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 David Bass a Brony?

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Founder Mane
Founder Mane

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PostSubject: David Bass a Brony?   Wed Aug 17, 2011 7:56 pm

David Bass posted this on his Twitter.!/doctordake
David wrote:
Holy crap, I broke 2000 followers today? In celebration, here's a pony:
Now I know what you're saying already. "That's not MLP:FiM!" I know it isn't, but he celebrated his increasing popularity with ponies. That means ponies are a good thing to him thus leading to his possibility of being a brony, or a closet brony because it want's how related. It just also be a joke about how kids (and JD from Scrubs), typically girls, want ponies for their birthday. 2000 could be a landmark, like a birthday, to him and wanted a pony for it, but he gave it to his followers. That means he is spreading ponies, thus he is spreading love and tolerance because all ponies do that, not just MLP:FiM. Conclusion, closet brony. NEXT CASE!

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PostSubject: Re: David Bass a Brony?   Wed Aug 17, 2011 11:05 pm

Since they're looking to bring whole guilds in to the beta, are we're the MLP guild, this bodes well.
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David Bass a Brony?

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