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 Guild Embassies Guidelines

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PostSubject: Guild Embassies Guidelines   Wed Jun 22, 2011 11:28 pm

The board is a place where leaders of other guilds may come and create a thread that can become a "home away from home" on the Star Ponies forum. This board supports the following.

-Light recruitment.*
-A place for your guild and others to talk on-topic about the titled guild.
-Cross guild event offers.

*If you post here recruiting, please do so appropriately. Only make one thread for your guild that contains all information for it in the original post. Do not post anywhere else on the boards in an attempt to recruit, or convert, members. Do not private message members in an attempt to recruit them. If you are found breaking any of these recruitment rules you will be warned, and if you continue to break these rules will be punished accordingly.

Please do not bump your guild's thread either, it deprives other guild's of their rightful opportunity, and does a disservice to your own reputation.

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Guild Embassies Guidelines

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