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 Review of the Norwegian Activity book.

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Rainbow Dash

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PostSubject: Review of the Norwegian Activity book.   Mon Oct 17, 2011 12:57 am

Last week a was without internet so I thought I pick up the activity book from a local store.
Actually I've been searching for it since it was posted on EqD.
And seeing how Rarity wanted me to do a review I decided to do it. Yay~!

PS: The pictures are pretty massive if you fullsize them.. It seems I need to fix some stuff on my scanner.

This is the front page. It's the basic stuff: Title and price.
Aktivitets-bok = Activity book.
Med kule klistremerker = With cool stickers.

The price was 59,90 NOK, or 10,6 US$

The first page with some activity stuff on it.
Top text = Fluttershy is greeting a small friend. one of the pictures is different from the others. Can you see which one?

This is simple enough and not the worst picture I've ever seen.
it can be a bit creepy though if you imagine that the two legs that is off the ground is her front legs, and the others are the hind ones. Why do I think about head-crabs?

My debut! It's just a simple draw and color thing..
And it's amazing how they forgot the line on the bottom of the clout where my yellow color is...
Top text = draw on the lines and colorize Rainbow Dash's cute mark. (No, it's not cutie mark here. Directly translated it is "The cute mark"...)
Bottom text = Cut out the four bookmarks, and colorize them in nice colors. Write your name on the line or give the bookmark to someone you like.

Still pretty simple. It's not that bad with the two errors they did. The line is easy to draw on and the translation is easy to overlook. :3

These are the bookmarks the previous page was talking about.
Here there are a few misses on the graphic..
Twilight is missing her cutiemark, and one of the Fluttershys have black butterflies..
And from the look of it that's Cheerilee, but her mark is kinda wrong. One big flower and two small ones. It's the same as the MCDonalds toy a while ago..

I still wonder who I should give my bookmarks to. Perhaps the other manes? Seeing how there are four of them. :3

This is where the difficulty starts. On this one we have to find FIVE differences! OMG! MORE LETTERS?
Top text = Pinkie Pie and Cheerilee are going to a costume party. Find five differences in the pictures.

This is actually more simple than you think. Look at the huge lightning bolt on Pinkie Pie's bag..

I just have to ask; Why is Cheerilee the most used background pony?

This calls for a epic facehoof... I'll explain further down.

This is the only picture in the entire book that you shall colorize the colors they tell you to.
1 = Light pink. (One facehoof)
2 = Blue.
3 = Green.
4 = Pink.
5 = Purple.
6 = Yellow.

Top text = Princess Celestia has the responsibility for the sunrise and the sunset. The other ponies almost never sees her. Colorize her in nice colors, and maybe she'll be easier to see. use the color-codes below.

I thought Luna was setting the sun now.. (two facehoof)
And why is her Cutiemark black? (three facehoof)
And they forgot to translate princess to Norwegian. It should say prinsesse.. (Four facehoof)

One page and four facehooves. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Top text = Applejack is playing with a small frog. Can you find five faults in her shadow?

Is it just me or does she look like she wants to torture the frog instead of playing with it?
And isn't it kinda dangerous for a frog to play with a pony? Think about all the heavy hooves that could squish it into the ground.

Top text = Rarity is playing dress up. Colorize the picture in nice colors. Can you find Ladybug in the picture?

Who is Ladybug? I see her clearly. But just who is it?
If it's supposed to be "a" ladybug they kinda missed the translation again.. Ladybug = Marihøne in Norwegian...

Top text = Which of the three pieces below fits into the winter picture?

Aw. Isn't that just cute? Ponies singing Christmas carols. :3
But wouldn't it be more logical for Sweetie Bell to do that with other fillies her own age?
Perhaps try Cutiemark Crusaders Christmas carolers? That could give them all their cutiemark! Cupcaaakes~!

Top text = There are five differences in the pictures below. Can you find them?

This is the only picture with all the Cutiemark crusaders in it. If you imagine that Apple Bloom is behind the egg, or inside it..
Honestly. She's not in the entire book. Why do they hate Apple Bloom?
And why would they go from caroling to painting Easter eggs so quickly?

Top text = Twilight Sparkle and Spike the Dragon is best friends . In the gray heart below you can draw someone you are very fond of.

Right.. I'll just photoshop a picture of myself (Pony. Not human.) into it at once. Can never have too many Rainbows on my walls. Muffins!?!

And yet another translation mistake. This book is crawling with them..
Spike the Dragon should say : Dragen Spike.
Dragon = drage.
The dragon = dragen.

If you look at Twi's mane next to her horn they forgot to fill it. you can see the heart behind her...
And shouldn't her horn be a little different? Or is it just me?
her mouth should definitely be higher up on her face. looks a bit weird..

Top text = One of the pictures of Rainbow Dash is different from the others. can you see which one?

I just thought I place this here seeing how this is the one page that actually tells you to think a little.
And it's also 12 pictures of ME! SO awesome!
This show that they like me more than Apple Bloom at least.
I think they probably should have used Apple Bloom in this one so she's in the book at least once.

These two last pages are the stickers they mentioned on the front page.
I have to admit; They're not bad. I actually like them. Cupcaaakes~!
I especially like the emblem on page two. The one with me, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.

All in all this activity book deserves a small applaud. Only a handfull of facehooves in it. They really could have double checked the spelling on a few places but everyone in Norway born after the 70's are pretty good in English. At least some of us...
The vectors are pretty good, but some of them could definitely been worked on a little more.

This thing is just too easy for me. It's like it was made for little girls.. Pft...

Was it worth all the money? Yeah. I even would've paid more for it seeing how we don't have much MLP here in Norway...

If you want to see the entire thing just follow this Link. (page 1, the solutions and the back cover is not included.)

I give this thing 8 out of 10 cupcakes.

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Pinkie Pie
Event Mane
Event Mane

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PostSubject: Re: Review of the Norwegian Activity book.   Sun Oct 16, 2011 6:37 pm

Nice find, you should volunteer your translation services to Hasbro. I believe the reason that Cheerilee is so popular in the merchandise is that she was one of the main characters in a previous generation.

"I like phalluses."

- Kaizu
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Founder Mane
Founder Mane

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PostSubject: Re: Review of the Norwegian Activity book.   Sun Oct 16, 2011 7:45 pm

Nice work Dash! This kept me entertained for a little while actually doing each page (beside the coloring ones). I think the largest facehoof, for me, was the sticker of Princess Celestia. I am really tired of them augmenting her appearance. Confounded ponies...

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PostSubject: Re: Review of the Norwegian Activity book.   Sun Oct 16, 2011 8:23 pm

lol nice Rainbow kinda got stumped for a second there on which 1 of you were different Muffins!?! but I found it
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PostSubject: Re: Review of the Norwegian Activity book.   Sun Oct 16, 2011 11:18 pm

Fluttershy wrote:
Nice work Dash! This kept me entertained for a little while actually doing each page (beside the coloring ones). I think the largest facehoof, for me, was the sticker of Princess Celestia. I am really tired of them augmenting her appearance. Confounded ponies...

Except the sticker of Celestia is using show accurate colors.
And she is technically light pink (Crop out of square of Celestia's coat, and put in on a pure white background. Ask someone what color the square is)
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The Jack

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PostSubject: Re: Review of the Norwegian Activity book.   Sat Oct 22, 2011 11:42 am

This is one of the reasons I vastly prefer english stuff over norwegian. xD
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Review of the Norwegian Activity book.

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