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 [Outdated] Tips and Tricks

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PostSubject: [Outdated] Tips and Tricks   Thu Jan 26, 2012 1:39 am

Figured we should get a few of these posts up to share our knowledge and promote better play.

1: The buff from casting Rejuvenate, Conveyance, is slightly buggy. If you cast a second spell after the first that is modified by the buff, you can use the effect twice. Example, if you cast Rejuvenate, then a Deliverance at 1.5 sec base, and you cast a second Deliverance right after, you can knock it to a 1.5 base cast as well. This works extremely well with Healing Trance, as the buff does not drop until you finish channeling, therefore you can interrupt the Healing Trance with another heal you wish to buff with Conveyance and get the effect twice.

2: Not sure if it is the most effective use yet, but I tend to cast Salvation, then Noble Sacrifice while in the circle.

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PostSubject: Re: [Outdated] Tips and Tricks   Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:51 am

I also had it bug out me with negative effects. I generally cast Deliverence after Rejuvenate when focusing on one target but sometimes it still channels for 2.5s and only the next ability uses the effect.

As far as Noble Sacrifice goes I tend to use the buff from Healing Trance, itself buffed by Conveyance for almost certain crit. Again this is mainly when focusing on one target to heal, haven't tried actually using Salvation to that effect because I am usually far away from the tank/dps and thus not in the range of the Salvation, might try that sometime actually because I am often running out of Force on boss fights.

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PostSubject: Re: [Outdated] Tips and Tricks   Thu Jan 26, 2012 11:55 am

I use noble sacrifice twice when I use salvation if I'm already at max health.

If I'm actively trying to keep my force as high as possible then I will tend not to run out except when everyone is constantly taking huge amounts of damage. It is annoying having to keep looking for crits on healing trance though. I hope add ons like Power Aura come out for swtor.

I can't see the conveyance bug staying in the game for that much longer.
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PostSubject: Re: [Outdated] Tips and Tricks   Thu Jan 26, 2012 6:27 pm

Don't buy the full Columi Force-Mystic's set! You only need four out of five pieces to get the full bonus. This allows you to swap out one of the pieces of gear for something else. For example, I use a Force-Master's Helmet instead of a Mystic's because the Willpower is far higher on it. I then just wear the Mystic's gloves, chest, boots, and lower robe to get my bonus.

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PostSubject: Re: [Outdated] Tips and Tricks   

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[Outdated] Tips and Tricks

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