepped down from the porch to make herself seen and called out. “Hey, Rainbow!”

Above, Rainbow Dash froze. Oh Luna I’m not ready! She made to dart off again, but was stopped by another call from Applejack.

“Rainbow, wait! Ah need ta talk to ya. It’s important.”

Sighing, Rainbow accepted her fate, coming to land in front of Applejack. “Alright, just let it out. Don’t hold back.” Rainbow stood rigid, eyes firmly closed as she braced herself for a tongue-lashing.

Applejack couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight. And the more she looked at her, the harder it was to resist doing something potentially stupid. In a streak of boldness, Applejack made sure not to hold back as she planted a kiss firmly upon Rainbow’s unsuspecting lips.

Rainbow’s eyes bugged out at the touch. “I… Applejack?” Rainbow managed.

Applejack giggled. “That makes us even, right?”

Rainbow’s face fell. “Oh, yeah. I guess.”

Applejack panicked when she realized her misstep. Her subconscious told her it had worked before, so she reached her head down to kiss Rainbow again. “Now you owe me!” Applejack squeaked.

A smile grew on Rainbow’s face as she started up in snorts. She soon devolved into full-blown laughter as she gripped Applejack in a vice.

“Can’t breathe,” Applejack wheezed, causing Rainbow to release her entirely. Before Applejack could miss the contact, Rainbow’s lips were on hers. Applejack giddily kissed her back, cherishing the moment that made the last few days worth it.

Rainbow pulled away from the kiss with a gasp. “AJ, I thought-“

“Ah thought Ah messed up, too,” Applejack cut in. “Ah wanted to apologize fer yellin’ at ya. It was stupid o’ me.”

Rainbow giggled. “Yeah, that wouldn’t have even happened if I had noticed that tree branch.”

“Was that what happened?”

Rainbow nodded. “I was so caught up I didn’t even notice we made it into the orchard.”

“Well, Ah didn’t even know ‘till just now.”

“Wait a minute.” Rainbow frowned. “You… You just kissed me, right?”

Applejack blushed, nodding.

“So, that means…?”

Applejack took a steadying breath, blush deepening. “Ah like you, Rainbow. And Ah’d be honored if ya’d go out with me sometime.”

“Yes!” Rainbow answered instantly. “Oh, this is so awesome! So I guess you don’t really care about the whole family thing after all?”

Applejack chuckled. “Let’s not get ahead o’ ourselves, now. But yeah, Ah guess you could say Ah don’ have much to worry about anymore.”

“Did Twilight tell you about that ‘other way’, too?”

Applejack smirked. “She did more ‘n that, sugarcube. That thing Ah was carryin’ in Twilight’s saddlebags? It’s a book all about the spell that makes it work.”

Rainbow’s eyes lit up. “How does it work, then? Is it, like, kinky?”

Applejack pulled her head back. “Ah don’ know, Ah haven’t even read it yet!”

“Well what’s stopping you?” Rainbow prodded.

Applejack frowned. “Ah… kinda spent alla the time since ya kissed me thinkin’ Ah’d messed everythin’ up. It never really crossed mah mind.”

“Right. Sorry,” Rainbow apologized, nuzzling Applejack’s cheek.

“It’s alright, sugarcube. We got it all worked out now, don’t we?”

Rainbow put a hoof to her chin. “Well, we still have to figure out who’s top and who’s bottom.”

“Rainbow!” Applejack pushed Rainbow off of her, blushing and giggling.

“I know, I know, there’s time for that later, geez,” Rainbow placated. Despite her best efforts, she couldn’t restrain her wings as they flared open. “Look at what you do to me, AJ.”

Applejack grinned deviously, crawling up to whisper sensually in Rainbow’s ear, “Only fer you, Rainbow.”

“Dammit, AJ,” Rainbow giggled. “Now I’ll never get my wings folded.”

“Good, ‘cuz in case y’all fergot, we still got apples ta buck!” Applejack declared.

“Actually, I’ve got an Apple to buck, you’ve got a Rainbow,” Rainbow snickered.

Applejack blushed heavily. “Dammit, Rainbow!” She tackled Rainbow in retaliation, pinning her to the ground.

“Eager, are we?” Rainbow countered.

Applejack frowned. “Ah’m gonna kill you one day.”

“You know you love it.” Rainbow gave Applejack a placating peck on the nose.

Applejack, suddenly feeling weak, collapsed on top of Rainbow.

“You alright?”

A growling stomach answered Rainbow’s question. “Late breakfast?” Applejack offered.

“Yes please.” Rainbow felt her own stomach growl in agreement.

Applejack stood up shakily, having to lean on Rainbow for support once she had stood as well. “Sorry, Ah never had dinner last night.”

“Me neither,” Rainbow chuckled. “But I did have a bowl of cereal earlier.”

Applejack chuckled along. “Tha’s not ‘nough.” She wobbled.

“Enough to keep you walking straight,” Rainbow chided.

“Shut up,” Applejack muttered.

Rainbow merely giggled in response.

Rainbow managed to heave the door open while ensuring Applejack didn’t fall, though the effort left her shaky. Together, the two mares hobbled into the kitchen, leaning against each other for support. As luck would have it, freshly-made pancakes awaited them. “Good ta see ya back,” Granny Smith greeted them.

Rainbow grinned sheepishly. “Um…”

The knowing glint in Granny Smith’s eye was hard to ignore. Both mares sat and busied themselves in their meals to hide their embarrassment. Across the table, they could hear Granny Smith chuckling good-naturedly.

Well, that could have gone worse, Rainbow decided. She and Applejack tore through their pancakes with ravenous abandon, each bite lending them strength. Both were thankful that Granny Smith had set aside extra-large portions for them.

Soon, their meal was devoured, and their limbs could support them again. Their throats were wet, and their stomachs were full. They were ready to start this awesome new day. They shared a glance, grinning before rushing out the door with simple good-byes and thank yous to Granny Smith.

“Don’ get too carried away now, y’hear?” Granny Smith called after them.

Rainbow paused mid-stride, falling down the steps of the short porch and landing in a confused heap.

“You alright there, sugarcube?” Applejack asked, fighting giggles.

Rainbow stood up sheepishly. “Yeah, great.”

“Y’know Applebloom’s gonna wanna know ‘bout us,” Applejack sighed.

Rainbow raised an eyebrow. “I thought she already convinced herself.”

“Maybe, but Ah’d feel better if we talked to her.” Applejack averted her gaze guiltily. “She’s feelin’ a little unimportant right now.”

Rainbow frowned. “AJ, you told me you’d stop doing this.”

“Well Ah am now,” Applejack assured. “An’ Ah promise ta ask yer permission ‘fore Ah get down on mahself again.”

Rainbow laughed, shaking her head. “You know I’m never gonna give you that.”

“Maybe that’s why Ah need ya in mah life.” Applejack smiled. “Still thinkin’ ‘bout that whole weather thing?”

Rainbow smiled, too. “You kidding? At this rate I’ll have to move my house over yours.”

“What, and have a place Ah can’t get to ya so’s you can start usin’ hit n’ run tactics?” Applejack challenged.

“Maybe.” Rainbow grinned deviously.

Applejack sighed. “What am Ah gonna do with ya?”

“Buck some apples?” Rainbow suggested.

“We’re already doin’ that.”

Rainbow grinned. “Then how about a kiss?”

Applejack laughed, unable to resist giving Rainbow a peck on the nose. “Yer impossible.”

“Well, if anypony can do the impossible, it’s you,” Rainbow waggled her brow.

Applejack snorted in mirth. “That was terrible.”

“Well then which is it?”

Applejack swatted at Rainbow playfully. “Both.”

Rainbow caught Applejack’s hoof, giving it a quick kiss. “Awesome.”

“We gonna start buckin’ or not?”

“Not even gonna set the mood first?”

Applejack snorted. “Ah meant the apples.”

“So did I,” Rainbow snickered.

Applejack’s hoof met her face, unable to grace Rainbow’s antics with a response. She decided that she’d have to start choosing her words more carefully around her new marefriend. Applejack paused, considering the word. Did it really describe what she now had with Rainbow? Or was it too early to use the term? She figured she’d ask Twilight when she-

“Oh, ponyfeathers, Ah fergot ta give Twilight her saddlebags back,” Applejack blurted.

Rainbow rolled her eyes, chuckling. “We’ll stop by when we head out for lunch.” She paused. “Does that count as a date now?”

“Ah guess it would.” Applejack shrugged. “Don’ mean we gotta make a big deal of it.”

A thought occurred to Rainbow. “Oh Celestia, imagine the gossip if the town finds out we really are dating now. And I have lessons with Scratch today.”

“Want me ta come with?” Applejack offered.

Rainbow shrugged. “She did say to let her know when I got my awesome new marefriend.”

“When was that?” Applejack asked, unable to contain her blush at the new title.

“Earlier today. Like, half an hour ago actually.”

“Was Octavia there?” Applejack asked.

“Yeah, but something seemed off.” Rainbow thought

Applejack cocked her head. “Off how?”

“She was really going at it with Scratch. I think she was using her super sexy earth pony seduction powers.”

“Ah thought she just had super earth pony cello powers.”

“That’s what she wants us to think!” Rainbow insisted, starting up another one of her tangents. “Maybe she’s actually some super badass superhero with crazy powers, and that’s what she uses to play the cello like that!”

Applejack paused. “No, Ah think she just practices a lot.”

“But you don’t know that!”

“Ya can ask her yerself if we see her.”

Rainbow huffed. “I don’t think you realize how serious this could be.”

Applejack eyed Rainbow. “Ah don’t think you understand how ta be serious.”

“Sure I do!” Rainbow pecked Applejack on the cheek. “See?”

Applejack blushed. “Yeah.”

“You know, we should probably get to applebucking.”

“That’s what Ah said ‘fore ya muddied the issue with yer…” Applejack searched for the word, “shenanigans.”

“But you love my shenanigans,” Rainbow pointed out.

“That’s not the point! Now are we gonna do this or not?”

Rainbow laughed. “Sure, why not.”

Applejack let out a heavy sigh, leading the tangential pegasus to the barn for saddle basket equipment. Somehow, the day was getting dragged out even more than before. Applejack hoped she still had her sanity at the end of the month.

“Just be sure to be gentle if you use your super sexy earth pony seduction powers on me,” Rainbow quipped.

Not likely, Applejack decided.
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So... a bit in the future, but this happened and I feel I need to put it here now. Writing this just made me really like Rarity for the first time. I think I'm keeping this headcanon. Derped!

“Big Macintosh?” Rarity’s voice startled the stallion in question, who was busying himself counting apples in the barn after failed attempts to sleep that night.

“Rare? What-“

Rarity stepped forward, placing a hoof to Big Mac’s lips. “Please, Mac. I… I can’t lie anymore.”

Big Mac’s eyes widened, tearing up as his mind came to a conclusion. “You… Ya don’ wanna see me anymore, do ya?”

Rarity jumped in alarm. “What? No, Mac, it’s not that at all!”

Big Mac regarded her dubiously. “It’s alright, Rare. Ah understand, ya don’ have ta-“

Rarity silenced Big Macintosh with a gentle kiss on the lips. He instantly softened at the touch, his fears calming. “Not that, Big Mac. Never that.” Rarity averted her gaze briefly. “Unless you don’t want to see me again.”

“What? Why would Ah not wanna see ya?” Big Mac asked sadly.

“Because I…” Rarity gulped. “I have something I need to confess.”

Big Macintosh waited quietly, mind racing with possibilities. But it certainly never occurred to him that-

“I’m not really a mare,” Rarity squeaked out.

Big Mac paused; face draining of emotion, his mind drawing a blank. “Ah… Ah don’…”

“I was born a colt,” Rarity continued, voice barely above a whisper. “But mother and father wanted a daughter. They did all they could to change me, to hide who I really am. On my first birthday they paid a professional for reconstructive magical surgery for my face. It was obviously a remarkable success. But there is one thing that magic cannot change, nor conceal but temporarily…”

Big Macintosh opened his mouth, but found no words to speak.

“They called me Rarity, for one I certainly was. They raised me as a proper filly, doing their utmost to ensure I could still be the daughter they had wanted.” Rarity sighed. “They asked a tutor to teach me a concealment spell for my… abnormality. It’s helped me out of many a tight situation, and allowed me a little more… leniency in my gait. Nopony was ever the wiser of my true disposition, even now. But my parents eventually grew dissatisfied of me. They wanted a real daughter, and got one in Sweetie Belle.”

Rarity averted her gaze. “I grew jealous of her. She was everything mother and father wanted, while I was forced to the side. More than ever, I worked to make them believe I was a real mare. I slowly worked my way back into their favor by being as marely as I could. I used everything I had been taught, I truly became what they had made me. More than them, I convinced myself. Being a mare was something I had always embraced, but it became more than that, almost an obsession. But the more attention they paid to me, the less was left for Sweetie Belle. It broke my heart to see her neglected in any way. So I did the most generous thing I’ve ever done. I left, set off to make it on my own.

“I bought Carousel Boutique at the age of fourteen and began to sell dresses to support myself. It came naturally, of course. I had made all my own dresses since I was five, custom made for myself. For while the concealment spell did make my abnormality invisible, it was still there, and showed through fabric.” Rarity laughed half-heartedly. “It’s funny when you come to think that it was all because my parents couldn’t find dresses that would allow me proper concealment. They got so frustrated one day that I thought to try my own hoof at dressmaking. And you can clearly see where that’s taken me.

“I looked back on those days, of course, but I knew things were better without me. Sweetie Belle got all the attention she deserved, and I was off doing what I loved, free of judgment. Left to myself, I dreamt of what life could be like if I was successful. I was always taken by the fashion scene of Canterlot, and the sophistication was something to be craved. I eventually heard tell of Prince Blueblood, and his availability. But we all know how that turned out. That’s what made me think that perhaps I was looking for love in the wrong places.

“It didn’t take long for me to develop feelings for you, though you were the brother of one of my long-time friends. It almost felt like I’d had them all along, but was always too afraid to act on them. I still was afraid. I still am, more than ever. I thought that, perhaps if I got close to you before I revealed my true self that you would accept me and give me a chance, but now I…” Rarity trailed off, tears forming in her eyes as she contemplated her failure.

But Big Macintosh would have none of that. He gently kissed away Rarity’s tears before they could fall, feeling closer to her than ever before. He wrapped her in a tender embrace once her tears had been dried. Rarity leaned into the hug in a daze, scarcely believing her luck.

“Y’know, ya coulda just told me from the start,” Big Mac rumbled. “Ah figure yer just the mare Ah’ve been lookin’ fer.”

“What? How can you-“

“Mah barn door swings both ways,” Big Mac said through a heavy blush. “Ah tend ta prefer a mare’s figure and lack o’ judgment Ah’d get from bein’ with one, but… well, yer a stallion where it counts.”

Rarity’s eyes widened, blushing profusely. “So you’re saying you… like the fact that I have a…”

Big Mac nodded. “Ah know ya like bein’ the mare, but… maybe we could take it in turns?”

Rarity nodded emphatically. “Whatever you want, Mac, I’ll be happy to oblige. But right now I… I don’t know if I can make it back home like this.”

Big Mac’s eyes widened as he became aware of something stiff against his stomach. “I, uh…”

Rarity giggled, blushing. “Sorry. I’m just so excited.” She yawned. “And also very sleepy.”

Big Mac let out a chuckle that ended in a yawn. “Ah hear ya, Rare.” He gave her a peck on the nose. “There’s time fer that later. But fer now…”

Rarity squeaked as Big Macintosh heaved her up onto his back. “Ya don’ mind if Ah still call ya mah marefriend, right?”

“Wouldn’t have it any other way, Mac.” Rarity smiled, wrapping her hooves around Mac’s neck.

Big Mac walked over to the front porch, sneaking in the door and moving quietly upstairs. They reached his room without incident, where Big Mac lowered Rarity onto his bed, shortly joining her. Rarity embraced him again when he lay down, nuzzling into his broad chest.

“Ya know, we’re probably gonna have ta tell the family ‘fore they start askin’ why we ain’t havin’ no foals,” Big Mac said.

Rarity giggled. “We haven’t even had sex yet!”

Big Mac blushed. “Ah know, but with the way things are run on the farm…”

“Your last hope for foals is Apple Bloom,” Rarity finished, smiling sadly.

Big Mac chuckled. “Nah, t’aint that. Applejack done told me she’s got a way ta get foals with Rainbow. She got a book on it an’ everythin’.”

Rarity giggled. “I wonder where they got it.”

Big Mac grinned. “Beats me.”

Rarity yawned. “Well I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted.” She kissed Mac on the nose. “Good night, Mac.”

“Night, Rare.” Big Mac returned the gesture, cradling Rarity’s head as they drifted off to sleep.

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Plot points, plot points, what we gonna do? We got shenanigans in store. How could Cloudchaser think of more?

Accidentally, of course.


(from previous stopping point)

            “You know, AJ. Now that we’re gonna be dating, we can be even more like Daring and Blondie,” Rainbow commented as they were strapping on their saddle baskets. She reached over to grab her pith helmet from the wall for emphasis.

            “You know that only leaves one thing, right?” Applejack asked, sliding over to whisper sensually into Rainbow’s ear. “An’ that’s our first roll in the hay.”

            Rainbow’s wings shot out as her face reddened. “Okay, you win,” she murmured, eliciting a laugh from Applejack.

            “Gotta try harder ‘n that, sugarcube,” Applejack taunted.

             Rainbow grinned, brandishing her wings. “I know one way to get you flustered.”

            Applejack’s eyes shrunk. “Ya wouldn’ dare.”

            Rainbow leapt at Applejack, pinning her down and tickling her along her sides with her feathered appendages. Applejack fell into a helpless fit of laughter.

            “Knock it off, Rainbow!” Applejack demanded between laughs.

            “Okay.” Rainbow lowered her wings abruptly, catching Applejack’s open mouth in a kiss.

            Applejack moaned happily into the kiss. This was something she could get used to. She shifted her hips slightly, gasping as Rainbow’s wings brushed against her flanks.

            Rainbow shot up from the embrace as soon as she registered the touch. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean- It was an accident! N-not to say that I don’t…” Rainbow trailed off at Applejack’s puzzled expression.

            “Sorry fer what, sugarcube?” Applejack asked with a small chuckle. “Not the kiss, Ah hope.”

            “I…” Rainbow blushed. “Never mind. I’ll tell you later.”

            Applejack propped herself up with a foreleg. “Tell me what?”

            “I’m not comfortable with-“

            “C’mon, Rainbow; Ah don’ bite.” Applejack smiled.

            “AJ, please. I’d rather…” Rainbow sighed. “I’d rather tell you when I’m ready. Can we just… get to bucking and talk about this later?”

            Applejack frowned, wondering what had caused the sudden change. “Alright. We’ve wasted enough time as it is… Er, well, Ah wouldn’t call it wasted…”

            “Come on, Blondie. There’s more treasure out there.” Rainbow smiled.

            Applejack smiled back. “Right there with ya, Daring.”

            Out in the orchard, there were significantly more trees with ripened fruit, which meant less time scouting, and a whole lot more time harvesting. Applejack took care of most of the bucking, while Rainbow ferried the harvested apples to the barn.

            “Got another shipment fer ya, Daring!” Applejack called out, dropping off one set of saddle baskets and donning another.

            “I’m on it!” Rainbow swooped in to nab their plunder to stow it back at the base. There, Granny Smith waited to sort through the spoils and organize them properly. “Got some more for ya, boss.”

            “Much obliged, Daring,” Granny Smith rattled, barely taking her eyes off her task.

            Splitting the workload made things far more efficient, and eliminated the arduous hauling period that usually marked the end of the day. So Applejack didn’t need to conserve as much energy and could work longer without consequence. Granny Smith had an easier time of sorting the apples in a steady stream as opposed to all at once. And with Big Mac free to assist in the bucking, the harvest was moving along at a brisk pace.

            “You know, maybe we should try this more often,” Rainbow suggested upon rendezvous with Applejack.

            “Which, the system er the goofin’ around?” Applejack chuckled.

            “I have to choose just one?”

            Applejack shook her head, moving to another tree.

            “Though it might be nice to just take it easy and go at our own pace together some time,” Rainbow admitted. “You know, on a less hectic day, just to get some more time to talk and stuff.”

            Applejack grinned. “Do Ah gotta ask just what that stuff is?”

            Rainbow laughed. “That wasn’t quite what I meant, but I’m sure we could squeeze that in, too.”

            “Sounds good ta me,” Applejack said, giving Rainbow a kiss on the nose. “Ah can’t say enough how much Ah appreciate havin’ ya here, Rainbow.”

            “Hey, keep this up and I might have to really think about moving in.”

            “Ya weren’t already?” Applejack playfully accused.

            “Well, more than usual.”

            Applejack laughed, offering her filled saddle baskets. “We’d love ta have ya.” She blushed. “’Specially me.”

            “You drive a hard bargain.” Rainbow took Applejack’s saddle baskets. “I’ll have to get back to ya.”

            “Don’ keep me waitin’ too long, now,” Applejack cautioned.

            Rainbow smiled. “Wouldn’t dream of it.” She took off with a wink, leaving Applejack to watch her fondly until she left sight.

            “What a strange few days it’s been,” Applejack mused, smiling brightly.



            “Alright, that’s the last of ‘em.” Rainbow reached the barn with a smile, having walked back with Applejack on the final trip.

            “Ya do good work together, you two,” Granny Smith praised. “Might have ta keep ya ‘round, Rainbow Dash.”

            Applejack chuckled. “We’re sure thinkin’ about it, Granny Smith.”

            “Happy ta hear it.” Granny Smith looked away from her work to smile at the two mares. “Now run along, y’all; Ah’ll take it from here.”

            Applejack stepped up, placing a hoof on Granny Smith’s shoulder. “Thanks fer bein’ so understandin’, Granny.”

            “Aw, ain’t nothin’ but a thing, Applejack.” Granny Smith chuckled. “Ah saw this ‘un comin’ a long ways away.”

            “Seems the whole town did, too,” Rainbow put in.

            “Don’ let it get ta ya none. Jes’ make sure ta show ‘em jes’ how right they were.” Granny Smith winked.

            “Will do, Granny Smith.” Applejack nodded.

            “Now git along. Ah’ve got apples ta sort.”

            Nodding, the two mares waved good-bye, stopping by the farmhouse to pick up Twilight’s saddlebags before setting off on the road toward Ponyville.

            On their way to Twilight’s, they passed Octavia in the marketplace, gathering ingredients for a hearty lunch.

            “Hey, you two. Get everything sorted out?”

            Rainbow nodded bashfully. “Yeah. I’ll tell Scratch when I come over for guitar lessons. Applejack just has to return Twilight’s saddlebags before we head out for lunch.”

            “You could join Vinyl and I. I’m making a casserole,” Octavia offered. “You could talk over lunch.”

            Rainbow looked to Applejack, who nodded. “Sounds great. Thanks, Tavi.”

            “It’s no trouble at all, Rainbow Dash. I look forward to talking with the two of you.” Octavia paused. “And congratulations on finding each other.”

            The two grinned nervously, gaining blushes. “Thanks,” they chorused.

            Octavia shook her head, remarking on how cute they were together before bidding them good day.

            “Well, that takes care of lunch,” Rainbow said.

            Applejack chuckled. “It’ll be nice ta talk to ‘em again. But first, we gotta drop this off at Twilight’s.”

            “Yep. We can tell her about us, too.” Rainbow giggled. “I’m sure she’ll go on some long speech about how she helped us out.”

            “Ah hope not. We might miss lunch!” Applejack quipped.

            “If she keeps it short, yeah,” Rainbow joked.

            Applejack laughed. “Come on, that lunch is soundin’ mighty fine ‘bout now.”

            Rainbow followed as Applejack made her way to Twilight’s library, falling into step beside her and nuzzling her sneakily. Applejack smiled, reciprocating the gesture happily, not caring how many heads they might turn.

            Among ponies to notice the exchange were another similarly inclined couple, Lyra and Bon Bon. “So, Rainbow’s finally got her mare,” Lyra observed. “Took her long enough.”

            Bon Bon rolled her eyes. “Not everypony’s blessed with your disregard for society, dear.”

            “The hay is that supposed to mean?” Lyra frowned. “If this is about that whole wedding fiasco again…”

            “Did you hear something?” Rainbow asked suddenly.

            Applejack stopped, looking around her. “Uh, no. Why?”
            Rainbow shrugged. “Just thought I heard my name somewhere.”

            Applejack hummed, falling back into step with Rainbow. “Ah’m sure it weren’t nothin’ important.”

            “Hey, if it’s about me, it’s bound to be important,” Rainbow bragged.

            Applejack smirked. “And here Ah thought Ah beat that outta ya.”

            Rainbow grinned. “Nope! Not even your sexy powers can hold me back!”

            “Oh yeah? What about mah other powers, then?” Applejack cocked a leg mid-stride.

            “I thought that was part of your sexy powers.”

            Applejack blushed. “Not that! Ah meant mah buckin’ powers.”

            Rainbow smirked, “So did-“

            Rainbow never got to finish her statement as she was given a whap on the rump by Applejack’s tail. “We ain’t discussin’ that in public.”

            “Fine.” Rainbow was quiet for a few steps. “But that was pretty hot.”

            “Ah’m still tryin’a figure out what ta do with ya,” Applejack mused.

            “And I’m still full of awesome ideas. We can go on like this all day.”

            Applejack snorted. “We better not. We’re here.” Applejack gestured to the door in front of them.

            Rainbow needed no further invitation as she threw the door open. “Hey, Twilight!”

            As it turned out, Twilight was already besieged by a hyperactive pink mare, bouncing around and apparently asking for something.

            “-all about Rainbow and Apple-“ Pinkie cut herself off with a dramatic gasp, darting to greet them animatedly. “Ohmigosh, I heard all about it! Is it really true?”

            Rainbow blinked. “What?”

            “I saw you guys, you were in the marketplace, and you were talking to Octavia, and she was all ‘Hey, you two. Get everything sorted out?’ and you were like ‘Yeah.’ So I was thinking what you were talking about, and then Octavia congratulated you, so I knew something was going on, so I followed you guys, and Dashie got all up close to Applejack. And then I saw Lyra and Bon Bon in front of their sweet shop, and Lyra was like, ‘So, Rainbow’s finally got her mare’ and that’s when it all made sense! Ooh, I’m so happy for you guys! I guess the rumors were true after all, huh?”

            Rainbow blinked again, trying to process Pinkie’s rambling. She thought she had been asked a question, but wasn’t quite sure.

            Sometime in the interim, Twilight had walked up, and having understood Pinkie a little better, spoke in turn. “I have to admit, I didn’t think you guys were gonna pair up overnight. But I suppose there might have been some development I’m not aware of.”

            “Oh, yeah! I saw Rainbow Dash earlier, and she said something happened with Applejack, and she was all sad. She told me she’d tell me what it is later, and now it’s later so what was it?” Pinkie batted her eyelashes.

            “Uh… I…”

            “Rainbow and Ah had a bit of a run-in last night.” Applejack explained. “We somehow ended up kissin’, an’ Ah overreacted. We talked about it earlier, an’ decided we’d give it a shot.”

            “Uh… yeah.” Rainbow shook her head, giving up on deciphering Pinkie’s babbling. “Anyway, we just came here to give you back your saddlebags, Twilight. We have to go meet Scratch and Tavi for lunch, so…”

            “Of course.” Twilight smiled. “Thanks for returning them. And congratulations, you two.”

            Pinkie jumped. “Oh, and have lots and lots of fun!”

            “Sure thing. We’ll see y’all later.” Applejack waved, leading Rainbow out the door.

            “Okay. That happened.” Rainbow said once they were on their way to Vinyl’s house.

            Applejack shrugged. “Good ta have Pinkie’s antics outta the way.”

            Rainbow rolled her eyes. “For now, at least. She’s gonna be all over us later.”

            “Ain’t all that bad, sugarcube,” Applejack consoled. “Not like she’s tryin’a get between us er nothin’.”

            “I guess not. Just… let’s try to avoid her for a while. At least until she calms down.”

            Applejack cocked a brow. “That’ll only take a hundred years.”

            Rainbow frowned. “You’re right. We’re doomed.”

            Applejack chuckled, nuzzling under Rainbow’s chin. Rainbow smiled at the touch, breaking out of her momentary despair.

            Rainbow gave Applejack a peck on the cheek. “Thanks.”

            “Any time, sugarcube.” Applejack gestured ahead to Vinyl’s house.

            Rainbow came to a halt before Vinyl’s door. “Alright, let’s get this over with.” Rainbow strode into Vinyl’s house with an air of confidence. “Hey, Vinyl, guess who’s got a super awesome new marefriend!”

            Applejack looked at Rainbow incredulously.


            “Rainbow, Ah said ta break the ice, not…”

            “Well it’s broken now!”

            “Ya coulda at least shut the door first!”

            “Well which is it, AJ? Do you want me to go for it or not?”

            “Ah told ya already, Ah-“

            “Oh, look, Tavi. It’s the lovebirds again,” Vinyl called, waltzing in from the kitchen.

            Rainbow pointed a hoof at Vinyl. “Hey, I came in here to you two making out. You got nothing.”

            “Nah, I’ve got Tavi,” Vinyl made a downward motion with her hoof.

            Rainbow snorted. “So if you’ve got Tavi, and you’re calling us lovebirds-“

            “Oh, that’s easy. We’re lovedinosaurs now.”

            “Love what now?” Applejack interjected.

            “I think it means their love is destined to an explosive end far in the future,” Rainbow stated.

            “No! It means we’ve been lovebird-ing for way longer than you!” Vinyl shot back.

            Octavia entered the room with a bemused grin on her face. “What I think she’s trying to say is that, since birds are thought to have descended from dinosaurs, that we in some way influenced your relationship with our own.”

            Vinyl stared blankly at Octavia. “Actually I was just going off the fact that dinosaurs were around since way before birds, but that sounds pretty good too.”

            Octavia rolled her eyes. “Forgive Vinyl’s antics. She’s been rather… excited since you came by last, Rainbow Dash.”

            “I was not!” Vinyl argued. “That totally had nothing to do with it at all!”

            “What, so Scratch secretly has the hots for me?” Rainbow raised an eyebrow.

            “No, I was just happy that you two were finally gonna do something about all those shenanigans!” Vinyl snapped. “Oh, Luna dammit.”

            “Aha! So you admit it!” Rainbow grinned triumphantly.

            Vinyl turned to Octavia. “Help me please.”

            Octavia shook her head. “You got yourself into this Vinyl, and you’ll get yourself out.”

            “Dammit, Tavi!” Vinyl groaned. “Fine, I’ve kinda been cheering for you two for a while now, and seeing you so messed up about Applejack made me think it was gonna happen finally. And now it did, so Tavi’s gonna hang it over my head for a million years.”

            “One for every time you’ve overstepped your bounds,” Octavia clarified.

            Rainbow snickered. “Wait, so you’re telling me you haven’t gotten Tavi to bed since that first day?”

            Octavia giggled. “Three days can do a lot to a mare’s constitution.”

            “I hate you, Tavi,” Vinyl grumped, “just so you know.”

            Octavia placed a kiss on the tip of Vinyl’s horn. “I love you, too, dear.”

            “Well, ain’t that jes’ the cutest thing ya ever did see,” Applejack mused.

            “Nope! I had my eyes closed.” Rainbow asserted.

            “Ah saw you watch the whole thing, ya liar,” Applejack chuckled.

            “Oh? So you were enjoying the view? Of me watching the…” Rainbow paused. “Wait, does that count as second-hoof voyeurism?”

            “Don’ it have ta be a bit more sexy ta count?”

            Rainbow raised a brow. “I don’t know where you’ve been, but horn play definitely counts as sexy.”

            Applejack snorted, flustered. “Well Ah ain’t a master o’ sexy stuff like you.”

            “You kidding? I’m just as clueless as you!” Rainbow paused. “Okay, maybe not that much, but I still have no idea what I’m doing here.”

            Applejack’s eyes grew sultry. “Aw, then who’s gonna teach me all Ah need ta know ‘bout pleasin’ a pegasus?”

Rainbow grinned. “Don’t worry, AJ, I can teach you all about wings.”

            Applejack chuckled. “Good, ‘cuz Ah might be needin’ it pretty soon with-“

            “Okay, guys, can you just hurry up and buck already? We got lunch ready,” Vinyl cut across.

            Both mares whipped their heads around with wide eyes and heavy blushes.

            “Oh, yeah, right. Lunch.” Rainbow laughed nervously.

            Applejack donned a sheepish grin. “Yeah, we’ll get right on that.”

            “I don’t always call things adorable, but when I do, it’s that,” Octavia commented.

            Vinyl face-hoofed. “Come on, Tavi. That joke is so played out.”

            Octavia frowned. “What joke?”

            “Never mind.” Vinyl rolled her eyes and led the way into the kitchen.

            Applejack looked at Rainbow, who shrugged. “Hey, she’s the most interesting cellist I know.”

            Applejack frowned. “What?”

            Rainbow shook her head, following Vinyl and Octavia to the promised lunch.

            “Alright, help yourselves. I made as much as I could,” Octavia revealed a massive, delicious-looking casserole that made you question why Octavia had a treble clef for a cutie mark. Well, more than usual anyway. It also begged another question entirely.

            “If this is lunch, what do you do for dinner?” Rainbow marveled.

            Octavia chuckled. “Most days, lunch is our dinner. Vinyl and I get so busy some nights; we don’t have time for a big supper. And before you say anything smart, I did not mean it like that. It’s actually becoming the norm for us, now.”

            “So many gigs, so little time,” Vinyl commented between bites.

            Octavia shot a glare at Vinyl. “Who said you could start eating?”

            Vinyl swallowed her mouthful. “I thought you did.”

            “I said help yourself, not dig in!”

            “There’s a difference?”

            Octavia huffed. “There is when we have guests, dear.”

            “Yep! We get first dibs!” Rainbow snarked, reaching for a second helping.

            Applejack grabbed Rainbow’s hoof. “No. We have ta mind our manners.”

            Rainbow frowned. “When did you get manners?”

            “In mah time in Manehattan,” Applejack answered smoothly.

            “Wow, and it’s taken you so long to use them?” Rainbow teased.

            “Don’ make me hit ya with this spoon.”

            “You know what, forget this whole manners thing,” Octavia said. “We’re getting completely sidetracked here, let’s just eat.”

            “We weren’t doing that already?” Vinyl quipped.

            Octavia frowned. “You’re still not off the hook.”

            “But you bait it with such awesome food!” Vinyl protested.


            “Be that as it may, shut up and eat,” Octavia commanded.


            Vinyl snorted. “Yes, Mom.”


            Rainbow barely managed to keep from choking on her food. Applejack just shook her head and started eating as Octavia did the same. Applejack wondered how long she had before Rainbow’s lack of table manners got her in trouble, and how many times Vinyl’s had gotten Octavia in trouble.


            Least we don’ go ta no fancy parties, Applejack mused.


            “Oh, that reminds me!” Vinyl spoke up. “Me and Tavi have this big music awards thing coming up. You guys wanna come?”


            Applejack frowned. She didn’t know which possibility worried her more; that Vinyl had mind-reading powers, or that she had just gone through the same thought process as the erratic DJ.


            Rainbow swallowed her mouthful. “Hay yeah! When is it?”


             “Some time at the end of the month. It’s up in Canterlot somewhere.” Vinyl gestured upwards. “Lyra and Bon are going. Colgate and Berry, too. Still have to ask Derp and C-Top.”


            “So, you’re just inviting all your friends who also happen to be fillyfooling couples,” Rainbow observed.


            “Hey, gotta show Canterlot what’s up somehow, right?” Vinyl shrugged.


            “What about you, Applejack?” Octavia asked. “Will you be able to attend?”


            “Sounds like a good time,” Applejack said. “An’ it’ll be a nice way ta celebrate yer month o’ service, Dash. Ah’ll have ta ask Granny Smith ‘bout the particulars.”


            “Why bother? We already know she’s gonna say yes. With me helping out around the farm, we could take like a week off and still be good.”


            “Great! The ceremonies take three days.” Octavia smiled.


