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 Class Mentors

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PostSubject: Class Mentors   Class Mentors I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 10, 2012 2:59 pm

MLP Friendship is Magic now has Class Mentors!

More information here.

What you can expect:

-The Mentors will be ready to answer your queries in game. They may, however, be busy with Operations or PvP and as such may not be able to immediately answer your questions, please respect this.

-Some Mentors may also decide to post their advice on the class specific forums. Such posts will bear the [Mentor] tag.

The Mentors:

The Mentors' names are their general names as used on the Forums. If you want to see which in game characters are the Mentors, please check their member's notes in the in-game guild list. Each officer Mentor has a primary and secondary specialisation but they are fully capable to advise on both their respective classes. The non-officer Mentors have only primary classes.

Derpy - Sage (Heal/DPS) - Guardian (Tank)
Fluttershy - Gunslinger (DPS) - Sage (Heal)
Lyra - Commando (Heal/DPS) - Guardian (DPS)
Pinkie Pie - Vanguard (Tank) - Sentinel (DPS)

Royal Guards:
Amorphic - Sentinel (DPS) - Scoundrel (Heal/DPS)
Ryuukhang - Shadow (Tank) - Commando (DPS)
Shinjiro - Vanguard (DPS) - Sentinel (DPS)

Cloudchaser - Shadow (DPS/Tank)
Zeern - Scoundrel (Heal)

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Class Mentors EyAhr
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Class Mentors

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