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 The TOR RP Thread

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PostSubject: The TOR RP Thread   Thu Apr 26, 2012 12:46 am

Do your characters have a backstory? Are you planning to play a toon in a specific way? Do you RP in TOR at all?

If yes, why not share their stories with others?

The Muffin Legacy

Derpy'dreselus, Jedi Consular
Self centred, loyal to the Republic and arrogant. While he will fight the Empire until his dying day, he will gladly make a shady deal for his own gain as well as the well being of the Republic. The Jedi order seems too dogmatic to him and while he has respect from the masters he will not obey their orders blindly and make his own decisions. Will go out of his way to protect those close to him.

Toughen, Republic Trooper
A jar head. Unquestionably loyal to the Republic and following orders to the letter. While highly skilled a soldier, he will follow a mission through regardless of personal feelings. Respectful and polite to others and supportive of his companions.

Filthyrich, Sith Warrior
Places the well being of the Empire above his duties to the Sith order. Prefers non violent resolutions, opting instead to make allies benefiting himself and the Empire. Skilled in both diplomacy and fighting. Respects strength and wisdom but does not stand for failure. Personal ambitions are yet unclear but he sees his 'masters' as means to his own gain as well as that of the Empire. Wishes to make changes in the Empire's leadership.


Iron-will, Bounty Hunter
A real arse. Enjoys killing and causing people pain. He will not accept failure of any kind and will not allow weaklings aboard his vessel. He loves his job and demands prompt payment if the target cannot be disposed of. Iron-will collects NOW!

Ahuizotl, Sith Inquisitor
Student of the mysteries of the Dark Side and has only one goal; more power. The Empire does not concern her, it is merely a source of manpower. Wishes to lead the Sith order with the Empire being converted into slave labour. Her companions are to be sacrificed in her bid to power if necessary.

Timberwolf, Imperial Agent
Real name unknown. Code name 'Timberwolf' is a cold and calculating strategist who will always pick the most straightforward path to succeeding in his mission. While he serves the Empire, he does so efficiently and only tries to excel at his job. Has no real ambitions as to being involved in Empire politics. He likes those who are equally as efficient.

Bluffin, Smuggler
Bluffin uses her charm and relies on her good luck to get her through life. Tries not to stick out of the crowd and demands to be paid double for risky jobs. She is very friendly, has a good sense of humour and likes to tease her company as long as it is in good fun.

Servin, Jedi Knight
A servant of the Light Side. Placing the good of the Republic and the Jedi above all else. Will make personal sacrifices in order to help others.

Victory and a Muffin!
Rule 34(b) of the Interwebz: If it exists, there is a pony of it.

Derpyn, Toughen, Bluffin, Roughen, Flithy-rich, Ironwill, Timberwulf, Ahuizotl

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PostSubject: Re: The TOR RP Thread   Thu Apr 26, 2012 1:59 am

The Vilkas Legacy
Show names:
Applejack - I role-play her as close to her normal self as I can all light sided and never lie even if it happens to be darkside to tell the truth equipped with a massive assault canon she will lay down a suppressing fire to help anypony in need.
Age - 19
Class - Commando

Applebloom - I roleplay her if she was about 14 older then what I believe her to be in the show (7) I choose more cocky and mischievous choices taking many darkside choices but still never lying. Unlike her sister she was born with the ability to use the force using her raw strength and the force to guide her she defends her friends.
Age - 14
Class - Guardian

Spitfire - theres plenty of fan made personalities to go off of for her but I decided to use her name to best describe her "Spitfire - A person with a fierce temper." Most of the time shes cool and pretty laid back but quick to anger and even quicker to take it out on the closes thing, She relies on her quick agility and speed to fight and evade her enemies blows.
Age - 23
Class - Shadow

Original names:
Celerity - Cocky but loyal to the empire doing anything to further their plans. though she would prefer peaceful solutions they don't always end that way, especially when assassinating a POI. She prefers to stay away from combat when possible picking off her designated targets from afar, afraid to see her dirty work up close. She relies on her quick cunning to get out of a tight spot and her keen aim to further the empires plans.
Age - 15
Class - Sniper

Rivest - Arrogant, Smug and has trouble with authority figures but loyal non the less however, his loyalties don't necessarily lie with the Empire working with the Sith to only gain power.
Age - 19
Class - Sorcerer
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PostSubject: Re: The TOR RP Thread   Fri Apr 27, 2012 11:59 am


Defending the people of the Republic is his duty. If he can he will choose the choice that saves the most people. He fell in love with Elara Dorne after many adventures and eventually married her. He has had one child with her, To'chek, who was chosen as a jedi. He believes in his companions and will trust them no matter what.


