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 So here is some music then

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PostSubject: So here is some music then   Sun Jun 26, 2011 6:36 pm

Seems like a suitable first post don't you think? So post music then, here is just a few of my favourite songs from the past few months.

Arcade Fire:

Half Life 2 OST:

The Beatles:

Bloc Party:

Cage The Elephant:

Moon OST:



John Lennon:


Pink Floyd:

Inception OST:

Red Alert 2 OST:

Dynasty Warriors 5 OST:
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Founder Mane

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PostSubject: Re: So here is some music then   Tue Jun 28, 2011 9:49 pm

Serj Tankian:
System of a Down:
Queens of the Stone Age:
Jimi Hendrix:
The Doors:
Excellent choices on Cage the Elephant, The Beatles, and the Half-Life 2 OST. Great songs you've got up there all around though. I finally got around to posting a few, and I may post some another time too. I love sharing music.

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So here is some music then

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