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 [Guide] Flashpoint Boss mechanics + HM token drops

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PostSubject: [Guide] Flashpoint Boss mechanics + HM token drops   Sun Jan 29, 2012 8:23 am

EDIT: I will not update or add any new flashpoints to this. Content has become ridiculously easy with all the nerfs and overgeared players in GF for BH comms.
If you REALLY want me to, I'll add HM LI strats (but not story mode, don't feel like doing that)

Written from the viewpoint of a tank for republic and healer for the empire

Boss - Final Boss - Bonus boss - Regular enemies - Light Boss - Dark Boss - HM notes - I will not list enrage timers; they all have it.

The Esseless

Lieutanent Isric -Starts with adds and more adds spawn during the battle. they all come from the same entrance so aoe em.
he has a cone attack which is dangerous on HM. tank should face him away from the others

Ironfist -summons adds. Has an attack where he fires a lot of rockets all over the place. Keep moving to avoid.
surprisingly enough the hardest boss on normal becomes the easiest

ISS-7 Guardian Battle Droid -It has knockback so don't fall off.

ISS-994 Power Droid -kite it when there's electricity around it. Shown by a red marker.

Vokk -starts with adds: kill em. Has a choke attack that can be interrupted, a double saber throw that can be interrupted and hits 2random players and a purple marker aoe lightning you can run out of.

Black Talon

Sergeant Boran+squad -Focus fire. Suggest taking out healer first.

GXR-5 Sabotage Droid -Kill the enemies that come from the sides first. Will spawn adds that use aoe explosion.
The exploding adds will do massive damage and make it very hard for the healer. Don't stand in the explosion (use aoe stuns, knockback, etc)

Captain Ackbar lookalike -Kill his 2goons first. Stay out of the aoe fire.

Bonus Droid Boss -Single target.

Yadira Ban -When she pulls everyone in, walk away from her.
The speed of her aoe cast has been increased which could make it hard to walk out of. It can also 1HKO undergeared sorcerers so try to walk out of it.

Hammer Station

DN-314 Tunneler -It will attack one target with a mining beam that does more damage every time it hits and cannot be interrupted. Healer should focus on the person being hit. It also summons explosive weak droids. Try and aoe them

Vorgan the Volcano -He has 2helpers. The left one can be CC'd. Best start killing the right one, then the boss, then the left one. If the CC ends before the other 2 are killed, renew it.

Battlelord Kreshan -uses aoe marker attacks and knockback!! (so don't stand between him and the ledge xD) Also summons adds; kill those asap. Can be interrupted aside from his attack that summons the minions.


Professor Ley'arsha -lots of adds and resummons adds. She has an aoe poison attack that can be interrupted or walked out of.

The beat of Vodal Kressh -same as before: starts with adds and will summon more. Has aoe knockback and aoe stun. Make sure not to get knocked over the edge into another group of enemies down there.

Prophet of Vodal -Has a DoT attack on a random player and is very weak otherwise. At multiple fixed points in the fight he will stealth and summon 4 flames (spirits). 1 person in the group will get the debuff called "Soul Rend". That person must run away from the flames for the entire duration of the debuff. They have a rather large area where they damage you so make sure you don't go anywhere near them. They do NOT damage the other 3 players. Boss will reappear a few secs before the debuff wears off so make sure the debuff is gone before attacking him again if you had it.

Mandalorian Raiders

Braxx the Bloodhound -His 2dogs cannot be taunted. Coordinate attacks to kill the first and then the second dog. Tank should focus on keeping aggro on Braxx. He has red marker that increases the damage of the beasts in it. Keep him away from them.

Sith Boarding Party -Everyone but the warrior Rotham can be CC'd. Finish em off 1 by 1.

Mavrix Varad -Jumps around whenever his hp reaches a certain %. Whenever he jumps to a corner he'll summon 2elite turrets that can be CC'd. If you can: CC one and kill the other. Make sure both are dead before attacking him again. You do not want 4turrets up at any time. He has a red marker aoe attack you can run out of if you want to.


Residential District Lift -DO NOT JUMP!

