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 Live streams (Yours, Mine, and other artists)

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PostSubject: Live streams (Yours, Mine, and other artists)   Tue Jan 24, 2012 3:59 pm

Right, so I want to watch more people draw. I'm sure many of you also want to see people draw. The problem is keeping track of the dozen or so artists who do regular live streams allowing one to view as many as possible. So here I propose a live-stream hub. This way only a few of us need to focus on who's doing livestreams when.

This will make it happy fun time to use simple happy language words. Let us turn this Purple Equilateral into a beautiful Blue Parallelogram.

Of ones I know of, Egophiliac is doing a livesteam Thursday, specifically for Woonastuck, at 4:00 EST (1600 EST). Relevant Link

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PostSubject: Re: Live streams (Yours, Mine, and other artists)   Thu Jan 26, 2012 8:10 pm

I like the occasional livestream. I could never do one myself though, as I take foreeeever to finish something in one go. I can't imagine people would like 3-4 hours of me working a bit, going afk to paint miniatures or something, coming back to do something unrelated, then work a bit more. Ha. Kiiind of like what I'm doing now. O.o'

Sadly I've not bookmarked the few livestreams I have gone to. Maybe I can dig them up again.
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Live streams (Yours, Mine, and other artists)

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