            Applejack frowned. “Now that might be trouble. But if we work real hard…”


            “Yeah, yeah, motivation and all that stuff. We’ll be there.” Rainbow spat on her hoof and offered it to Vinyl, who reciprocated the gesture with a cocky smirk.


            “Who knows, we might have you playing a chord or two by then,” Vinyl teased.


            “Please, give me a month and they’ll be dying to have us play at the closing ceremonies.” Rainbow bragged. “Right, AJ?”


            “Ah’m not sure a month is enough time ta-“


            “Lessons!” Rainbow cut in. “How about those guitar lessons?”


            “Shouldn’t we wait ‘till AJ and Tavi are done?” Vinyl asked consciously.


            Rainbow snorted. “They’re big fillies, they can handle themselves.”


            “Wish I could say the same for you two,” Octavia remarked, taking a sip of water.


            “Not listening!” Vinyl called back in a singsong voice.


            Octavia shook her head, watching as Rainbow Dash exited the room. “It’s good to see you two getting along so nicely.”


            Applejack chuckled. “Wouldn’ be fun any other way.”


            Octavia chucked as well. “Well, they do have their ways of keeping things interesting.”


            “Yeah.” Applejack paused. “So have ya really not had a roll in the hay with Vinyl since that first time?”


            Octavia blushed. “There have been a few encounters, but nothing on the scale of the first. I take it you haven’t yet with Rainbow Dash?”


            Applejack adopted a similar blush. “N-no! Ah… Ah’m not ready ta… We just got this all settled. Ah mean, Ah think Ah wanna, but…”


            “But you want to take it slow,” Octavia finished. “I understand. I did the same with Vinyl. It was well worth the wait. Have you ever…?”


            “No, she’ll be mah first.” Applejack sighed wistfully. “Ah mean, when Ah’m… When we… Hers, too.”


            Octavia giggled. “How cute. Vinyl was my first, though she apparently fooled around with Lyra in the past.”


            “Ah can only imagine how that ended,” Applejack mused.


            “It actually went surprisingly well. They’re still friends now, obviously.” Octavia leaned back in her seat. “Vinyl told me they came to the agreement that, while it was fun while it lasted, there just wasn’t anything to stick around for, as she put it.”


            “What did she mean by that?”


            Octavia smiled. “Basically that she enjoyed the sex and make-out sessions, but they just didn’t mesh properly to create that spark. They never got past ‘I like you,’ in other words. I’m thinking it could have ended differently were either of them more responsible. From what I heard, their relationship was taken much too fast.”


            “Definitely tryin’a steer clear o’ that with Rainbow.” Applejack turned her head to watch Vinyl and Rainbow’s shenanigans in the living room.


            Octavia followed Applejack’s gaze, smiling at what she saw. “I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that. Rainbow may be brash, but she’s also loyal.”

            “Don’ Ah know it,” Applejack chuckled. “She’s stuck with me this long.”

            “Don’t be down on yourself, Applejack,” Octavia chided. “There’s far more than loyalty that keeps her amorous."

             Applejack shook her head. “Ah know. It just hasn’t really hit me yet that this all is real."

            Octavia smiled. “Don’t hold your breath.”

            “No promises,” Applejack quipped, swallowing her last bite of casserole with a satisfied sigh. She downed the last of her apple juice, looking back up to see that Octavia had also finished her meal.

            “Shall we go see what trouble our marefriends have managed to get into?” Octavia suggested, rising from her seat and stacking the dishes in the sink for later washing.

            Applejack waited patiently for Octavia to reach her side. “If Ah see Rainbow caught up in a ball o’ guitar strings, Ah’m blamin’ Vinyl.”

            Octavia laughed. “I would, too, Applejack. I would, too.”

            As luck would have it, Rainbow Dash was not in fact being assaulted by guitar strings. Well, not physically at least. “How the hell am I supposed to do that with hooves?” Rainbow demanded, trying to replicate some chord that Vinyl had demonstrated.

            Vinyl released the pick she had in her magical grasp, playing the same chord again with her hooves.

            Rainbow scowled. “You don’t have to rub it in.”

            “No, but I wanted to.” Vinyl played a short riff for bonus points.

            Octavia was on Vinyl immediately, smacking her upside the head.

            “Ow! What the hell was that for, Tavi?”

            Octavia frowned. “You’re teaching her, Vinyl, not antagonizing her. I thought we moved you past this.”

            “Well, sure seems she’s gone back on that now,” Applejack commented.

            Vinyl looked offended. “You really expect me to work with Dash and not get in a few shots of my own?”

            “T’aint really as hard as all that,” Applejack stated.

            “Yeah, maybe for her marefriend,” Vinyl groused. “What am I supposed to do, just sit around and be her bitch?”

            “Nope,” Applejack said plainly, advancing on Rainbow. “We ain’t havin’ none o’ that, neither.”

            Vinyl groaned. “See what you did, Dash? Now they’re gonna start sitting in on all our lessons.”

            “You’re just as much to blame as she is, Vinyl.” Octavia said, looking thoughtful. “Perhaps even more. And I appreciate the suggestion. We may just have to take you up on it.”

            “Shucks, with Rainbow helpin’ out ‘round the farm, Ah don’ suppose Ah’ll have much trouble findin’ the time,” Applejack said a bit bashfully.

            Rainbow smiled at her, saying nothing for fear of backlash.

            Vinyl, on the other hoof, had no issue expressing her disdain. “Luna dammit, Tavi. If I wasn’t already hooked on you…”

            Octavia laughed. “Then I’d find a way to make you mine.”

            Vinyl pouted, saying nothing more as Octavia came over to console her. Vinyl immediately softened at her touch, reciprocating a hug without complaint.

            “It’s amazing how much power Tavi has over Scratch,” Rainbow whispered to Applejack after shedding her guitar. “You starting to believe me now about those earth pony super powers?”

            Applejack chuckled. “Maybe just a bit there.”

            Rainbow licked her lips. “You should show me your super powers sometime.”

            Applejack smirked. “Ah will when ya earned the right, sugarcube.”

            “Can’t wait.” Rainbow nuzzled Applejack’s shoulder.

            Applejack giggled at the touch, placing a kiss on Rainbow’s nose. “Now you play nice with Vinyl, y’hear?”

            “Only for you,” Rainbow recited, placing a foreleg over Applejack’s shoulders.

            Applejack nuzzled into Rainbow’s chest contentedly.

            “Okay, are we gonna do this or not?” Vinyl demanded.

            Rainbow rolled her eyes, reluctantly releasing Applejack from her grasp. “Yeah, yeah.” She retrieved her guitar and slung the strap back over her shoulder.

            “So you asked me how to play this with hooves, right?”

            Rainbow nodded curtly.

            Vinyl demonstrated her motions. “Well, first you have to make sure your hoof is in front of the strings, not above them. You kinda have to bend your leg over the side and have your knee sticking out, and use your ankle to pluck the strings. It’s a little uncomfortable, but you’ll get used to it.”

            Rainbow emulated Vinyl’s hoof position before awkwardly dragging her hoof along the strings. “Like that?”

            “No, not like that you…” Vinyl stopped herself at a glare from Octavia. “You’re using too much of your hoof. You have to use just the tip of it, so your hoof isn’t actually touching the body of the guitar.”

            Rainbow frowned, stretching her leg forward until she no longer had contact with the body of the guitar. It was an odd position, tiring to maintain for an extended period of time. She plucked a few strings with the tip of her hoof between many failed attempts where she missed entirely. She grunted in frustration. “This is stupid! Why can’t I just do it my way?”

            Vinyl studied Rainbow’s form critically. “Because your way is way too clumsy; not every chord you play is going to have you playing multiple strings. And it’s damn near impossible not to screw up a note like that.”

            “Well, you use your magic to play, right? Why can’t I use my wings?” Rainbow challenged.

            Vinyl frowned. “Are you crazy? These are steel strings. You’d tear them up trying to play like that.”

            “Actually, Rainbow may be on to something,” Octavia cut across. “If we could fit picks onto each of her primaries, it could offer her greater precision. It would also solve the predicament of strumming multiple strings that are separated by others at the same time.”

            “See? Tavi’s got my back.” Rainbow smirked. “Maybe you should listen to me more often, Scratch.”

            Vinyl huffed, crossing her forelegs.

            “Ya don’ gotta be rude, Rainbow,” Applejack chided.

            Rainbow’s shoulders slumped. “Sorry.”

            “You shouldn’t be,” Octavia said. “I think this might do Vinyl some good to be bested by her student for once.”

            Vinyl grumbled in response, flicking her eyes to Octavia briefly.

            “But I’m afraid we don’t have the means for this method of yours at hoof. And Vinyl will need some time to cool off.” Octavia paused, thinking. “I’m sure you can find the appropriate equipment at the music shop. They have much everything else there, already.”

            “Alright.” Rainbow packed away her guitar, hefting the case onto her back. “Well, it was nice talking to you anyway. Even if we didn’t really get anywhere with the lessons.”

            “I’ll be sure to set up a time for another lesson after Vinyl stops ignoring me.” Octavia rolled her eyes. “Or if she doesn’t, then I’m sure something can be arranged.”

            “Don’ go too hard on ‘er, now.” Applejack winked.

            Octavia chuckled. “I’m not sure Vinyl has a limit, to be honest. Though I’m sure I’ll find it eventually.”

            Rainbow smirked. “Abuse is only foul play when she doesn’t deserve it.”

            “I’ll keep that in mind.”

            “If Ah’m gonna be dragged along ta Rainbow’s lessons now, we should do this again,” Applejack suggested.

            “It would be my pleasure,” Octavia replied. “It’s always fun to have you two around.”

            “Sounds like a plan.” Rainbow led the way to the front door. “See ya later, Scratch!” She called back.

            “Piss off!” Vinyl shot back.

            “A real charmer, ta be sure,” Applejack joked. “Nice talkin’ ta the two of ya.”

            Octavia nodded. “Be sure not to get ahead of yourselves.”

            “We’ll try,” Applejack promised.

            “Later,” Rainbow added.

            Octavia waved, closing the door behind the two as they made their way back home.

            “So what are we gonna do now?” Rainbow asked. “I’ve already got all my weather jobs taken care of, so we’ve got the rest of the day to ourselves.”

            Applejack thought. “We could head on over ta the weather center an’ try gettin’ that special assignment worked out.”

            “I think I’d like to go over that with Twilight first. She’s way better at negotiating than either of us.”

            “Then we could go pay her another visit,” Applejack suggested.

            Rainbow frowned. “And risk running into Pinkie again?”

            “Ah’m sure she’s run off somewheres by now. Besides, we still gotta drop yer guitar off back home.” Applejack grinned hopefully.

            Rainbow chuckled. “Why so eager to go see her again?”

            “Well, we never did get a chance ta thank her.”

            “I guess not.” Rainbow glanced sideways at Applejack. “But if we run into Pinkie again, I’m blaming you.”

            Applejack chuckled, shaking her head for lack of a proper response.

            Applejack and Rainbow came back to a quiet farmhouse. A quick look around showed it to be empty. Rainbow smiled, giving Applejack a quick peck on the nose before darting upstairs to stow her guitar. Applejack walked into the den to wait for Rainbow on the couch.


            Applejack froze at her little sister’s accusatory tone. “Uh…”

            “Sis, are y’all gonna tell me already what’s been goin’ on?” Apple Bloom frowned. “Ah know Ah saw Rainbow kiss ya out there.”

            Applejack took a deep breath before gesturing to the couch. “Sit down, AB.”

            Apple Bloom did so, joined shortly by Applejack. “Yer not really datin’ ‘er, are ya?”

            Applejack nodded. “Ah am now, Apple Bloom. We done had a bit of a misunderstandin’ yesterday, but it all worked out jes’ fine.”

            “So yer a… fillyfooler, AJ?”

            “Ah guess ya could say that.” Applejack looked up as Rainbow entered the room.

            Rainbow smiled gently, walking over to sit on the other side of Apple Bloom.

            Apple Bloom looked at Rainbow with big eyes. “So it’s okay ta have feelings fer another filly?”

            “Perfectly normal, kiddo,” Rainbow confirmed. “Actually, I know five couples like that right here in Ponyville.”

            Applejack frowned. “Five? Ah only know four. There’s Vinyl an’ Octavia, Lyra an’ Bon Bon, Colgate an’ Berry Punch, an’ Derpy and Golden Harvest.”

            “You’re forgetting us, silly,” Rainbow laughed, pecking Applejack on the cheek.

            Apple Bloom smiled at the gesture. “An’ those are just the ones ya know, right?”

            “Yep. There’s probably tons more we don’t know about.” Rainbow paused, grinning. “Why, you got your eye on some lucky filly?”

            “No!” Apple Bloom answered almost instantaneously, red in the face.

            Applejack smiled. “Well ain’t that cute. Mah little sister’s got her first crush.”

            “It ain’t a crush, AJ! An’ it’s…” Apple Bloom averted her gaze. “It ain’t jes’ the one.”

            Rainbow chuckled. “You know, when we were talking about this, I never really would have thought Apple Bloom would have been the one to really think about it.”

            “Ya sure seemed convinced it’d be Scoot with all the questions,” Applejack observed.

            Apple Bloom was on Applejack immediately. “Scoot’s got these feelings, too? What about Sweetie Belle?”

            Rainbow’s smile grew exponentially. “That… is the cutest thing ever.”

            Applejack laughed. “Never woulda thought ya kept track.”

            “Don’t judge me!” Rainbow shot back.

            “Wouldn’t dream of it, sugarcube,” Applejack said, smiling.

            Rainbow relaxed, returning her attention to Apple Bloom. “So, you’ve got crushes on your fellow crusaders?”

            “Ah’m not- Ah don’-“ Apple Bloom made herself small. “Is that bad?”

            “Not at all, Apple Bloom,” Applejack answered. “But Ah don’ know if it’s safe ta assume either of ‘em feel the same way.”

            “But what if they both do? Would Ah have ta choose?” Apple Bloom questioned.

            Rainbow frowned. “Well, then it would get complicated. I suppose it is possible for you all to have mutual feelings for each other, but I haven’t heard of many successful three-way relationships.”

            “So yer sayin’ Ah can’t be happy with both of ‘em?” Applebloom asked in a quivering voice.

            Rainbow threw a hoof around Apple Bloom’s shoulders. “I never said that. I just don’t want you to get your hopes up and risk having them crushed later. You three have one of the strongest bonds I’ve ever seen at your age. I’m sure that if anypony could make it work, you could.”

            “Ya really think so?”

            Rainbow nodded. “But we don’t know how Scoot and Sweetie feel just yet. Try bringing it up next time you’re all together.”

            “Well, Scoot did call a Crusader meeting tomorrow,” Apple Bloom relayed.

            “Did she say what about?” Applejack asked.

            Apple Bloom shook her head. “She just said it was important.”

            Rainbow and Applejack shared a glance. “Sounds like as good a chance as you’ll get,” Rainbow said.

            Applejack nodded. “Don’ get yer hopes up too high, but don’ be afraid ta ask.”

            “Try to keep a level head, basically,” Rainbow clarified. “You might just get lucky.”

            “Ah’ll try,” Apple Bloom said, jumping up to give each of them a hug in turn. “Thanks, y’all.”

            “Any time, AB.” Rainbow grinned.

            “We’re always here ta talk,” Applejack added.

            “Now go get planning!” Rainbow exclaimed. “You’ve got two fillies to woo and one chance to do it. You think you’ve got what it takes?”

            “Yes, ma’am!” Apple Bloom answered confidently, rushing up the stairs to her room.

            Applejack sighed when she heard Apple Bloom’s door close. “Ya think she’ll be alright?”

            Rainbow smiled. “She’s growing up, AJ Even if she doesn't have her cutie mark yet.”

            Applejack nodded, rising from the couch. Rainbow followed her out the front door and out onto the path toward Ponyville. They passed Granny Smith coming back from grocery shopping, but still found no sign of Big Macintosh.

            “I’m sure he’s just out in the fields somewhere,” Rainbow suggested.

            “Ah hope so,” Applejack sighed. “Ah’m not sure Ah can take many more talks today.”

            “Well this one was your idea, so come on,” Rainbow laughed, quickening her pace toward Ponyville.

            Applejack chuckled, matching Rainbow’s pace. They cantered through Ponyville, drawing the attention of many a passerby. All that mattered to the two friends, though, was the mare they ran with. It was becoming easier and easier to ignore the ponies around them and not care for their judgment. For the only opinions they needed were their own, and maybe those of a few close friends. One of which they were on their way to see for the third time in two days.

            “Twilight!” Rainbow burst through the library’s front door, followed closely by Applejack.

            Twilight turned to regard the intruders. “If you two want to move in here-“

            “No, we’re good.” Rainbow interrupted. “Anyway, Applejack wanted us to come over here so we could thank you for helping us out yesterday.”

            “Well, you’re certainly welcome.”

            “Y’all jes’ did so much fer mah confidence, Twi. And Ah haven’t even started on that book yet!”

            Twilight shifted. “I’m flattered, really, but is all this really necessary?”

            “O’ course it is! With Pinkie muddyin’ the issue we never got ta thank ya before,” Applejack pressed.

            Twilight averted her gaze. “It was nothing, really. Anything to help a friend in need,”

            “I think you’re making her uncomfortable, AJ,” Rainbow observed.

            “Oh, Ah’m sorry, Twi. Ah didn’t mean ta-“

            “It’s okay, Applejack. It’s all in the past now, so can we please just leave it at that?” Twilight asked in an odd tone of voice.

            Applejack frowned. “Uh, Ah guess so-“

            “Great! Now, if you wouldn’t mind, I have a lot of stuff to do before my trip to Canterlot tomorrow.”

            “Oh, uh, sure. No problem, Twi. We’ll get outta yer way.” Applejack paused before leading Rainbow out of the library.

            Rainbow blinked. “Okay then. Now what?”

            Applejack thought. “Well, Ah’ve still gotta thank Fluttershy fer makin’ me stop actin’ like a damn fool this mornin’. An’ Ah’m not sure Rarity knows about us yet.”

            “So more walking and talking,” Rainbow observed.

            “Somethin’ wrong, sugarcube?” Applejack asked.

            Rainbow sighed. “No, I’m just wondering when we’re gonna run out of boring stuff and get back to the excitement.”

            “Well we ain’t exactly got a shortage of stuff ta do, at least,” Applejack said. “And Ah’d say the whole thing with Apple Bloom was plenty excitin’.”

            Rainbow shrugged. “I guess, but when you spend the whole day doing one thing…”

            Applejack frowned. “Well, what else do ya wanna do? We still got plenty of time ‘fore dinner.”

            “I don’t know. I guess it’s just that we’ve spent more time going around town today than we’ve spent just you and me. And, well, this is our first day as a real… couple.”

            Applejack smiled. “So ya wanna do somethin’ special?”

            “It doesn’t have to be anything special, just… you know, spend some more time alone.”

            “Well we can do that before an’ after dinner. It won’t take too long ta go talk ta Fluttershy at least. She ain’t exactly the most talkative pony,” Applejack chuckled.

            “Yeah, I guess I kinda do owe it to her after all we’ve been through.” Rainbow sighed. “Alright, let’s get going. The faster we get this done the more time we get to spend alone, right?”

            “That’s the idea.”

            “Then come on!” Rainbow surprised Applejack by grabbing her by the waist and taking to the air.

            “Rainbow, what the hay, put me down!”

            “It’s faster this way,” Rainbow explained.

            Applejack looked down at the ground falling away from them. “An’ a whole lot more dangerous! What if ya drop me?”

            Rainbow laughed. “Why would I do something stupid like that? I’ve got you, don’t worry.”

            Applejack gulped, staring straight ahead stoically. Within a couple of minutes, Applejack felt the ground beneath her hooves again.

            “See? That wasn’t that bad, was it?”

            Applejack tested the ground with a few scuffs. “Ah guess not. Warn me next time ya do somethin’ like that.”

            “Sure thing,” Rainbow said absently, going to knock on Fluttershy’s door.

            “And next time, Ah ride on top,” Applejack continued.

            Rainbow froze, hoof inches from the door. A blush spread across her cheeks, showing plainly through her fur.

            Applejack leaned in to whisper in Rainbow’s ear, “That’s payback fer yesterday.”

            Rainbow shoved Applejack, smirking. “Dammit, Applejack.”

            Applejack stuck her tongue out, raising a hoof to knock at the door when it suddenly opened.

            “Hi, girls. I heard you from inside, so I came to see what was wrong,” Fluttershy explained.

            “Nothing’s wrong, Fluttershy.” Rainbow rolled her eyes. “Applejack here is just insisting on going around thanking everypony in Ponyville for helping her bag the coolest mare in Equestria.”

            “Ah’m awful grateful fer the talk, Fluttershy,” Applejack said. “Ya got mah head back on straight.”

            Fluttershy smiled. “Well, I’m happy everything worked out for you two. But, uh, I’m a little busy taking care of your sick animal.”

            “Oh, right, no problem. Ah just wanted ta say thanks.” Applejack smiled.

            “You’re very welcome. Bye, girls,” Fluttershy waved before closing the door and returning to her task.

            Applejack spun in place, facing the road again.
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PostSubject: Re: Oh God Cloud Wrote a Fanfic   Oh God Cloud Wrote a Fanfic I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 20, 2013 3:35 am

          “Soup’s on, everypony! Come an’ get it!”

            Applejack and Rainbow Dash were first to the table, followed shortly by Apple Bloom. Big Macintosh was still nowhere to be found, which was certainly cause for concern.

            “Where do you think he went?” Rainbow asked.

            “Ah’m not sure. It ain’t like him ta miss dinner.” Applejack thought.

            Rainbow frowned. “Well, he’s missing and so is Rarity, and it’s dinner time. You don’t think they’re going out, do you?”

            “He never told any o’ us he’d been seein’ anypony. Definitely not one of our friends.”

            Rainbow shrugged. “Maybe he’s worried you’d be upset. Or maybe it’s the first date and nothing’s really happened yet.”

            “Or maybe we shouldn’t jump ta conclusions,” Granny Smith cut in.

            “Yeah, Big Mac would never do nothin’ behind our backs!” Apple Bloom piped up.

            “Just throwing it out there,” Rainbow apologized.

            “Ah’m a little worried Rainbow might be onta somethin’, mahself,” Applejack said.

            Rainbow made an idle gesture with a hoof. “I’m sure everything’s fine, AJ. Let’s just eat so we can get to that alone time you promised me.”

            Applejack frowned, but complied nonetheless.

            The air at the table was decidedly uncomfortable. Not much talk was had over dinner as they all felt the conspicuous absence of the oldest Apple sibling. He did not make an appearance over dinner, nor for a good while afterwards.

            Applejack and Rainbow went into the den to cuddle on the couch, though Applejack seemed distant.

            “You alright, Applejack?” Rainbow asked, nuzzling her cheek.

            Applejack sighed. “Ah’m just worried somethin’s goin’ on with Mac. He seemed fine this mornin’.”

            Rainbow wrapped her hooves around Applejack’s neck. “Rarity probably just asked him out, and now they’re off having fun.”

            “We don’t even know if Rarity fits inta any o’ this,” Applejack pointed out.

            “But it does make sense. I said it before dinner. They’re a mare and a stallion, they’re both missing at the same time, which happens to be the time most ponies eat dinner…”

            “But Mac done told me he…” Applejack stopped herself.

            Rainbow cocked a brow. “Told you what?”

            Applejack sighed. “Can we talk about this upstairs?”

            “Sure.” Rainbow released Applejack and stood up, following as Applejack made her way to her room.

            Applejack sat on her bed, thinking. Rainbow sat next to her, comforting.

            “So what’s going on with Mac now?” Rainbow asked.

            Applejack averted her gaze briefly before making eye contact. “Couple days ago he told me he was, well… inta colts.”

            Rainbow grinned. “No way. Top or bottom?”

            Applejack couldn’t hold back a laugh. “Ah asked the same thing.”

            “And?” Rainbow prodded.

            “Ah didn’t get a straight answer, but he was all embarrassed about it, so Ah think Ah can guess.”

            Rainbow giggled, picturing the big stallion in a submissive role. She soon burst out laughing, unable to stop herself. It was just too weird. “So… so you’re thinking… he can’t be involved with Rarity because she’s a… a mare?”

            “Well, he said he ain’t strictly inta just colts, but Ah’m not sure how much interest he has in mares,” Applejack pondered. “He seemed pretty self-conscious about it all, though.”

            “I wouldn’t blame him. Coltcuddling tends to get a lot of hate.” Rainbow paused. “So you’re saying it sounded like he was leaning more towards colts?”

            Applejack nodded. “Ah don’ know the whole o’ it, but he sounded pretty serious.”

            Rainbow threw a hoof around Applejack’s midsection. “So what, then? You worried he wouldn’t be happy with Rarity?”

            “Ah don’ know. Just, ta think Mac might be goin’ out with one o’ our friends without even tellin’ us about it…”

            “Hey, I’m sure it’s nothing like that.” Rainbow gave Applejack a squeeze. “He’s just as much of a romantic train wreck as us, right?”

            Applejack chuckled. “Ah guess ya could say that.”

            “Then what do you have to worry about? If he came clean to you that he likes colts, I’m pretty sure we can rule out the possibility he’s living a second life behind your back.”

            Applejack smiled. “No, yer right. Ah’m jes’ worryin’ about nothin’ again.”

            Rainbow kissed Applejack on the cheek. “Come on. Let’s just relax. It’s been a hell of a day, and we’ve finally got some time to ourselves.”

            “Okay,” Applejack said, giving Rainbow a kiss on the nose.

            Rainbow responded with a kiss on Applejack’s lips. Applejack blushed, returning the gesture with a small lick at the end. Rainbow narrowed her eyes, grinning deviously. Applejack smiled nervously.

            “Ah’ve never really kissed anypony proper-like before,” Applejack mumbled.

            Rainbow giggled. “Neither have I. But what better way to learn, right?”

            Applejack nodded, blush deepening as she brought her lips to Rainbow’s. Rainbow licked the outside of Applejack’s lips, requesting entry. After a brief hesitation, she parted her lips, and Rainbow’s tongue invaded her mouth.

            Applejack gasped as Rainbow bumped her tongue clumsily against hers. She made to reciprocate the gesture, meeting Rainbow’s advance in the neutral space between their locked lips. Applejack attempted to grasp Rainbow’s tongue in hers, succeeding only in drawing her tongue along the roof of Rainbow’s mouth in one particularly botched attempt. Rainbow moaned appreciatively at the unexpected touch, reciprocating it in turn.

            Before either could do much more, the need for air made them separate, panting.

            “That was… pretty awesome,” Rainbow gasped.

            Applejack chuckled. “Ah’m sure we just… need a little more practice.”

            “I… kinda wanna do that again,” Rainbow squeaked.

            Applejack smiled. “What better way ta learn, right?”


            Applejack and Rainbow Dash spent much of the evening practicing their kissing techniques. Their tongues were still quite unskilled, though that would come with time. Mostly by accident, they found numerous pleasurable motions, repeating them until they were committed to memory. They tried multiple times to entwine their tongues, though never quite got it down. Either they would both turn their tongues in the same direction – or sometimes opposite – or their tongues would slip and collide with the sides of their mouths.

            But despite all their failures, both mares thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and knew it would only get better.

            “If this is just kissing, I can’t imagine how good sex is,” Rainbow commented.

            “We’ll be sure ta try that out some time,” Applejack said. “But not before we’re ready.”

            Rainbow nodded. “Doesn’t stop me from looking forward to it.”

            “Good, ‘cause Ah am, too.” Applejack disentangled herself from Rainbow’s limbs and sat up.

            “Where are you going?” Rainbow whined.

            Applejack smiled. “Ta take a shower, ya silly filly. Ah ain’t goin’ ta bed like this.” Applejack looked back over her shoulder as she opened the door. “Yer free ta join me, if ya like.”

            Rainbow needed no further invitation, jumping out of bed and racing Applejack to the washroom.

            “Thought ya might like that idea,” Applejack chuckled.

            “I’m never turning down an opportunity for a shower scene.” Rainbow grinned.

            Applejack smirked, releasing her hair and tail ties as Rainbow started the hot water.

            “Have I ever told you how sexy you look with your mane down?” Rainbow asked.

            Applejack blushed. “Ya like it?”

            Rainbow nodded. “You should wear it like that more often.”

            Applejack smiled, looking at the tiled floor. “Well, it kinda gets in the way durin’ farm work. But Ah guess if it’s just around the house…”

            “Awesome,” Rainbow said, stepping into the now-hot shower.

            Applejack joined her shortly, blushing harder as she remembered the last time she had shared a shower with Rainbow.

            Rainbow grinned “Don’t worry, baby. I’ll take it nice and slow.”

            “What a gentlemare,” Applejack joked, pressing her lips to Rainbow’s.

            After a short exchange, the kiss was broken by a mutual need to wash. Rainbow made sure to utilize her wings in the process far more than was necessary, running her wet feathers along Applejack’s back. Applejack shivered at the touch, bringing her tail around to begin her own sensual wash of her marefriend’s back.

            Rainbow giggled at the touch, brushing a strand of Applejack’s mane out of her face with a hoof. Feeling adventurous, Rainbow lightly nipped at one of Applejack’s ears. Taken by surprise, Applejack jumped at the touch, losing her footing and tripping Rainbow Dash, causing both to end up in a pile of limbs on the floor of the shower.

            “What the hay was that?” Applejack laughed.

            Rainbow chortled. “Sorry. I wasn’t expecting you to jump like that.”

            “Let’s just get washed up so we can do this somewhere a little less… slippery,” Applejack suggested.

            Rainbow smirked. “I don’t know, AJ. Those sheets can get pretty tricky.”

            “Just shut up and take the shampoo,” Applejack giggled.

            The rest of their shower was mostly devoid of further antics, though there were a few kisses shared when neither could resist. Something about having water cascading around you made it feel so different.

            Rainbow escaped the shower first, followed closely by Applejack. Rainbow threw a towel at her pursuant to slow her progress before taking one for herself. Rainbow took first use of the mane brush as Applejack watched, still taken by the novelty of the concept. She was snapped out of her daze as the brush flew through the air and connected with her nose.

            “Ow! Rainbow!”

            “That’s what you get for staring,” Rainbow stated before receiving a smack across the face.

            “That’s what you get fer future starin’,” Applejack chided, grinning as she felt Rainbow’s eyes on her.

            “I’m not staring!” Rainbow protested. “I’m… observing!”

            “So am Ah, sugarcube,” Applejack chuckled. “So am Ah.”

            Rainbow continued to observe Applejack’s mane brushing until its completion, saying nothing more on the subject.

            Applejack, unable to stay mad at the pegasus, kissed Rainbow on the nose before throwing their towels in the hamper. Rainbow snuck into Applejack’s room while she wasn’t looking, posing seductively on her bed. When Applejack opened the door, the blush that spread across her cheeks was almost too rich for Rainbow.

            “Hey, sexy. Wanna have a good time?” Rainbow managed to say before breaking out into giggles.

          Applejack swatted at Rainbow playfully before pulling back the covers. Applejack slipped into bed, making sure to leave room for Rainbow. “Not gonna make a mare sleep alone, are ya?”
            “When she’s offering super sexy sleepy time cuddles? No way!” Rainbow joined Applejack under the covers, wrapping herself around her marefriend.
            Applejack giggled, returning Rainbow’s embrace happily, giving her a kiss on the nose. “Good night, sugarcube.”

            "Night, AJ."

See? Shenanigans. Off to day five, bishes!
Also, formatting in this new box thing is a bitch. I had to split this into two parts because it was "too long." Like, wtf man. Also couldn't get all the spaces between paragraphs the same length because I don't even know. I backspaced and the cursor went like halfway through the next line above and it's unfixable. So there's way too many spaces for the first bit, then not enough for the rest. Prepare your anus! FUK U!
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Day Five is off and running! Have to break up what I have into parts. Again. This is what happens when I have 10k words written before lunch even happens.

NINE AND STILL FINE (can't make the Rainbow faces anymore wtf)


Rainbow woke the next morning to some pleasant feeling on the tip of her nose. Curious, she opened her eyes and saw Applejack snuggled against her, resting peacefully. Oh yeah, this is a way better thing to wake up to. Smiling, Rainbow reached down to place a kiss on Applejack’s nose.

Applejack’s ear flicked. “Mm, Rainbow,” she mumbled, still asleep.

           Rainbow frowned. That was supposed to work. She tried again, this time earning a small giggle from the sleeping mare.

           “That tickles,” Applejack muttered.

           Growing impatient, Rainbow got an idea. Brandishing her wings, she began to tickle Applejack’s sides.

           Applejack immediately started up in a giggle fit, “Okay, okay, stop, Ah’m up!”

           “Aha! I knew it! You were just using me for free kisses!”

           Applejack smirked. “Can ya really blame me?”

           Rainbow tapped her chin a few times. “Nah, I’d have done the same thing.”

           “Well, Ah guess Ah do owe ya one, now,” Applejack giggled, kissing Rainbow on the nose.

           “Just one? I gave you two!” Rainbow protested.

           Applejack grinned. “How do ya think I woke ya up?”

           “So that’s what that was? You sneaky bastard.”

           “Only the best fer you, Dash,” Applejack quipped, leading Rainbow downstairs.

           “Macintosh! Where in Tartarus have you been?”

           Rainbow and Applejack jumped at the sudden outburst. Applejack’s face showed great worry, which Rainbow observed fearfully. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard Granny Smith that mad before.”

           “It don’ happen often,” Applejack said. “Ah should’a seen this one comin’. Granny don’ usually like us missin’ dinner for nothin’, but Mac ain’t even told anyone he was goin’ out.”

           Rainbow gulped. “You don’t think she’s gonna give him some cruel and unusual punishment, do you?”

           Applejack shuddered. “Ah never know what Granny’s gonna think up next.”

           Trepidation in every step, the two mares slowly made their way to the kitchen, where Big Macintosh was pleading his case.

           “Ah can explain, Granny, Ah swear! It weren’t nothin’ Ah had any control over!”

           “Unless yer ta tell me ya done got yerself kidnapped by Timberwolves, Ah ain’t gonna listen!” Granny steamed.

           “Granny, please!” Applejack moved in. “Ah know it ain’t like any o’ us ta miss dinner, but ya gotta understand that things happen sometimes.”

           “Mah hard work don’ take no breaks, child.” Granny replied tersely before turning back on her quarry. “An if’n yer gonna take it fer granted like that, Ah’ve half a mind ta take it from ya!”

           Big Mac took a deep breath. “Ya say it yerself every day, Granny. The farm’s got lots o’ needs. And one o’ them’s findin’ a mate so’s we can carry on our legacy. An’ if’n we can’t count on Applejack and Rainbow ta give us any, that just leaves me and Apple Bloom, and she’s just a filly!”

           “Actually, you don’t have to worry so much about that,” Rainbow cut in. “Twilight’s got a way for me and Applejack to have foals.” Rainbow blushed. “W-when the time comes, I mean.”

           Granny Smith broke out of her rage to ponder the new development. “An’ how exactly does that work?”

           Applejack rubbed the back of her head nervously. “Well, we ain’t really clear on the finer points, but she gave us a book about it. It’s some kinda spell Princess Luna made ‘fore she turned inta Nightmare Moon.”

           Granny Smith frowned. “Ah ain’t havin’ no dark magic in this house while Ah’m still alive.”

           “It ain’t dark magic, Granny.” Applejack insisted. “This was before all that. It was a happy time ‘fore ponies started brandin’ it evil!”

           Granny Smith thought for a few more moments before her face softened. “Well, be that all it may, child, Mac here still broke a sacred Apple Family tradition all willy-nilly.”

           “And it sounds like he had a good reason!” Rainbow prodded. “Just hear him out before you do anything drastic.”

           Face hardening slightly, Granny Smith nonetheless nodded. “Ya hear that, Mac? Applejack an’ Rainbow done won ya a chance ta speak. Don’ you go wastin’ it.”

           “Ah won’t, Granny. Ah’ll tell y’all everythin’ that happened.” Big Mac sighed. “Ah was headin’ inta Ponyville ‘round noontime ta get some lunch. Ah was on mah way back some time later fer dinner and Ah done bumped into miss Rarity-“

           “Called it!” Rainbow interrupted.

