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 Telekenetic dps!

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PostSubject: Telekenetic dps!   Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:24 am

I've recently respecced (Last night) Derpy-hooves to telekenetic dps! It looks like the stat priority isn't that big of a difference from healing (according to and she does pretty sweet damage from my quick test run. With some dailies to get the Dread Guard internal damage relic to go with my matrix shard one I just need to grind the crap out of black hole commendations. Other than that, any suggestions? Or should I be looking at something else instead of the internal damage Dread Guard relic?
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PostSubject: Re: Telekenetic dps!   Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:55 am

This is what you should aim your gears to be like (except the relics)
I think you should get the power relic one (Dreadguard Relic of Boundless Ages)
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PostSubject: Re: Telekenetic dps!   Tue Nov 27, 2012 12:28 pm

Get Activated Power and Internal Proc. Proven to be the best combo for DPS (at least until 1.6 when EWH may take over again).

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PostSubject: Re: Telekenetic dps!   

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Telekenetic dps!

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