Regular enemies -I highly suggest killing all the ones that are shooting other NPC's. Skipping them laggs the game a lot for players with bad comps and even crashes the game (like what happened to me when redoing it)

Officer Xander -He will call out a person's name and the big droid will follow and carbonise that player. It will go offline again once it got said player. Player who's name was called should run away from the droid. The droid will die once Xander is dead and cannot be damaged when he is not following a player. Just kill Xander and don't bother attacking the droid.

Captain Grimyk -only has 2attacs: a cone flamethrower and summoning a group of elite mobs. Stand behind him and let the tank take the flamethrower. When he summons the mobs the tanks should aggro/aoe taunt em and let Grimyk kill em with his flamethrower attack.

Launch complex lift -Do not jump and only get off at the very bottom where there are mobs.

General Ortol -It will give a message saying that he is test launching missiles. Run to a platform that does not have white smoke. He has a knockback attack. Make sure he doesn't knock you into the fire of the rocket.

Taral V

Handler Gatan -The 2vine cats can be CC'd. They don't do a lot of damage so if you can't CC em just ignore em and focus on Gatan first since he has some powerful aoe.
You can also just skip it =p.
skip it

Captain Shivanek -When either he or Ripper dies the other enrages. Ripper has a stun.

Doctor Zharen -Lots of adds. aoe the crap out of them.
You can also just skip him
skip him

Lord Hasper -He has an attack where pulls everyone in, slows you and deals massive aoe damage. Run forward as fast as possible out of it.
A gunslinger/sniper's 'hunker down' and similar abilities prevent being drawn in.

PD-44 -Red marker aoe. It's also possible to interrupt its focus fire if you want to.

General Edikar -Starts with 4turret adds and summond more droids from the sides during the battle. He'll be reolading his weapon for quite a while right after summoning droids. The droids themself put a debuff on you making you take increased damage so try to kill em while he's still reloading.
draw him out of the room and right around the corner. That way the adds will all group up and you can aoe em easily.

Maelstrom Prison

X-37 Oppressor Droid -he'll knockback the player with aggro, draw the others in and explode for high aoe damage. The explosion is in a cone. Run out of it if you can.
Same, it has barely any hp. haven't seen anyone evade the explosion so I don't know if you can

Colonel Daksh -At 2points in the battle he'll use aoe knockback and it'll give a text saying he's charging his implants. Person with aggro should run around the crates and stay out of his sight until it gives a message saying he ran out of power. The other 3 can attack him but should watch out for taking aggro.
Same except his laser will prob 1HKO anyone who isn't tank

Lord Kancras -Summons adds. Easiest boss ever.

Lord Vanithrast -Has an uninterruptable aoe attack. Run out of it.

Ancient Maelstrom Flayer -aoe knockback.

3 Siths -focus fire. They hit like trucks.
Can kill the tank rather fast. Focus fire.

Grand Moff Kilran -Kill the guards first since they protect him. At 2points in the fight he'll warp away and the camera will change. Stay behind the pillars and walk towards him. Adds will arrive in that phase. Attack him with melee to end the sniping phase.
His snipe will most likely 1HKO

Boarding Party

HXI-54 Juggernaut -will use red marker aoe attacks. He'll pull you to a different place during the fight. Most of the time that means that he'll put a marker there next.
-At multiple points during the fight he'll absorb power from the generators and afterwards discharge it.
The discharge will be lightning arching out of it in multiple directions. Just walk out of it.

Major Alvena -Starts with 2 elite droids that can be CC'd. Summons extra adds when you kill the droids: 3 weaks on the left and 2 strongs on the right.

Sakan Do'nair -Has 2 healer adds. Kill / CC them first. You can interrupt their heals. When they go into their healing trance where they heal the boss for a lot: interrupt them.

Lieutenant Menerus -Starts with adds. Uses the aoe fire probes.
-You can activate the beacon to call for 3 imperials to do a little extra dps.

Chief Engineer Kels -Kill the 2 droids first. If the boss dies before them they go into self destruct mode.
-It will call out a reactor that will do an aoe attack. Stay away from the one that's glowing.
-He'll sometimes activate a reflective shield on himself and 1 of the droids but it doesn't seem to be working atm.