           “Now ain’t the time, Rainbow,” Applejack chided.

           “Sorry,” Rainbow smiled apologetically. “Go on, Mac.”

           Big Mac shook his head before continuing his tale. “Ah bumped inta her an’ we got ta talkin’…

           “Oh! I’m terribly sorry I- Big Macintosh!” Rarity gained a blush. “I-I’m sorry, I… I just heard troubling news of your sister, and-“

           Big Mac chuckled. “Ah reckon they got it all worked out now. Don’ you fret none.”

           “So soon? I must say this is… unexpected. But good news indeed.” Rarity paused, scuffing her hoof on the ground in a show of uncharacteristic carelessness for her recent hooficure, something not lost on the silently observant apple farmer. “I… don’t suppose that means they’re… together now?”

           Big Mac nodded. “Ah heard the whole thing. Might take ‘em a while ta get it off the ground, but I’m sure they’ll get it eventually.”

           Rarity laughed weakly. “Yes, I don’t suppose they’re the most romantically inclined ponies in this town.”

           “Comin’ from the love master herself,” Big Mac commented.

           Rarity blushed harder. “I-I don’t know if I would say that…”

           “Aw, shucks, Ah didn’t mean ta make ya all-“

           “Oh, no, it’s quite alright,” Rarity assured. “Especially from a charming stallion like yourself.”

           It was Big Mac’s turn to blush, though the redness was hardly noticeable. “Ah, uh…”

           “I… said that out loud, didn’t I?” Rarity asked.

           Big Mac merely nodded.

           Rarity laughed nervously. “I’m terribly sorry, I just-“

           “It’s alright, miss Rarity.” Big Mac smiled. “Ah don’t mind none.”

           “Please, just Rarity is fine.” Rarity smiled, too. “I… don’t suppose you’d want to get something to eat?”

           “Ah think Ah’d like that.”

           “Now wait a durn secon’ there,” Granny Smith interrupted. “Ya got asked ta dinner an’ didn’ even think ta tell us about it?”

           Big Mac frowned. “Ah wasn’t thinkin’ straight, Granny. Ah never been asked ta dinner before. And certainly not by such a pretty mare.”

           Granny Smith’s frown matched Big Macintosh’s. “Continue.”

           Rarity decided upon dinner at Horté’s Cuisine, one of Ponyville’s fancier restaurants. One you definitely couldn’t get into without a reservation.

           “Are ya sure ‘bout this, Rarity?” Big Mac asked uncertainly.

           “Positive,” Rarity responded. “The owner is a client of mine. I’ve actually designed so much of the place he offered me free reign of the place in exchange for a hefty discount.” Rarity blushed. “Being the hopeless romantic I am, it was hard to refuse.”

           Big Macintosh chuckled. “Well it sure is appreciated.”

           Rarity stopped before Carousel Boutique sheepishly. “I hope you won’t mind if I take a minute to prepare, do you? This was… hardly expected on my part.”

           Big Macintosh smiled. “Take as much time as ya like.”

           Rarity opened her door with a look of gratitude. “I’ll just be a minute. Feel free to come inside.”

           Big Macintosh accepted the offer graciously, sitting down to wait on Rarity’s couch. It was certainly plush; almost what he imagined a cloud would feel like. Well, if you wrapped a cloud in high-quality silk, at least. He almost felt as if he was tainting it by sitting upon it. Unable to shake the feeling, Big Macintosh re-seated himself on the rug the couch rested upon, which was by no means uncomfortable.

           Within a few minutes, Rarity re-appeared from upstairs looking absolutely stunning, if Big Macintosh’s slack jaw was any judge. Rarity giggled, blushing at the red stallion’s unchecked admiration.

           Shaking himself, Big Mac worked his composure back up to an acceptable level. “Sorry, Ah just-“

           “It’s quite alright, Mac,” Rarity interrupted. “It’s flattering, really, to see one so composed as you like that.”

           Big Mac blushed. “Ah… we should probably uh…”

           “I haven’t forgotten.” Rarity smiled. “Come along now. We don’t want to be out too late.”

           Big Mac nodded sheepishly, following along. He spoke up, however, when he noticed something out of the ordinary. “Uh, ain’t ya gonna lock yer door, Rarity?”

           Rarity frowned. “I would, but then I’d be locked out of my own house until morning. Sweetie Belle and her little friends got the idea of getting some sort of locksmith cutie mark. Needless to say, my keys are now at a proper locksmith for repairs.”

           “But what if somepony tries ta break in?”

           “I’m sure I can rely on my reputation to dissuade any further attempts of that,” Rarity said, thinking of the last time she had beaten a would-be thief with a coat rack.

           Big Mac was unconvinced. “Ya sure that’s gonna be enough?”

           Rarity rolled her eyes. “If it bothers you that much, we can get Twilight to cast a ward over the boutique. But I am not spending the night out of the comfort of my own bed.”

           “Sorry, Rarity. Ah’m just tryin’a look out fer ya.”

           “And I appreciate the thought.” Rarity smiled.

           “Okay, Applejack, why are ya makin’ that face?” Big Mac questioned.

           “No reason!” Applejack said quickly.

           Big Mac frowned.

           “Please, continue!” Rainbow pleaded with an unconvincing smile.

           Rife with suspicion, Big Mac nonetheless continued his tale.

           Twilight was disturbed for the eleventeeth time that day by a knock on her door. An irritated Twilight threw open the door unceremoniously. “What is it now?”

           Rarity regarded the raging librarian fearfully. “Uh, perhaps this is a bad time…”

           “Ah think we should go,” Big Mac agreed, fleeing the premises with Rarity beside him.

           “If you have any further doubts about my reputation-“


           Needing no further chatter, Big Macintosh and Rarity continued on their rapid journey to nowhere in particular. As Rarity began to calm down, she noticed they were in the right district of Ponyville by some odd coincidence. Actually, the restaurant was right around the corner from their current position.

Big Macintosh suddenly felt his movement cease, though his limbs still flailed. “What in the-“

           “We’re here, Mac,” Rarity answered, gesturing to the restaurant their manic flight had miraculously taken them to.

           “Oh.” Big Mac sheepishly stopped running as his hooves once again contacted the ground. He marveled briefly at the show of magical prowess by the seamstress before an advancing Rarity forced him to follow.

           “Ah, good evening, Madame Rarity. I trust you are here to make use of our arrangement?”

           Rarity turned to the source of the voice, surprised to see Horté himself by the welcome booth. “Oh, yes. I’m uh…”

           Horté grinned. “No need to explain yourself. I can recognize a pair of lovers when I see them.”

           Big Macintosh and Rarity developed heavy blushes.

Horté laughed at the display. “Come, I have a very special booth set aside for you.”

Big Mac and Rarity followed Horté to a particularly extravagant booth; one Rarity had very clear memories of designing. Looking around at the excessive use of romantic imagery, she admitted she may have gone a little overboard, despite her intentions for it to be utilized in this very manner. She laughed nervously as Big Macintosh shot her a confused glance.

“I shall be right back with your menus. But first, what may I interest you in from our fine collection of wine?”

“I-I’m not sure this is all really appropriate to-“

“But of course it is! You designed it yourself, no?” Horté winked.

“I…” Rarity’s head slumped to the table. “Just give us a bottle of champagne.”

Horté departed with a bow, leaving the flustered pair to themselves.

“Well, this is, uh…” Big Mac looked for the right word, “nice.”

“My apologies. I didn’t know Horté had such… extravagant things in mind for our arrangement.”

Big Mac blushed. “Well, might as well enjoy it.”

Rarity smiled, nodding.

Horté returned shortly with the requested bottle of champagne and two wine glasses. He filled each appropriately before producing a pair of menus. “I shall be back to take your orders shortly.”

“So, um… how are things at the farm?” Rarity asked.


“Any other interesting developments?”

Big Mac frowned. “Well, Rainbow’s started roomin’ on the farm. She got roped inta a month o’ free labor over somethin’ er other.”

Rarity blinked. “Twilight told me she’d been helping out, but a whole month? And she’s staying on the farm?”

Big Mac shrugged. “Applejack must mean a lot ta her, Ah suppose.”

Rarity shook her head in bemusement, still trying to wrap her head around the fact that two of her closest friends were now romantically involved. It seemed like it came out of nowhere, but she supposed she wasn’t privy to all the goings-on between the two. She might just have to prod them for gossip at some point.

“How about you, Rarity? Anythin’ excitin’ ta talk about?”

“Not particularly, no.” Rarity frowned, contemplating her choice of food. “Things have been rather quiet save for a few bulk orders, though those aren’t much to speak of.”

           “Ah can’t even understand what most o’ these are,” Big Mac commented, flipping to another page.

           Rarity laughed. “Here, let me help you with that.” Rarity moved to sit next to Big Macintosh, who was unsure of the advance, but allowed it all the same, knowing it was necessary.

           Together, they picked out a four course meal made almost entirely of apple-based food items. They were made using apples from Sweet Apple Acres, though Big Macintosh was sure the confections couldn’t compare to Granny Smith’s culinary masterpieces.

           Horté returned thankfully after Rarity had retaken her previous seat. He smiled at their choice of food, though refrained from comment. Instead, he silently took down their orders before dutifully departing to the kitchen.

           “It ain’t a proper Apple Family dinner, but maybe ya could get some idea what-“

           Rarity frowned, prodding Big Macintosh’s frozen form. “Are you alright?”

           “Yeah, fine,” Big Macintosh replied in a high-pitched, breathless voice. “Just wanna make sure Ah have fun ‘fore Ah die tonight.”

           “I’m afraid I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

           Big Mac shivered. “Granny Smith’s gonna kill me.”

           Rarity’s frown deepened. “Why would she-“

           “Ya never miss an Apple Family dinner without tellin’ anypony!” Big Mac blurted.

           “I’m sure it’s not as bad as all that,” Rarity soothed.

           Big Mac regarded Rarity with glazed eyes. “Ya’ve never met Granny Smith before, have ya?”

           “Of course I’ve met her. I come by the farm every-“

           “Ya haven’t talked to her!”

           “She’s the reason I-“

           “Ya haven’t lived with her!” Big Mac insisted.

           “I suppose not, but I don’t see what-“

           Big Macintosh curled himself into a ball under the table, hiding from the world.

           This is beyond bizarre. This is unseemly! I’ve got to do something to get him back together. Think, Rarity… Before long, an idea came to mind. One that had never been far from thought around Big Macintosh. One that made her face burn to think about, much less consider. But this was her chance, wasn’t it?

           Pushing away her fears, Rarity joined Big Macintosh under the table. Big Mac looked at her with big eyes that begged for comforting. And that was exactly what Rarity had in mind. Pulling Big Mac’s head from his unreachable position, Rarity touched her quivering lips to his, hoping with all her heart this kiss would not end badly.

           Big Macintosh gasped at the touch. Rarity? He felt himself lean into the kiss, his forelegs disentangling from his body to rest on Rarity’s shoulders. Tears coming to her eyes, Rarity threw her forelegs around Big Mac’s neck and kissed him with the strength of all her broken dreams, and most importantly, the one that came true.

           “Uh, I suppose this is a bad time to tell you that your appetizer has arrived.”

           Horté’s voice froze the two entwined ponies under the table. They moved to quickly distance themselves and return to their previous seating arrangement with all-too-forced smiles.

           Horté shook his head. “Ah, to be young and in love again.” With that, he departed, leaving behind their first course.

           “I’m sorry for-“

           Big Mac and Rarity cut themselves off as they realized they had spoken at the same time.

           “Uh, Ah…”

           Rarity blushed. “I don’t suppose you enjoyed that?”

           Big Mac, with his own unperceivable blush, nodded sheepishly.

           And I don’t suppose he’s thinking of his impending doom anymore. Rarity, you are the most idiotic genius Equestria has ever known. She took a fritter from the plate before them and began to nibble on it.

           Big Macintosh took one of his own and devoured it in a single bite.

           Giggling, Rarity began to take larger bites, still sure to savor the taste.

           Big Macintosh chuckled, eating another fritter at a saner pace.

           The fritters could not withstand the might of the two hungry ponies for long, and were soon vanquished. Rarity wiped her mouth self-consciously with the pilfered white flag ponies called a napkin.

           “You’ve got a little more up and ta the right,” Big Mac said.

           Rarity searched for it with long, sweeping strokes, missing it narrowly each time. Big Mac took Rarity’s hoof and guided it over the crumbs stuck to her cheek.

           “There ya go.”

           “You know, that was your cue to be romantic and lick it off my cheek.”

           “Oh, Ah’m sorry, Ah…”

           Rarity giggled. “It’s quite alright. I’m only joking. Though I can’t say I’m averse to the idea.”

           “Well, then Ah might have ta-“

           “Okay we get it! Ya had a romantic dinner with Rarity. Can we move on already?” Applejack begged, thoroughly uncomfortable with the direction Big Mac’s adventures were headed.

           “Yeah, ease up on the sap a bit, would you?” Rainbow added.

           Big Mac rolled his eyes, skipping ahead a bit.

           “I’d like to thank you for a lovely time, Mac. I hope you’d like to do it again sometime,” Rarity asked hopefully, walking with her date back to Carousel Boutique.

           “Any time, Rarity.” Big Mac paused. “Can Ah call ya Rare? Rarity’s kinda long, no offense.”

           Rarity giggled. “Why do you think I’m not calling you Big Macintosh?”

           Big Macintosh chuckled. “Ah think Ah’ve got an idea now.”

           Rarity bit her lip. “Would it be too forward to call you my coltfriend now?”

           “Ah reckon not, o marefriend o’ mine,” Big Mac said.

           Rarity blushed. “Great.”

           They arrived at Carousel Boutique shortly, prompting farewells from both parties.

           “I’m afraid I have to retire for the night. Thank you again.” Rarity smiled.

           Big Mac smiled back. “Pleasure’s all mine, Rare. Sleep well.”

           Rarity nodded, grasping her doorknob in her magic and… “It… it won’t move. I’m sure I remembered to leave it open!”

           “Ya don’t think someone came by after all?” Big Mac fretted.

           Rarity shook her head. “I do hope not. But it seems I have nowhere to go…”

           “Ah’d offer ta take ya back to the farm if Granny Smith weren’t there waitin’ fer me,” Big Mac said. “Ah wouldn’t want ya ta get caught up in all that.”

           “I’m sure we could find somewhere on the farm she wouldn’t find us,” Rarity prodded.

           “It ain’t her Ah’m worried about. She’s sure ta have Winona out on patrol.”

           “Well then we’ll just have to get her a bone to keep her busy.”

           Big Mac frowned. “That might work. If yer alright sleepin’ in the barn…?”

           “I’m sure I could find something to make it more comfortable.” Rarity smiled.

           Big Mac smiled back. Plan in place, they went to purchase a bone just before the pet store closed. Rarity was glad she had thought to bring her purse. She had Big Mac carry the bone, not wanting to get any of it on her easily-washable purse.

           “So Mac got all the fun stuff yesterday,” Rainbow observed dryly.

           Applejack chuckled. “Never woulda thought ya’d call a dinner date fun.”

           Rainbow blushed. “Well, it’s better than walking around all day having ten second conversations with everypony in Ponyville!”

           “Ya know, we still ain’t had our first proper date, Rainbow,” Applejack continued. “If some fancy dinner sounds like somethin’ ya’d like…”

           “Can we not have this conversation in front of everypony?” Rainbow huffed.

           Applejack smiled. “Think about it, sugarcube.”

           Rainbow crossed her forelegs, grunting as a thought occurred to her. “Wait, Rarity slept with you in the barn, so that means she’s still in there now?” Rainbow suddenly looked ready to dash off in pursuit.

           Big Mac shook his head. “She took off right after Ah woke up. She seemed mighty embarrassed by somethin’. Ah didn’t get ta ask what.”

           Rainbow deflated.

           Applejack looked to where Winona was happily chewing a bone. “Bribery, Winona? Really?”

           Winona barked happily in response.

           Applejack shook her head. “Ah still love ya.”

           “So I guess this means we’ll be seeing Rarity around here a bit more,” Rainbow said.

           “Could be,” Mac answered.

           Granny Smith sighed. “Ah jes’ can’t punish ya fer that. So Ah’ll make an exception jes’ this once! Don’t ya ferget ta let me know next time ya go off with yer new marefriend!”

           Big Mac smiled. “Ah won’t. Thanks, Granny.”

           Applejack caught Rainbow’s eye, motioning to the living room. Curious, Rainbow followed, speaking once they were out of earshot. “I guess Mac will still be the only stallion in the family, eh?”

           “Fer now, Ah guess,” Applejack chuckled. “Funny ta think we’re all pairin’ up now.”

           Rainbow cocked her head. “I don’t know. Can you really call it pairing up when there are three fillies involved?”

           “You know what Ah mean.”

           Rainbow nodded. “Are we gonna eat soon? I’m hungry.”

           Applejack’s stomach growled in agreement. “Ah’m sure Granny’s got it covered.”

           “Soup’s on, everypony! Come an’ get it!”

           “See?” Applejack led the way back into the kitchen, where Granny Smith had somehow managed to hide breakfast somewhere, or otherwise conjured it out of thin air.

           Rainbow shrugged. “I’m not questioning it.”

           Apple Bloom appeared at the top of the stairs, yawning and making her way down. “Sorry, y’all. Ah was up all night plannin’ fer our next Crusader meetin’ today.”

           “You missed so much,” Rainbow laughed. “Mac?”

           Big Mac sighed, almost wishing for some more direct form of punishment.

           “You alright, AB?” Rainbow Dash regarded the sleepy filly after breakfast.

           “What? Ya, Ah’m alright. Jes’ a little tired,” Apple Bloom yawned.

           “How much time ya got ‘fore ya gotta go ta that meetin’ o’ yers?” Applejack asked.

           Apple Bloom glanced at the grandfather clock in the living room. “’Bout three hours, why?”

           Applejack smiled. “Ya should probably rest up. Don’ wanna show up unprepared.”

           “But what if Ah oversleep?” Apple Bloom protested.

           “Today ain’t gonna be too busy. We got all the apples we need bucked fer now. We could come by an’ get ya up ‘fore ya gotta go.”

           “Just give us a time and we’ll be there,” Rainbow added.

           Apple Bloom smiled. “Thanks, y’all. Ah figure if ya could come by ‘round eight thirty, that’d be best.”

           “No problem, kiddo,” Rainbow said, ruffling Apple Bloom’s mane.

           Apple Bloom gave each of them a hug before heading back upstairs to catch up on sleep.

           Applejack shook her head. “Ya really sure ‘bout this, Rainbow? She’s still just a filly.”

           “So are Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle,” Rainbow pointed out. “If they really want to try their hooves at romance, why stop them?”

           “But none o’ this woulda happened if we’d been more careful,” Applejack insisted.

           Rainbow frowned. “Careful about what? Neither of us knew that was gonna happen.”

           “But we coulda-“

           “AJ,” Rainbow interrupted. “Yes, we planted the idea in their heads by accident. But Apple Bloom seems really excited about this. What do you want to do, take away her shot at happiness?”

           “No, Ah guess not.”

           “Of course not! There are like, no consequences! If it doesn’t work out, they can still be best friends. If they have questions, we’re here to answer them, and so is Rarity. And if it gets to the point that they start thinking about sex, it’s not like we have to teach them about pregnancy ‘cuz they’re all fillies!”

           Applejack flinched. “Ah ain’t gonna sit here talkin’ ‘bout mah little sister gettin’ frisky! We haven’t even done that!

           “So you don’t want Apple Bloom losing her virginity before you do,” Rainbow observed.

           “That’s not what Ah meant! Ah can’t even believe we’re havin’ this conversation! They ain't even got their cutie marks yet!”

           “I’m not saying it’s gonna happen, I’m saying it’s possible!” Rainbow took a deep breath. “I know it’s unlikely, but it’s something we have to think about. You said it yourself, this is all our fault. The least we can do is be there for them, right?”

           Applejack sighed, backing down. “Ah’m sorry, Rainbow. Ah just…”

           Rainbow moved next to Applejack and draped a wing over her shoulders. “I know it’s weird, but what hasn’t been weird these past few days? Worrying about it’s just gonna make it worse. Why not just let it happen?”

           Applejack looked to her hooves. “’Cuz Ah’m afraid it ain’t gonna work out.”

           Rainbow turned Applejack’s chin up. “Hey, listen to me. Everything’s gonna be alright. It’s just a fillyhood crush, nothing serious.” Rainbow grinned. “And hey, if you wanna ‘get frisky’ with me so bad, I’m sure it could be arranged.”

           Applejack chortled. “Ah’m a might harder ta lay than that, sugarcube. We ain’t even been on a real date yet. Speakin’ o’ which, mah offer still stands.”

           “So you’re saying that all I have to do to get you to bed is go on one date with you?” Rainbow snickered.

           “Could be,” Applejack teased. “Ya won’t know ‘til ya find out.”

           “I just might have to take you up on that offer, then.” Rainbow flashed a cocky grin.

           “Lookin’ forward to it, partner.” Applejack leaned in to kiss Rainbow Dash, lips inches away-

           “Y’all do know yer still in the den, right?”

           Both mares jumped at Big Macintosh’s sudden remark, whirling on him with disgruntled glares.

           “Just sayin’,” Big Mac laughed, walking off in search of his own (missing) marefriend.

           Applejack seethed for a moment before Rainbow spoke up. “Don’t worry; we’ve still got him dead to rights.”

           Applejack grinned upon recalling the dirt they had on Mac. “We’ll make sure he don’ ferget it.”

           Rainbow nodded. “So, about that date. Today’s gonna be pretty quick, right?”

           “Ah suppose Ah could make some time,” Applejack jested.

           “Don’t worry, I’m sure Granny Smith will understand if we actually, you know, tell her about it,” Rainbow laughed.

           Applejack chuckled. “So it’s dinner yer after, huh?”

           “Maybe,” Rainbow answered aloofly.

           “Ah don’t suppose yer expectin’ lunch, too, are ya?”

           Rainbow grinned. “I’m sure we could eat something out.”

           Applejack blinked, flicking an ear before bursting into laughter.


           “Oh, nothin’ ya gotta worry ‘bout, sugarcube,” Applejack giggled.

           Rainbow rolled her eyes. “Whatever. Anyway, we’ve still got like, three hours to kill before we have to wake up AB. Anything we really need to do around the farm?”

           Applejack shook her head. “It’s too bad Twilight’s goin’ up ta Canterlot today. Ya coulda asked her ‘bout gettin’ that weather assignment worked out.”

           “Yeah, I was actually thinking about that. Do you think we’re relying a little too much on Twilight lately? I mean, she’s a princess and all now, but that just makes her busier to even out all those freaky powers. I mean, it can’t be that difficult to get reassigned when you’re one of the bearers of the Elements, right?”

           “Ah don’ suppose it would be,” Applejack pondered. “Ya said it yerself, though, and Ah ain’t the pony ya gotta convince.”

           “Yeah, just making sure I’m not thinking stupid again.” Rainbow paused. “I can count on you to tell me when I’m doing that now, right?”

           “Unless Ah find it too funny not ta,” Applejack promised.

           “Why do I get the feeling that’s gonna come up a lot?”

           Applejack stayed teasingly silent.

           “Okay, seriously. I’m starting to get a little worried here.”

           Applejack smiled apologetically. “Sorry.”

           “Me too,” Rainbow quipped.

           Applejack cocked a brow. “Why?”

           “I lied,” Rainbow confessed.

           Applejack socked Rainbow in the ear, eliciting a cackle from the dastardly pegasus.

           “Come on, let’s head over to the weather center and see if we can’t work something out.”

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Big Macintosh walked through Ponyville, making his way to where he assumed his marefriend would be; the locksmith. He opened the door to find the locksmith himself polishing a key with no white mare to be seen.

           “Ho there, Big Macintosh. Something I can do for ya today?”

           “Mornin’, Hooflocker,” Big Macintosh greeted. “Ya wouldn’t happen ta have seen Rarity come by here earlier?”

           “Nope, haven’t seen her since yesterday. She hasn’t gone missing, I hope?”

           Big Mac frowned. “Don’ reckon so. Ah jes’ figured she’d have come by ta pick up her keys. Guess that means she ain’t at her house, neither.”

           Hooflocker laughed. “Took some work, that one did. That little sister of hers really did a number on it.”

           “Ah can imagine,” Big Macintosh chuckled. “Well, if ya see her, let me know.”

           Hooflocker nodded. “Don’t let this one get away, Mac!”

           Big Macintosh sobered slightly. “Don’t plan to.” He exited the shop with a sigh. Where else could she be? The spa was his next best guess, as he headed in that direction.

           “Hi, Mac! What’cha looking for?”

           Big Mac grinned. “Mornin’, Miss Pinkie. Ain’t so much a what as a who.”

           Pinkie frowned. “You’re not still hung up on Cheerilee, are you?”

           “What? No, Ah done moved on,” Big Mac sighed. “Ah actually had a date with Rarity last night and Ah-“

           “Ooh! Tell me all about it!” Pinkie insisted.

           Mac shook his head bemusedly. “Ain’t really much ta tell. Rare got us dinner at Horté’s, then she got locked out of her house, so Ah took her over ta spend the night at the farm.”

           Pinkie grinned deviously. “How was it?”

           “The date?”

           Pinkie giggled. “No, silly. You know…”

           Big Macintosh paused, blushing as he realized what Pinkie was talking about. “We ain’t done nothin’!”

           “Okie dokie lokie!” Pinkie said, immediately convinced despite Mac’s obvious embarrassment. “So, why are you looking for her now? Did she give you the slip in the middle of the night?”

           “In the mornin’, actually,” Big Mac corrected. “She seemed all flustered ‘bout somethin’ an’ took off ‘fore Ah could stop her.”

           Pinkie frowned, thinking. “You don’t think she’s in heat, do you?”

           Big Mac’s eyes widened. “Ah sure hope not. We’ve only been on the one date!”

           “Well then you should go find her and ask her what happened!” Pinkie suggested.

           “That’s what Ah’m already doin,” Big Mac said, cocking a brow.

           “Wow, you’re fast! I don’t think even I could have done that so quick!”

           Big Mac chuckled confusedly.

           “So, you got any leads yet?” Pinkie asked, suddenly wearing some silly hat Big Macintosh could not place.

           Big Macintosh decided not to question the new headwear. “Already done checked with the locksmith. He said he ain’t seen her since yesterday. Mah sister an’ her friends apparently wrecked her keys. That was why we couldn’t get inta Rare’s house. She said they’d be fixed today. So now Ah’m headin’ over ta the spa ta check there.”

           “Ooh, that’s a good idea! Rarity usually goes there when she’s having one of her episodes!”

           Big Mac nodded. “Not that Ah mind too much, but are ya gonna follow me ‘round all day?”

           “Oh, I can’t, sorry! I’ve got stuff to do at Sugarcube Corner later.” Pinkie smiled, sparing a glance at Ponyville’s clock tower. “Oh no, it’s later already! Gotta go, bye!”

           With that, Big Mac was alone again, though far more confused than he had been prior. Now, if she ain’t here, where ta try next? Big Macintosh pondered this as he stepped into the spa where he was greeted by the spa twins, Aloe and Lotus.

           “Good morning, Mister Macintosh! How can we help you today?”

           “Mornin’, ladies. Ah’m lookin’ fer Rarity, and Ah was wonderin’ if she’d come by here earlier today.”

           Lotus shook her head. “No, we have not seen her since her last visit here with Miss Fluttershy.”

           “When was that?” Big Mac inquired.

           “Three days ago,” Aloe replied. “We hope there is nothing wrong.”

           “Still tryin’a figure that out. Well, thanks fer yer time.” Big Macintosh departed after farewells had been said. Sighing at another failed attempt, he wandered off to the market, hoping to encounter her there.

           “Hey, Rainbow, Ah just thought o’ somethin’,” Applejack began, catching Rainbow’s attention. “If yer the head of the Ponyville weather thing, how come ya gotta ask fer reassignment?”

           Rainbow sighed. “The weather business is pretty strict on regulations. Any kind of special, off-the-chart thing you do, you have to run it by the administration for approval.”

           Applejack frowned. “Ah don’t think Ah’ve ever heard ya use so many big words in a sentence before.”

           “Well don’t get used to it,” Rainbow grunted. “I’ve had way more experiences with the higher-ups than I’d like to admit.”

           “Ah can imagine,” Applejack jested. “Ya don’ exactly do things by the book.”

           “Of course not! That’s way too boring.”

           “Ah hear ya.”

           Rainbow sighed before entering the building she had seen far too many times. “Rainbow Dash. What’d you do this time?”

           “Oh shut up, Cloud Kisser! I’m just here to file a reassignment form.”

           Cloud Kicker smirked. “Get demoted, did you?”

           Rainbow stormed over to butt her head against the snarky secretary’s. “Just because you kissed up to the administration doesn’t make your desk job any more dignified.”

           “No, but the pay sure does,” Cloud Kicker sassed.

           “Just shut the hell up and get me an appointment with the head suit!”

           “You really should see somepony about those anger issues, Rainbow Dash,” Cloud Kicker chided.

           “Go to hell, Cloud Kisser.”

           Applejack frowned as Rainbow marched pointedly away from her adversary, following concernedly. “What’s that all about?”

           Rainbow scowled. “That jerkwad used to be on the weather team, but she got offered a job as a secretary for better pay, so now she thinks she’s better than all of us.”

           “What did she used ta do?” Applejack inquired.

           “She was the head of the division before I took over,” Rainbow acknowledged.

           Applejack’s frown deepened as Rainbow stopped before a door and knocked impatiently. The door swung open slightly afterwards, revealing a condescending pegasus stallion in a business suit. “What is it this time, Rainbow Dash?”

           “I want to be reassigned,” Rainbow stated plainly.

           “Head of the division not glorified enough for you?”

           Rainbow scowled. “That’s not what this is about. I’m here with a proposal.”

           The stallion eyed Rainbow up and down before stepping back to allow entry. “This better be worth my time, Rainbow Dash.”

           Rainbow Dash shot the businesspony a glare as the door started to close on Applejack. “She’s part of this conversation.”

           “A proposal having to do with a country hick; I’m dying to find out more,” the stallion quipped.

           “I don’t have to impress you, Shit Clock,” Rainbow growled.

           “Oh, I believe you do, Miss Dash,” ‘Shit Clock’ dared. “I also believe you should watch your language before I kick you out of here.”

           Rainbow grimaced. “Look, here’s the deal. I’m gonna be spending some time working at Sweet Apple Acres. You know, that thing that started this town and takes up like half its area by itself. And since I have close ties with the family that runs it,” Rainbow gestured to Applejack, “I figure I could take care of the weather for the orchard and free up some extra ponies to work the town.”

           ‘Shit Clock’ pondered for a time, considering the offer before him.

           “That ain’t really his name, is it?” Applejack whispered.

           Rainbow snorted quietly. “No. It’s Shot Clock. He used to work as a time keeper for the EBA. But then he got offered this job and he ate it up.”

           Shot Clock cleared his throat. “I appreciate the kind words, Miss Dash. As for your proposal, I admit it shows some promise. Though you know this would mean you could no longer lead the weather team.”

           “Why not?” Rainbow challenged.

           “You can’t exactly lead a solo operation now, can you?” Shot Clock smirked. “You would see a raise in your pay for the… promotion, I suppose. Though perhaps that’s not the right word to be used here.”

           “How is that not a promotion?” Rainbow argued.

           “Head of Weather Operations for Sweet Apple Acres isn’t the most prestigious title, Miss Dash.”

           “It is when I’m doing all the shit myself!”

           Shot Clock frowned. “I’m not here to argue semantics, Miss Dash. You would get the benefit of freedom of operation, however. Do you accept my offer or not?”

           Rainbow thought for a moment. “So that means I wouldn’t have to report here every week?”

           “Your reports will still be mandatory, though you can send them by mail. More importantly, you would not have to answer to me every time you breach regulations.”

           Rainbow brightened at that. “How much would I get paid?”

           Shot Clock did some calculations in his head. “It would come out to about a 20% increase in pay should you accept.”

           “And who would replace me as head of Ponyville weather?”

           “I do believe that title would fall to Cloudchaser,” Shot Clock supposed.

           Rainbow looked to Applejack questioningly. “What do you think, AJ? Sounds pretty good to me. Cloudchaser’s a pretty cool mare, too. She’d probably thank me for the promotion.”

           “It’s up ta you, Dash. This was your idea,” Applejack pointed out. “But if ya ask me, Ah’d say Ah’d be glad ta have the most dependable weatherpony Ah know workin’ the Acres.”

           Rainbow smiled, blushing lightly. “Shot Clock? You’ve got yourself a deal.”

           “Splendid,” Shot Clock remarked. “I shall be sure to inform your team of your departure, and Cloudchaser of her new role. Now be on your way, I have much paperwork to fill out thanks to you. I look forward to being free of you.”

           Rainbow opened her mouth for a retort, but it died in her throat at a touch on the hoof from Applejack. Applejack shook her head, smiling softly. Rainbow smiled back, allowing herself to be led out of the room and back into the lobby.

           “I’ve got bad news for ya, Cloud Kisser. You’re not gonna see me around here anymore,” Rainbow proclaimed.

           Cloud Kicker smirked. “What, did Shot Clock finally decide to kick you off the weather team?”

           Rainbow grinned. “Nope. I just got promoted. I don’t have to deal with your shit anymore. I’m heading my own operation now. So kiss my ass while you still have the chance, because I am free.”

           Cloud Kicker frowned, unable to think of a proper response before Rainbow had strutted out of the building.

           “Yes!” Rainbow cheered, taking off into the sky for a victory lap around the weather center she never needed to see again. She gave the building a kick for good measure.

           “Ah’m glad everythin’ worked out so nicely for ya, Rainbow,” Applejack congratulated.

           Rainbow shot over to Applejack, pulling her into an abrupt, passionate kiss. “You’re getting a pretty sweet deal out of this, too!”

           Applejack smiled. “Ah reckon Ah am, aren’t Ah?”

           “We have to go tell your family!” Rainbow insisted.

           Applejack frowned. “Who would we tell? Apple Bloom’s asleep, and last Ah saw, Big Mac took off ta look fer Rarity.”

           “Uh, Granny Smith?” Rainbow thought. “Maybe we should wait to get them all together.”

           Applejack nodded, glancing up at Ponyville’s clock tower. “We still got about an hour ‘fore we gotta head back. Anythin’ else ya wanna do?”

           “I kinda wanna go tell Fluttershy. She’s had her own share of experiences with Cloud Kicker, so I’m sure she’d be happy to know.”

           Applejack rolled her eyes. “Fluttershy’s happy ‘bout everythin’, sugarcube. But Ah guess we could go talk ta her if ya want.”

           Rainbow nodded before blushing. “You know, Fluttershy’s cottage is on the other side of Ponyville. It’d be a lot faster to fly there.”

           “You offerin’ a pony ride?” Applejack laughed.

           Rainbow nodded again, spreading her wings, which felt more effortless than it should have. Applejack hopped up onto Rainbow’s back, locking her forehooves around her neck.

           “Ya sure ya can handle this?” Applejack asked.

           Rainbow grinned. “Hey, who do you think you’re talking to?” With that, Rainbow shot up into the sky and began her flight to Fluttershy’s cottage with minimal signs of exertion. True to her word, Rainbow safely flew Applejack across Ponyville in a fraction of the time it would have taken on hoof.

           Applejack dismounted Rainbow with a chuckle. “Ah gotta hoof it to ya, Rainbow. Ya sure do work.”

           “You know it,” Rainbow boasted, reaching a hoof up to knock on Fluttershy’s door. This time, it was not answered pre-emptively. In fact, it was taking an unusual amount of time for any kind of response, even for Fluttershy.

           Before either mare could start to worry, Fluttershy appeared at the door with signs of mental fatigue on her face. “Oh, hello girls. Big Macintosh isn’t with you, is he?”

           Rainbow frowned. “No, why?”

           Fluttershy relaxed visibly. “Oh, good. Come inside and I’ll tell you.” Once the door had been shut, Fluttershy called out, “It’s okay, Rarity. It’s just Applejack and Rainbow Dash.”

           To the bewilderment of the new guests, Rarity rose from behind Fluttershy’s couch. “Oh, thank heavens. I don’t know if I can face him again.”

