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 Pony Apparel

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PostSubject: Pony Apparel   Wed Aug 31, 2011 7:21 pm

Alright, I don't have pics (Yet) of me wearing them, but I just got four more T-shirts in the mail. These are all pony related making the number of pony T-shirts I own up to Eight. I won't rest until I have so many that I'm throwing away old T-shirts to make room in my closet.

Descriptions of T-shirts that I have. My original batch included a Fluttershy Cutie Mark T-shirt that has the word 'Yay' printed on the front, A Derpy Cutie Mark T-shirt that included her derped eyes on the front, and a Trixie Cutie Mark T-shirt that has no other special adornments. Special mention goes to my Pinkie Pie Cutie Mark T-shirt that I didn't buy, but made myself. That one also has the cutie mark falling off of it. Just for clarification, the Cutie Mark on these T-shirts is in the lower left-hand corner of the front of the T-shirt.

My recent batch of T-shirts include my first T-shirts with actual ponies on them, and not just cutie marks or other references. I have a T-shirt that has Apple Bloom on it saying 'Ah Am A Big Pony' in words that circle her face. In the upper-left area of this circle is her name in the shape of an Apple. Next one is a Sweetie Belle T-shirt that, in much the same style of Apple Bloom's shirt, says 'Dumb Fabric'. Only Sweetie Belle's Name helps make the 'circle' on the shirt rather than being a strange bump (Though on her shirt it's more of a U). Third is my Scootaloo shirt which, again, is like the other two but her slogan is '10% Cooler in 20 Seconds Flat', and her name in the same place as Apple Bloom's name on the first shirt, but this time in a wheel like that of a skateboard or scooter. Finally I have a T-shirt that depicts Rarity listening to an iPod. The colours of these shirts are Orange for Apple Bloom, Yellow for Sweetie Belle, and Purple for Scootaloo and Rarity.

Just have to say that my 10% cooler in 20 seconds flat T-shirt has eclipsed my favourite T-shirt for two years (One that said "Lost in Thought, Please Send a Rescue Team"). While I'm waiting for my parents to return home with a camera to take photos of me wearing these T-shirts, anypony else want to talk about what kinds of T-shirts they have? Or other clothing, or accessories. Because you know, it's all about the accessories ;D

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PostSubject: Re: Pony Apparel   Wed Aug 31, 2011 10:55 pm

I also got a bunch of pony shirts today!

I have:
Doctor Whoof as a jedi
Derpy giving you a WTF look
DJ Pon-3
Cantorlot University
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Pony Apparel

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