Storm Squad -kill in this order: Alon (healer), Massey (puts shield on norland), Norland. Interrupt Alon's heals whenever you can to speed up the fight.


The Foundry Guardian -It only does 2 attacks which are single target damage and every 30 seconds or so an explosion damaging everyone around him. Shouldn't be too hard.

Master Sorolis -He's actually just an elite with a name though.

HK-47 -This boss fight is very hard on the healers. He has 3 different stages which he'll go through 4 times in total.
Stage 1: He uses regular attacks, the Commando knockback and a powerful shot. Powerful Shot does >50% damage to non tanks so keep everyone above that.
Stage 2: He'll summon 2 adds (who can be CC'd), warp around the room and snipe people. Kill the adds before attacking him again.
Stage 3: There will be a red circle around him and he'll start casting his "lower barrier" attack. Don't stand near him because if you're in the pod when it goes down you die. He'll summon 2 more adds that can be CC'd once it is down.
On the pod there will be 4 consoles. Destroy those before killing the adds. If you don't he'll use a very powerful cone attack once the pod goes up again.
Still a very hard fight on the healers but a lot easier than normal for some reason.
If you don't destroy the panels on the pod he'll get a mini-enrage now so make sure to destroy them.
There are multiple bugs with this fight and all have to do with the pod.
a) You have to wait 1-2 seconds before destroying the panels once they appear or it won't register and he'll still get the mini-enrage.
b) Sometimes the pod doesn't go up again yet he starts attacking again. You have to LOS him to get him out of it.

Burrower Matriarch -Has single target knockback and single target melee damage attacks. Also uses a spit which leaves a puddle on the ground that deals damage. Run out of it.
You can see when it'll spit again by looking at its buff.

N4-10 Exterminator -Optional boss. Uses a lot of fire attacks mainly like Heat Beam, the fire probe and Plasma Cell.

Revan -He has 2 phases. He'll switch to the second one at 50% hp.
-Form 1: This is a very annoying form for people with cast times. He has a Force Push, an aoe knockback, a pull, a Jump that interrupts and stuns, a 20 second force lift, a saber throw and a Master Strike that keeps you stunned for the duration. Make sure you don't get knocked over the edge.
He also has an attack with a cast time that doubles his attack for a few seconds. Interrupt that or you'll most likely die.
-Form 2: He loses both knockbacks, the Master Strike and his Power Buff and gains Force lightning which immobilises and the Grapple + Force Storm combo. It's easy to see when he'll use the Force Storm combo because he'll not attack for 1-2 seconds right before the grapple. So prepare to run out of it when you see that. The area it damages is twice as big as the marker so make sure to run far away.
-At 25% he'll call forth a meteor storm so just keep running out of the purple markers on the floor.
-He'll say some lines and die at about 8% hp.
Once again a lot easier on HM than on NM for some reason

Colicoid War Game *shudder*

Turret section -Let the healer stand on top of the middle platform. The other 3 players must take 1 turret each and face it towards the center (you can shoot through the generator). Ranged elites should be killed first.

Hazard course -The patrols respawn so watch out for them. Both the patrols and switch guards have an attack that activates the fire. Try not to stand into them. They also have aoe knockback so make sure you do not fall off >.< Standing in fire is better than falling off and dieing!!

Annihilator 6K-A2 -Stage 1: The nexu attack together but can be CC'd I think. They're pretty weak though. After that you kill the Acklay who has armor reduction btw.
Stage 2: Let your armor reduction debuff wear off before starting the fight. He has aoe marker attack. Just run out of it. He's extremely weak so he shouldn't pose too much of a problem.

Red Reaper

Lord Kherus -A few times in the battle he will jump/run towards the hostages, kill one of them and absorb their power. You can interrupt the absorb attack so he doesn't get the power increase buff (can someone confirm this for me?). Afterwards he will jump to one of the sides and throw crates at you. Get into melee range and attack to stop him.