           “Ah’m a little lost here. What’s all this about?” Applejack wondered.

           “Rarity had a bit of a… hiccup with Big Macintosh,” Fluttershy explained.

           Rainbow frowned. “Big Mac just told us he woke up and saw Rarity was embarrassed by something and then she took off.”

           “So you mean he didn’t see-“ Rarity cut herself off, biting her lip. “I don’t know whether to be relieved or worried. I apologize for the secrecy, but I’m afraid I can’t tell you exactly what’s going on. I don’t want Big Macintosh finding out before I’m ready to tell him myself.”

           Applejack smiled. “Ah’m sure he’ll understand whatever it is yer worried about.”

           “Yeah, Mac’s pretty flexible with a lot of things,” Rainbow added.

           Rarity pondered that for a moment before clearing her head with a forceful shake. “You mustn’t make assumptions, Rarity,” she muttered to herself.

           “So, if you’re not here to look for Rarity, why are you here?” Fluttershy asked. “If you don’t mind me asking, I mean.”

           Rainbow grinned. “Fluttershy, you’re looking at a free mare. No more having to deal with Cloud Kicker’s bullshit. I got a promotion!”

           “Oh, how wonderful!” Fluttershy cheered.

           “Rainbow’s gonna take over the weather duties for the whole farm,” Applejack continued. “She’s gettin’ a pay raise an’ everythin’!”

           Rarity smiled. “Sometimes you two show more initiative than a married couple.”

           Applejack and Rainbow Dash blushed at the assertion.

           “I don’t really…”

           “Ah’m not…”

           Fluttershy and Rarity giggled in unison. “Big Mac told me you had gotten together, but he never told me how cute you are as a couple,” Rarity marveled.

           Rather than protest the assertion, both mares simply scuffed a hoof on the floor.

           “If you’re really going to be having all your work at the farm, you should probably think about moving your house closer by,” Fluttershy suggested.

           “I have,” Rainbow admitted.

           “Then the next step is to take action!” Rarity urged.

           “Ah guess,” Applejack noted.

           Rainbow glanced at the clock. “We should probably get going.”

           “Yeah, gotta go wake up Apple Bloom fer a Crusader meetin’,” Applejack finished.

           “Well then we won’t keep you,” Rarity smiled. “Run along, you two.”

           “Don’t tell Mac where Rarity is,” Fluttershy added.

           Applejack spoke up, “Oh, and sorry fer lockin’ ya outta yer house yesterday.”

    “That was you?” Rarity frowned.

    “Yeah, Applejack was going around thanking everypony in Ponyville for helping us get together. And then she figured you’d want to know if something like that happened, since you’re all into romance and stuff. Then we got to your house and you weren’t there, Applejack noticed you didn’t lock your door, and so she did so herself,” Rainbow explained.

    Rarity smiled wryly. “Well, at least I know there wasn’t a robbery in that case. Now, really run along.”

    Both mares nodded, promptly leaving the abode.

           “Alright, back to the farm,” Rainbow said, starting off on the path.

           Applejack followed silently, still slightly flustered.

           Big Macintosh sighed as he made his way back to the orchard. All his searching had come up empty. Nopony had seen Rarity since yesterday, it seemed. It was actually somewhat of a theme. Two possibilities struck him; either Rarity had fled Ponyville, or something was being kept from him.

           But how would all o’ Ponyville know somethin’ Ah don’t? Big Macintosh wondered, shaking his head. No, she’s probably just hidin’ out somewhere Ah didn’t think ta look. But was it really that bad that she had ta hide from me?

           The more he thought about it, the less sense it made. There had to be something he wasn’t aware of. But how could somepony as observant as he miss it where all of Ponyville was in on it? Was all of Ponyville aware of it? Or just some ponies, while the rest were clueless like he was? Did anypony know about it at all?

           “This is stupid!” Big Macintosh shouted, stomping his hoof on the ground, or rather, the porch he now stood upon. Behind him, Rainbow Dash and Applejack looked at him strangely as they approached.

           “Somethin’ wrong, Mac?” Applejack asked.

           Big Macintosh sighed heavily. “Ain’t nothin’ ya gotta worry ‘bout. Ah gotta figure this out on mah own.”

           Rainbow frowned. “What is this about?”

           “Ah already told ya! If ya don’ remember, it’s yer own dang fault!” Big Mac snapped, shoving open the door to the farmhouse and slamming it behind him.

           “What’s gotten into him all of a sudden?” Rainbow wondered.

           Applejack sighed. “Ah don’ rightly know. Looks like there’s a lot goin’ on we don’ know about.”

           “Like Rarity,” Rainbow finished. “Kinda makes me wanna know what it is.”

           “An’ Mac’s started datin’ ‘er. Can’t imagine how much he wants ta know.”

           “And we’re about to send your sister off to something that might change her life,” Rainbow mused. “Feels like everything’s happening at the same time.”

           “Not much we can do ‘bout it now, though, is there?” Applejack pondered, a hint of sadness in her voice.

           “Haven’t we been over this enough in the past few days? Just chill, Applejack,” Rainbow urged. “We can’t fix everything, and we shouldn’t need to.”

           “Ah know, but it’s just so hard not ta think about.”

           Rainbow smiled. “Hey, we’re marefriends now, aren’t we? How about we focus on that instead?”

           “That’d be great,” Applejack admitted. “And Ah think Ah know just how ta get mah mind off it all.”

           “Thinking about our date tonight?” Rainbow asked.

           Applejack nodded, blushing. “Ah have been a little stressed lately.”

           “Just a little?” Rainbow prodded. “Well, I do know of one sure-fire way to relieve stress. And no, it’s not a trip to the spa, because ew.”

           Applejack blushed harder. “L-let’s go wake up Apple Bloom ‘fore we start thinkin’ ‘bout that.”

           Rainbow nodded, leading Applejack upstairs.

           “Ya know, a trip to the spa does sound pretty good right now,” Applejack ventured.

           Rainbow looked at Applejack strangely. “I thought Mac was the one dating Rarity.”

           Applejack chuckled. “It ain’t as bad as all that, Rainbow. Just give it a chance. Ya used ta think readin’ was just fer eggheads. Ya gave that a try an’ now yer all crazy ‘bout Darin’ Do.”

           Rainbow stopped, frowning, at the top of the stairs. “Would this be before or after dinner?”

           “Ah’d have ta ask Rarity how late it stays open. Ah’d be fine with either one.”

           “But we don’t even know where she is,” Rainbow lied convincingly, turning to give Applejack a meaningful glance.

           Applejack smiled apologetically. She had forgotten that Rarity’s location was to remain a secret. That was some quick thinkin’ there, Rainbow, Applejack thought as she reached out to give Rainbow a grateful kiss.

           “Let’s talk about this once we get off the second floor,” Rainbow whispered before facing forward again, walking to Apple Bloom’s door. Applejack followed, nodding. Once Applejack was by her side, Rainbow opened the door to find Apple Bloom resting peacefully.

           Applejack walked over to her sister’s bed, shaking her gently. “Up an’ at ‘em, Apple Bloom; yer crusader friends are waitin’.”

           Apple Bloom stirred, lifting a hoof to rub an eye tiredly as she sat up. “Is it time already?” she yawned.

           “Yep, so get out there and get those fillies!” Rainbow cheered.

           Apple Bloom nodded, shaking herself awake. “Thanks, y’all!” Apple Bloom bounded off her bed, rushing straight out the front door and off to the Crusaders’ clubhouse.

           Applejack chuckled at her sister’s sudden burst of exuberance, leading the way back down to the den. “Ah sure hope it goes well for her.”

           “Glad you’ve finally decided to stop worrying,” Rainbow smiled.

           “Well, ya’ve gone and given me so much ta look forward to,” Applejack said. “Kinda hard ta worry at the same time.”

           “So you’re saying all I have to do is occupy your every thought to keep you from worrying ever again? I think I can handle that.”

           Applejack giggled, shoving Rainbow onto the couch before joining her. “But can ya handle me?

           “I’ve gotten this far, haven’t I?” Rainbow laughed, pulling Applejack into a hug. “Unless you mean in bed.”

           Applejack smirked. “An’ what if Ah do?”

           “Ooh, then I’d have to test you out.” Rainbow winked.

           “Sounds like a good time.”

           Rainbow grinned. “You know it.”

           “We really should get around ta figurin’ that out,” Applejack suggested, blushing. “Ya know, not really jump right inta it.”

           “You mean like a sex talk?” Rainbow guessed.

           “Ah guess so. Just talk about where we are, what we’d like ta try...”

           Rainbow giggled. “That might take a while, ‘cause I wanna try everything.”

           Applejack smirked. “Everythin’? Ya sure ‘bout that now?”

           Rainbow blushed. “Well, maybe not everything, but…”

           “Ah get ya,” Applejack assured. “Ah’m curious, too.”

           “Good thing we’ll be in it together, then.” Rainbow paused. “Since we already covered what we want to do, why not just have the talk now?”

           “Ah guess we could do that,” Applejack admitted, blushing.

           “Okay, then the other thing you mentioned is where we are. Honestly, I’m ready whenever you are, so all you have to do is instigate.” Rainbow blushed. “I’m guessing we’d be starting off, uh… traditionally, I guess… and then leave all the kinkier stuff for later?”

           Applejack nodded. “Yeah, Ah think Ah’d like ta get a handle on it ‘fore we try anythin’ too… kinky.”

           “Okay. That was easy. Just whenever you’re ready, then.”

           Applejack nodded again. “We should probably head back over ta Fluttershy’s ta get those spa times.”

           “I guess so. You promise it’s gonna be good?”

           “If it ain’t, Ah’ll cover yer chores fer the next week,” Applejack asserted.

           Rainbow smirked. “I’ll have to work on my acting, then.”

           “It’ll take more ‘n actin’ ta fool the Element of Honesty, sugarcube.”

           Rainbow shrugged. “Hey, it’s worth a shot.”

           Applejack rolled her eyes, nuzzling into Rainbow’s chest briefly before pulling out of their hug. “Let’s go tell Granny Smith where we’ll be tonight, then we can go.”

           “Right behind you.” Rainbow followed obediently.

           Apple Bloom arrived at the clubhouse not having the slightest clue what time it was, but strode inside nevertheless. “Hey, gals! Sorry Ah’m late!”

           “Hey, Apple Bloom!” Scootaloo greeted cheerily, standing up from where she was sitting next to Sweetie Belle. “You look like you just got outta bed. What gives?”

           Apple Bloom giggled. “Sorry, y’all. Ah was up all night plannin’ fer… uh, somethin’ er other.”

           “Ooh, what do you have planned?” Sweetie Belle asked.

           Apple Bloom blushed. “It ain’t really important.”

           “Well if it kept you up all night it has to be something cool,” Scootaloo prodded.

           “Yeah! Is it some new cutie mark idea?”

           Apple Bloom shook her head. “Ah’ll tell ya girls later. First, why’d ya call us all here, Scoot?”

           Scootaloo blushed. “Oh, uh, right. Yeah, I’ve uh… I’ve been doing some uh… thinking, and, uh…”

           “What about?” Apple Bloom asked.

           “Well, you remember how we walked in on that uh, thing between Rainbow and Applejack?” Scootaloo shuffled her hooves. “It’s kinda got me thinking…”

           “Oh, Ah almost fergot!” Apple Bloom perked up. “Turns out we were right, girls. Mah sister’s started datin’ Rainbow Dash!”

           “Aw, that’s so cute!” Sweetie Belle chirped.

           “Uh, yeah, great.” Scootaloo’s gaze was firmly upon the ground, cheeks growing hotter. “Listen, girls… that, uh, thing we walked into… Rainbow told me before that all about the whole fillyfooling thing. I thought it was cool and all, because, hey, Rainbow Dash is one, right?

           Scootaloo gulped. “But seeing them like that. It… really got me thinking about it. And I was kinda wondering if you girls, uh… ever thought about… us, like that.”

           Sweetie Belle squeaked. “That’s what got me grounded for a week!”

           Apple Bloom’s eyes widened. “Really? Ah was jes’ thinkin’ bout the same thing. That’s what Ah spent all o’ last night plannin’, how ta tell y’all.”

           Scootaloo laughed nervously. “And, uh… what did you think about it?”

           Sweetie Belle blushed. “Um, I was thinking about how… happy they looked. And how I feel the same way whenever we’re crusading. And that maybe we could…”

           “Try it out an’ see where it goes?” Apple Bloom suggested hopefully.

           Sweetie Belle nodded shyly.

           “Ah’m willin’ ta give it a shot if y’all are,” Apple Bloom said, blushing.

           “But there are three of us,” Scootaloo put in. “Does that make it…”

           Apple Bloom smiled. “Ah talked ta mah sister n’ Rainbow about it. They said it don’ happen often, but since we’re all so close already…”

           Scootaloo smiled back, bringing both of her fellow crusaders into a hug. “Thanks, girls. I’m… really excited now.”

           “You know what Ah’ve been wantin’ ta do…” Apple Bloom hesitated briefly before placing a gentle kiss on Scootaloo’s nose, then Sweetie Belle’s.

           Sweetie Belle giggled, kissing Scootaloo as well before returning Apple Bloom’s.

           Scootaloo beamed, giving each of her fellow crusaders extended kisses on the lips.

           “Scoot!” Apple Bloom giggled, sharing a glance with Sweetie Belle.

           Sweetie Belle nodded, grinning. Together, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle converged on Scootaloo.

           “Hey! Time out! No fair!” Scootaloo laughed.

           “Hold ‘er down, Sweetie Belle!”

           “Got it!”

           “Quit it!” Scootaloo pleaded, giggling uncontrollably as Apple Bloom kissed her relentlessly.

           Apple Bloom grinned. “Ah though this was what ya wanted, Scoot.”

           Scootaloo tickled Sweetie Belle’s hooves with her wings, loosening her grip enough to wriggle away and pin the unicorn filly down. She started to pepper the hapless filly with light kisses, heedless of her squeals of delight.

           Apple Bloom snuck up behind Scootaloo and lightly nipped her ear. Scootaloo gasped, shuddering at the unexpected sensation, turning to look at Apple Bloom. “Ah saw Rainbow do that ta Applejack once.”

           Scootaloo grinned. “What else have you seen them do?”

           Apple Bloom blushed. “Cuddle, mostly.”

           “That sounds fun,” Sweetie Belle piped up.

           “Sounds sappy,” Scootaloo said.

           Apple Bloom chuckled. “Can’t be all bad if Rainbow Dash does it.”

           Before Scootaloo could protest further, she was tackled from behind by Sweetie Belle. Sensing her opportunity, Apple Bloom flung herself into the pile, kissing under Scootaloo’s chin and nuzzling Sweetie Belle’s horn. Sweetie Belle shivered at the contact, subconsciously brushing her hoof across Scootaloo’s wings. Scootaloo moaned lightly, wrapping a wing around each of her friends and snuggling into the center of the pile. Apple Bloom shifted her tail so it lay across all three of them, giggling. Sweetie Belle nuzzled into Apple Bloom’s tail.

           “Change your mind about cuddling yet, Scoot?” Sweetie Belle asked.

           “This is pretty awesome, I have to admit,” Scootaloo said, nodding.

           “Ah can’t wait ta tell Applejack about this,” Apple Bloom giggled.

           “And Rainbow Dash!” Scootaloo added.

           “Don’t forget Rarity!”

           Scootaloo frowned. “You probably shouldn’t tell your parents if they grounded you for just thinking about it.”

           “How did ya get outta yer house if yer grounded, anyway?” Apple Bloom asked.

           “Oh! I did this!” Sweetie Belle rose from their pile-up and concentrated. Her horn glowed green briefly before she winked out of existence, reappearing moments later a few feet away.

           “Wow, you can do magic now, Sweetie Belle? That’s so awesome!” Scootaloo gushed.

           “Mah sister told me Rainbow Dash is givin’ ya flight lessons, too, Scoot,” Apple Bloom said.

           Sweetie Belle gasped. “Really? What about you, Apple Bloom?”

           “Well, Ah’ve had ta do a bit o’ work fixin’ up the barn. Ah got most o’ it done, though there’s still a bit more ta do.”

           “There must be a lot this year if you couldn’t get it all done in one day,” Scootaloo commented.

           Apple Bloom laughed, averting her gaze bashfully. “Oh, c’mon, Scoot. Ah’m not good as all that.”

           “Are you kidding? You’re like, the master builder!” Sweetie Belle insisted.

           Apple Bloom blushed. “Shucks, thanks, y’all.”

           Scootaloo gave Apple Bloom a kiss, prompting Sweetie Belle to do the same. Apple Bloom returned each with a giggle, smiling as Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo kissed to complete the exchange.

           “This is gonna be great,” Scootaloo said, leaning back after nuzzling her new fillyfriends.

           “I really think you should just tell him, Rarity,” Fluttershy coaxed not for the first time. She had been trying to talk her into it ever since she came by. “I have no problem with it, and you heard what Applejack and Rainbow Dash said. It might not be so bad.”

           “Be that as it may, Fluttershy, I still don’t-“ Rarity was interrupted by a knock on the door. She jumped at the sound, darting back to her hiding spot behind Fluttershy’s couch.

           “It’s just us again,” Rainbow’s voice came through the door.

           Rarity relaxed, sitting back on the couch properly as Fluttershy went to welcome them in.

           “Sorry fer pesterin’ ya, but-“

           “Oh, it’s no trouble, I assure you,” Rarity insisted. “I’m grateful for the reprieve, to be honest.”

           “Reprieve from what?” Rainbow asked.

           “Just my thoughts, I suppose.”

           “Well, we were just stoppin’ by ta ask ya what time the spa usually closes,” Applejack explained.

           Rarity blinked. “It closes at five. It is a day spa, after all. But… may I ask why you wanted to know? You’re not…” Rarity grinned. “Applejack, don’t tell me you’ve picked the day I have to lay low to live out one of my fantasies without me.”

           Applejack chuckled. “Depends. Is that the one where Ah convince Rainbow ta join me at the spa for a little relaxation?”

           “That’s the one,” Rarity giggled. “Oh, I am so jealous. Do tell me how it goes, at least.”

           “Ya know, Mac’s locked himself up in his room. Ah’m not sure ya’d be riskin’ much ta come with.”

           Rarity shook her head. “I’m afraid I can’t take that chance. I can’t risk seeing him before I’m ready.”

           Applejack smiled sadly. “Ah understand. Don’ take too long, though. Mac’s startin’ ta get a bit rattled.”

           “I’d say a bit more than a… bit.” Rainbow frowned at her failed sentence.

           Rarity nodded. “I’ll be sure to keep that in mind.” She sighed. “I wish I could tell you girls what all this is about, but you understand why I can’t.”

           “Ah reckon we’ll find out after Mac does.”

           “I suppose that’s true,” Rarity giggled. “I will owe you girls the whole story, though.”

           “Hey, just tell us what you’re comfortable with when you’re comfortable with it,” Rainbow said. “We’ve got plenty to keep us occupied until then.”

           “Yep. Rainbow and Ah are goin’ on a date tonight.”

           “Applejack!” Rainbow protested. “You weren’t supposed to-“

           Rainbow was cut off as Rarity swept both her and Applejack into a hug. “Oh how wonderful! You must tell me everything when you get back!”

           Rainbow struggled in Rarity’s grasp, which seemed to grow stronger whenever romance was involved. Applejack merely laughed and nodded in response.

           “Well I simply will not keep you here when you have such plans,” Rarity said, abruptly releasing her captives.

           “So you’re kicking us out, now?” Rainbow demanded.

           “Yes. Do have fun, you two!”

           Before either mare could say anything more, they were pushed out of Fluttershy’s cottage by a magical force, the door swinging closed behind them to seal their banishment.

           “I really can’t understand her sometimes,” Rainbow stated.

           Applejack chuckled. “You an’ me both, sugarcube. So, Ah guess we’ll fit the spa trip in between lunch an’ dinner. But we still got some time before then.”

           “Need any weather work done on the farm?”

           Applejack thought for a moment. “Some rain on the east orchard might be nice.”

           Rainbow grinned. “You got it, boss.”

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I saw this on EQD.

Oh God Cloud Wrote a Fanfic Tumblr_mp9qt96BId1srs4oro1_400

What the hell.

Sadness That I Cannot Rainbow-Face anymore

Big Macintosh sighed, looking out his window. Outside he saw some rain clouds coming in, led by a familiar blue pegasus. While she moved the bulk of them into position and coaxed the rain water out of them, she covertly detached one from the group, bringing it over to start a downpour on the farmer directing her.

“What the hay, Rainbow!” Applejack spluttered, quickly becoming drenched.

Rainbow grinned from atop her now-white cloud. “What can I say? I just love the way you look with a wet mane.”

“Then why don’t ya take a closer look?” Applejack dared.

Rainbow suddenly found herself bound by a rope and dragged down to the ground, where Applejack pinned her down with a smirk, dripping water onto the prone pegasus.

“You’re right, you do look sexier up close,” Rainbow jested.

“If ya like it so much, how’s about we get you all wet, too?”

“What? No, Applejack!”

Applejack dragged a protesting Rainbow Dash under the rain clouds she had set upon the orchard, taking note of how Rainbow’s mane casted off little rainbows as the water cascaded off it. “Now yer lookin’ mighty fine yerself.”

“If we end up bedridden with colds tomorrow, I’m blaming you,” Rainbow asserted.

Applejack grinned. “Ya mean Ah might get ta spend the whole day cuddlin’ mah favorite pegasus?”

Rainbow blinked. “You know, that actually doesn’t sound too bad.” Rainbow gave Applejack a peck on the nose. “When did you start getting good ideas?”

“Ya must be rubbin’ off on me, sugarcube,” Applejack joked.

Rainbow grinned. “Only if I get to rub you off, too.”

“Well we’ll just have ta wait an’ see about that.”

“You keep teasing me like this and I might not be able to hold myself back,” Rainbow warned jokingly.

“Maybe that’s what Ah want,” Applejack teased. “Can’t take me ta bed if yer not a hundred percent.”

“We can always fit that in after dinner, you know,” Rainbow urged.

Applejack smiled. “Ah’ll think about it, fer sure. We do seem ta be talkin’ about it quite a lot.”

“Maybe we’re just eager,” Rainbow suggested. “I know I am. And if it’s gonna happen anyway, why not get a head start? It’s not like the world’s gonna end if we have sex after the first date, right?”

“Ah reckon not. Still, Ah don’ wanna take this too fast. Octavia warned me about that,” Applejack frowned.

“You mean about Vinyl and Lyra?”

Applejack nodded. “Ah don’t want that ta happen ta us.”

Rainbow smiled. “You know, just because it didn’t work out for them doesn’t mean we’re gonna be the same way. They didn’t mesh together like we do. And I’d say we’re a bit closer than they were. We have our own pace. I’m not trying to pressure you into anything, but if you really want to go for it, what’s stopping you?”

“Well, it sure as hay isn’t traditional,” Applejack supposed.

“Do I look traditional to you?”

Applejack shook her head, chuckling. “Ah guess not. We’ll just have ta see how it goes. If we decide the time’s right, we can try it out, and if not…”

“Exactly!” Rainbow crowed. “Don’t worry about it, just let it happen.”

Applejack nodded. “Ah’m not sure we’ll get around ta it today, though. We do got a trip ta the spa ta look forward to. Don’t wanna do everythin’ at once, right?”

Rainbow nodded in turn. “The longer we wait, the better it’s gonna be.”

“Really now? Then Ah might just have ta drag this out a little longer,” Applejack teased.

Rainbow face-hoofed. “Remind me not to give you ideas anymore.”

“Ah’m jes’ kiddin’, sugarcube. Soon as I feel up ta it, ya’ll be the first ta know.”

Rainbow smiled. “Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Big Macintosh felt a touch of longing as he watched the rain-covered mares embrace. If only things could be that simple fer me an’ Rare. He leaned back once he registered the fact that he was watching his sister in a steamy situation, shaking his head violently. Ah’m sure she’ll come around eventually, he assured himself.

“We’re goin’ out, Granny!” Applejack called as they made their way out the door.

“You have fun now, you two,” Granny called back.

“Will do,” Applejack assured.

As Applejack and Rainbow Dash were about to set off to look for lunch, they were bombarded at the door by a tremendously bubbly yellow filly. “Rainbow! Applejack! Y’all will never guess what happened! Scoot and Sweetie were havin’ the same thoughts Ah was, and now we’re gonna start bein’ fillyfriends like y’all are!”

“Hey, that’s great, Apple Bloom!” Rainbow cheered, offering a hug.

Applejack joined the hug. “Ah’m happy for ya, sis.”

“Ah gotta tell Big Macintosh!” Apple Bloom perked up.

Applejack frowned. “Maybe that’s not the best idea right now, AB. Mac’s feelin’ a little upset about Rarity.”

“Why? What happened with Rarity?” Sweetie Belle spoke up, having since caught up to Apple Bloom.

“We’re not really sure,” Rainbow said. “All we know is Rarity’s gone missing and Mac’s all broken up about it.”

“Oh, so that means we can’t go tell her about what happened?” Sweetie Belle asked sadly.

“I never said that,” Rainbow reassured. “We can’t tell Mac, but Rarity’s actually staying over at Fluttershy’s so-“

“Well what are we waiting for, then?” Scootaloo piped up. “Come on, Crusaders!”

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle followed as they set off towards Fluttershy’s cottage. “Bye, sis! And thanks fer the help!”

Applejack and Rainbow waved, smiling as they watched the three fillies run out of sight. Despite the new development, it was as if nothing had changed between them, save for the occasional peck on the cheek. Applejack hoped they knew to show a little restraint in the public eye.

“So, where do ya wanna go fer lunch today?” Applejack asked as she and Rainbow set off on their own journey to Ponyville.

Rainbow thought. “We could go back to Café du Mane. You know, show off a bit and all that.”

Applejack gulped. “Ya mean go public?”

“We kind of already are anyway,” Rainbow pointed out. “It’s not like the gossip will be anything new, right?”

“Ah guess not. Ya have been tellin’ me ta stop worryin’. An’ it would be nice ta not have ta hold anythin’ back.” Applejack thought for a few seconds more before smiling. She stepped in closer to Rainbow, prompting her to drape a wing over her back. Comforted by the feathery blanket, Applejack nuzzled under Rainbow’s chin and planted a kiss that elicited a giggle from the pegasus.

“Cut it out, AJ. I’m ticklish there,” Rainbow laughed.

“Are ya now?” Applejack asked. “Any other spots ya’ve been hidin’ from me?”

Rainbow blushed. “Not any I’d be comfortable talking about in public.”

Applejack nodded, blushing lightly herself. “Well, we do have a trip to the spa after lunch…”

“Stop making me excited about that,” Rainbow demanded.

Applejack shook her head defiantly, planting a kiss on Rainbow’s cheek. Rainbow held her closer in response, kissing her back briefly before continuing on to their destination.

The lunchery had a pretty good crowd on hand to witness the two openly amorous mares get a table. Excited whispers soon broke out among the various occupants, save for one couple that rose from their seats, and started heading their way.

“I thought I saw you two acting lovey yesterday.”

Rainbow and Applejack looked up to behold Lyra and Bon Bon, the former grinning brightly.

“She’s all mine now,” Rainbow boasted, leaning in closer.

“And you’re mine,” Applejack added, wrapping a hoof around her marefriend’s shoulders.

“Wow, she’s already making you act sappy? She must have you good,” Lyra teased.

Bon Bon scoffed. “As if your sappiness doesn’t trump theirs combined.”

“It’s different when it’s just you and me!” Lyra protested.

Rainbow laughed. “Yeah, she hasn’t tried to rut you in public yet, has she?”

Bon Bon frowned. “Actually…”

Rainbow grinned. “You’re worse than me!”

“Yeah, well, I bet you haven’t even had sex yet!” Lyra shot back.

“Not yet, though Ah might be up fer it today er tomorrow,” Applejack put in.

Rainbow beamed. “Way to hype me up even more.”

“Yes, just hope she doesn’t get so excited she forgets that sex is a two way exchange,” Bon Bon said, glancing at Lyra.

“Don’t worry, neither of us have any idea what we’re doing,” Rainbow assured. “So it’s bound to go awesomely.”

“Hey, unicorn sex and earth pony sex are completely different!” Lyra argued.

“Ah’m sure the horn changes so much,” Applejack chortled.

Lyra crossed her forelegs, frowning. “I don’t have to impress you.”

Bon Bon laughed. “Yes, I’m sure your reputation speaks for itself.”

“Y’all wanna join us fer lunch?” Applejack offered. “Rainbow and Ah were gonna head over to the spa afterward.”

Lyra sputtered, holding back a fit of giggles. “The spa? Really Rainbow?”

Rainbow frowned. “Don’t judge me!”

“She won’t,” Bon Bon assured. “I won’t let her. As for lunch, that would be lovely, though for the spa, I’m afraid we have plans of our own.”

“Not that I don’t really want to be there to see Rainbow get a hooficure,” Lyra laughed.

Rainbow’s eyes widened. “You wouldn’t make me do that, would you?”

Applejack shook her head. “Ah’m not really one fer hooficures, neither. Why spend money on somethin’ Ah’m jes’ gonna scuff the next day?”

“Good,” Rainbow said, slumping onto Applejack’s shoulder.

Lyra and Bon Bon took their seats. “Anything exciting happening around the farm?” Lyra asked.

Applejack rolled her eyes. “Y’all don’t know the half o’ it. First off, Ah somehow managed ta get Rainbow ta convert her entire life over to the Acres.” Applejack paused. “Still don’t know how Ah did that.”

“Don’t listen to her! She knows she used those earth pony super powers to seduce me!” Rainbow protested.

“Earth pony super powers?” Lyra asked, cocking a brow.

Rainbow grinned. “Yeah! You know, like what Tavi uses to get Scratch to be her bitch!”

Lyra burst out laughing as Bon Bon rolled her eyes. “You really shouldn’t encourage her, you know,” Bon Bon warned.

As Lyra regained control of her breathing, Rainbow continued. “You know, Bon Bon’s an earth pony, too. She probably has you under her spell!”

Lyra’s eyes widened as she snapped her head around to look fearfully at Bon Bon, who placed a hoof over her face. “There is no such thing as earth pony super powers, Lyra. Seriously, do you have to believe everything you hear?”

“Hey, say what you want, but humans really could exist somewhere! Like in some weird alternate dimension where everything’s tainted by awkward romantic overtones.”

“So exactly like Equestria.” Bon Bon pointed out.

“No, Equestria’s thing is friendship. That’s totally different!” Lyra argued.

“So I’m to believe that in this other world, love is even more apparent? Does that include orgies in the streets?”

Lyra pondered for a moment. “No, but that sounds really hot. We should try that sometime. Ow!”

Bon Bon frowned, retracting her hoof. “I swear, if this becomes another one of your fantasies…”

“Don’t worry, I can make this work way better than that last one,” Lyra promised. “I have a backstory and everything! You see, there’s this weird portal somewhere in Equestria. Somewhere totally random, like a dinner plate, so nopony notices it. But then every once in a while it turns into this crazy robot Cyclops and rampages across Equestria. So Princess Celestia uses her magic to activate the dinner portal, and everypony goes through it to hide from the robot Cyclops and then suddenly we’re all humans and everything’s awesome.”

Bon Bon blinked. “It’s sad to think that’s actually one of her less nonsensical stories.”

“I don’t see you coming up with anything, Bonnie!”

“And that’s why I keep you around,” Bon Bon assured, patting Lyra on the head.

“So what’s one of her more awesome stories, then?” Rainbow asked excitedly.

“Oh, there was this one time I-“

“Food’s here,” Applejack interrupted.

“But we haven’t even told them about all our shenanigans!” Rainbow protested.

Applejack rolled her eyes. “Ya can do that while ya eat.”

“Now you made me curious,” Lyra said through a mouthful of food before swallowing. “What kinda shenanigans are we talking about?”

“Mind your manners, Lyra. We’re in public,” Bon Bon chided.

“Please, Bonnie, we’ve been public for what, like two years now?”

“That’s not what I meant, but before you go off on another one of your rants…” Bon Bon looked to Rainbow Dash. “It might be best if you distract her.”

“I’m good at that!” Rainbow boasted. “So anyway, me and AJ started up this band a few days ago, and it was awesome! But then I had to get a guitar, and that was expensive, so I started working at Sweet Apple Acres for free food and stuff. Then things got really weird, and I can’t even really remember all of it, but the point is Applejack is like the greatest marefriend ever. So I got this idea at some point to try to be the weatherpony for the Acres, so everything would be at the same place, and we worked that out earlier today. I’m getting a raise and everything! Though I had to give up my previous position, but that’s alright, ‘cause Cloudchaser’s cool and all and she was my replacement.

“So after we got together, that’s when things started going crazy. Right now there’s this whole thing with Rarity and Big Mac. They went on a date last night, and that got Mac into trouble with Granny Smith for missing dinner without telling her, but he worked his way out of that. But then Rarity went missing, and she’s apparently hiding something from everypony, except maybe Fluttershy, but I wasn’t really clear on that. So Mac got all angry because Rarity was being all elusive, but I don’t think he looked everywhere, because we know where she is but we’re not supposed to tell Mac ‘cause Rarity’s working up some courage to tell Mac that secret thing, and if he found out… Yeah, bad stuff.

“Anyway, there’s also this thing going on with Apple Bloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle. They walked in on us when we were wrestling on the bed, but it looked like we were about to kiss or something. But that was before me and AJ worked everything out, so it was a little weird for us, too. Well, in addition to the whole filling the minds of a trio of young and impulsive fillies with thoughts of fillyfooling thing. So Apple Bloom told us she’d gotten a crush on Scoot and Sweetie, and that Scoot had called a Crusader meeting today. Or, well, it was tomorrow, since it was yesterday that she told us, but whatever. So before we left she came back with Scoot and Sweetie and apparently they’re fillyfriends now and it’s probably gonna take some time to teach them about relationships and stuff.

“How about you guys? Anything interesting happening at the candy shop?”

Lyra and Bon Bon blinked. “Well, I’m starting to sell a new kind of candy,” Bon Bon offered.

“Ooh, like a new flavor?” Rainbow asked.

Bon Bon shook her head, blushing. “No, it’s something completely different. It’s a bit of an aphrodisiac, so I’ll have to be careful with hiding it and advertising it at the same time.”

Rainbow frowned. “Why’s that? Does the candy industry have something against afros now?”

Bon Bon cocked a brow. “No, it doesn’t. An aphrodisiac is something that heightens sexual desire and pleasure.”

Rainbow cocked her head. “So you eat it and you get horny?”

“I suppose, though on a much higher scale,” Bon Bon explained. “For its intended use in intercourse, you should probably have the initial desire covered yourself.”

“Sounds neat!” Rainbow turned to Applejack, who was silently eating her meal with a noticeable blush on her cheeks. “We should try one of those candies sometime. You know, after we get past that first one, anyway.”

“Might be fun,” Applejack agreed shyly.

“I’m sure we could work out a discount,” Bon Bon suggested.

“That’d be great. But I think we should probably talk about it later. I think Applejack’s gonna explode.”

Applejack frowned, her blush lessening. “Well excuse me if Ah ain’t comfortable talkin’ about sex in a public restaurant!”

Rainbow looked around at the various ponies seated around them, more than a few of which looked to be experiencing varying degrees of discomfort. “She does make a good point,” Rainbow conceded. “But hey, at least the word’s out about that new candy, now.”

Bon Bon smiled. “I’ll be sure to factor that into our arrangement. But for now, Lyra and I must be off. It was nice catching up with you two. I hope you have half as many exciting stories the next time we meet.”

“Or more,” Lyra added. “Because, you know, more is better.”

Rainbow laughed. “Hey, if things keep going on like this, we’re probably gonna have twice as many next time.”

“Yeah, you have to tell me how good Applejack is in bed. All that applebucking should really pay off big time.”

“Lyra!” Bon Bon and Applejack chorused.

“Just saying,” Lyra assured before being dragged away by Bon Bon.

Rainbow turned to Applejack once their company had departed. “You know, she does have a good point there. All that applebucking has given you one sexy plot.”

