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 Pony Merch

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PostSubject: Pony Merch   Tue Aug 23, 2011 12:50 am

Ok darlings, this isn't being posted in any of the three branches of Pony Works for two reasons. One, since Merch is such a wide array of what it could be a general Merch thread likely will have a bit of all three. Two, it's going to be found more easily in the general Pony Works.

Now the purpose of this thread is to act as a hub for merchandise stores. This way if one of us, say, clicks an add for a brony store, and sees a t-shirt they really like but doesn't bookmark the website or purchase it right there and they want to go back to that store, then they could come here in the hopes of finding that store.

Now first things first, EqD has a HUGE catalogue of pony merch, but that is only fan content. As such any places that might be selling official merch might be overlooked. Now don't go posting places like Toys R Us or Amazon, since we all should know we can get things from there. Other things you should post in here are any ebay auctions that might be of note.

Now for the EqD Mega Merch Mall:

And for everything else: None Yet

Now, if there's something in the MMM that you see needs more attention, or you would like to recommend, do so in this thread and I'll post it saying 'Recommended by [User-name]' If multiple people recommend a particular store I'll separate their user-names by commas.

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PostSubject: Re: Pony Merch   Tue Aug 23, 2011 3:31 pm

Well, Toys R' Us has mostly toys, but I know Target has school supplies and such. I have confirmed these items myself. Yay~!

Also, everypony should be able to post here now.

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Pony Merch

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