SV-3 Eradicator -It has 3 special attack: a knockback attack, a blue laser and a red laser. The blue and red laser are powered by the 6pillars next to it. You can change the color of the pillars by right clicking the consoles underneath them. All 4 players should stand next to a pillar and activate them if he's firing the same color laser. It's best to do 2 on each side for symmetrical reasons Razz . I think there's a bug where he sometimes changes the color right before shooting the attack resulting in unavoidable death. When its laser is powered by 6stacks it's almost certain death on the player it's targeting.

Darth Ikoral -He has 2special attacks which he'll use twice. The first one is where he summons his chosen ones. Your entire party should run behind the same chosen and interrupt said chosen to make them drop their shield and get killed by the boss himself. It's also a good idea to wait with interrupting and letting your healer regain focus/ammo/whateverscoundreluses. Repeat for teh second chosen.
His second attack is where he stands still for a long time charging up. Red flames will appear arounf the area which give you a 25% damage reduction(and NOT 50% since he increases his own power with 100%). Collect 4to become immune to his attacks for the duration of his own buff if you want. On normal this is a waste of time though since he barely does damage to you anyways.

Directive 7

Detector -This fight does not have any special mechanics. Just dps the hell out of him.

Theta and the other 2 -This fight will start as soon as you've first talked to the friendly gray droid for the first time. 2 of the 3 droids will have a protective barrier: the blue one absorbs and the red one reflects damage. Attack the other one. Once one dies there will only be a blue barrier anymore. I think the order is fixed and it is: Middle(3/4hp) - Left(1/2 hp) - Right(Kill) - Left(Kill) - Middle
The tank should start of with an aoe taunt since they hit like trucks!

The Interrogator -At some point during the fight he will scan one of you and make a copy which appears out of one of the tubes. The copies will be consular/trooper/... Kill the copy first and then focus on the boss again. Atm there is a bug where it will summon too many copies. Just hope you don't have that =|.

Bulwark -There are 2hatches next to it:one on the right and one on the left. Let the tank stand under one and the other 3 players under the other. When he puts up his shield both groups need to right click the console under the hatch they're at. The reason the tank should be on one side is because Bulwark has an attack hitting everything in front of it.
"Bulwark Smash" deals a lot of damage to the tank and knocks him down during the attack (therefore losing threat). Taunt after it.
It will spawn 2droids that will repair the shields. If you can, CC them both. Otherwise just ignore them since destroying the consoles takes less time than killing the droids.
Same as normal although Bulwark smash deals less damage for some reason

Assembler -This guy has 2turrets with him which he'll try to repair. Kill the turrets first and let the tank keep aggro on repairer and interrupt his repair ability (assuming he can).

Bonus-The replicator -He will Split into 3smaller droids after getting it to 3/4 of it's hp or something. CC two of those and focus on the third. When the smaller ones are nearly dead they will use their copy ability as well splitting into very small weak mobs. You can interrupt that if you feel like it =p.
The 3smaller copies can NOT be CC'd anymore. Kill em off one by one and try to interrupt their ability to split so you don't have to deal with the smaller ones.

Mentor -Fight starts as soon as you attack it. Mentor himself cannot be damaged until all 4 of the green pillars are destroyed. You will be able to destroy one of the pillars after every phase of his for a short time. It will be called out which number can be destroyed and 2weak turrets will spawn next to it. Destroy the pillar asap and then the small turrets. Throughout the entire fight Mentor will use its claw to "target" one of you. He switches target with it in the middle of the attack if someone else comes near the red target though. Just stay away from the giant marker at all costs. After the first 2phases mentor will also start dropping bombs using purple markers I think. stay out of em.
Phase a-There will be 1giant robot who uses green marker aoe attacks. Stay out of the markers.
Phase b-There will be 2giant turrets who only use 2attack: burst fire on 1 and powering up. Interrupt the latter. CC one of the turrets if you can.
Once mentor can be damaged kill it.
Interrupt the turrets when they charge for the love of all that is good

Kaon Under Siege

Reg mobs -Screamer: huge knockback. don't get thrown into other groups.
-Mercenary: 20 sec stun or so. CC em if possible. Interrupt/stun/knockback if they catch one of you.
-Fat ones: at low hp they'll become immune and explode after a while. It has a rather large area. If you kill em before they can they'll instantly explode.