Applejack blushed. “Yers ain’t too bad, neither. Definitely a might smaller ‘n mine. Which Ah like, don’t get me wrong, Ah…”

“You like a leaner plot,” Rainbow finished. “That works out great for me. I like ‘em big, personally. And yours is the hottest in Equestria.”

Applejack smiled, blush deepening. “Ah could say the same ‘bout yers.”

“And here I thought you weren’t comfortable talking about this stuff in public,” Rainbow teased, making Applejack jump as she remembered where they were.

“Ah’m not!” Applejack squeaked.

“Sorry,” Rainbow apologized. “We can get going if you want. Let me just-“

Applejack deposited the proper payment on the table before grabbing Rainbow and leading her away from the restaurant.

“That works, too,” Rainbow supposed. “So, we gonna head on over to the spa?”

“Ah didn’t think ya’d be so eager,” Applejack joked, calming down considerably.

Rainbow grinned. “I don’t know. Something about sharing a hot tub with my hot plot marefriend just makes me excited.”

Applejack blushed. “That’s not ‘til after the massage.”

“What else are we gonna be getting?” Rainbow inquired.

“What else do ya want? There really ain’t much more, ‘cept hooficures, the mud bath an’ the steam room.”

Rainbow gasped. “They have a steam room?”

“Ah take it ya’d like a go at that?” Applejack chuckled.

“Are you kidding? That’s like, one of the best places to make out ever!”

Applejack smiled. “Ah’m sure we could work that in somewheres.”


“Here we are, Ponyville Spa,” Applejack said, coming to a stop before the building.

Rainbow laughed. “Only you could ever make me excited to go in there.”

“Is mah hot plot jes’ too much ta resist?” Applejack jested, flaunting it as she sauntered inside.

Rainbow, despite her desire not to, entered after her marefriend with a very noticeable flare in her wings. This earned a smirk from Lotus, who stood behind the welcome desk as Aloe was elsewhere.

“What’s this? Ponyville’s two most tomcoltish ponies in our spa by themselves?”

“Applejack made me do it!” Rainbow insisted.

“Ya know ya like it, don’t lie,” Applejack retorted.

Rainbow frowned. “Only because of your earth pony seduction powers.”

Aloe giggled as she returned. “Yes, I see they’re working quite well.”

Rainbow blushed, trying futilely to regain control of her wings

“Now, what can we do for you girls?” Lotus asked. “I don’t dare hope you’re here for treatment?”

“Yep,” Applejack answered simply. “How much fer a massage, steam room an’ hot tub fer two?”

“Fifty bits,” Aloe answered with a smile.

“Let me get this one, AJ,” Rainbow insisted. “Can’t have you paying for this and lunch.”

“Then who’s gonna pay fer dinner?” Applejack laughed.

Rainbow thought. “We’ll split it.”

“Not to pry, but I can’t help but notice you two seem more… affectionate than last we saw you,” Aloe observed.

“Yeah, me and Applejack are dating now,” Rainbow relayed. “Or, well, we’ll be going on our first one tonight, but still.”

Lotus giggled. “Don’t have too much fun now.”

“No promises,” Applejack said, pausing to give Rainbow a kiss on the cheek before following Aloe and Lotus into the massage room.

“First, let’s work out that stress you carry in your muscles,” Aloe said, gesturing inside.

Applejack and Rainbow took two nearby mats, laying down on their stomachs as Aloe and Lotus fetched the massage oils.

“You ever had a massage before, Rainbow?” Applejack asked.

Rainbow shook her head. “Never been in a spa before, remember? Well, except for that one time we had that run in with the Poison Joke, and again during the Gabby Gums thing.”

Applejack nodded. “Well yer in fer a treat today.”

Rainbow moaned in delight as Lotus began her massage, expertly working out all the kinks in her muscles and leaving them feeling like jelly. Applejack chuckled at the dreamy look Rainbow had in her eyes as Aloe started her massage.

“This feels so good,” Rainbow groaned. “I’ve gotta start coming here more often.”

“We can afford it with that raise yer gettin’. Not ta mention the apple sales.” Applejack cooed as Aloe worked out a particularly thick knot in her neck. “Sure beats the shower back home, huh?”

“Definitely,” Rainbow murmured.

“I see you carry a lot of stress in your wings, Miss Rainbow,” Lotus spoke up. “I would ask permission, but your marefriend has a good set of hooves. We could guide her through the process if you’d like.”

“Wing massages from Applejack? Don’t make me beg,” Rainbow laughed.

Aloe led Applejack over to Rainbow’s mat and instructed her to grasp Rainbow’s right wing. Applejack’s newly-relaxed muscles still felt a little weak, but she complied without much trouble. She followed their instructions to the best of her ability, and it clearly showed. Under the spa twins’ guidance, Applejack had Rainbow in a state of bliss.

“Don’t stop,” Rainbow moaned, feeling heat begin to stir in her loins.

Applejack noticed this, but it only served to drive her onwards. Once Applejack had the motions down, Aloe and Lotus stepped out to give them some privacy. Applejack started on Rainbow’s other wing, feeling the extent of her success immediately.

“Ya sure are enjoyin’ this, aren’t ya?” Applejack giggled. “Ah can’t say Ah blame ya. Ya really do carry a lot o’ tension in these wings.”

“Th-that’s not the only reason. Oh Luna, AJ,” Rainbow’s voice was lost for a few moments more. “The wings are a… a pleasure point for pegasi.”

Applejack froze in her motions, blood rushing to her cheeks as she considered for the first time just how worked up she had gotten her marefriend. “Y-ya mean this all is… sexy?”

“So much,” Rainbow replied. “Why’d you stop?”

“Ah… Ah ain’t sure this is appropriate ta…”

“C’mon, AJ. It’s not like we’re doing it or anything. Besides, nopony’s watching.” Rainbow flexed the wing still held in Applejack’s hooves.

Applejack gulped and took a deep breath to calm her nerves before working through the rest of Rainbow’s primaries.

“That’s the stuff. Oh yeah.”

Applejack finished her work with a level head before coming around to kiss Rainbow on the nose as a way of notifying her of her task’s completion. Rainbow reluctantly rose as Applejack led the way to the shower, where she busied herself washing her fur.

Rainbow kissed Applejack on the cheek. “Stop being so timid, AJ. I’m not gonna do anything you don’t want me to.”

“But ya seemed so inta that massage,” Applejack said. “Ya won’t mind if Ah work ya up an’ leave ya hangin’?”

Rainbow blushed. “You know, I haven’t taken any time for relief since this all started. So I might be just a little pent up.”

“Well that’ll jes’ make it that much better when it happens, right?” Applejack asked.

Rainbow nodded. “But if I get a little heated, just… you know.”

Applejack simply nodded in response, not confident enough in her whims to say how much she was getting worked up, herself. We’ll see how it goes tonight. But if this keeps up, Ah…

Once they had finished their quick wash, they rejoined Aloe and Lotus in the steam room. Lotus, who was pouring hot water onto the heated rocks, offered a sly grin and a wink. Aloe just giggled as the two mares developed blushes.

“I take it the massage went well?” Lotus asked.

“It was pretty nice,” Rainbow admitted, shuffling her wings.

“Well I’m sure you won’t need any assistance finding the hot tub,” Aloe said. “So unless you need anything else, we can leave you to enjoy each other’s company.”

“That’d be nice,” Applejack said.

Smiling, the spa twins bowed before taking their leave, prompting Rainbow to look in Applejack’s direction. “So, about that make-out session…”

Applejack blushed, leaning in to press her lips to Rainbow’s, earning a questioning flick of Rainbow’s tongue against her lips. After a brief hesitation, Applejack gave into the temptation, pushing her tongue into Rainbow’s mouth as she pinned her marefriend to the bench. Rainbow moaned appreciatively, wrapping her hooves around Applejack’s shoulders and pulling her closer.

As Rainbow shifted her position slightly, Applejack found one of her forehooves stuck in an awkward position. As she removed the hoof, she felt it touch something fleshy. Rainbow gasped in response to the touch, while Applejack realized what she had done.

Applejack retreated from Rainbow’s embrace. “Ah’m sorry! Ah didn’t mean ta-”

“Applejack, it’s okay. Relax,” Rainbow smiled. “It was an accident. You don’t have to do anything else.”

Applejack averted her gaze, blushing heavily. “B-but what if… Ah think Ah want ta?”

Rainbow blushed, her eyes widening before a smirk came to her lips. “Then we can let any incidental contact here slide, rock that dinner out, and have the whole night to ourselves.”

Applejack smiled, turning back to face Rainbow. “Ah think Ah’d like that.”

“Then come here so we can make out some more!”

Applejack giggled and nodded as she rejoined Rainbow’s embrace, no longer caring where her hooves wandered. Applejack blushed as Rainbow’s hooves slid down her back and rested just above the dock of her tail. She responded by dragging her tongue across the roof of Rainbow’s mouth, earning a moan of appreciation from her partner.

As Rainbow’s hooves wandered farther, and Applejack’s tongue became more aggressive, the steam in the room began to disperse, if not in their minds. Rainbow did take the time to pull away, however. “Maybe we should take this over to the hot tub.”

Applejack grinned, getting to her hooves. “Then come on. Ah miss those hooves already.”

Rainbow nodded, following obediently, led by Applejack’s tail like a leash.

“Ya know, Ah can’t help but remember what ya said earlier about that other ticklish spot ya got on ya,” Applejack wondered idly. “Think ya might be up ta tellin’ me just what that is now that we’re alone?”

Rainbow blushed. “Can it wait ‘til we get to the hot tub?”

“It just did,” Applejack said, moving aside to unglue Rainbow’s eyes from her plot.

“Oh. Yeah, that’s definitely a hot tub…” Rainbow gulped, sitting down on the edge as Applejack dipped her hooves in.

“Ain’t ya gonna join me?” Applejack asked.

Rainbow sighed. “I guess I kinda have to tell you now, don’t I?”

Applejack cocked a brow, prompting Rainbow to continue.

“Remember that time the girls tried to convince me to get a hooficure?”

“And ya said ya don’ like ponies touchin’ yer hooves?” Applejack guessed.

Rainbow nodded. “Well, that’s because… my hooves are really sensitive.”

“How so?”

Rainbow frowned. “You know, really ticklish, kinda painful on rough surfaces, and… pretty awesome on soft stuff.”

Applejack brightened. “So like another one o’ yer pleasure spots?”

Rainbow nodded bashfully. “It’s just the back ones, though. I’ve never had any problems with my front hooves. So, like, don’t freak out if I uh… vocalize when I…” Rainbow dipped her hooves into the hot water, letting out a peculiar squeak as she did so.

Applejack smiled. “Well, Ah reckon Ah’ll have ta pay ‘em some extra attention tonight. And Ah might as well let ya in on mine.” Applejack blushed. “Ya already know about the spot behind mah shoulders, but Ah’m also pretty sensitive on mah belly, so…”

Rainbow grinned, advancing up to her hock as Applejack did. “I get the feeling we’re gonna have a lot of fun with this.”

“And we ain’t even gonna get to the kinkier stuff yet,” Applejack agreed. “There is some o’ that Ah really wanna try.”

Rainbow giggled. “I’d ask what, but I don’t wanna over-prepare myself. So I’m just gonna hope you share my curiosities.”

Applejack eased herself the rest of the way in, making an odd noise as her belly was submerged in the pleasantly hot water, trying not to notice the water get slightly cloudier. Rainbow, seated herself, leaned her head on Applejack’s shoulder, closing her eyes in contentment. Applejack smiled, running a hoof through her marefriend’s colorful mane, delighting in the softness it had achieved.

“So, you thought about where you wanna go for dinner yet?” Rainbow asked.

Applejack’s brow furrowed. “No, but Ah remembered somethin’ else just now. We still gotta pick up those… picks from the music shop ‘fore yer next lesson with Vinyl.”

“I’m sure we have time,” Rainbow assured. “Besides, it’s not like we’re going straight to dinner anyway. We could stop by there before then.”

Applejack nodded. “That’d be best.”

“So I take it we have no idea where we’re going for dinner, then?”

“Not a clue,” Applejack confirmed.

Rainbow rolled her eyes. “We’ll find some place.”

“Don’t reckon we’ll be goin’ anywhere quite as fancy as that restaurant Mac an’ Rare went ta,” Applejack pondered. “But Ah’m sure yer not too hung up on that.”

Rainbow grinned. “Aw, you mean we’re gonna go somewhere we can actually read the menus?”

Applejack chuckled. “Ah’m afraid so, sugarcube.”

“So I brought my dictionary for nothing?”

Applejack blinked. “You have a dictionary?”

“Nope. Do you?”

Applejack shook her head. “Apple Bloom might. Ah heard ‘er talkin’ about it once.”

“I wouldn’t doubt it.” Rainbow shrugged. “They’ve tried just about everything else, right?”

“Everythin’ appropriate fer a filly her age,” Applejack supposed.

“Hope they don’t run out of ideas before that list gets a little bigger.”

Applejack frowned. “Ah hope they have their cutie marks by then.”

Rainbow shrugged. “We’ll be here to put a cap on that if it happens.”

“Ah suppose,” Applejack conceded. “Though Ah’m hopin’ it don’ come to that.”

“We’ve been over this, haven’t we? Don’t worry about it unless we have to,” Rainbow said, nuzzling Applejack’s neck.

Applejack smiled. “Ah’m sure ya’ll have it worked outta me ‘fore too long.”

Rainbow smiled back. “That’s the plan.”

Applejack laughed, returning Rainbow’s nuzzle. “Ah suppose we got enough ta deal with already tonight.”

“Don’t remind me,” Rainbow joked, “I might explode.”

“Can’t have that,” Applejack agreed. “That’s not supposed ta happen ‘til later.”

Rainbow merely nodded, lapsing into silence as she enjoyed the hot water and the feel of Applejack’s wet fur. Applejack smiled at the pegasus leaning so lovingly against her, pulling her closer with a hoof and kissing her forehead. Rainbow smiled, kissing Applejack under the chin, noting the chortle it earned, and subsequent laughter from repeated attacks.

“Okay, okay, Ah’m ticklish there, too,” Applejack admitted through giggles.

Rainbow giggled, giving Applejack a proper kiss on the lips. “I know I said it before, but tonight is gonna be so awesome.”

Applejack smiled, giving Rainbow a squeeze before lying back in the water. It was shallow enough to lay flat and still have her head above the water. She rested her head on the edge of the hot tub, giggling as Rainbow lay down beside her and rested her head against her chest. Applejack’s hoof returned to its rightful place around Rainbow’s shoulders.

They lay in contentment for a while, interspersed with occasional nuzzles, simply enjoying the other’s presence. So it was that sometime later, Aloe and Lotus intruded upon the scene.

“Excuse me, girls,” Aloe began. “I apologize, but the spa is closing soon. So if you would be so kind as to dry yourselves…”

Applejack and Rainbow Dash’s heads shot up. Applejack blinked. “It’s five already?”

Lotus nodded. “I’m afraid so. You can always come back tomorrow, if you’d like.”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but that would be pretty awesome,” Rainbow said, turning to Applejack. “This has actually been really fun.”

Applejack smiled. “Maybe ya should listen ta me more, sugarcube.”

“I probably should if this is what happens,” Rainbow agreed.

Applejack chuckled. “Well, we should probably be gettin’ out anyway. How long we been in here?”

“About two hours,” Aloe answered, “though how much of that was spent in the hot tub, I wouldn’t know.”

Rainbow shivered as she stepped out, prompting her to huddle close to Applejack for warmth. Applejack smiled, accepting the towels offered by the twins gratefully, wrapping one around the shivering pegasus before donning her own.

The spa twins left the two mares to their quest for dryness, which would inevitably chain to a trip to the music shop, and end at a dinner date at some indeterminate location. It was the reward, however, that was on Applejack and Rainbow’s minds as they completed the first of three prerequisites.

“Alright!” Rainbow said, leading Applejack out of the spa with an authoritative air about her. “Let’s figure out this pick business and find ourselves a place to eat! We’ve only got about an hour and a half before sundown, and I’m not gonna waste a single minute of this night!”

“Ain’t we already wastin’ time sittin’ here talkin’?” Applejack laughed.

Rainbow’s eyes widened. “You’re right! This is a time for action! Come on!” Rainbow raced off in the direction of the music shop, leaving an amused Applejack to follow behind a pace.

“What’s with the sudden determination, Rainbow?” Applejack asked as she caught up.

“Are you kidding?” Rainbow glanced at Applejack sideways. “There’s sex to be had here, AJ!”

Applejack chortled. “As if Ah could ferget.”

Rainbow skidded to a halt before their destination. “Okay, let’s grab the loot and go!” Rainbow said, darting inside and out of sight.

Applejack rolled her eyes and shook her head as she entered after her. Though Rainbow wasn’t visible from the entrance, Applejack knew she’d be in the strings section of the store. But as she was passing by the percussion section that separated the two, something caught her eye. It was a drum set, one she swore was the same shade as a Red Delicious apple.

Applejack paused, regarding the drum set before her, wondering if their band could truly be complete with just vocals and guitars. While most of her experience with pertained to string instruments, she couldn’t deny the fact that every band needed good percussion. With a thoughtful frown, Applejack made to enter the strings section, only to find Rainbow already leaving with her plunder seized, if not paid for.

Rainbow didn’t notice until they had exited the store that Applejack seemed distant. “Something wrong, AJ?”

Applejack shook her head. “Just thinkin’.”

“About what?” Rainbow prodded.

“’Bout our band, actually,” Applejack admitted. “Ya’ve said yerself Ah don’t really need much work on mah singin’ skills, but yer off learnin’ a new instrument. Ah guess Ah feel like Ah should be doin’ somethin’, too. And, well, we ain’t really got a drummer.”

“I guess not,” Rainbow agreed.

Applejack smiled. “So, maybe we should be goin’ about this different. How’s about you take care o’ the guitars, and Ah’ll get ta learnin’ the drums. Then we could split the vocal work so we can both be contributin’ the same.”

Rainbow grinned. “I like the sound of that. What made you think of it?”

Applejack’s smile became sheepish. “Well, Ah saw this drum set in there the same red as an apple.”

“Why am I not surprised?” Rainbow giggled.

“’Cause ya know me too well,” Applejack answered.

Rainbow cocked her head. “So what, you want me to forget things about you?”

Applejack laughed. “No, ya silly filly. Ah figure we’re goin’ ta get ta know each other a little better tonight, anyway.”

Rainbow blushed. “Yeah, sure will.”

“What, no snappy comeback?” Applejack smirked.

Rainbow shook her head. “Sorry, I guess I’m just a little nervous is all.”

Applejack smiled. “That why ya were actin’ all funny earlier?”

Rainbow offered a non-committal shrug in response, turning her attention to finding someplace to eat. “That place looks pretty cool,” Rainbow pointed out a quaint little diner with a musical note emblazoned on the door.

Applejack chuckled at the change in subject. She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t nervous, herself. “Wanna go check it out?”

Rainbow nodded, leading the way inside. They were surprised to find upon entering that Octavia and her old quartet were in the middle of a set. While it didn’t look like much on the outside, the restaurant was actually quite large, yet still retained the homey air of a family-owned pub, if a bit quieter and more refined.

Applejack looked around in wonderment as she made her way to the welcome booth, Rainbow following with a similar expression.

“Do you have a reservation?” The stallion at the booth asked.

“Oh, we need a reservation here?” Rainbow frowned in disappointment.

Applejack sighed. “Well, Ah guess we’ll have ta find someplace else.”

Before they could make it to the door, they heard frantic hoofsteps behind them. “Wait, I know these two,” Octavia said, having vacated her place on stage. “They’re friends of mine. Surely we could work something out?”

The stallion at the welcome booth frowned, thinking. “Well, I suppose we do have one table without current occupants, though I’m not sure you would allow these two to dine at your own table.”

“Of course!” Octavia nodded fervently, smiling as Rainbow and Applejack brightened. She turned to them as the stallion produced two menus and led them to a table near the front of the stage.

“Ah never knew ya still did gigs with yer old quartet,” Applejack spoke. “Ah figured since ya got inta workin’ with Vinyl-“

Octavia interrupted with a giggle, shaking her head. “No, even with my new line of work with Vinyl, I still make time to perform here every week. This is actually where my quartet and I had our first show. It’s become a bit of a tradition.”

“That’s awesome,” Rainbow chimed in. “And you’ve got your own table and everything?”

Octavia nodded. “It’s one of the perks of being a world-renowned cellist, I suppose.”

They stopped before a particularly extravagant booth with the cutie marks of each member of Octavia’s quartet emblazoned on the table’s surface.

“Vinyl usually comes with me to these, though she had business of her own to take care of,” Octavia said, smiling. “I’m glad I’ll have at least two familiar faces in the crowd.”

“Thanks, fer this, Octavia. Ya really didn’t have ta.”

Octavia chuckled. “And miss an opportunity to improve your first date? I simply couldn’t resist.”

Rainbow grinned. “You’re the best, Tavi. Well, except for AJ, but I’m kinda biased on that one.”

Octavia nodded, smiling. “If you girls would excuse me, I’d like to serenade you with new vigor.”

“You do that,” Rainbow said, not entirely comprehending.

Octavia giggled, waving as she retook her place back on stage. She offered a smile in response to the questioning gazes of her bandmates, which seemed to placate them.

As the music continued, Applejack and Rainbow took their seats in the plush booth. The menu, while extravagant, was thankfully comprehensible. “And you said we weren’t going anywhere fancy,” Rainbow laughed.

“’Cause Ah really expected this ta happen,” Applejack shot back, laughing as well.

Rainbow placed a kiss on Applejack’s cheek. “Well I’m really glad it did.”

Applejack blushed, kissing Rainbow back before returning her attention to the menu. “Ah reckon they’ve got tons o’ fancy foods here. Anythin’ ya wanna try?”

“That pasta whatever thing looks pretty good,” Rainbow said. “And it says it serves two.”

Applejack smiled. “We’ll split it.”

“Just like the bill,” Rainbow laughed.

“If Octavia doesn’t insist on payin’ for it herself,” Applejack supposed.

“Yeah, she probably will,” Rainbow agreed.

“Don’ mean we gotta enjoy it any less,” Applejack pointed out.

Rainbow grinned. “Are you kidding? This means we can eat as expensive as we want!”

Applejack frowned. “Ah’m not sure Ah’m comfortable takin’ advantage o’ her like that.”

“I’m not either,” Rainbow said. “That was a joke.”

Applejack rolled her eyes. “It’s hard ta tell with you sometimes.”

Rainbow shrugged, relaying their order when the waiter came around. Food taken care of, she slumped onto Applejack’s shoulder, closing her eyes and enjoying the music. Applejack rested her head against Rainbow’s, sighing in contentment.

Octavia smiled at them between songs, winking in encouragement. Applejack smiled back, pulling Rainbow closer to her. Octavia giggled before she began her next song.

Their food arrived shortly, and it was delicious.

“Ah gotta hoof it to ya, Rainbow. Ya do have an eye for quality,” Applejack praised.

“You seem to be hoofing me quite a lot these days,” Rainbow sniggered.

“Only ‘cause ya deserve it,” Applejack defended.

Rainbow grinned. “Really? Nothing else making you so generous?”

Applejack adopted a mischievous grin, herself. “Well, now that ya mention it, Ah have been spendin’ a bit o’ time with Rarity.”

“Don’t even joke about that,” Rainbow protested. “Seriously, just… no. Stop it.”

Applejack chuckled. “Sorry, Ah couldn’t resist.”

“I mean, Rarity’s a good friend and all, but…”

“Ah know what ya mean,” Applejack assured. “Ah have enough trouble bein’ around her more ‘n five minutes as it is.”

“Yeah, tell me about it,” Rainbow laughed.

“Ah think Mac’s good on her, though,” Applejack continued. “He’s much more patient than either o’ us could ever be.”

Rainbow nodded. “They do work kinda well together, don’t they? I mean, Rarity’s after a stallion, and you don’t really get more stallion than Mac. And even if Mac is kinda into stallions, that doesn’t mean they can’t work something out in the bedroom, right?”

Applejack blushed, shaking her head. “Ah don’ wanna think about that.”

“Sorry,” Rainbow apologized sheepishly. “But, you know, he never really told you just what his deal is with the whole double-hinged barn door, right?”

Applejack shook her head. “Ah guess not. Ah just thought he sounded a bit embarrassed about it.”

“You can only get so much out of that,” Rainbow pointed out. “Maybe he was embarrassed because he was lying. Ever think of that?”

“He wasn’t lying,” Applejack replied instantly. “Ah know mah brother, Rainbow, and Ah know honesty. There might be somethin’ a bit unclear ‘bout it all ta us, but Ah’m sure he’s got it all worked out in his head.”

“And that’s what matters, I guess,” Rainbow shrugged. “Still, I can’t help but think of how cool it would be if your brother dated a stallion. We’d be like, the gayest farm family ever!”

“Sure does defy tradition, don’t it?

“And what better way to start a new tradition?” Rainbow asked. “We could do so much with that.”

Applejack nodded, thinking about it herself.

Octavia approached them, which was odd, because they couldn’t remember the music stopping, though none was currently playing. Before either of them could question this new development, Octavia spoke. “I see you’re quite surprised,” Octavia laughed. “We’re just taking a break between sets, and I wanted to see how you two were doing. But seeing you so engrossed in your conversation told me enough.”

“I have to admit, that cello of yours is really something else,” Rainbow praised.

Something else it truly was. Their entire quartet was so masterful at ambience, even their transitions seemed natural. Even if that transition was into silence. And they provided such an air of levity that it was easy to get lost in whatever it is you were doing.

And to think, this was the same cellist who collaborated with DJ-Pon3 to make all sorts of abrasive, and otherwise, electronic music from just about every genre.

“Ya really are a master o’ yer instrument,” Applejack agreed.

Octavia smiled. “Thank you. But I really came to tell you that you don’t have to worry about your bill. I already have it on my tab.”

Rainbow cocked her head. “When did you do that?”

“Ah never saw ya leave the stage,” Applejack added.

Octavia giggled. “I’ll let that be my little secret.”

Both mares were left to wonder just when Octavia had become so stealthy as the cellist rejoined her quartet to start their second set.

“How in the hell…”

“Does it really, matter, sugarcube? We both knew it was gonna happen anyway,” Applejack offered.

“I guess not,” Rainbow admitted. “But still…”

Applejack rolled her eyes, resting her head on Rainbow’s shoulder as music once again flowed through the restaurant. Rainbow leaned back against Applejack. Or she would have, had Applejack been leaning on her to begin with. The uneven distribution of force had them toppling over awkwardly, as Rainbow’s head connected with Applejack’s flank.

Rainbow jumped. “Sorry! I didn’t mean to-“

Applejack started up in a fit of giggles, soon laughing uncontrollably as she moved to pull Rainbow back down on top of her. Rainbow found herself caught up in the mirth of the moment, laughing along as she nuzzled Applejack’s shoulder.

“Sorry,” Rainbow giggled as their laughter began to die down.

“It’s alright, sugarcube,” Applejack chuckled. Got yer mind off Octavia’s sneakin’ skills.

“She really does have that effect on ponies,” Rainbow mused. “Octavia, I mean.”

Applejack nodded. “It is amazin’ how much she’s opened up, ain’t it?”

“I think we can thank Scratch for that,” Rainbow jested.

“Ah reckon we can,” Applejack agreed. “They’re good fer each other.”

“That does tend to be a theme, doesn’t it?” Rainbow laughed. “You’d think ponies would pair up haphazardly, right?”

Applejack shoved Rainbow playfully. “You know what Ah mean.”

“Or do I?”

Applejack grinned. “Well, maybe Ah’ll have ta show ya.”

Rainbow smiled at Applejack, who smiled back. Unable to resist, the two shared an extended kiss out of sight of all but Octavia’s quartet.

“You know, of all the things I expect to taste on your lips, pasta isn’t really up there,” Rainbow jested.

Applejack chortled. “Ah could say the same fer you, sugarcube.”

Rainbow sniggered, kissing Applejack again. “You know, if we did stop here, I don’t think I’d have too much of a problem with that.”

“Ah know what ya mean, sugarcube,” Applejack admitted. “It almost feels like it’d make all o’ this unimportant if we went all the way tonight.”

Rainbow smiled. “To be honest, I’m not really even sure I’m ready. I mean, I really want to, but…”

Applejack nodded. “It’s just such a big step.”

“Yeah, and maybe, you know, we shouldn’t really force it,” Rainbow went on. “Like what you were saying earlier about what Tavi told you about Lyra and Scratch.”

Applejack chuckled. “Now ya listen ta me?”

Rainbow blushed, averting her gaze.

Applejack turned Rainbow back to face her. “Y’know, Ah really was worried we’d be goin’ down that same path earlier. But now…”

Rainbow smiled. “This is really what sets us apart from them, right? I’ve got you to be responsible for us.”

“Ah suppose that’s true,” Applejack agreed.

“Tomorrow, though, good luck keeping me off you,” Rainbow warned jokingly.

Applejack laughed. “Gotta leave somethin’ ta look forward to, Ah guess.”

Rainbow smiled, pulling Applejack in for another kiss, which was happily returned. “You know, today really has been a whole lot of fun. We should really do this again.”

Applejack nuzzled Rainbow’s shoulder. “Whenever ya feel up for a little relaxation, jes’ let me know.”

Rainbow nodded, smile widening ever so slightly. “You got it, boss.”

Octavia looked down on the two mares embracing like a proud mother, having heard bits and pieces of their conversation. As if I needed any less reason to doubt them, she mused, packing up for the night. She had to admit there was a fair bit of majesty to be found in playing music for two of her recently romantically inclined friends. She sighed wistfully, wishing Vinyl had been on hoof to witness it.

Octavia made her way backstage after packing up her cello and waving to Applejack and Rainbow Dash. She bid farewell to her quartet and made for the door leading outside, raising her hoof to-

“You were great out there, Tavi,” Vinyl’s voice sounded behind her.

Octavia beamed, turning around to throw her hooves around her marefriend. “How long have you been here?”

Vinyl smiled. “Long enough to see what you did for those two, and how happy you looked playing for them. My set ended early, so I figured I’d stop by to check on you. Can’t say I was expecting something like that, though.”

Octavia blushed. “I… It was just…”

Vinyl giggled, rolling her eyes. “Chill, Tavs. I’m happy I got to see you like that. And I know those guys need all the help they can get.”

“I don’t know, they seem to be doing well enough on their own.” Octavia smiled. “Reminds me of our first few days together.”

Vinyl groaned, face-hoofing. “Don’t remind me. I’m still trying to get over that spaghetti explosion.”

Octavia laughed. “Then perhaps I shouldn’t tell you they had a pasta dish of their own tonight. And no, it did not explode.”

Vinyl let her hoof drop to the floor, after having raised it to ask that very question. “Well, I guess the chefs here are a little bit better at cooking than me.”

“Just a little?” Octavia giggled.

“Okay, a lot better,” Vinyl admitted, rolling her eyes. “Now are we gonna just stand here all day? I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted.”

Octavia nodded, leading her marefriend out the door and back home.

Applejack and Rainbow were on their own way home after having their tab picked up by the sneaky cellist. They could have sworn they never saw her stray farther from her stage than to their table.

“Maybe she did it when she came by ta get us a table,” Applejack guessed.

Rainbow frowned. “That would have to be it. I just didn’t know she’d been taking lessons from Scratch.”

“Maybe Vinyl’s been takin’ lessons from Octavia,” Applejack pointed out. “Ya never know with them quiet ones.”

Rainbow giggled. “Yeah, I’m sure Tavi’s the mastermind behind their entire relationship. She already has Scratch brainwashed with those earth pony seduction powers.”

“Ya still goin’ on about that?” Applejack chortled.

“Hey, the evidence is all there and nopony’s proven me wrong yet,” Rainbow said. “Unless you’d want to show me sometime.”

Applejack shook her head in amusement. “Ah’ll be sure ta tell ya all about it tomorrow.”

“Awesome.” Rainbow nudged open the door to a quiet farmhouse. She had to admit sleep did sound pretty good about now, especially with a sexy orange farmpony there to cuddle with.

“Ah don’t suppose we’ll need a shower after that trip to the spa,” Applejack acknowledged. “So if ya wanna hop right to it, that’d be alright with me.”

Rainbow nodded, leaning against Applejack as they made their way up the stairs and to their now-shared room, not to say that Tank was complaining about having the guest bed all to himself. Applejack dove under the covers first, Rainbow sliding in beside her to wrap her hooves around her.

“Big day ahead o’ us tomorrow,” Applejack said, nuzzling into the crook of Rainbow’s neck.

“Bring it on. With both of us there, days don’t stand a chance.”

Applejack chuckled at her marefriend’s confidence. “Good night, Rainbow.” She gave Rainbow a kiss on the cheek.

Rainbow smiled, returning the gesture before relaxing into Applejack’s embrace. “Good night, AJ.”

[insert earlier RariMac scene here]

Note: Formatting is suddenly back to what it was before this textbox shenanigans. What the hell. Also, sex is happening on day six. I so sorry.
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Have a whole day because I'm forgetful!


Apple Bloom yawned, rubbing her eyes as she regained consciousness. She looked around, noting the pile of fillies she had become a part of with a giggle. After meeting up the previous morning, the three fillies had spent the day as any other. If you cut out the parts where kisses were shared, hugs were longer than normal, and cuddle piles were formed, anyway.

They had spent the night in Apple Bloom’s room, barely avoiding suspicion from Granny Smith. Apple Bloom really didn’t want to get Applejack and Rainbow in trouble for prompting their romantic shenanigans. But the day, and subsequent night, had raised many questions for all involved.

Scootaloo stirred from her rest, raising her head and smiling tiredly at Apple Bloom. “Morning, AB. Sweetie Belle still asleep?”

Apple Bloom nodded. “Ah’m thinkin’, though. Are y’all as… confused about this as me?”

Scootaloo cocked her head. “Confused about what?”

“Well, all o’ this,” Apple Bloom made a sweeping gesture, accidentally connecting with Sweetie Belle’s horn.

Sweetie Belle’s face scrunched up in her sleep. She mumbled something before turning and hugging Apple Bloom’s foreleg.

Apple Bloom shook her head in bemusement while Scootaloo’s face lit up. She donned a devious grin as she reached a wing around to sneakily brush against Sweetie Belle’s horn.

Sweetie Belle spoke again in her sleep, this time a little clearer, murmuring some strange combination of Apple Bloom and Scootaloo’s names. She opened her eyes blearily at a third touch to her horn. “Huh?”

Apple Bloom rolled her eyes. “Mornin’, Belle. Sorry Scoot woke ya. But that’s just what Ah’m talkin’ about. What is that thing with yer wings and her horn? And now that we’re together, what do we even do? What can we do we that we couldn’t before? Why do Ah feel like Ah’m meetin’ y’all again fer the first time?”

“Why don’t you ask your sister? She’s the one who told you about this stuff in the first place, right?” Sweetie Belle suggested, still half asleep.

Scootaloo nodded. “Yeah, and Rainbow Dash! She knows all about this kinda stuff. And she’s got wings, so maybe she knows something about that.”

Apple Bloom chuckled. “Anythin’ ta get a chance ta talk ta yer idol, huh?”

“Shut up!” Scootaloo shot back.

Apple Bloom nodded, placating the flustered filly. If she didn’t know better, she might think her friend had a bit of a crush on the older pegasus. But she did know better, so she merely kissed Sweetie Belle on the nose in an attempt to wake her up faster. Sweetie Belle giggled and rose to a sitting position.

“So are we gonna go ask them?” Sweetie Belle yawned.

“Yup. Come on, Ah think they’re in AJ’s room still.” Apple Bloom made a forward motion before bouncing off the bed. Scootaloo followed along giddily, leaving Sweetie Belle to shake herself awake and catch up.

Apple Bloom knocked on Applejack’s door to no answer. Curious, she let herself in to find an adorable sight. Rainbow Dash lay draped over Applejack’s chest, wings tucked tightly around the farm mare, who had a single hoof wrapped around the midsection of her pegasus extension.

Sweetie Belle stepped into the doorway, and could not resist joining Apple Bloom in a chorus of d’aww. Scootaloo merely rolled her eyes and reached a hoof up to poke Rainbow Dash in the side.

