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 MLP Going Inactive, Merging with TLC

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MLP Going Inactive, Merging with TLC Empty
PostSubject: MLP Going Inactive, Merging with TLC   MLP Going Inactive, Merging with TLC I_icon_minitimeWed Feb 26, 2014 1:32 pm

Dear MLP Friendship is Magic members,

Today I am here to inform you that the Star Wars: The Old Republic guild <MLP Friendship is Magic> will become inactive on March 4, 2014, and will begin merging into <The Last Centurions> on March 3, 2014. I know there are numerous questions from you all and I'll do my best to answer most questions in the post. The most effective way for me to answer those questions is by a FAQ so you can read what's relevant or important to you, community member.

Q: Why is <MLP Friendship is Magic> merging now, after two years of being <MLP>?
A: The primary reason for merging is to facilitate more frequent, successful Operation runs for progression and non-progression end-game PvE players. Additionally, participating in other game facets, like PvP and Flashpoints, will occur more often in groups by combining the population of two active guilds. This merge will benefit both <MLP> and <The Last Centurions> (abbreviated TLC) members who enjoy every aspect of SWTOR.

Q: Who are The Last Centurions?
A: The Last Centurions are a PvE, end-game focused guild that enjoy participating in progression content and large group content, such as 16 man Operations. It was founded by previous Chatos Paladins officers Kareth, Syrdass, Dar'som, Dreskord, and MLP founder Angelfluttershy. The founding principal of The Last Centurions is to play the game we enjoy with who we like playing with on a semi-competitive level in PvE.

Q: How do I get into The Last Centurions?
A: I will post instructions on how to transfer over on Sunday (March 2), and we'll begin the process Monday evening (March 3).

Q: What will happen to <MLP Friendship is Magic> in-game?
A: As the top of this post states, this guild will become inactive. We won't be deleting the guild, just putting it to rest for now.

Q: What are my options in the event I don't want to join The Last Centurions?
A: You may quit <MLP Friendship is Magic> or just remain in <MLP> as a member. Just realize that if you stay in the guild we won't be organizing anything through that end, so the only benefit you'll receive is keeping the MLP title and guild experience bonuses it provides.

Q: I didn't have a say in this, why is that?
A: There was a thread to voice your opinion on the forums. Please don't come to any of the MLP officers complaining as we gave all members a reasonable amount of time to check the forums, read the thread, and reply.

Q: What will happen to the Enjin site?
A: The site will stand but in the free mode, meaning that some pages may become inaccessible and the event calendar will no longer work.

Q: What will happen to the forums?
A: The forums will be redone and receive a facelift to become the official "Star Ponies" forum for a gaming community. Essentially, it will just be a place of discussion for existing and former MLP members to hang out and talk about games, Star Wars, and ponies. We won't be actively inviting to the forums.

Q: What will happen to our Mumble server?
A: The Mumble server will stand as an extension of Star Ponies.

Q: What is a good substitute for the website for hearing about Star Ponies news and events?
A: Besides hanging out in Mumble, join the Star Ponies Steam group to keep in touch with everyone.

Q: What happens if the forums go unused?
A: Forumotion is a free service, so I will just let it stand unless a really long time of inactivity passes.

Q: Is TLC brony-friendly?
A: Yes. Most of their guild members are apathetic to our interest so no one in TLC should bother you about it. Also, I am an officer over there and one MLP Mane will be going over as an officer as well, so we will be there to serve you as well.

Q: Who is the Mane that is transferring over as officer to TLC?
A: Kareth agreed that Derpy could transfer over and be granted the rank of Legate (TLC's officer rank). This is to assist with Operation coordination, progression strategies, and general guild facilities.

Q: Why aren't the other Manes and Royal Guards getting officer ranks?
A: TLC already has many officers and don't want too many more at the moment. Officers who would qualify as progression raiders will receive the progression raider rank in TLC.

Q: I am a Lunar Guard (progression raider) in MLP, will that rank carry over to TLC?
A: Yes. Upon transferring over I will appropriately set MLP progression raiders to TLC progression raider ranks. Lunar Guards, please don't leave MLP earlier in anticipation for the merge as I need to take note of who is what rank.

Q: What will happen to the current MLP raid times (9pm EST Sat. Fri.)?
A: These raid times will carry over to TLC's sign-up. Please continue to attend raids at this time for as long as you can. Hopefully, other TLC members will find this time suiting for them and join in on runs that may be missing a few people.

Q: What if the traditional 9pm EST time becomes unpopular and we can't get runs going?
A: We'll drop the the timeslot and re-add it to the sign-ups before Nightmare Dread Fortress launches. There will be a resurgence in raiding interest around then and those time slots may get more attention then. We can also focus on recruiting more players specifically for those time slots.

Q: How will the progression teams in TLC work?
A: After the merge, we will have enough players to support two dedicated teams. However, it appears that we'll lack proper tank attendence at the moment. TLC can't state how progression teams will work before Nightmare Dread Fortress appears as there may be a surge in attendance around that time allowing us to form strong teams at a variety of times.

For those of you who are curious, here is the link to TLC's Enjin;

Thank you all for your time and consideration in the matter. If you have any more questions feel free to post in the the discussion thread for this announcement, or private message me.


MLP Going Inactive, Merging with TLC JuICuky
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MLP Going Inactive, Merging with TLC

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