Infected Horde (Turret fight) -DPS with least aoe goes on the turret. Turret focuses on the weak mobs since those can be knocked down with it. Tank should draw explosion guys away from the others when they're close to exploding.

Rakghoul Behemoth -lots of knockback thus lots of losing threat. At multiple points it'll enrage. Kite it to one of the corners, explode a barrel on it and kite it until his enrage runs out.

KR-82 Expulser -spawn 3 adds twice during the battle. CC em if you can. The boss becomes invulnerable for a short period right after summoning them. If you have 3 CC's, CC all 3 of em the second time and just focus on killing the boss first. It's easier to draw it a bit away first so the adds can be CC'd easier.

Commander Lk'graagth and 2 others -kill the leader first. As long as he is alive the other 2 cannot be taunted. Every time one dies adds will spawn.

Battle of Illum

Gark the Indomitable -Spawns adds and uses a stun you can interrupt

Drinda-Zel / Velasu Graege -Kill the Ongree sith first. The other guy will spawn 4 turrets after reaching a certain %.

Crystal Cutter Droid -Kill elite first. Cannot maintain aggro on him the regular way so taunt as often as you can.

Krel Thak
This guy is very hard. he'll stun all of you at multiple points, summon adds and put a reflective shield on himself. kill the adds and don't attack him when his shield is still up.

Shadow Tactic by Dreselus :
Walk around the right pillar (from your point of view), be careful not to aggro nearby trash. There are two adds near the boss. When he turns his back to the group and paces towards the farther add have your shadow stealth and sap the nearer add and everyone sneaks by to completely avoid this fight.

I highly suggest skipping this insane boss. You can do this by letting the tank run past him and keep running untilthe objective of the flashpoint updates. A shadow tank can then "Force Cloak" to get out of combat. other tank classes can try using exit area then but will prob die.
The other 3 players should hit Exit Area as soon as the tank takes aggro of the boss.

Apparently a class with stealth can sap one of the adds so the entire group can walk past him

Guid Patriarch -Lots of knockback and has a rather large aoe stun.

Commander Folex -CC as many as you can and kill the not CC'd adds first.

Darth Severin -Starts with an elite. Has a lot of interruptable aoe attacks. Throws crystals at random players. Stealths sometimes and attacks a random player afterwards.

The False Emperor

Tregg the Destroyer -Has small range aoe attack that deals a lot of damage. Tank should keep moving at all times to avoid it. He also uses a lot of knockbacks so don't get thrown over the edge.

Jindo Krey -He'll jump around a lot and grapple+knockback players who don't have aggro. He has an interruptable attack that makes the ship fire. Try and interrupt it. If you don't the dps should do something with the consoles.

Prototype A-14 / B-16 -One of them will go in hologram mode and start glowing blue. You can't damage that one so attack the other. The one that glows blue does ranged attacks which you can avoid by standing inside the blue circle.

HK-47 -Cone attack. Stealths + does a lot of damage to a random player. Use aoe attacks after he stealths to make him unstealth and not deal massive damage.
Uses aoe marker bombs. Summons 2 turrets with a shield around 50%. You can desroy the shield by letting the aoe marker bombs land on them. Or you could just ignore the turrets.

Chondrus Berani -Lots of knockbacks

Sith Entity -3 times during the battle it'll split into 3: a melee dps, ranged dps and healer. Kill the healer first and then the other 2.

Emperor Malgus -Uses a lot of knockbacks. The tank should stand with his back to the wall on the stairs. Once or twice during the battle he'll use an attack called "Overwhelming Force". Interrupt it at all costs! At some points during the battle he'll stun 1 player for a while and after that ends go into a duel with said player by stunning the other 3. During those duels he barely deals damage so don't worry about it.
After the fourth duel and after his hp is below a certain % he'll become invulnerable and start spamming force lightning. You have to use knockbacks (either abilities or the grenades) to knock him into the pit.
If you're fast enough you can also bring his hp to 0 before the fourth duel ends.