“Not now, Applejack. We gotta set the mood first,” Rainbow mumbled, still very much asleep.

Confused, and slightly frustrated, Scootaloo poked her again, in the wing this time.

Rainbow chortled in her sleep. “Okay, we can skip all that. Now come on, we…” Rainbow trailed off, completing her thought a few seconds later. “Sexy time.”

Scootaloo frowned. “What?”

“Sexy time? What’s that?” Sweetie Belle asked nopony in particular.

Scootaloo shrugged aloofly. “I don’t know. You’re the dictionary.”

Sweetie Belle frowned. “And you’re the chicken.”

“I thought we agreed not to talk about that!” Scootaloo snapped.

“Girls, please!” Apple Bloom got between the two before they could butt heads. “Ah heard mah sister talkin’ about it with Rainbow once. It was somethin’ about… some kinda… Ah don’t know. They never said.”

“Well then let’s ask them!” Scootaloo said, shaking Rainbow fiercely, finally waking the slumbering pegasus, and her orange body pillow in the process.

“Not so rough, AJ, I-“ Rainbow blinked, taking in her sudden change of surroundings. She looked down to a dazed-looking Applejack in confusion. “So… I just dreamed all that stuff, right?”

Applejack tried to shrug, but found her movement restricted by Rainbow’s wings.

Rainbow retracted her wings sheepishly, apologizing. “Sorry. I may have gotten a little bit-“ Rainbow froze, staring with wide eyes at their young audience. She glanced back at Applejack to find a baffled expression on her face. “How… much of that did you hear?”

“We heard about the sexy time! What’s that mean?” Sweetie Belle chirped innocently.

Rainbow’s face fell into her pillow, which also happened to be Applejack’s chest. “Luna dammit,” she muttered.

Applejack laughed. “It’d have ta come up eventually, right sugarcube?”

Rainbow raised her head. “Wait, you’re okay with talking about sex with them now?”

Applejack shrugged. “Ya said yerself ya’d have it beaten outta me.”

“But so soon? I mean, I know I’m awesome, but…”

Applejack laughed again, kissing Rainbow on the nose before turning to the three fillies at the side of their bed. “Well, Ah’m sure ya have a whole lotta questions. But let’s start off with somethin’ a little less… sexy.”

”Okay, how about those weird tingly feelings I’m starting to get in my wings?” Scootaloo asked.

“Uh, we said less sexy…” Rainbow frowned.

“Wait, ya mean that’s what sex is about?” Apple Bloom cocked her head. “What about Sweetie Belle’s horn, then?”

Applejack chuckled nervously. “Ah, uh… Let’s just steer clear o’ the uh, physical stuff fer now.”

The three fillies adopted matching frowns briefly before shedding them in favor of expressions of excited curiosity. “Alright, then what else is there? Like, what are we supposed ta do now that we’re fillyfriends?”

“Other than kissing,” Sweetie Belle clarified. “We already do that.”

Rainbow scoffed. “Please, kid. Those little pecks aren’t real kissing. There’s gotta be way more tongue involved.”

Scootaloo’s eyes narrowed in befuddlement. “Tongue?”

Applejack nodded. “Ya gotta do it with yer mouths open. That way ya can… well, lick each other’s tongues, Ah guess.”

The three fillies’ heads shot back. “Lick each other’s tongues?” Sweetie Belle asked incredulously.

“You wouldn’t understand unless you tried it,” Rainbow said.

“Ah’m not sure Ah wanna,” Apple Bloom spoke for all three, evidenced by their nods of affirmation.

“Well, ya don’ have ta do nothin’ ya don’ wanna,” Applejack reassured. “There is other stuff ya can do, but Ah’m not sure it’d be proper at yer age ta date.”

Rainbow shrugged. “Hey, as long as they’re careful and don’t upset the wrong ponies...”

“Ah guess so. Can’t imagine the kinda looks they’d be gettin’, though,” Applejack shuddered.

“Yeah, just don’t let strangers take you anywhere. Like, at all.”

Applejack blinked. “That’s not what Ah meant! Celestia, Dash, Ah don’ even wanna think about that!”

Rainbow laughed. “Nah, Ponyville’s a pretty clean town. You shouldn’t have to worry about that.”

“What the hay are you two going on about?” Scootaloo demanded.

Rainbow reached down to pat Scootaloo on the head. “Nothing you’ve gotta worry about, Scoot.”

“When ya say datin’, ya mean like what Mac told us ‘bout him an’ Rarity?”

“Pretty much, yeah,” Rainbow nodded. “There’s other stuff you can do, of course. Dinner’s probably above what you should be doing, though. Like, maybe a picnic at Ponyville Park for lunch or something like that.”

“That sounds like fun!” Sweetie Belle grinned.

“That does sound fun, Rainbow,” Applejack agreed. “An’ we ain’t done it yet.”

Rainbow rolled her eyes good-naturedly. “I’ll work on it.”

“Might even convince me ta ferget that little talk we had,” Applejack speculated.

Rainbow giggled. “And that brings us back to sex.”

Applejack nodded. “If ya’ve already started gettin’ tingly feelin’s, then it probably won’t be too long ‘fore ya start ta get them in other places, too. An’ ya might also get some urges. Now Ah’m not tellin’ ya not ta do nothin’ about those, but don’ go too fast with it. Yer still fillies, and ya will be ‘till ya at least get yer cutie marks. Understand?”

The three fillies nodded in comprehension.

“And hey, it might serve as an added incentive to get those cutie marks, right?” Rainbow grinned. “I can’t really talk from experience just yet, but I’m sure that will change pretty soon.”

Applejack laughed, shoving Rainbow to the bed playfully. “Don’ you get me started, sugarcube.”

“Of course not,” Rainbow promised. “That’s not until later.”

“What we’re tryin’a get at is that ya’ll probably start ta get those kinda tingly feelin’s down a bit lower,” Applejack explained.

“Yeah, right down between your legs,” Rainbow added.

Scootaloo, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle shared an astonished glance, blushing heavily. “Ya mean down there?”

“But that’s where…” Sweetie Belle trailed off.

Scootaloo shook her head. “Oh Luna, that’s…”

Applejack nodded. “And we have yer word ya’ll wait ‘till ya have yer cutie marks, at least?”

The flustered fillies nodded in unison, all looking in different directions.

“I think we can trust them on this one, AJ,” Rainbow said. “Besides, I think they’ve still got a couple years to go before then.”

“Ah reckon so, sugarcube,” Applejack agreed.

“Now head on downstairs to breakfast, alright?”

The Cutie Mark Crusaders nodded again, taking on this new crusade with a remarkable lack of enthusiasm as they shuffled their way out of the room and down the stairs in silence.

“Well, that’s one way to start a day,” Rainbow supposed, sighing,

Applejack laughed, nodding. “Let’s head on down, too. Breakfast sounds real nice about now.”

Rainbow nodded in agreement, following Applejack downstairs to find none other than Rarity sitting at the Apple family dining table next to Big Macintosh. “Oh, hey Rarity. You get all that stuff sorted out with Mac?”

Rarity nodded, leaning her head against Big Mac’s shoulder. “And am I ever glad I did. It went better than I could have ever hoped.”

Applejack smiled. “Well, we’re happy ta hear it. An’ welcome ta the family.”

Rarity smiled broadly, reaching up to plant a kiss on Mac’s cheek. Big Mac blushed, pulling his marefriend closer. “We got somethin’ else ta tell y’all, too,” Big Macintosh prompted.

“I suppose we do,” Rarity agreed, waiting for the family to be seated before speaking. “I know this may come as quite a shock. Especially to you, Applejack and Rainbow. I’m sorry for keeping it a secret for so long. But it is now best that you know that I’m not the mare you think I am.”

Applejack and Rainbow both opened their mouths to inquire further, but realization’s dawning stopped their questions short.

Rainbow’s eyes widened. “Oh my gosh, Rarity’s a guy.”

Rarity smiled shyly in response.

A smile slowly came over Applejack’s face. “What was that ya were sayin’ yesterday ‘bout this bein’ the gayest farm family ever, Rainbow?”

Rainbow burst out laughing. “I’m sorry, this is just too perfect!” She struggled mightily to contain her giggles, but to no avail. “Oh my gosh.”

Applejack chuckled. “Ah’ll speak fer Rainbow. We’re definitely surprised ya manage to hide it so well, but we’d never think o’ judgin’ ya fer it.”

“An’ this is somethin’ ya want, Mac?” Granny Smith asked levelly.

Big Macintosh nodded firmly, pulling Rarity closer still.

“Too tight, dear,” Rarity gasped.

“Sorry.” Mac loosened his grip slightly.

Granny Smith chuckled. “Well, it sure is hay ain’t expected, but if it makes ya happy, Ah can’t say no.”

Big Mac smiled. “Thanks, Granny.”

Rainbow finally calmed down, gasping for air. “Are we… gonna eat or not?”

Everypony present shook their heads in bemusement, signaling the start of the most crowded Apple family breakfast anypony could remember.

Before Applejack and Rainbow Dash could leave the house after breakfast, they were stopped by Rarity. “Wait, girls, I feel like I owe you a better explanation. Would you… mind terribly if we could talk somewhere private?”

Applejack and Rainbow shared a glance. “Ah guess not.”

“It’s not like we haven’t talked enough for one morning,” Rainbow added, earning a pointed glance from Applejack. “I mean, sure. Why not.”

Rarity smiled gratefully. “Thank you for this. It will certainly help prepare me for confessing to Twilight and Pinkie Pie.”

“I don’t think anything can prepare you for that,” Rainbow speculated. “Twilight’s probably gonna lock you in her basement for science-y stuff, and Pinkie… I never know what she’s gonna do.”

“Throw a party, maybe?” Applejack suggested.

Rainbow paused. “Wait, Pinkie hasn’t even thrown a party for us yet…” Rainbow gulped. “Has anyone seen Pinkie since she found out?”

“Ah saw ‘er yesterday,” Big Macintosh said, sidling up next to Rarity. “She seemed a might worked up by somethin’, even fer her. She ran off ‘fore Ah could ask what it was.”

Rainbow fell to the floor, holding her head in her hooves. “If we don’t survive what she has planned, let it be known that I lived an awesome life.”

Applejack chuckled lightly, consoling Rainbow. “Ah’m sure ya won’t die alone, sugarcube. Or even a virgin.”

Rainbow smiled at that. “You’re right. We still have a few days if she’s planning something that big. That leaves plenty of time!”

Rarity’s eyes narrowed. “Could it be that our dear Rainbow has been saving herself for somepony special?”

“No!” Rainbow answered immediately. “I just never found anyone who could keep up with my awesomeness!”

Rarity grinned. “So Applejack isn’t special, then?”

“I… shut up!” Rainbow shot back, blushing profusely. “I could have had sex any time!”

“Yes, I’m sure your list of marefriends,” Rarity gestured to Applejack, “can attest to that.”

Applejack chuckled. “She’s right, sugarcube. Ya told me yerself ya’ve never been with another pony before.”

Rainbow frowned, muttering, “It’s not like I haven’t thought about it before.”

Applejack grinned, brows rising. “So yer tellin’ me ya’ve been pinin’ after me fer a while now?”

“In a totally sexual, non-romantic way!” Rainbow insisted.

Applejack laughed. “And that makes it better how?”

“Because you make me act funny! It’s your earth pony super powers, I swear!”

Rarity giggled. “Actually, Rainbow, I do believe the word you’re looking for is ‘love’.”

Rainbow’s blush reappeared, heavier this time. “I… I do not! I could… I… Luna dammit, you guys!”

Applejack chuckled, kissing Rainbow on the forehead. “Yer sweeter than ya let on, sugarcube. Ya done shown me that plenty,” she whispered.

Rainbow’s face softened, a smile coming to her lips. “The things you do to me, AJ…”

Applejack smiled back. “An’ that list has plenty o’ room ta grow.”

Rainbow blushed lightly. “I don’t suppose you’ve thought at all about uh… sex, have you?”

“Ah have,” Applejack admitted. “An’ we don’t really have much planned after applebuckin’ today, do we? Ya did offer a picnic. Maybe we do that, see where it goes…”

Rainbow smiled wider, kissing Applejack on the nose. “You have no idea how good that sounds.”

“Ah reckon Ah do, sugarcube,” Applejack countered. “Ah’ve been pent up just as long as you.”

“You don’t suppose we could just have it out in the orchard, do you? You know, somewhere… private and out of the way?”

“Ah don’t think Ah’d mind that,” Applejack acquiesced. “Ah know just the place, too.”

“Awesome,” Rainbow said, smiling.

“If you two are done conniving, I do believe I had your agreement for a talk,” Rarity chimed in.

Applejack nodded. “We’ll be right up, just give us a couple minutes.”

Rarity looked to Big Macintosh, who smiled. “C’mon, Rare. Ah reckon they want some privacy.”

Rarity smiled back. “Right behind you, dear.”

“My favorite,” Big Mac joked, earning a playful shove from his marefriend as they made their way upstairs.

Rainbow sighed as she was alone with Applejack again. “You don’t think they’re planning anything today, do you?”

“Nope, Ah reckon Ah’ll be able ta tease Mac ‘bout the fact Ah lost mine first,” Applejack speculated.

“You already got a marefriend before he got a coltfriend,” Rainbow said, before frowning. “Wow, that felt really weird to say.”

“Ah don’t think Ah’ll ever get used ta that,” Applejack agreed. “She’ll always be a mare ta me.”

Rainbow nodded. “Dick or vag, she’s still the Rarity we’ve known all these years.”

Applejack chortled. “That’s one way ta put it. Now c’mon, she’s got some ‘splainin’ ta do.”

Upstairs, Rarity waited patiently while Big Mac looked around his room idly. Applejack entered shortly, followed by Rainbow, and Rarity smiled. “Please, sit down. This may take a while.”

Rainbow shrugged at a glance from Applejack, and the two seated themselves on the floor beside the bed.

“Now, I’d first like to say that despite what you now know about me, I’d prefer if you still considered me a mare. Though I was born a colt, I was raised a filly. It’s really all I’ve ever known myself to be.”

“That would be a whole lot less confusing,” Rainbow said. “And hey, we were just talking about that.”

Applejack nodded. “Ah gotta ask, though. How come ya can still look just like a mare, even if yer really a stallion?”

Rarity smiled forlornly. “You can thank my parents for that. They… changed me when I was very young. Magic can do incredible things, especially when administered early. But there’s just the one thing it can’t.”

Rainbow frowned. “Why would your parents try to make you a filly?”

“Because they wanted one,” Rarity answered. “As I understand it, they were… upset when they found out I was a colt. And the surgeries involved aren’t cheap. Despite their intentions, I find it hard to resent them when I think of how much money they spent on me. It almost makes me a little depressed, knowing how much better off they’d be had I been born a filly.”

Big Macintosh offered a consoling hug, which Rarity accepted gratefully. “If none o’ that had happened, ya might not be where ya are today. Ain’t that worth all the money in the world?”

Rarity smiled. “If it brought me to you, they must have done something right.”

Applejack smiled wryly at the sight of her brother and one of her best friends so lovingly embracing. Rainbow surreptitiously extended a wing and wrapped in around Applejack’s side. Applejack giggled at the sentiment, leaning into Rainbow’s wing hug.

“Of course, it was hard to hide it from Fluttershy, what with our weekly spa trips,” Rarity continued. “Even with the spell I had been taught to keep myself hidden. I learned the hard way that invisible does not mean untouchable.”

“Wait, so you’re telling me you let Fluttershy feel up your dick?” Rainbow asked incredulously.

Rarity’s eyes widened as she developed a blush. “N-no! It was an accident! I would never consent to such a… such an intimate exchange with my best friend.”

“Hey, you’re looking at two best friends over here,” Rainbow ventured, pulling Applejack closer with her wing.

Applejack chuckled, rolling her eyes. “Ah don’ think that’s quite the same, Rainbow.”

Rarity, who had become quite flustered, was hugged tighter by Big Macintosh. “Ah’m sure it weren’t nothin’ big. How did it turn out?”

Rarity smiled gratefully, blush lessening. “Well, we were both shocked, of course. I will admit that the whole situation was… slightly arousing. But Fluttershy, being the dear she is, accepted me without question, though I insisted on a better explanation later.”

“She sure is a sweetheart, Miss Fluttershy,” Big Macintosh agreed.

“Do I detect a hint of longing, Mac?” Rarity poked deviously.

Big Macintosh chuckled. “Course not.”

Rarity giggled, kissing Mac briefly before returning her attention to her friends. “Apologies, Mac does have that effect on me. But yes, everything turned out alright. Fluttershy insisted it would take something far worse to end our friendship. It’s actually one of the reasons I chose to hide out the day with her.”

“So she was hidin’ somethin’ from me,” Big Mac observed. “Ah thought Ah saw somethin’ in her eyes.”

Rarity smiled sheepishly. “Sorry. I’m sure you can understand why I wanted some time to think.”

Big Macintosh nodded. “Ah would, too, in yer situation.”

“Thanks,” Rarity squeezed Big Mac. “You don’t know how good it feels to be somewhere so accepting. I admit that I was a little worried that traditions might get in the way.”

“Tell me about it,” Rainbow chuckled, giving Applejack a peck on the cheek.

“So ya said they wanted a daughter, yer parents,” Applejack ventured. “What happened when Sweetie Belle came along?”

Rarity cast her gaze downward. “It was a… troubling time, to say the least. It’s my understanding that they gave up on me and tried again. And this time they got a real filly.” Rarity sighed. “I got jealous, and stole the attention back away from her. But… she was so young. She needed that attention more than I did. So the only thing I could think to do was to set off on my own. I was never around Sweetie Belle as much as I wanted in her early years. Running a business while barely older than she is now just… took so much time. I tried my best, but I always feel like I didn’t try hard enough.”

Big Mac hugged Rarity tighter. “Ya know that ain’t true, Rare. Ya did the best ya could, and Sweetie Belle don’t resent ya none fer it. She looks up to ya, wants ta do what you do. Ain’t that proof enough?”

“But we both know it’s not her true calling,” Rarity went on. “Had I been there for her, maybe I could have nurtured her real talent in singing.”

Applejack chuckled. “Trust me, Rarity, no amount o’ love n’ affection can set those fillies straight.”

Big Macintosh nodded. “After Ma n’ Pa died, Ah had ta be a father ta little Apple Bloom, on top o’ bein’ a big brother. If both of us couldn’t fix her, Ah don’t think ya’d have stood much of a chance alone.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Rarity conceded. “It’s just so hard not to blame myself for being a bad sister.”

“The fact ya care so much makes you a good sister, Rare,” Big Mac insisted. “And Ah won’t be havin’ none o’ this doubt from ya. Yer a wonderful mare, and Ah’m proud ta call ya my marefriend.”

Rarity smiled. “Thanks, Mac.”

Applejack looked on in wonderment as the two embraced again. Her brother seemed to have some sort of mastery at calming Rarity down despite having only been with her for so short a time. She wondered if Mac himself had sent any extra looks her way in the past. Rarity certainly did seem quite enamored with him.

“Not to interrupt or anything, but shouldn’t we be getting to applebucking soon?” Rainbow cut in.

Big Mac’s eyes shot open. “Right, the apples! Ah plum fergot, Ah’m sorry. Ya wouldn’t mind helpin’ us out a bit, would ya, Rare? Ah got everythin’ set up yesterday so the goin’ should be easier, but it’d be nice ta have Rainbow free fer buckin’ ta make it go faster.”

“I suppose I could, if the work isn’t too demanding. What would I be doing?”

“Just gatherin’ all the buckets ta one spot so we don’t gotta fetch ‘em all ourselves at the end. Ah can’t rightly say how many trees are ripe, or how spread out they are, but it shouldn’t be too bad with yer magic.” Big Mac smiled hopefully.

Rarity looked thoughtful for a moment before grinning. “I don’t know, it sounds like it might be rather difficult. But I suppose if you’d agree to a trip to the spa afterwards, I could let it slide this once.”

Big Macintosh frowned. “Ah ain’t never been to a spa before.”

“Precisely my point, dear,” Rarity giggled. “Now do you agree to my terms or not?”

Big Mac sighed. “Alright, but only fer you.”

“Perfect! I’ll make sure Aloe and Lotus make you look absolutely ravishing.”

“Why do Ah get the feelin’ Ah’m gonna regret this?” Big Mac despaired.

Rarity laughed, pecking Mac on the nose before exiting the room. Shrugging, Applejack and Rainbow followed, leaving Mac to contemplate his situation alone.

“Ah’m sure it won’t be so bad,” Big Mac assured himself. “And besides, if it really makes her so happy…” he smiled, “then it’ll be worth it.”

With three ponies each taking a third of the area, the work progressed at a fast clip. There were a few more trees than there had been the previous session, but Big Mac’s preparations took the work of catching the apples out of the picture. Rarity’s help with wagon loading certainly didn’t hurt, either.

Rainbow smiled as she crossed paths with Applejack. The work was laborious, as evidenced by the sweat on their coats, but Rainbow couldn’t help but think of how attractive Applejack looked this way. “Don’t tire yourself out too much or we’ll have no energy left for the after party!”

Applejack chuckled, wiping her brow with a forehoof. “Ah’m sure ya won’t be sayin’ that when I’m through with ya.”

“I’ll hold you to that,” Rainbow snickered as she delivered a quick buck to another tree.

They bantered on about the day ahead of them, neither bothering to mention that they had purposefully worked through their sections to give them as much time together at the end as possible.

“How do you think Mac’s gonna handle the spa treatment? Sounds like Rarity’s gonna go all-out on him.”

“She didn’t get ta come ta yer first spa trip, either,” Applejack agreed. “Ah’m sure she’ll have him beggin’ fer mercy by the time they get home.”

“I can see it now, Rarity coming home with a big ball of red fur that used to be Mac,” Rainbow laughed. “Oh, it’ll be rich!”

Applejack nodded, laughing along. The day seemed to slow down whenever they were together, as if Celestia was holding the sun in place to give them more time in their day. It helped Rainbow appreciate some of the subtle nuances of life she normally didn’t care to observe. The way water beaded on the leaves, the sound produced by a solid buck to a trunk, the smell of apples all around them, things she had really come to know and love about being out in the orchard.

Though it had only been five days since she started her time on the farm, it felt like she’d been here all her life. Applejack’s family had welcomed her immediately, and made her feel like she really belonged here. Growing up as an only child, and having only Fluttershy to call a real foalhood friend, never really gave her the whole family experience. Rainbow smiled as she thought back on that first day she had met Applejack.

“Alright Rainbow, you can do this! There’s no way that Sonic Rainboom could have been a one-time thing! That’s a trick worthy of a Wonderbolt!” Rainbow psyched herself up, trying not for the first time to recreate that glorious moment that had earned her a cutie mark. Just because she’d failed the last five hundred times didn’t mean she’d fail this time.

Flaring her small, but powerful wings, Rainbow dove off the cloud she was perched on, driving herself to the ground as fast as her developing muscles would allow. She strained herself, pushing harder and harder, but that Mach cone simply would not form. She squinted, trying to discern any abnormal wind patterns around her, but none were to be found.

“This is stupid!” Rainbow cried out, giving her wings one massive flap… and crashing head-first into a painfully solid object. She was dimly aware of some pole-like structure breaking her fall before blacking out.

Rainbow woke some time later on some strangely comfortable surface, with some other equally strange layer of softness above her. It wasn’t quite as soft as a cloud, but it was definitely quite warm. She wracked her brain, trying to figure out why she would be surrounded by such a strange material. She vaguely remembered crashing against some most definitely non-cushioned surface. She must have been trying some sort of trick, but…

Rainbow shot up. “I have to do the…” The sudden movement made her feel strangely weak. Her head started to spin as she collapsed helplessly onto the strange fluffiness from before. Her vision swam into focus, and she found she was trapped in some sort of strange chamber. She tried to move, needing to escape, but her limbs wouldn’t cooperate.

Amidst the commotion, an orange filly with an oversized brown Stetson woke, having fallen asleep in the late hours despite her conviction to stand watch over the strange pegasus filly in her care.

“Yer awake!” Rainbow froze at the voice, slowly turning her head to regard her would-be captor. “Ya took quite a hit back there. Ah was startin’ ta worry ya mighta…”

Rainbow cocked her head as the filly trailed off, looking far less relieved than her voice had indicated. Rainbow considered her words. This filly certainly didn’t sound like an evil dungeon master. In fact, she sounded an awful lot like she was… “You… you saved me?”

The orange filly’s freckled cheeks reddened as she pulled her hat over her eyes. “Aw, shucks, it weren’t nothin’ as special as that.”

“You did!” Rainbow perked up. “Maybe you can tell me what happened. Or where we are.” Rainbow looked around the plain white room. “Or what this stuff is.” She indicated the surface she laid upon. On further inspection, it looked like a bed of some sort. It was a far cry from the plush cloud beds she was used to, but she couldn’t think of what else it might be. She poked at the mattress experimentally, before examining the strange sheets.

Her savior devolved into a fit of laughter at Rainbow’s antics. “Ain’t ya ever been in a bed before, sugarcube?”

“So this is a bed.” Rainbow frowned. “Why isn’t in made of clouds?”

“Ah don’t reckon us earth ponies can walk on clouds,” the filly replied.

“But then how did you get here?” Rainbow looked around again. “Where is here?” She returned her gaze to the Stetson-wearing filly, noticing for the first time that- “Oh my gosh, what happened to your wings!?”

The orange filly eyed Rainbow up and down. “Ah never had any. Ah’m not a pegasus like you.”

“Then how do you fly?” Rainbow demanded frantically.

“Ah don’t,” the filly replied slowly. “Did you get hit on the head or somethin’?”

“I don’t know! Everything here is weird! There are ponies without wings, beds made out of stuff that isn’t clouds, I don’t even know if this room is made of clouds!” Rainbow fixed the bemused filly with a panicked stare. “Where are all the clouds?”

“Up in the sky, where they belong.”

Rainbow’s brow furrowed. “Wait, you’re telling me we’re below the clouds?”

The filly’s face suddenly darkened. “Yer tellin’ me yer one o’ them cloud dwellers?”

“You mean you’re not?” Rainbow asked, a little frightened.

The filly snorted. “Ah’d hope not. You’re the ponies what killed Ma n’ Pa!”

Rainbow blinked. “What are you talking about? I didn’t kill anyone!”

Thunder echoed in the distance, causing the enraged filly to jump in fright. “Ya sure did! With one o’ them Celestia damned storms yer always makin’!”

“I don’t make the storms! I’m just a filly!” Rainbow insisted.

“That don’t mean ya gotta stand by and watch!”

Rainbow scowled. “I don’t have to listen to this!” She got to her feet through sheer willpower, moving to throw open the window.

“Where do ya think yer goin’?”

“Home. And you can’t stop me!”

At Rainbow’s defiance, a strong wind swept through the room, nearly knocking Rainbow off her hooves. The orange filly was less familiar with weather patterns, and was tripped up by the wind, her hat flying loose at escaping out the window. “Mah hat!” she cried.

Rainbow watched as the filly turned from a ball of rage to a catatonic statue. She looked absolutely devastated by the loss of her hat. Not even having to consider her options, Rainbow flared her wings and chased after the wayward hat.

The world below the clouds was certainly very different from her haven above, but she allowed herself no time to look at the scenery. She had something she had to do, and nothing would stop her. She turned this way and that, scanning for the hat. Even in the near-pitch blackness, she could make out the hat as it made its way to a formidable-looking sheer cliff.

Like a bullet, she was off in pursuit, far from caring about the Mach cone developing around her. It was almost in reach, just a little further… Rainbow cried out in pain as a protruding branch scored a gash along her stomach, but pushed through. The tears that formed in her eyes made it hard to see, but with her fullest extension, she grasped the brim of the hat between her teeth before it could fall down the cliff side.

Clutching at her stomach with a hoof, Rainbow laboriously made her way back to the hospital. The window wasn’t hard to spot, being the only one open on the whole building. She collapsed inside, skidding across the white floor and leaving a trail of red, but she kept the hat firmly between her teeth.

The window was quickly shut by the orange filly, who then turned to make sure Rainbow was okay. She froze as she saw a battered, yet triumphant, Rainbow Dash holding her hat. Her eyes began to tear up. This filly she had barely met, who she had just accused of murder, went out of her way to save the last treasure she had from her parents.

“I got this back,” Rainbow said, extending her neck to place it upon the filly’s head. “It’s important to you, right?”

Unable to control herself, the filly tackled Rainbow into a hug, sobbing into her shoulder. Rainbow winced as her stomach flared in pain, vision swimming as she collapsed to the floor. Just before she blacked out, she heard the filly cry for help.

Rainbow blearily opened her eyes, wincing as the light from the hospital room flared. Before she could work up the courage to open them again, she felt a pair of hooves wrap around her neck.

“Yer okay!” The orange filly from earlier cried. “Ah was so worried. Ya didn’t have ta do all that fer me. Ya coulda been killed!”

Rainbow felt a smile come to her face as she opened her eyes again, a filly now between her and the previous light source. “Hey, featherbrained stunts are what I do best.”

“Ah can never thank ya enough fer this…”

Rainbow grinned cockily. “Name’s Rainbow Dash.”

“Ah’m Applejack,” Applejack replied. “Ah was wrong about you, Rainbow Dash. Ah have ta make this up ta you somehow.”

Rainbow waved a hoof dismissively. “Nah, this makes us even now, right?”

Applejack smiled, hugging Rainbow’s neck tighter.

“Rainbow? You alright, sugarcube?” Applejack’s voice snapped Rainbow out of her reverie. “Ya’ve been awful quiet.”

Rainbow smiled, unable to keep from embracing Applejack in a hug. Applejack, while surprised at the sudden display of affection, nevertheless returned the hug. “Sorry, I was just thinking about how we first met.”

Applejack smiled, eyes glassing over with nostalgia. “Ah still can’t thank ya enough fer what ya did, Rainbow,” Applejack said, removing her hat and gazing at it fondly. “Ya got me this back, and ya kept my spirits up while ya were recoverin’.”

Rainbow blushed, averting her gaze. “Aw, it wasn’t anything that special.”

Applejack suddenly burst out laughing, hugging Rainbow again. Rainbow couldn’t stop from laughing, herself, as she nuzzled into the crook of Applejack’s neck. The bond they had created that day was one of true friendship, and now it was blossoming into something more. Rainbow couldn’t think of any pony she’d want to share a relationship with more. Applejack echoed those sentiments with a kiss upon Rainbow’s lips.

“Ya really are a sweetheart, Rainbow.” Applejack broke away to buck the last tree they needed that day, smiling as she watched the buckets float away in Rarity’s blue magic. “Now, about that picnic…”

Rainbow blushed, looking to the sky for help. She estimated they had about three hours before noon, which gave them plenty of time to prepare. Rainbow released the breath she didn’t remember holding. “So, what do we wanna bring?”

Applejack thought as they made their way to the loaded wagons. Rarity awaited them, triumphant and exhausted. She gave Mac a predatory grin, eliciting a nervous chuckle from the big stallion.

“Well, it’s gotta be more ‘n just apples, Ah guess,” Applejack contemplated. “Ah reckon we could pick somethin’ up at Sugarcube Corner.”

“You mean like muffins or something?” Rainbow asked.

“Ooh! Muffins? Where are they?”

Rainbow cocked her head, regarding the wall-eyed pegasus who had materialized out of nowhere. “Derpy? When did you get here?” Rainbow paused. “Why are you here?”

“Oh, you know, it’s not too far from the uh, carrot place and um… There was something else…” Derpy’s face scrunched up as she tried to remember.

“A letter, maybe?” Applejack suggested.

Derpy brightened. “Oh, yeah! I got one of those. It’s from, uh… I don’t remember.”

Rainbow took the proffered letter, reading the envelope. “It’s from Twilight,” she observed. “You don’t think something went wrong, do you?”

Applejack scanned the envelope over Rainbow’s shoulder. “It’s addressed ta both o’ us. How did ya know Rainbow would be here?”

“Um…” Derpy held a hoof to her forehead. “Carrot Top told me something that sounded smart, but I forgot what it was.”

Rainbow shrugged, opening the letter while Applejack unhitched herself from her wagon.

Dear Applejack and Rainbow Dash,

I apologize for the formality, but things have gotten a little hectic here in Canterlot. I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to be staying for another week to help sort things out. If you need anything from the library, Spike will be able to assist you. I trust you and the girls will be able to handle Ponyville while I’m gone.

Until then,
Twilight Sparkle

Applejack frowned, reading the letter over again. “Ya don’t think it’s anythin’ serious, do ya?”

“I don’t know. She’s not usually this… not-wordy. I mean, it’s nice to not have a wall of words for once, but…” Rainbow pondered for a moment. “Well, it’s definitely not like her, but I don’t know if that’s really anything to worry about. I mean, she did send a letter like she usually does.”

Applejack set about unloading her wagon, unsure what to think. Derpy had disappeared at some point, so she couldn’t ask how she had come about the letter. “Well, no use worryin’, Ah guess. Twilight can take care o’ herself.”

Rainbow nodded hesitantly. “I guess.” We do still have that picnic later, she supposed.

Applejack put a hoof on Rainbow’s shoulder, making her jump slightly. “How come Ah’m the one who has ta get you ta quit worryin’ now?”

Rainbow shook herself. “Sorry, I just… There’s a lot on my mind right now.”

Applejack smirked. “Well, ain’t that a rarity.”

“Will you shut up about Rarity already?” Rainbow snapped, walking off into a corner of the barn.

Applejack’s smirk turned into a frown as she followed. “Rainbow, what-“

“I’m sorry,” Rainbow interrupted. “I’m just… frustrated right now and I don’t know why. I really feel like I…” Rainbow trailed off, adopting a heavy blush. “Like I need to get off.”

Applejack smiled gently. “Well, ain’t that what this whole picnic idea’s all about? Ya said yerself Ah’d have a hard time shakin’ ya. And, well, Ah’m startin’ ta feel it, too. So, how’s about we head on over ta Sugarcube Corner, pick up somethin’ sweet, then come back ta grab somethin’ from home, an’ get started on that picnic?”

“That… would be awesome,” Rainbow admitted. “Thanks for… putting up with me, AJ.”

“Think nothin’ of it, sugarcube,” Applejack returned, before pausing. “On second thought, think everythin’ of it. Ah do it only fer you… Dashie.”

Rainbow blinked, eyes slowly widening. “You know, for how annoying Pinkie makes that sound, you make it sound so…”

“Cute?” Applejack suggested, smiling.

“I was gonna say sexy, but… If that’s what you want, then I think I can live with it,” Rainbow smirked, “Jackie.”

Applejack chuckled. “We gonna be startin’ with the pet names, then?”

“Hey, we’re having sex later, right?” Rainbow giggled.

Applejack nodded. “Ah reckon so, sugarcube.”

“Then I can call you whatever I want,” Rainbow whispered into Applejack’s ear, giving it a sensual lick. Applejack shivered at the touch, blushing as she felt something stir within her.

“Let’s hold off on that fer now, Dash,” Applejack gulped. “Don’ wanna head inta Ponyville smellin’ o’ sexy intentions, right?”

“Whatever you say, Jackie,” Rainbow sniggered, making sure to add a sway to her hips as she walked out of the barn.

Applejack blushed heavier. This was one of those times she was really thankful she wasn’t a pegasus. Celestia help me, Rainbow.
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Rainbow eased up on the teasing as they entered Ponyville, not wanting to attract too much attention. She’d be sure to rub it in Vinyl’s face that it only took her two days to her two months. I almost wish we’d thought of this sooner, Rainbow mused. But then I guess we wouldn’t have everything perfect like it is now.

Rainbow smiled as Applejack sidled up closer so that their flanks brushed against each other as they walked. Rainbow extended a wing over Applejack to pull her in closer still, making sure to brush a feather across her cutie mark, delighting in the soft moan in elicited. As long as the true meaning behind the gesture remained secret, Rainbow would make sure to use it as much as possible.

Don’t wanna be too forward, after all, Rainbow thought with a smile.

As they entered Sugarcube Corner, they found Mrs. Cake behind the counter. She ducked into the back room, presumably to fetch Pinkie Pie. For that very assumption, Rainbow and Applejack were confused when she returned alone.