She yields the force like none other. With a cocky side to her and a sense of romance, she really isn't the best of jedi. She thinks that the darker emotions, such as passion, should be felt instead of hidden away. The person in question should not let those emotions control them, however. She believes that it is everyone's personal choice to go to the dark or the light side. She loves her mother and father and knows that one day they will get into a situation that is over their heads. Hopefully she will be skilled enough to help them when that day comes.


At a young age he was spotted by the Sith as a good enough candidate, although he did have a high propensity to strike poses and say inspiring lines. As he grew in power the other Sith became worried. He had a completely free spirit and kept on talking about Freedom and Justice (They don't know how but he did seem to capitalize those two words.). Every slave he has encountered has been set free. When he was given his first slave, he immediately freed her (first companion). Now his true adventures begin, roaming the galaxy, bringing freedom and justice in his own way to the people of the empire. While traveling, he met a republic trooper by the name of Gregam, but after fighting a common enemy he found that he liked the man. They have been in contact ever since; sharing stories of adventure, daring, and romance.
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PostSubject: Re: The TOR RP Thread   Fri Apr 27, 2012 1:51 pm



A true Jedi. Does all she can to do good, saving as many people as possible. Will gladly throw her life away just to safe even a single person. After all the horrors she saw on her quest she started becoming distant of the Jedi Order though and eventually even went against one of their rules marrying Iresso. After giving birth to her first daughter QueenLuna she left the order completely. Later on had a second daughter named LunarPrincess.


Both her parents and her lover died in the war enraging PrincesCelestia and making her sign up as a trooper. Stopped caring about anyone and just does as much damage as she possibly can, preferably against the Sith.
Met PrincessLuna on one of her missions who saved her rather than getting herself to safety first which gained her a lot of respect in PrincesCelestia's eyes. They've had a very good friendship ever since that day.
Died on one of her missions destroying thousands of imperials in the process.


Follows in the footsteps of both her parents doing as much good as possible. She didn't want to be a Jedi or a trooper so went on the path of smuggler delivering goods to whomever could use it. Gives some of the money she earns to those who need it. Married Corso but didn't want any children to take away her freedom.


QueenLuna has hated the Republic ever since discovering that they didn't approve of her mother's marriage with Iresso. She doesn't like that her mother just sits at home most of the time doing nothing and believes she could have led a better life if only she had remained loyal to the Jedi Order.
So when she got the offer of joining Imperial Intelligence she immediatly agreed hoping to take down the Jedi Order that ruined her mother's life. In order to prevent the same thing from happening to her she is extremely loyal and follows her contracts and orders to the letter.
Queenluna came across PrinceSolaris while taking a break falling head over heels in love with him. It wasn't until their marriage that she realised that he was a Jedi. Although she hated it at first her love for him made her realise that maybe not all Jedi Masters are bad and have no feelings.
For reasons unknown they ended up having a Chiss daughter named PrincessCadence.


Being very gifted in the force has made him arrogant and reckless. Believes those that are weaker than him to not be worth living. Fell in love with QueenLuna after having a tie in their duel.


Inheriting her father's arrogance she is loyal only to herself and money. Prefers non violent ways because she is too lazy to beat everything senseless. She has a crush on Mako but doesn't want to be seen as weak so she hasn't told Mako or made her feelings clear.


Being hated by the world as a slave she started hating the world. Those with power control everything so she decided to get more powerful through whatever means necessary. She married Adronikas shortly after joining the Dark council and having gained the position of power she wanted.
Raised and adopted the baby SolarPrincess after killing her parents because she decided raising a daughter might make her bring Dark Council life more interesting.


Unlike her mother she had a very happy childhood being spoiled and loved by her father Adronikas and by her mother as long as she listened to her. This made her into a good soul who tries to follow whomever is in command as long as it is without unnecessary violence.
Even though she has a heart of gold she likes to have some naughty "adventures" on the side with whomever is cute and willing.

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Edit: Why u hating on Luna color?
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PostSubject: Re: The TOR RP Thread   

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The TOR RP Thread

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