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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] Flashpoint Boss mechanics + HM token drops   Sun Jan 29, 2012 8:23 am

Columni tokens:

Esseles: Bracers
Taral V: Gloves
Maelstrom Prison: Boots
False Emperor: Chest
Battle of Ilum: Offhand
Directive 7: Leggings
Kaon: Head

(tionese/ 126 gear drops)
False Emp/HK-47: Primary weapons
False Emp/Sith Entity (bonus): implants
Directive 7/Interrogator: bracers
Taral V/Bonus boss: implant
Taral V/Droid after ^: Boots
Maelstrom Prison/Colonel Dakish: Gloves
Maelstrom Prison/Bonus Boss: Belt
Kaon/first "boss": Gloves
Kaon (normal)/Xenotech pants

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Capn Ahab

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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] Flashpoint Boss mechanics + HM token drops   Sat Feb 11, 2012 2:17 am

It's worth noting that Ironfist in Esseles has an attack where he'll start firing rockets. It's avoildable if you constantly move around. And the pull of the Taral V bonus boss can be completely ignored by Gunslingers with Hunker Down, so I assume any other abilities that provide temporary CC abilities can ignore it too.
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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] Flashpoint Boss mechanics + HM token drops   Sun Feb 12, 2012 12:23 am

Thx Caravel. I did esseless with my lvl 50 so the rockets didn't bother me >.>
After running it with my smuggler I indeed noticed it =D

Edited. I'll do FE and a good BOI prob tomorrow
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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] Flashpoint Boss mechanics + HM token drops   Tue Feb 21, 2012 5:56 pm

There. think that's it for republic.

Now I only have to do BP, Foundry and HM of those + BT
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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] Flashpoint Boss mechanics + HM token drops   Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:37 am

Is this a sticky? It deserves a sticky.
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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] Flashpoint Boss mechanics + HM token drops   Wed Feb 22, 2012 1:40 pm

Wilowah wrote:
Is this a sticky? It deserves a sticky.

I'll ask for sticky once it's complete.
Might take a while what with me not having played on my sorcerer for a while.
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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] Flashpoint Boss mechanics + HM token drops   Wed Feb 22, 2012 2:53 pm

Some additional tactics, both for Hard modes.

Directive 7, Bulwark

One of the reasons why only a tank should be one one side with everyone else on the other is that healers can use their zero maintenance aoe heal and focus on tank when things get rough. Bulwark is rather hard to heal.

Battle of ilum, Weequay boss.
Requires a Shadow with Mind Maze. (unsure if any other class has the stealth/sap combo)
Walk around the right pillar (from your point of view), be careful not to aggro nearby trash. There are two adds near the boss. When he turns his back to the group and paces towards the farther add have your shadow stealth and sap the nearer add and everyone sneaks by to completely avoid this fight.

False Emperor, fourth boss (2 massive droids)
Don't blow cool downs on the one which is a hologram, does 0 damage to him.

Victory and a Muffin!
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Founder Mane
Founder Mane

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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] Flashpoint Boss mechanics + HM token drops   Wed Feb 22, 2012 8:13 pm

Sticky upon request, and nice work Luna!

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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] Flashpoint Boss mechanics + HM token drops   Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:09 pm

Darth Dreselus wrote:
Some additional tactics, both for Hard modes.

False Emperor, fourth boss (2 massive droids)
Don't blow cool downs on the one which is a hologram, does 0 damage to him.

woopsie forgot about that boss. It's the second or third boss btw =p

Removed pointless HM notes and added the names i forgot
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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] Flashpoint Boss mechanics + HM token drops   Wed Apr 04, 2012 9:49 am

Allright I'm done with this. The only thing I haven't done yet is HM Boarding Party but it most likely isn't that different from normal.

Might be some things I forgot, didn't notice or am wrong about but unless it's important I'm not gonna bother with it.

I'll do the 1.2 FP once it comes out obviously.

NOTE: can someone remove that silly poll I put into here but can't remove myself for some reason?
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Twilight Sparkle

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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] Flashpoint Boss mechanics + HM token drops   Wed Apr 04, 2012 10:01 am

Poll Deleted
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PostSubject: Re: [Guide] Flashpoint Boss mechanics + HM token drops   

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[Guide] Flashpoint Boss mechanics + HM token drops

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