“Everythin’ alright, Mrs. Cake?” Applejack asked as they walked up to the counter.

Mrs. Cake rolled her eyes good-naturedly. “Yes, it just seems Pinkie’s off in her own little world right now. I can’t imagine what she’s planning this time.”

Applejack and Rainbow shared a glance. “I… think it might have something to do with us, getting overdosed on way too much party,” Rainbow suggested. “I don’t know how far down the grapevine it’s travelled yet, but me and AJ… kinda started dating a couple days ago.”

Mrs. Cake chuckled. “Oh, I’m sure Pinkie won’t be holding anything back in that case. I’ve heard her rambling on about the two of you, though I never made the connection, myself.”

“Yeah, uh…” Rainbow blushed, rubbing the back of her head with a hoof. “Um, this is kinda embarrassing, but uh…”

“Rainbow and Ah are gonna have a little picnic later today,” Applejack picked up, much to the relief of her marefriend. “And no picnic’s complete without a treat from Sugarcube Corner.”

“Well, I’m flattered that you would think so,” Mrs. Cake smiled. “What did you have in mind?”

Rainbow shrugged. “I dunno. Cupcakes, I guess?”

Mrs. Cake brightened at that. “Oh, yes, that reminds me! Pinkie made these earlier, and she told me to give them to you if you came by before whatever party she’s planning.” Mrs. Cake produced a medium-sized box from under the counter. She opened it to reveal patterned blue and orange cupcakes.

Applejack and Rainbow looked to each other, grinning sheepishly. They should have known Pinkie would do something like this. She thankfully had the decency to place them in an undecorated box, and not one with big hearts that announced the contents to anyone who spared a glance. Applejack took the box and placed it upon her back, chuckling as Rainbow’s wing covered it.

“How much?” Applejack asked, reaching around in her saddlebag.

Mrs. Cake laughed. “I didn’t think I needed to tell you. No charge, dears.”

Applejack poked her head back out of her saddlebag, closing it again. “Uh, thanks, Mrs. Cake.”

“Oh, think nothing of it,” Mrs. Cake said, smiling. “I’ve seen enough couples come through here in my time, and you’ve been friends of Pinkie for quite a while now. I know you’re not the most romantically inclined pair, but sometimes I just can’t resist.”

“Uh, well, thanks anyway,” Rainbow said, pausing awkwardly before walking out with Applejack. “See you later, I guess.” Rainbow sighed as they exited the sweets shop. “I know Mrs. Cake isn’t Pinkie’s mom, but something about that was way more awkward than it should have been.”

Applejack chuckled. “She only means well, sugarcube. She’s just got a few more wits about ‘er than Pinkie does.”

Rainbow nodded. “I’m not the only one worried about what Pinkie’s gonna do to us, right?”

“Ah’m downright terrified, sugarcube,” Applejack admitted. “Ah just know how ta hide it.”

“You should teach me sometime. I really don’t,” Rainbow chuckled.

Applejack smiled. “Oh, Ah’m sure Ah’ll be teachin’ ya a thing er two pretty soon, Dashie.”

Rainbow smiled back, blushing lightly. “How many of those cupcakes do you think we’re gonna get through before we just buck it?”

Applejack tapped a hoof to her chin jokingly. “Ah reckon about two.”

Rainbow laughed, nodding. “This is gonna be the best day ever.”

“Count on it, sugarcube,” Applejack smiled.

Much too excited to grab more than a picnic basket and blanket from home, Rainbow and Applejack decided to simply buck the nearest tree to their picnic site and eat whatever dropped from it. Applejack carried the basket, draping the blanket over Rainbow flared wings with a snicker.

Rainbow gave chase as Applejack took off at a run to their destination. Not knowing where they were going meant Rainbow had to lag behind a bit, something she really didn’t mind for once. She might have to fall behind in their races more often if the view was this nice.

Applejack turned sharply, disappearing into a glade of trees. Rainbow barely managed to avoid crashing into a tree, only to run headfirst into another. Applejack’s head poked out between the trees as she giggled at Rainbow’s delayed reaction.

“Maybe if ya weren’t so busy starin’ at mah plot, ya woulda seen that one comin’,” Applejack sniggered.

“Yeah, well, maybe if you weren’t so sexy I wouldn’t have to… Wait, that didn’t make any sense.”

Applejack laughed, disappearing again through the trees. Rainbow followed her inside, the blanket still somehow caught in her wings. Her short trip to Applejack’s position revealed she had managed to keep hold of the basket, too. What’s more, it revealed a part of the orchard she had never seen before. The leaves of the trees created a canopy, blocking out most sunlight and giving the appearance of a much later hour. Off to one side of the clearing, there was a pool of water, complete with a little waterfall. Rainbow shook her head in awe, wondering how she had missed such an awesome hideout.

“After Ah gave Apple Bloom and her friends the clubhouse, Ah needed a place of mah own ta escape to,” Applejack began. “Ah found this place ‘bout a year ago. Kinda makes me wonder how it survived without any tendin’ to.”

“Maybe this place works kinda like the Everfree,” Rainbow suggested, looking around at the trees.

“It does have another secret Ah still ain’t got figured out,” Applejack said, delivering a buck to a nearby tree. To Rainbow’s astonishment, what fell weren’t normal apples, as would be expected. Instead…

“Zap Apples?” Rainbow inspected the fruit carefully. “But it’s not even Zap Apple harvest time!”

“These ones grow year-round,” Applejack explained. “Way Ah understood the stories, that’s how they worked in the Everfree.”

Rainbow paused as a thought struck her. “You don’t think this is a part of the Everfree they never cleared out, do you?”

“Ah don’ rightly know. Ah never asked Granny ‘bout it,” Applejack admitted. “Ah thought that, mahself. But then if it is, then why is it so… peaceful? Ah don’t know if it’s ‘cause it ain’t part o’ the main forest, er what. All Ah know is that fer the past year, this place has been mah haven. And yer the first pony Ah’ve ever showed it to.”

“It’s awesome, AJ,” Rainbow said, smiling. “You know, it is a pretty decent size. You could fit a pretty nice house in here.”

Applejack smiled back. “Ah’ve thought about that. But then Ah wouldn’t have anyone ta share it with.”

“I’m sure you could find somepony,” Rainbow laughed. “It’s not too far from the house, either. Seems like a pretty good place if we ever want a little privacy.”

Applejack blushed. “That would be really nice.”

Rainbow reached for the other Zap Apple that had fallen from the tree, offering it to Applejack. Applejack accepted the fruit while Rainbow laid out the picnic blanket. It fell easily, with little need for straightening. Applejack took up a pose on the blanket, raising her brow saucily. Rainbow’s wings shot up as she joined Applejack on the blanket, taking a bite out of her Zap Apple.

“Ya know, these things have always reminded me o’ you,” Applejack said, taking her first bite as well.

“I wonder why,” Rainbow laughed, delighting in the rainbow of flavor.

“It’s a mystery, “Applejack agreed, giggling.

Their Zap Apples were soon devoured, leaving that electrifying aftertaste in their mouths as Rainbow reached for the box of cupcakes. Her hoof was stopped as she found Applejack suddenly on top of her. The sensations of a kiss mingled with the tastes already on their tongues drove them wild.

Rainbow withdrew from the kiss, panting. “Applejack, wait. Are you really sure you want to go through with this? This is a pretty big step, and we’ve only been together for a little while. If you really don’t want to, we could just, you know, take care of ourselves and wait for another time.”

Applejack averted her gaze briefly. Even with a more level head, it didn’t take her long to come up with her answer. “Just shut up and kiss me, ya silly filly.”

Rainbow happily obliged.

Clop here!

“Come on, Mac. It’s not so bad,” Rarity said, falling in step beside the hesitant stallion. “I promise I won’t have them do anything that would make you uncomfortable.”

Big Mac sighed, trudging along valiantly. “You know Ah ain’t sure ‘bout this, but Ah made a promise.” He smiled wryly. “Apple’s honor’s a might stronger ‘n that, Rare.”

Rarity smiled back, leaning against Mac’s side as she walked. They were on their way to the spa at Mac’s insistence after lunch and a quick pit stop at Rarity’s. “A promise ain’t a thing Ah take lightly,” he had said. It almost made her wonder just how far she could push before she found his limit. If things go well, I’m sure I’ll find out soon enough, Rarity mused, shaking her head lightly.

Lotus perked up as the door chimed, beaming as she saw who had graced their spa. “Well, Mister Macintosh. It seems you’ve found your mare.” Lotus chuckled, noting the look on Mac’s face. “Or perhaps she has found you.”

“Either way, he’s mine now,” Rarity returned, grinning. “And by extension, yours.”

Aloe popped up beside her sister. “Quite a specimen we’ve found ourselves with today, Lotus.”

“Let’s hope he’s as good as those two,” Lotus agreed.

“Don’t you worry, girls,” Rarity assured, looking up at Big Mac hungrily. “This hunk of stallion is as fresh as you can get.”

“We’ll be gentle,” Aloe promised, grinning deviously.

Unsure of what to expect, Big Mac let Rarity lead him into the main room, which housed most of the spa’s pools and hot tubs. There were a few ponies scattered about, though most seemed to be leaving. He was led to a side room which featured raised, cushioned platforms.

Rarity laid herself out on her stomach on one, gesturing to another. “Lotus and Aloe may be experts on all races, but I hear they do their best work on earth ponies such as yourself. Being that they are earth ponies themselves.”

Mac eyed the position Rarity was in dubiously. “Ah’m not sure what…”

“Just relax and let their hooves work their magic,” Rarity instructed as Lotus and Aloe walked in.

Big Mac’s face scrunched up as both mares converged on him. “Are ya sure this is… normal?”

“Don’t tell us you’ve never had a massage before, Mister Macintosh,” Lotus smiled. “A stallion as hard-working as you must build up a lot of tension.”

Big Macintosh gulped, taking a step back. “Ah’m not sure Ah’m clear on what a massage is.”

Rarity giggled from her perch. “I assure you it isn’t what you’re thinking, Mac. It’s certainly not wrong to enjoy it.”

Mac looked to Rarity apprehensively. Rarity smiled, nodding to the massage platform. Trusting Rarity’s word over his own unfounded doubts, he took a deep breath and mimicked Rarity’s prone position upon the platform. The hooves that went to work easing the stress he had built up these past few days immediately let him know he had made the right decision. He sighed in contentment, letting his body go limp as the spa twins worked their way up and down his back. Mac tensed as he felt a pair of hooves slide down his flank, relaxing again when they set to work massaging his legs.

“Your hooves seem to be in quite a state from all that work you put them through,” Lotus observed, inspecting one of his back hooves closely.

Aloe nodded, running a hoof along his to measure the imperfections. “We can have your hooves restored to a pristine state, if you’d like.”

Rarity shot up from her platform, forgetting entirely about her own massage. “Oh, that would be wonderful, dear,” she said, grasping another of his hooves. “The hooficures they offer can ease any pain you carry in your hooves.”

“Ah’m not sure that’s really necessary-“

“Nonsense,” Rarity interrupted. “Now that I have you here, I won’t let you leave unless you’re in the best state of your life. We could trim and wash your coat, make it look simply luxurious! And of course your hooves would be…”

Big Mac smiled, only half paying attention to the words Rarity spoke. Instead, the nurturing generosity behind them was what truly touched his heart. Such compassion may be shown within his family, but he had only really gotten to know Rarity a couple short days ago. He did admit that, even before his time with Cheerilee, Rarity had caught his eye on multiple occasions, but he never expected anything quite like this.

“…and your mane! You simply must let me style it for you some-“ Rarity was silenced by a pair of lips closing around her own. She smiled into the kiss, happy to coach her clueless coltfriend through a proper kiss.

Big Macintosh broke the kiss after a time, panting. “Rarity, Ah…”

Rarity held a hoof to Mac’s lips, smiling. “You don’t need to say anything more. Your happiness is all the thanks I could ever ask for.”

Big Mac smiled back, kissing Rarity’s hoof. “Ya’ll never have ta worry ‘bout that, Rare.”

Rarity blushed, nuzzling Mac sweetly. “You really are more than I could have ever imagined, Mac. Who would have thought my prince was so close all this time?”

Big Mac chuckled, shaking his head for lack of a proper response.

Apple Bloom was on her way home from school, alone. Something about that talk she and her friends had with Applejack and Rainbow earlier made things seem exceedingly awkward. They’d barely conversed the entire day, still trying to come to grips with just what this whole relationship thing could really entail.

Applejack had told her that it wasn’t something they should be doing any time soon, but that didn’t stop it from being so… confusing. On the one hoof, it was just about the most embarrassing thing she’d ever been told. She’d never thought her... private areas would ever be, well, more than that.

But on the other hoof, the way they talked about it… It was exciting, in a way. Like that if this was really a step she’d have to take, she couldn’t think of anypony she’d like to share that with more than Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. As the Cutie Mark Crusaders, they did everything together. Surely this was just another one of those things.

Apple Bloom shook her head uncertainly. Maybe this really was one of those things she couldn’t understand until she was older. Maybe once she started getting those urges her sister and Rainbow had talked about, it’d make more sense. Or maybe Ah should just quit worryin’ about it, Apple Bloom thought, chuckling.

Apple Bloom nudged open the door to the farmhouse to find Winona curled up atop Tank’s shell on the couch, both fast asleep. She smiled at the sight, wondering if they’d gotten the idea from Applejack and Rainbow, too.

Before the thought could formulate, the mares in reference entered through the front door. “Hey, AB,” Rainbow called. “What happened to Scoot and Sweetie?”

Apple Bloom turned to face them, looking a little sheepish. “Hey, y’all. We decided ta take some time ta cool off after ya done told us all that stuff earlier. Ah ain’t quite sure we’re ready ta think about all that just yet.”

Applejack smiled, walking over to place a hoof on Applejack’s shoulder. “We didn’t expect ya to be, sugarcube. And that ya’d figure that out on yer own really tells me how much ya’ve grown up. Ya’ve started takin’ responsibility, even if ya can still be a little thick-headed ‘bout some stuff.”

Apple Bloom giggled as Applejack ruffled her mane.

“Take it from a mare all about speed, kid. Some things you can’t take too fast,” Rainbow said, glancing briefly at Applejack. “Your body can be ready all it wants, but it’s your heart that’ll tell you when it’s time.”

As Applejack moved to give Rainbow a kiss, Apple Bloom ducked upstairs to her room. She sat on her bed thinking. Mah body can be ready all it wants, but it’s mah heart that’ll tell me when it’s time? What does that mean? Apple Bloom got up from her bed and paced around her room. Is she just talkin’ ‘bout this, or is there more to it ‘n that? Mah body… Ah’m not sure it’s quite ready fer anythin’ just yet. But mah heart… what does it want?

Apple Bloom grabbed a pencil and a sheet of paper, sitting at her desk. She tried to think with her heart, and not her mind, about just what she felt about her fellow crusaders. She closed her eyes as she started to draw, afraid her body would warp what it saw into something false. The movements felt natural, like this was something she had done many times before, something she was familiar with on a higher level.

When she opened her eyes, she saw a picture of the three of them curled up together in an innocent cuddle pile and nothing more. The romantic overtones were plainly present, but beneath that was the same friendship they had always shared. Apple Bloom smiled. Maybe things didn’t need to change too quickly. Maybe things were perfect the way they were. Apple Bloom chuckled, “Or maybe we should just quit worryin’ so much.”

“That’s somethin’ Rainbow’s taught me,” Applejack said from Apple Bloom’s doorway. Apple Bloom looked up to see the two of them standing just outside her room. “Sometimes, ya gotta just let things happen. And other times, ya just can’t force ‘em.”

“Like Twilight told me, life is never black and white. It’s colored with all kinds of emotions, and shaded by all your experiences,” Rainbow said, smiling. “I guess you could say it’s like a painter’s masterpiece, in a way.”

“And yer the most colorful of ‘em all,” Applejack praised, nuzzling her marefriend.

Rainbow donned a cocky grin. “Yep. Even Scratch has nothing on-“

Applejack frowned as Rainbow froze. “Rainbow, sugarcube? You alright?”

Rainbow sat down, holding her head in her hooves. “I totally missed my guitar lessons today.”

Applejack couldn’t help but laugh, considering what they’d done instead. “Ah’m sure she won’t mind yer excuse too much.”

Rainbow blushed, trying to hide herself behind herself. The end result was a massive tangle of limbs that Applejack had to help her out of between giggles. She nuzzled Rainbow’s cheek once she was freed. Rainbow responded by grabbing Applejack’s hat and placing it over her face. Applejack shook her head; following her downstairs to make sure she didn’t bump into anything. Or at least be able to laugh if she did.

Mac sighed in contentment as he eased himself into the hot tub. Rarity joined him soon afterward, nuzzling into his chest. “You were right, Rare. This has been a lot o’ fun.”

“Maybe you should listen to me more often then, hm?” Rarity teased, kissing Mac under the chin.

Mac chuckled, kissing Rarity on the nose. “Ah’ll be sure ta keep mah ears perked.”

Rarity giggled, kissing Mac again, this time on the lips. Mac cocked a brow, grinning. Rarity responded by giving Mac a lick on the lips. Or she would have, had Mac not caught her tongue with his and instigated another lesson in kissing.

Rarity moaned into the kiss, straddling Mac’s chest as she deepened the kiss. So lost were they in the kiss that they conveniently forgot an essential part of stallion anatomy. Rarity was reminded as something warm and stiff prodded her rump.

Rarity recoiled, jumping back off of Mac and causing a decent amount of water to splash out of the hot tub. Mac immediately made to cover himself. “Ah’m sorry, Ah-“

“No, it’s… it’s quite alright. I was just… shocked, is all,” Rarity said, panting. “But perhaps it would be best if we… held off on that for now.”

Mac nodded, keeping his hooves firmly in place until he calmed down. “Ah’m really sorry, Ah wasn’t thinkin’.”

“Neither was I,” Rarity admitted. “Of all the things to slip our minds…”

Mac chuckled despite himself. “Yeah, at least there isn’t anypony around ta see us.”

Rarity scanned the room, finding truth to Mac’s claims. “Oh, thank goodness.” Rarity returned to her place beside Mac, making sure to not get carried away again. They simply relaxed for a time, delighting in the feel of the hot water and the jets. “These hot tubs are simply divine. Perhaps one of these days I could get Aloe and Lotus to let us stay past closing and enjoy them properly.”

Mac blushed heavily. “Ah’m not sure that’s…”

Rarity giggled. “I’m sure they wouldn’t mind. They practically offer those services already.”

Mac shivered, truly a feat in such a warm environment. Rarity laughed again, nuzzling Mac’s shoulder. “We should probably start headin’ home soon,” Mac said, looking out the window at the setting sun.

Rarity nodded. “The spa will be closing soon, anyway. But there’s always tomorrow.”

Mac chuckled, rising from the hot tub and shaking himself off. Rarity offered him a towel, which he accepted sheepishly. “Sorry.”

“It’s quite alright, Mac,” Rarity assured. “We simply mustn’t miss dinner again, after all.” In a stroke of boldness, Rarity copied Mac’s maneuver, drying herself somewhat before finishing the job with a towel. “You look simply ravishing, might I add.”

Big Mac shook his head in wonderment as he followed Rarity out of the spa. “Put it on my tab, will you, dears?” Rarity asked as they passed the counter.

“But of course, Miss Rarity,” Aloe smiled. “Do bring your coltfriend by again sometime.”

“I’m sure you’ll be seeing him again soon enough,” Rarity promised, exiting the spa.

They made good time back to the Acres, arriving a good half hour before dinnertime. Applejack and Rainbow were present, but Apple Bloom was conspicuously alone. Applejack caught their eyes before they could question the development. She smiled, nodding reassuringly. Big Mac sagged in relief, earning a giggle and a kiss from Rarity.

“Soup’s on, everypony! Come an’ get it!”

They all seated themselves at the table to another of Granny Smith’s culinary masterpieces. Rainbow instigated an exchange of witty banter between all occupants of the table, giving it that air of levity she could always so easily provide.

“So, how was your day, Mac? Have any near-death experiences at the spa?” Rainbow chortled.

“Actually, it was a really good time,” Mac explained. “Rarity really gave me a work over, and Ah feel great! She’s told me Ah look pretty good, too.”

“Simply stunning, dear,” Rarity said, smiling. “How about you girls? What have you been up to?”

Applejack blushed. “Well, uh… that’s the thing, we um…”

Rainbow wrapped a hoof around Applejack’s shoulders, puffed out her chest, and donned a cocky grin. “Me and Applejack had sex!”

Big Mac did a spit-take. Granny Smith looked on with a cocked brow. Apple Bloom blushed, averting her gaze. Rarity, on the other hoof, started laughing hysterically.

“Didn’t take too long, did it?” Rarity managed between giggles.

“Nope!” Rainbow answered confidently.

Applejack shrunk against Rainbow, trying to disappear below the table, unable to find the courage to speak.

“Well, unexpected as it is, Ah’m happy fer y’all,” Mac said with a smile.

“Whatever makes ya happy,” Granny agreed, shrugging.

“Yeah,” Apple Bloom added, eating to distract herself.

Applejack reached a hoof up to bonk Rainbow in the head playfully. Rainbow responded by extending a wing to tickle that spot right next to Applejack’s shoulders. Applejack quickly fell into hysterics. “Cut it out, Rainbow!”

“You started it!” Rainbow giggled, retracting her wing.

“And you’re never going to be finished, are you?” Rarity mused, shaking her head.

“Nope!” Rainbow pulled Applejack back up into a sitting position before resuming her meal.

Applejack laughed, following Rainbow’s lead.

After dinner, when everypony had retired for the night, only Rarity and Big Macintosh remained downstairs. “You know, Mac, I’ve been thinking a lot since that mishap at the spa,” Rarity began, leaning against Mac’s chest.

Mac extended a hoof to play with Rarity’s curly mane. “Thinkin’ about what?”

“About taking that next step,” Rarity replied, blushing. “I’ve thought about it before, but it was always some distant fantasy. But with you, I feel like maybe it can happen after all.”

Big Mac smiled. “Ya really are somethin’ special, Rare. Ah can’t say Ah haven’t thought about it, mahself. Though Ah never have before. Had sex, Ah mean.”

Rarity frowned. “Weren’t you with Cheerilee for almost a year? And you’re telling me you never got that far with her?”

Big Mac sighed, ceasing his hoof movements. “Ah never did tell y’all why Ah broke it off with her, did Ah?”

“I’m sorry, if it’s not something you’re comfortable with-“

“No, it’s alright, Rare. Ah know ya don’t wanna impose, but yer mah marefriend now,” Mac said, giving Rarity a kiss on the cheek. “It wouldn’t be proper ta keep somethin’ like that from ya.”

“If it’s really alright…” Rarity trailed off.

Big Mac took a deep breath. “Ya remember how it started, right?”

“Of course. My sister and her friends won’t be hearing the end of it any time soon if she did anything to hurt you,” Rarity assured.

“No, Rare, it ain’t their fault. They’re just fillies, an’ they were just tryin’a help,” Mac said firmly. “It’s mah fault Ah let it get ta me. Ah fell fer her so hard, Ah never even thought o’ how it might not have been the same with her.”

Rarity said nothing, only holding Mac tighter.

“It took me almost a year, but Ah found out just the same. It just made it all the more painful ta hear she didn’t care as much about who Ah was as what Ah was.”

“The most ravishing eligible bachelor in Ponyville,” Rarity concluded sadly.

Mac nodded. “It hurt even more that Ah didn’t even hear it from her. It was durin’ one o’ Pinkie’s parties when her sister was getting’ wasted like she always does. That look on Cheerilee’s face when Berry done blabbed her secret…”

Rarity felt her eyes dampen in sympathy as Mac cried into her shoulder. It had only been last fall when Mac let Ponyville know he was single again. If she had known… “You really do need to come out of that shell sometimes, Mac. Even if I wasn’t before, I’m here for you now. I’ll pull Sweetie Belle out of that class and teach her myself if I have to. You don’t need to-“

“No! Don’t… don’t make her life harder than it needs ta be. She really was a friend ta me once. Ah couldn’t stand ta see her sad, even now.”

Rarity smiled sadly. “You’re much too kind for your own good, Mac. But if you don’t want me to take action, then what would you have me do?”

“Ah just…” Big Mac took a shuddering breath. “Ah just need ta know… that ya’d never hurt me like-”

Before Mac could even finish his thought, Rarity’s lips were upon his in a kiss filled with all the love, adoration and passion she had built up in her time pining after the timid farm stallion. “Don’t you ever let me hear those words again, Mac. I love you, and I would never even think of hurting you.”

Mac gasped between sobs, clutching Rarity to him tightly. “Ah want ya so much, Rare. Ah want ta love ya fer all ya are, so ya never have ta go through what Ah did. Ah-“

Rarity silenced Mac with another kiss. “I want you, too, Mac. But that doesn’t mean we have to rush into anything. You’ve done more than enough for one night, but if you really want to go through with it, I won’t stop you.”

Big Mac let his breathing normalize before responding. “Maybe… somethin’ a little less than all that. Like, maybe…”

Rarity smiled, feeling her arousal stir within her. “I know just the thing,” Rarity whispered into Mac’s ear before leading him up to his room.

When Mac opened the door to his room, he looked around, confused. Rarity didn’t seem to be anywhere. He took a step inside, closing the door behind him before he felt a wet touch against his flank. Turning his head, he saw Rarity, smiling with her tongue still stuck out cutely. “There’s far more where that came from, Mac.”

Mac’s heart started to thump as Rarity pushed him to his bed, unsure of just what Rarity had in store for him.

Guess what? MORE CLOP!

Applejack cuddled close to Rainbow as they prepared for sleep. Rainbow nuzzled her sweetly, holding her close. “We’ve got a lot to do tomorrow, huh?”

“Yeah, like apologize ta Vinyl fer skippin’ out on guitar lessons fer sex,” Applejack chuckled.

Rainbow laughed. “Yeah, that too. But I was more talking about all the stuff we can do now. Like that book! It’ll be a lot less awkward to read it now that we’ve had sex, right?”

“Ah’m surprised more sex wasn’t the first thing ya thought of,” Applejack teased.

Rainbow crossed her forelegs. “Hey, there’s way more stuff than sex to be had here. Like magical fillyfooler babies.”

“Ah’m sure we’ll get ta that eventually,” Applejack promised. “But ain’t there a lot more ya wanna do before settlin’ down?”

Rainbow nodded. “It’s nice to think about, though.”

Applejack chuckled. “Ya really are somethin’ else, sugarcube.”

“I’m whatever you want me to be, Jackie.”

“Then Ah’d like ta keep ya just the way ya are, Dashie,” Applejack returned, kissing Rainbow on the forehead. “G’night, sugarcube.”

“Night, AJ.”

So it has happened! The sexiness. Also, so many things to write. The book, more CMC development, more sex, other things I don't wanna spoil... my god.
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Oh god make it stop. The ideas. They just keep coming!


Big Macintosh woke the next morning to find Rarity was already awake, and didn’t look entirely happy at the moment. Mac thought about what could bring this on, and the first thing he thought of was… “Rare, Ah’m sorry,” he began. “If this is about last night, Ah-“

Rarity cut him off with a sigh, turning her head to look at him and placing it back on her hooves. “No, it’s nothing that simple, Mac. I was… thinking about how we might tell Twilight and Pinkie about us… and me.” Rarity turned her head to face forward. “And it occurred to me that I’d forgotten somepony in all of this. It hurts to think I would be so stupid as to forget somepony so close to me so easily.” She leaned back slightly to gaze up at the ceiling. “Oh, Spike. How am I supposed to make this right?”

Big Mac nuzzled his marefriend. “Ah’m sure ya’ll find some way, Rare. Ah can be there with ya if ya want.”

Rarity sighed, shaking her head. “No, that would only hurt him more. I have to do this alone. Besides, you have somepony you need to talk to as well.”

Big Mac blinked. “Ah do?”

Rarity chuckled. “Yes, you have to make things right with Cheerilee. I’m sure she had some reason why she did what she did. Wouldn’t it make you feel better to consider her a friend again?”

Mac sighed, rubbing a hoof across his face. “Ah guess yer right. Ah haven’t even talked ta her since then.”

“And it didn’t turn out so bad, now did it?” Rarity ventured, placing a kiss on Mac’s nose.

Big Mac chuckled. “No, Ah guess not. Cheerilee’s no unicorn, so Ah’m pretty sure Ah’d know if she was a colt, too.”

Rarity giggled, pushing Mac to the bed playfully. “You’re never going to let that die, are you?”

“Why would Ah? It’s one o’ mah favorite things about ya,” Mac countered.

Rarity blushed. “And that’s one of my favorite things about you, Mac. You don’t judge me, or even settle for me. You actually prefer me the way I am.”

“Funny how things work sometimes, huh?” Mac pulled Rarity down on top of him. “And Ponyville never has ta know if ya don’t want ‘em to.”

“I may work up the courage someday, but for now… I would rather keep it between us and the girls.” Rarity nuzzled under Mac’s chin. “But before we get too carried away, I do think breakfast should be ready soon.”

Granny Smith’s customary meal call reinforced Rarity’s assertion.

“Alright,” Mac conceded, letting Rarity up. “But Ah expect some good cuddlin’ after all this.”

Rarity smiled, looking back over her shoulder. “Do a good job and you might get something even better.”

Mac blushed as Rarity winked and exited the room with a sway in her hips. “Last time Ah try ta beat her in a battle o’ sexy wits.”

“So, I was thinking that once we get done with breakfast, we could start reading that book,” Rainbow said, following Applejack downstairs for breakfast.

“Nope. First thing we’re gonna do is apologize ta Vinyl fer missin’ that lesson yesterday,” Applejack asserted.

“Oh, fine,” Rainbow frowned. “But, hey, maybe they’d be interested in the book, too! We could bring it with us and read it together.”

Applejack paused, thinking. “Ah can accept that. But don’t get upset if they don’t wanna.”

“Please, this is gonna be awesome. I mean, any book called the Dark Ages has to have some kinda action in it, right?”

Applejack shook her head, continuing on to the kitchen, where they found Rarity and Big Mac at the table.

“You two have fun last night?” Rainbow teased.

Big Mac blushed. “Ah’m sorry, did ya hear us?”

Rainbow blinked before laughing. “Didn’t need to. So, who’s bigger, then?”

“Rainbow, Ah’m not sure this is appropriate table talk,” Applejack muttered.

Rainbow shot Applejack a smile. “Relax, AJ, I’m just poking a little fun.”

Rarity spoke up after a pause. “If you must know, Mac is most certainly big.”

Mac blushed furiously. “Rare!”

Rainbow sniggered, both at the assertion and Mac’s reaction. “I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun playing with it.”

Rarity smirked. “I certainly am looking forward to it.” She turned to Mac and gave him a kiss on the cheek, calming him slightly. “What about you girls? Find anything to experiment with yet?”

Rainbow donned a cocky grin. “Sure did. Your next step is ours.”

Rarity quirked a brow, grinning. “Oh, is it now? Well now, I do hope it treats you well.”

“I know it will,” Rainbow answered confidently, measuring Applejack’s expression of slight embarrassment before continuing. “I think we do still need some work on the foreplay, though.”

Rarity laughed as Applejack turned and smacked Rainbow. Rainbow laughed along, rubbing her cheek. “You know Ah’m not comfortable talkin’ ‘bout sexy stuff with other ponies. ‘Specially when mah brother’s right there!”

“Sorry AJ,” Rainbow apologized, still giggling lightly. She gave her marefriend a placating kiss on the nose, whispering, “We do still need to work on getting you to loosen up a bit.”

Applejack sighed, gaining a smile. She knew Rainbow liked to brag, and Rarity was a notorious gossip. But she had to remember they were all friends here, no matter the incriminating subject matter. She figured she should be flattered that Rainbow held her in such high regard as to talk about her in a way previously reserved for her flying skills and exploits. It may sound a little shallow to others who didn’t know the real Rainbow Dash, but Applejack knew how important flying was to Rainbow;  as important as the farm was to Applejack.

Applejack felt very lucky to have the ability to combine her two great loves, but frowned when she considered that Rainbow might not get that same opportunity. One day, she knew their relationship would conflict with Rainbow’s other dreams and desires, as well as her own. There was no such thing as a stay-at-home Wonderbolt. Applejack understood that all too well, from all Rainbow babbled on and on about them. Applejack never wanted what she had with Rainbow to end, but…

“You alright, AJ? You haven’t been eating,” Rainbow asked, concern in her voice.

…But she could always count on Rainbow for some featherbrained scheme that somehow worked itself out. Applejack smiled, nuzzling Rainbow in response. Ah really do need ta stop thinkin’ so much. Like Ma used ta say, nothin’s perfect, but that’s what makes it so precious.

Rainbow smiled, relieved that she had caught Applejack before she could relapse into another one of her moments of self-doubt. One day, Rainbow was sure she would get Applejack to understand how special she really was. I mean really, she makes me act all sappy. I mean, if I’m gonna be all romantic, I should make it awesome, right?

“Now yer not eatin’ either, sugarcube,” Applejack pointed out.

Rainbow blinked, realizing she had been staring at Applejack for the past minute. “Dammit, AJ,” Rainbow muttered, blushing.

Applejack merely chuckled in response.

“Alright, let’s head on over ta Vinyl’s,” Applejack said, leading Rainbow out of the house after breakfast.

Rainbow followed along obediently, knowing this was entirely her fault. She frowned, considering the fact that Applejack was as much to blame as she was. “You know, this wouldn’t have happened without your sneaky seduction powers.”

“Yer still goin’ on about that?” Applejack asked, bemused.

“You haven’t proven me wrong yet,” Rainbow pointed out.

Applejack glanced over to Rainbow. “And how exactly am Ah supposed ta do that? Show ya how well Ah can’t seduce some random pony with some kinda crazy powers Ah don’t have? Do ya know how many ways that could go wrong?”

Rainbow paused, making Applejack come to a halt as well. “Seven,” Rainbow answered at length.

“Care ta share what those are?” Applejack asked, wondering how she had come up with so many.

“Nope! But now I know it really is a stupid idea,” Rainbow stated confidently.

“So yer not gonna make me do it, then?” Applejack asked hopefully.

Rainbow smirked. “I never said that. I just thought of a particular pony to unleash you upon. Should make for some good laughs.”

Applejack gulped. “Who’d ya have in mind?”

Rainbow grinned, leaning in to lick Applejack’s cheek. “It’s a secret.”

Applejack shivered, fearing what Rainbow had in store for her.

When they reached Vinyl’s door, they saw it carried a note.


I’m over at Tavi’s place today. No time for lessons, but if you need me for anything, you know where to find me.


Rainbow shrugged, leading the way to Octavia’s house two blocks down.

Applejack wasn’t entirely sure what to expect of it. She knew Octavia was quite well off, but you could only live so extravagantly in a town like Ponyville. That thought was tested as she beheld the house Octavia apparently lived in. It was at least twice as big as Vinyl’s small abode, though it somehow radiated the same coziness every other house in Ponyville offered. She couldn’t say definitively, but it was certainly one of the biggest she had seen.

Rainbow strode up to the porch and rapped a hoof on the door three times. The door was quickly answered by Octavia herself, who wore a smile. “Oh, hello, Rainbow; I take it you’re looking for Vinyl?”

“Yeah,” Rainbow answered sheepishly, rubbing the back of her head with a hoof. “She’s not too mad about me missing the last session, is she?”

Octavia giggled. “See for yourself,” she answered cryptically, holding the door open for them to come in.

Vinyl was slouched upon the couch in Octavia’s living room, and gained a devious grin as she noticed their visitors. “So, how was it?”

“How was what?” Applejack asked obliviously.

“You know,” Vinyl said, waggling her brow, “the sex.”

Applejack sputtered, blushing heavily as Vinyl cackled.

“Two days, Scratch,” Rainbow proclaimed. “I think that demolishes the two months it took you.”

Octavia’s brow rose. “Two months? Is that what you told them, Vinyl?”

Vinyl grinned sheepishly.

Octavia rolled her eyes. “We’ve been together for about eight months now,” Octavia said, looking at Vinyl pointedly. “And here I thought you were over that.”

“Hey, I can’t just have Lyra beat me like that and let everypony know it,” Vinyl grouched.

