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 Random Crap I Saw In Gen Chat

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PostSubject: Random Crap I Saw In Gen Chat   Tue Mar 06, 2012 3:17 am

Could be fun to see various things people see in the always infamous gen chat. I started this idea with one person in mind. ROBOCOPRX lol, If ya don't know him, ya should, hilarious dude, great pvper, apperantly good raider as well. Also, i have image proof to his brony confession.

So anyway, my fav thus far was a few days ago, first thing i see after a wz was good ol robo say:
[1 general Robocoprx] Sorry we use GREASE as a term for making WHOOPIE down here

... and i lol'd, wishing to have seen the convo prior.
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Random Crap I Saw In Gen Chat

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