“Somethin’ we’re missin’ here?” Applejack asked, confused.

Octavia cleared her throat. “I’ve told you about Vinyl’s past… experiences with Lyra, yes?”

“Tavi, you wouldn’t!” Vinyl squeaked.

“Oh, I think they’ve earned the right to know, Vinyl,” Octavia smirked.

Vinyl crossed her forelegs. “Well, let it be known that I hate you.”

“We both know that’s a lie, dear,” Octavia returned.

“Before all that…” Rainbow cut in, glancing to Applejack. “You’re not mad about me missing last session to have sex with AJ, right?”

Vinyl laughed, “Nah, I woulda done the same thing. Not every day you get to have that kinda fun.”

“I told you before, dear, you can have all the sex you want if you’d just move in with me,” Octavia reminded.

Rainbow frowned. “That is a good question. Why haven’t you moved in with her yet, Scratch? This place is pretty awesome.”

“We’ve been debating that for quite some time now,” Octavia replied. “I’ve been telling her to sell that hut she lives in, but she’s much too stubborn to listen.”

“Hey, I’m a DJ. I need to have some kind of independence,” Vinyl stated. “Besides, why would you even want me here? I’d just wake you up in the middle of the night when I’m mixing our songs.”

“I have a spare bedroom, Vinyl. You can take that and make it into your own little studio of sorts, and just use a soundproofing spell when I’m sleeping,” Octavia pointed out. “You can’t tell me you didn’t learn one to get in some late night mixing sessions when you lived with your parents.”

“Wait, Scratch has parents?” Rainbow chimed in. “I thought she just crawled up from under the sink or something.”

“Very funny, Dash,” Vinyl grumped. “I do have parents, and I’m certain you know their names.”

“Bubble Butt and Crotch Floss?” Rainbow jested.

“I meant that they’re ponies you’ve met before,” Vinyl growled. “One I’m sure of, and the other you might have.”

Rainbow chortled. “Cranky and Matilda?”

“Do I look like an ass to you?” Vinyl snapped. “I bet I haven’t even heard of your parents!”

“Probably not, but you haven’t even told me who yours are yet,” Rainbow pointed out.

“Because she’s a little embarrassed about her roots,” Octavia explained. “Her parents are rather famous, but in a field she’s never been too keen on.”

“Which is?” Rainbow prompted.

“Fashion,” Vinyl relented. “I don’t know if you’ve met my mom, but she’s been in Ponyville before. Her name’s Photo Finish. I think Fluttershy had a run in with her. My dad… Well, I think you know him a little better. Hoity Toity, the big shot fashion aficionado Rarity showed your Gala dresses to.”

“Ah remember you playin’ at that first show, Vinyl,” Applejack recalled. “If ya really don’t like fashion so much, why did ya agree ta somethin’ like that?”

Vinyl smiled, reminiscing. “Because he asked me to. That was the first time he really acknowledged me as a music pony. Mom was always more open about that, but Dad always wanted me to get into fashion. It’s kinda funny though. I’m teaching you how to play guitar, and those have strings, and sewing is all about string. Why are they so different?”

“Because of the way to express yourself, dear; you can make much more noise with a guitar than a sewing machine,” Octavia answered, chuckling.

Vinyl laughed. “I guess you’re right. Still, I don’t think I’d have gotten to meet you any other way.”

“You never know,” Octavia agreed. “But you don’t have to think about it.”

Vinyl nodded, nuzzling into Octavia’s embrace. “You know, I might just have to move in after all.”

“Remember my promise,” Octavia chirped, getting Vinyl to blush.

Rainbow and Applejack looked on in bewilderment, but before they could question further, Vinyl re-composed herself. “Sorry about that. Tavi can do that to me sometimes.

“It’s those earth pony super powers!” Rainbow insisted. “Applejack does it to me all the time!”

Octavia smirked. “So I take it that since friendship is magic, love is therefore super powers?”

Rainbow’s brow furrowed, contemplating the question. That was more coherent than she was comfortable with. As amazing as Applejack was, there was no way Rainbow could have already fallen as far as that. That kind of stuff was for Rarity’s stupid romance novels, not real life. And definitely not Rainbow Dash.

Applejack said nothing, but the warm smile on her face told enough. She wasn’t quite ready to call it that, either, but seeing Rainbow so torn up about it let her know the feeling was mutual. They’d cross that bridge when they got there, but for now…

Rainbow was snapped out of her reverie by Applejack’s lips upon hers. The kiss was brief, but enough for Rainbow to gain a goofy smile. Applejack giggled as Rainbow’s wing settled around her midsection and pulled her closer, brushing against her cutie mark briefly.

“Ya seem ta have a good bit o’ history together,” Applejack began. “We should share stories sometime.”

Octavia smiled. “We should. After today, Vinyl and I are free for the next couple of days.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Applejack smiled back. “But fer now, Rainbow and Ah have this book Twilight got us on some kinda long-lost magic that lets mares have foals together. She’s got it in her head we should read it now that we’ve had a roll in the hay, and Ah was wonderin’ if you’d be interested?”

Vinyl looked thoughtful for a moment. “A spell that lets mares have foals together? Why is that something long-lost? That sounds awesome.”

“Twilight said it had somethin’ ta do with Princess Luna, an’ it was around the time o’ Nightmare Moon. So once Luna was trapped in the moon, Ah guess it couldn’t be done fer a thousand years.”

“But surely it would show up on some record of those times?” Octavia pressed. “This sounds like quite a breakthrough to have been forgotten.”

“Ah’m not quite sure on that, mahself,” Applejack admitted. “Times were different then, an’ Ah’m not sure how open Equestria was ta two mares in a relationship. But maybe since Princess Luna became Nightmare Moon some time later, the ponies thought it was some kinda dark magic she used? Ah really don’t know, and Twilight’s stuck out in Canterlot. So this book’s the best we’ve got fer now.”

“Well then what are we waiting for? Let’s read it!” Vinyl insisted.

Rainbow took the book out of her saddlebags, grinning as she brandished the dark cover. “The Dark Ages. Sounds pretty cool, huh?”

“No, it sounds lame,” Vinyl smirked. “Now read the damn book already!”

“Fine! Way to ruin the scene, Scratch. Anyway…” Rainbow opened the book. “The Dark Ages was written by… blah blah blah boring stuff. Preface, table of contents… Here we go, chapter one! How it all started.”

“Lame,” Vinyl repeated.

“You shut up!” Rainbow shot back before returning to the book. “Okay, let’s see. Talking about what it is, we already know that. Dramatic build-up, blah blah blah. Okay, the spell! It says here it was created by Princess Luna, obviously. The spell used the power of the Elements of Harmony. Huh, whaddya know.

“How it works… The princesses used the Elements of Harmony to create a spell that let two mares… uh… What’s this word?” Rainbow showed the book to Applejack, who shrugged.

Octavia took the book from them. “Please, you three are hopeless. I’ll read it.”

“The princesses used the Elements of Harmony to create a spell that let two mares conceive a foal. The spell worked by binding the essences of the two together to create an offspring. To use the spell, the power of the Elements had to be infused and maintained in the couple while they…” Octavia paused, gaining a very noticeable blush. “Copulated.”

“Meaning…?” Vinyl prodded.

“Meaning that to use this spell, we would have to let Rainbow, Applejack and their friends watch us while we have sex,” Octavia squeaked.

“So Luna was a rampant voyeur, and Celestia was kinda dragged into it, so once Luna was gone, Celestia didn’t want to keep doing it?” Rainbow inferred.

Applejack was blushing heavily, herself. “Rainbow, ya know this means the same for us if we ever get ta that point. Would ya really be okay with havin’ our friends around fer all that?”

Rainbow shrugged. “Hey, if it gets back into use, that means we’d get to see a whole lot of ponies having sex. And they’d all be mares, so…”

“So it’d be like porn in real life!” Vinyl burst out, getting a smack from Octavia in response. “You guys are lucky! I wish I had an excuse like that!”

“Rainbow, Ah like mares, too, but Ah’m not sure Ah’d be comfortable doin’ that. Sex is supposed ta be private,” Applejack insisted. “’Specially when you’re doin’ somethin’ as intimate as havin’ foals.”

“I have to agree with Applejack,” Octavia said. “As much as I would like to know that I could someday have foals with Vinyl…”

Vinyl hugged Octavia. “Don’t worry, Tavi. I’m sure you’ll have warmed up to the idea by the time that gets tossed around.”

“I’m not so sure about that…”

“We’re not even thinkin’ about the others. Can ya imagine how embarrassed Fluttershy would be?” Applejack frowned, sympathizing with the timid mare.

Rainbow giggled. “I can, and it looks hilarious.”

Applejack shoved Rainbow away from her, breaking their wing-hug.

“Hey, Applejack, come on. I’m just trying to lighten the mood here,” Rainbow said, putting a hoof on Applejack’s shoulder. “It’s not like we’re having foals tomorrow, right? That’s still a long, long way down the road, remember?”

Applejack sighed. “If it really does come ta that…”

“Then we’ll be there together, right?” Rainbow finished hopefully.

Applejack smiled. “Ain’t we lucky we’ve got such good friends?”

“I don’t know, something about having the princesses watching us…”

Applejack slapped Rainbow playfully before giving her a kiss on the same cheek. “Ya really are terrible, Rainbow.”

“Don’t you ever forget it,” Rainbow laughed.

Rarity walked up to Golden Oaks Library, composing herself before knocking. You can do this, Rarity. It’ll be alright.

Spike answered the door. “Oh! Uh, hi, Rarity. I uh, come in!”

Rarity sighed. Spike’s normally endearing infatuation with her was now just painful, knowing it would soon come to an end. “Twilight isn’t here, is she?” Rarity asked fretfully.

“Nope, it’s just me today. Twilight’s still up in Canterlot,” Spike relayed. “I don’t know about you, but I think something’s going on with her. She’s been a little distant lately.”

“That’s actually not what I’m here about, Spike. I just needed to know we’d be free of distractions,” Rarity said in a soft voice that gave Spike hope. “I… came here to tell you that there’s something going on with me, too. And that… I haven’t been entirely truthful to you, or any of the girls.”

Spike blinked. “Truthful about what?”

Rarity took a shuddering breath. “Spike, I know you’ve been pining after me for quite some time now. But there’s something about me that you don’t know, and I’m not sure you’ll like.”

“W-what are you talking about? I like everything about you, Rarity,” Spike stammered. “You’re the most beautiful, caring mare in the world.”

Rarity winced. “That’s just it, Spike. I’m not.”

“Not what?”

“A mare,” Rarity whispered.

Spike recoiled as if struck, backing up several paces. “I… what?”

“It’s how I was raised, and how I appear for the most part, but… the truth is, I’m a stallion, Spike.” Rarity smiled sadly. “If it would make you feel any better, I could show you. This is hard for me, too, Spike.”

Spike gulped, eyes watering. “No, that’s… that’s okay. I just… I need to think for a while.” Spike turned back after reaching the stairs. “Do you… do you still love me, though?”

Rarity cast her eyes downward. “I’m so sorry, Spike. I never meant to hurt you.”

Spike let out a gasping sob as he retreated upstairs, leaving Rarity feeling miserable.

“I hope Mac is having a better time with Cheerilee,” Rarity mumbled to herself, going to sit on Twilight’s couch to wait for Spike’s return.

Big Mac walked through Ponyville, thankful it was summer, and classes were down to just once a week. He knew he wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t for Rarity, but he also knew this was the right thing to do. Knowing Cheerilee, she’d be…

“Big Mac?”

Mac turned to regard the source of the familiar voice. “Hey there, Cheerilee. You got a minute ta talk?”

Cheerilee hesitated, unsure if this was some kind of advance on Mac’s part.

Mac smiled. “Ah won’t bite.”

Cheerilee sighed, gesturing inside her house, which they stood in front of. “Mac, I’ve felt terrible for what I did to you, and even worse that you had to hear it from my sister. Back then, I… I was scared about what would happen if anypony found out.” Cheerilee sat herself on a chair, offering the couch to Mac. “I felt like I needed cover, and I didn’t really stop to think about what I was doing. I lied to you for far too long. I lied to myself. And I lost a good friend.”

Mac closed his eyes, sighing. “So it weren’t nothin’ Ah did, then?”

“Of course not, Mac,” Cheerilee insisted. “You were wonderful to me. There were even times you almost made me believe what we had was right. But we both know that wasn’t the case.”

“Ya said ya were scared,” Big Mac went on. “What was there ta be scared of? Expressin’ yerself?”

Cheerilee frowned. “I was scared for my job. Teaching little fillies and colts… it’s what I love. But you know how impressionable they can be. If word got out that their teacher was a… a fillyfooler…”

Big Mac smiled wryly. “Ya always did think o’ yer kids first. Ah really didn’t believe it when Ah first heard it, but now Ah’ve had time ta think about it…”

“I do love kids,” Cheerilee agreed. “That’s part of what made it so hard to cope. I can’t have foals with another mare, but was it really worth lying about? I caused you so much pain, and I can never ask you to forgive me for that…”

Big Mac’s smile became more genuine. “Ya really did hurt me, Cheerilee. But Ah reckon that pain’s numbed a good deal lately. Ah reckon our time together taught me a lot about mahself, too.”

Cheerilee smiled in bemusement. “Mac, you’re not telling me… you’re a coltcuddler?”

Mac chuckled. “Little bit o’ both, Ah’d say.”

Cheerilee’s brow furrowed. “With just one pony?”

“She really is a special mare.” Mac grinned.

“I… I’m afraid I don’t understand…”

Mac laughed. “Ah’m sure she’ll tell ya herself someday. Sure had me fooled, too.”

“So you don’t resent me for what I did to you?” Cheerilee asked in a small voice.

Mac smiled. “Nah. Ah’d much rather have an old friend back than live in the past. So whaddya say, Cheery?”

Cheerilee beamed, eyes leaking tears. “You really are a great friend, Mac.”

Big Mac wrapped Cheerilee in a hug, glad that everything had turned out alright. Ah guess she was right, after all. Thanks, Rare.

Apple Bloom yawned, rising from her bed and rubbing her eyes. She had certainly slept in, as the clock read 10:26 AM, but she still felt tired. She slid herself out of bed groggily lest she fall back into sleep’s embrace.

Walking to the washroom to splash some water on her face, Apple Bloom’s thoughts wandered. She wondered what Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were doing. She hoped they weren’t having as rough a go of it as she was. Apple Bloom blushed as she looked at her reflection, remembering the rampant sexual energy Rainbow Dash seemed to be emanating. There was certainly a great deal of talk about it.

Apple Bloom’s stomach growled, reminding her she had yet to eat breakfast. She dismounted the sink and ventured downstairs, where Granny Smith was reheating some leftover fritters from breakfast.

“Mornin’, sleepy head,” Granny Smith chirped, ruffling Apple Bloom’s mane. “Don’t let sleepin’ this late become a habit now.”

“Sorry, Granny. Ah was just… Things have been gettin’ a little awkward ‘round here an’ with mah friends,” Apple Bloom said, shuffling over to her seat. “Oh, and good mornin’ ta you, too.”

Granny frowned. “Apple Bloom, has there been somethin’ goin’ on?”

Apple Bloom shook her head. “Ah just need ta figure this out on mah own.”

“Well, don’t let it set too long now, er it might get bigger ‘n it needs ta,” Granny counseled, hoofing Apple Bloom a plate of fritters.

Apple Bloom ate them gratefully, thinking about her next move. There’s gotta be somethin’ Ah can do. Maybe there’s somethin’ at the club house that’ll help me think. The clubhouse always reminded her of the way things were supposed to be, before all this mess with sexy stuff. Everything was great when it was all just hugs and kisses, but now there was just that bit of information in the back of her mind that seemed to taint everything that used to seem innocent.

Maybe we never should’a asked about all that, Apple Bloom supposed. Maybe that was somethin’ we should’a learned on our own. Maybe Ah should stop thinkin’ in maybes. They’re gettin’ me nowheres! The only thing that’s gonna help here is action. If Ah can’t make this right in mah head, maybe Ah can at least- no, Ah will make this right with the girls.

Apple Bloom nodded her head in conviction. “Thanks fer the food, Granny!” She called over her shoulder as she rushed outside. She had to get to the clubhouse, find something that could help make this right. They had tons of stuff there! Pictures, mementos, an orange pegasus filly sleeping on the floor.

Apple Bloom blinked, returning her gaze to the last item she had observed. Sure enough, Scootaloo lay in the middle of the room, resting peacefully. Apple Bloom frowned as she shook her friend awake. “Scoot, wake up, this is important.”

Scootaloo blinked, eyes slowly focusing on the yellow earth pony filly before her. “O-oh! Hey Apple Bloom? What brings you here?” She attempted to assume a casual pose on the floor, failing as her foreleg gave out and sent her head crashing to the floor.

Apple Bloom’s frown deepened. “Scoot, did you spend the night here again?”

“Of course not! I was just, you know, passing through and uh… I must have, uh, fallen asleep at some point and…”

“Scoot,” Apple Bloom lowered her voice, pulling her friend into a hug. “What’s been goin’ on? How come ya haven’t been goin’ home every night?”

Knowing that she had been found out, Scootaloo changed tact. “Oh, you know, I just wanted to spend more time with you, and…”

Apple Bloom silenced Scootaloo with a kiss. “Please, Scoot, no more lies. Tell me what’s wrong. Is it ‘cause you’re uncomfortable facin’ yer parents about us?”

Scootaloo sighed, breaking away from Apple Bloom. “I’d feel better if Sweetie Belle were here, too. This would be… really hard for me to do twice.”

Apple Bloom rubbed a hoof along Scootaloo’s back comfortingly. “Well Ah’m sure we could go-“

“I thought I’d find you guys here,” Sweetie Belle’s voice sounded from the doorway. “Listen, girls, about all this-“

Apple Bloom turned to Sweetie Belle. “Please, Belle, Scoot’s gonna tell us somethin’ real important.”

Sweetie Belle blinked once before nodding and coming to sit next to them.

“We’re all here now, Scoot. Now please, just tell us what-“

“I ran away from home,” Scootaloo interrupted. “It wasn’t too long after I met you guys; right after Dinky got her cutie mark. I just-“

“Woah, hold on a second, Scoot,” Apple Bloom cut in. “What’s this gotta do with Dinky? And that was almost three years ago, Scoot. Yer tellin’ me ya’ve been away from yer family all this time?”

Scootaloo sighed, looking up to the ceiling. “I never did tell you girls about my family, did I?”

“Scoot, just how much have you not been telling us?” Sweetie Belle asked, slightly hurt.

“It’s hard for me, okay?” Scootaloo snapped. “When you haven’t seen your parents for three years, it’s hard to think about. I never know what they think of me, or if they even love me anymore! I ran away for such a stupid reason, and now I…” Scootaloo gasped, tears leaking from her eyes. “I can’t find a way to go back.”

Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom were there to dry her tears in a heartbeat. “It’s okay, Scoot. We can help you with this,” Sweetie Belle promised.

“Yeah, what are fillyfriends for?” Apple Bloom added with a hopeful smile.

Scootaloo choked back a sob. “Thanks, you guys. But I don’t know if it’s gonna be as easy as that.”

“Well, why don’t you start by telling us a bit about yer family?” Apple Bloom suggested.

“You said something about Dinky,” Sweetie Belle added.

Scootaloo nodded. “Dinky… she… is kinda my twin sister. I guess.”

“Kinda?” Apple Bloom asked skeptically.

“You guess?” Sweetie Belle cocked her head.

“It’s… complicated. I never really understood it, myself,” Scootaloo admitted.

“Well, what makes it complicated?” Sweetie Belle pressed.

“It’s about my parents,” Scootaloo replied. “I kinda don’t really have a… dad.” Scootaloo cocked her head, as if she’d confused even herself.

“What happened to him?” Apple Bloom asked softly.

“She’s a mare,” Scootaloo clarified.

“Wait, what?”

“You mean he somehow got changed into a mare?” Sweetie Belle guessed.

Scootaloo shook her head. “I’m not even sure that’s possible. She’s always been a mare, as far as I know. Even if she is a little nutty.”

“Well, how’d ya get born if both yer parents are mares? Applejack told me it don’t work that way,” Apple Bloom questioned.

“I know Dinky’s mom is Derpy,” Sweetie Belle venture. “So does that mean Derpy is your mom, too?”

Scootaloo chuckled. “That’s the thing. Derpy’s… kinda my dad.”

Apple Bloom furrowed her brows. “How does that work?”

“Yeah, how can she be both a mom and a dad at the same time? Especially if you and Dinky are twins.” Sweetie Belle held her head in her hooves, trying to process the impossibility.

“I said we’re kinda twins,” Scootaloo reminded. “We were both born at the same time, but her mother is my father, and her father is my mother.”


“So if Derpy’s your dad, then who’s your mom?” Apple Bloom asked.

“Golden Harvest,” Scootaloo answered. “Or I guess she likes to be called Carrot Top now.”

“Wait, so you used ta live on the Carrot Farm?” Apple Bloom mused, looking out the window and spying Carrot Top’s farmhouse easily.

“Yeah, I guess I’m not too far from home, am I?” Scootaloo marveled, smiling briefly before her face darkened. “But I can’t go back now. Not after how I just ditched the place.”

“Don’t say that, Scoot. They’re yer family,” Apple Bloom reproached. “Ah’m sure they’ve been waitin’ all this time fer the day ya came home.”

“What, and just forget how I ran away for three years just because I was jealous that my sister got her cutie mark before me?” Scootaloo demanded.

“That wasn’t the only reason, was it?” Sweetie Belle asked knowingly.

Scootaloo winced, turning away. “No, I guess not. Dad was never very good at teaching me how to fly. She somehow had a better time teaching Dinky magic, even though she’s a pegasus. Mom couldn’t help much either, since she’s an earth pony. I met Rainbow Dash for the first time not too long before then, and she was the greatest flier I’d ever seen! I was sure she could help me out someday.

“But it took her two years to really notice me. And by that time, I was pretty far gone. When you spend two whole years chasing after one thing, I guess you can kinda lose sight of everything else,” Scootaloo lowered her head ashamedly.

“Did you ever tell Rainbow about that?” Sweetie Belle asked, coming to stand beside Scootaloo.

“No,” Scootaloo answered simply, turning away again.

Apple Bloom advanced on her from the other side. “Would ya feel better if ya did?”

Scootaloo sighed. “Maybe.”

“Then let’s go look for her!” Sweetie Belle insisted.

“Yeah, she’s probably with mah sister somewheres. It’s almost lunchtime so they’re sure ta be somewhere in Ponyville. C’mon!”

Rarity was feeling her first pangs of lunchtime hunger by the time Spike made his way back downstairs. She smiled up at him sadly.

“You’re… still here?” Spike asked incredulously.

“I have been the whole time,” Rarity affirmed.

Spike came to sit next to Rarity, something she allowed. “Who is he?”

“You’re quite perceptive for your age, Spike,” Rarity observed. “It’s Big Macintosh. I’ve had my eye on him for a while, and he truly accepts me for who I am. I couldn’t imagine you would do the same.”

“No, I guess not. I’d just be lying to myself,” Spike agreed. “Is it… really true, though? That you’re not really a mare?”

In lieu of an answer, Rarity turned to face Spike, splaying her legs slightly to reveal her secret. Spike looked on in disbelief until Rarity’s self-consciousness kicked in and she hid herself with a blush. “I wouldn’t do that for just anypony, you know. I never showed Applejack or Rainbow Dash, and I don’t intend to show Pinkie or Twilight.”

“What about Fluttershy?” Spike asked.

“That was… rather unavoidable,” Rarity admitted. “When you have weekly spa visits with somepony for almost five years now… It’s hard to hide, even with magic.”

“Was she the first pony you told?”

Rarity nodded. “It was only about a year ago, maybe less. She never judged me, either, but…”

“But you’re not interested in mares?” Spike suggested.

“Well, no, I don’t suppose I am. But it was more… platonic. Fluttershy may accept me, even embrace me, but we’ve only ever been friends. Best friends.”

Spike nodded. “You two have been having those spa trips ever since I came to Ponyville.”

“I have to apologize again for all this. I never meant for it to be this… complicated.”

Spike smiled sadly. “It’s alright, Rarity. I think I always knew it could never work between us. You’re a pony, I’m a dragon. You’re all grown up, and I’m still just a kid. Heh, you’re gay and I’m straight!”

Rarity chortled. “I suppose that’s true, isn’t it? I never really saw it that way, myself. Despite it all, I’ve always viewed myself as a mare. I suppose that tends to happen when you’re raised a filly, hm?”

“I wouldn’t know, sorry,” Spike shrugged.

Rarity laughed. “I wouldn’t expect you to, Spike. And I will be forever thankful to you for taking this so well.”

“Hey, a dragon’s gotta be noble, right?” Spike grinned.

“And you’re the noblest of them all,” Rarity praised, pulling Spike into a hug.

“I’m guessing you’re gonna wanna keep this a secret?”

“If you would be so kind, noble dragon.”

Spike held a claw to his chin dramatically. “Hm, only if you pay me a royalty in gems!”

Rarity laughed. “I’m sure that can be arranged, your majesty.”

Spike laughed along, happy that nothing had changed between them.

Applejack sighed, leaning back in her chair after consuming her last bite of the delicious lunch Octavia had prepared. “Thanks again fer lettin’ us stay fer lunch, Octavia.”

“It’s no trouble at all,” Octavia assured, turning to Vinyl.

“Yep! But if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta go get ready for a gig tonight. See ya!” Vinyl waved, grabbing her saddlebags before exiting the house and making her way to the club she was performing at tonight.

Along her way, she caught sight of three familiar-looking fillies, one in particular that looked quite down. Walking over to them, Vinyl called out, “Hey, aren’t you Rainbow Dash’s kid sister?”

Scootaloo perked her head up, looking for the source of the voice. An erratic-looking white unicorn with an electric blue mane and purple sunglasses was waving at them. Curious, the three fillies broke from their search to investigate. “You know where Rainbow Dash is?” Scootaloo asked.

Vinyl cocked her head. “Yeah, she’s at my marefriend’s house. I’d show you, but I’m running kinda late as it is. It’s the big house over that way with the treble clef on the door. Gotta run!”

With that, the quirky DJ was off, and Apple Bloom and Scootaloo were thoroughly confused. “What’s a treble clef?” Apple Bloom wondered.

“Oh, I know! It’s the clef that sheet music for a lot of lighter string instruments like violins are written in,” Sweetie Belle answered confidently.

Scootaloo blinked twice. “What are you, a dictionary?”

“Hey, I-“

“Let’s please not start this again, gals,” Apple Bloom cut in, separating the two.

Sweetie Belle’s face scrunched up before she turned around and started walking in the direction Vinyl had indicated. With her freaky knowledge of music, Sweetie Belle quickly found the aforementioned house and knocked on the door.

The door was answered by Octavia, who looked surprised to see such young visitors. “Oh, hello, can I help you?”

“We’re looking for Rainbow Dash,” Scootaloo said, darting in front. “You marefriend said she was here.”

Octavia nodded slowly, stepping aside to let them in. “Rainbow Dash, these three fillies were looking for you,” Octavia called as the crusaders entered the kitchen.

“Oh, hey you three, what’s up?” Rainbow asked.

“It’s… kinda a long story…” Scootaloo began sheepishly.

“So what are we waiting for? Let’s get you back home!” Rainbow insisted immediately upon the conclusion of Scootaloo’s explanation.

Scootaloo’s eyes widened. “B-but what about-“

Rainbow interrupted by grabbing Scootaloo, throwing her on her back, and flying out the door. Applejack shook her head in bemusement, turning to Octavia. “Well, Ah guess this is where we’re gonna part, then. Nice talkin’ to ya.”

“Likewise,” Octavia said, smiling in amusement.

Rainbow reached Carrot Top’s farm in record time with a deathly afraid Scootaloo clinging to her shoulders for dear life. Scootaloo tensed as Rainbow knocked on the door. She jumped in front of her idol. “Wait, Rainbow Dash, I’m not ready for-“


Scootaloo looked behind her. The door was open, and there stood Carrot Top, eyes brimming with tears. Derpy settled beside her in the doorway, smiling. “Mom, Dad!” Scootaloo flung herself into their arms.

“Scoot!” Derpy cheered.

“We knew you’d come back someday,” Carrot Top spoke through her tears.

Scootaloo never wanted to let go again. She was home, and there wasn’t anything-

“Welcome home, Scoot.”

“Dinky!” Scootaloo glomped her sister, peppering her with kisses.

Dinky giggled. “I missed you, too, sis. But I don’t remember you ever being so affectionate.”

Scootaloo righted herself sheepishly. “Sorry, I…”

“You were never alone, you know,” Carrot Top said, drawing Scootaloo’s attention. “Every day, your father,” Carrot Top smiled at Derpy, “would keep an eye out for you. All the time she could find between deliveries, she was watching over you.”

Scootaloo’s eyes widened. “Is that true, Dad?”

“How do you think you were always able to find food when you needed it?” Carrot Top asked.

“They don’t call me the greatest delivery mare in Ponyville for nothing!” Derpy puffed out her chest.

Scootaloo laughed, drawing all three of them into another hug. “I love you guys. I missed you so much.”

“We missed you, too Scoot,” Derpy returned in a moment of clairvoyance, extending her wings to wrap around them all. “And we’re really happy you’ve found two wonderful fillies that brought you back to us.”

“I guess this means we’re gonna be staying over here for a while, huh?” Sweetie Belle put in.

Scootaloo broke from the hug to give her fillyfriends each a kiss. “Thank you guys so much. I… I love you both.”

Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle smiled warmly. “We love you too, Scoot.”

Scootaloo slowly built up into a fit of spontaneous laughter. Without knowing why, she pulled Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom on top of her, rolling around and laughing without a care. Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle happily joined in, needing no reason to see Scootaloo so giddy.

From one side, Dinky giggled while Carrot Top and Derpy leaned their heads together, smiling warmly. From the other, Rainbow and Applejack shared a glance, after which Applejack leaned her head on Rainbow’s shoulder. Rainbow smiled, placing a kiss on Applejack’s forehead.

“We don’t blame you, you know,” Carrot Top said, having skirted the developing cuddle pile with Derpy to join Applejack and Rainbow. “Scootaloo was always looking for some kind of great adventure, and we knew we couldn’t offer much on a simple carrot farm. I actually feel like I should thank you, Rainbow Dash, for giving my daughter new purpose in life.”

Derpy nodded. “Before you came along, she was always so bored around here.”

“I don’t think you have to worry about that anymore,” Rainbow chuckled. “Who knew little Scootaloo had such a wacky foalhood.”

“That’s a really good point, actually,” Applejack picked up. “How did ya have foals without the spell? Twelve years ago, Princess Luna was still trapped up in the moon, and we weren’t bound ta the elements yet.”

Derpy’s eyes traveled further to opposite sides as her face scrunched up in thought. “I dunno. I think it had something to do with that carrot muffin we ate.”

“A carrot muffin?” Rainbow asked incredulously.

“More like a carrot lodged inside a muffin, but yes,” Carrot Top reinforced. “I’m not entirely sure that was really the cause, but it was the only thing I can think of that was different.”

“So, what exactly happened?” Applejack prompted.

“Oh, I know this one!” Derpy perked up. “It all started back when you were just fillies…”

So, Derpy and Carrot Top were hanging around one night when they got to talking about muffins.

“Actually, dear, we were talking about foals,” Carrot Top reminded.

“Then how did the muffins come up?” Derpy asked.

“Maybe I should just tell the story,” Carrot Top laughed.

Carrot Top sighed wistfully, looking up into the night sky. Derpy soon appeared at her side as she always did.

“What’cha thinkin’ about, Carrot?” Derpy asked.

Carrot Top averted her gaze to her companion briefly before refocusing on the stars. “Oh, nothing you have to worry about, dear.”

“Is it about muffins?” Derpy prodded.

“See, I told you we were talking about muffins!” Derpy interrupted.

Carrot Top shook her head hopelessly before continuing her tale.

“No, it’s nothing quite as simple as that, I’m afraid.”

Derpy’s brow furrowed. “But muffins are like, the most not-simple thing I can think of!”

Carrot Top laughed. “And that’s what makes you so adorable, Derpy.”

“Yay, I’m adorable!” Derpy cheered. “What’s that?”

Carrot Top chortled, shaking her head. “No, I was just thinking about how I might like to be a mother someday. But I can’t bear to think of ever leaving you.”

Derpy frowned. “Why would you have to? You can be a mother any time you want!”

“You mean by adoption?” Carrot Top asked.


“While I admit it’s a good option for some… I just can’t feel it’s quite the same,” Carrot Top despaired.

Derpy frowned again, thinking. “Oh, I know what’ll help!” She said, perking up and darting away before Carrot Top could ask what she was going on about. Derpy returned shortly with a carrot in her mouth, which she offered to Carrot Top. “You’re always telling me how carrots can fix anything!”

Carrot Top smiled sadly. “I’m afraid this is something they can’t fix, dear.”

Derpy’s ears drooped. “But… but…” Unable to think of anything to say, Derpy left the room helplessly. Something carrots can’t fix? That’s impossible! Carrot Top’s always right! Derpy paused. Right?

In her wanderings, she found herself drawn to the kitchen, where a muffin sat on the table. Derpy smiled. A muffin could always cheer anypony up. Derpy considered that for a moment, before making a connection. Without hesitation, she stabbed the carrot through the muffin and ran back to Carrot Top triumphantly.

“Carrot! Carrot! I figured it out!” Derpy called, skidding to a halt inside the room. “You’re right; carrots aren’t the best at everything. But they can fix a lot of stuff. I saw how sad you were, and then I found this muffin! Muffins always cheer anypony up! And when you put that with a carrot, it’s like, unstoppable!” Derpy placed the carrot-muffin on the windowsill beside Carrot Top, grinning.

Carrot Top glanced once between the hopeful grin on her marefriend’s face, to the carrot-skewered muffin. After a pause, she couldn’t help but break out into laughter. She wrapped her hooves around Derpy, giving her a kiss. “It’s not the muffins that cheer ponies up, you silly filly. It’s you.”

“You mean I’m a muffin?” Derpy gasped.

Carrot Top giggled. “You’re my muffin.” Carrot Top moved to give Derpy another kiss, but Derpy stopped her.

“Wait! Before anything else, we’ve gotta eat this! It’ll make everything better!” Derpy said, holding up the muffin with a hoof.

Carrot Top laughed, nodding. Together with Derpy, she ate the humorous concoction. While strikingly different, Carrot Top had to admit that the flavors did complement each other quite well. She might just have to look into that.

“But for now…” Carrot Top grinned. “I have something much better in mind.”

“Oh boy, sex!” Derpy cheered, causing Carrot Top to giggle before tackling her to the ground.

“We had sex like we usually did, and wouldn’t you know it, three weeks later, we found out we were both pregnant,” Carrot Top finished, laughing.

Rainbow cocked her head. “So… eating a carrot-muffin thing… let you have foals?”

“Carrot-muffin, then sex,” Derpy corrected.

“Ah… Ah don’t know what…” Applejack could barely form a coherent sentence.

“I don’t know how it happened, either,” Carrot Top admitted. “But the only thing that matters to me is that I got to have foals with the mare I love.”

“D’aww, I love you, too, Carrot,” Derpy said, hugging Carrot Top.

Rainbow turned to Applejack. “You don’t think-“

Applejack held a hoof to her lips, prompting Rainbow’s silence. Rainbow nodded, chuckling. “Well, Ah think our work here is done. Make sure ya don’t go losin’ her again now, y’hear?”

Carrot Top nodded. “Thank you again for bringing her back. We’ll never forget that.”

“Make sure Scoot doesn’t, either. We’ve still gotta get her flying!” Rainbow added.

“We’ll be sure,” Carrot Top promised, smiling.

“Take care now,” Applejack said, leading Rainbow out.

Carrot Top and Derpy waved goodbye before returning their attention to their newly-returned daughter. “It’s so good to have you home, dear.”

“It’s great to be back, Mom,” Scootaloo returned, saluting.

Derpy saluted back. Carrot Top giggled.

I got the idea for Vinyl's parents from My Roommate is a Vampire. So sue me. No, please don't.
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